Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo?

Chapter 1: Extra Curricular Activities

A Yu-Gi-Oh Fanfiction
By: Mazakai
Conceptualized/First Written: July 25, 2005
Completed/Final Edit: April 16, 2006

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Ladies and Gents This came to me when I was watching The Suite Life of Zack and Cody. I know it's lame, but I got the idea of for a (I'm hoping) cool Seto/Tea paring. This is my first one ever. So please bear with me. Well it's not my first fan fiction but it is my first Seto/Tea paring.

Disclaimer: ME, own Yu-Gi-Oh? I wish! Anyway, if I were Kazuki Takahashi or the people at Shounen Jump or Viz or 4Kids or wherever, I'd not only be rich, but I'd make a REAL life Seto Kaiba for me to hold prisoner or something... So yeah. This is for fun, not profit.

"You've got to be kidding me! I have to do what?" Seto Kaiba exclaimed as he listened to what the counselor was saying.

"No, Mr. Kaiba, I'm not kidding. Even though you run and manage your own company we cannot accept it as one of your extra curricular activities. You have to have at least one to graduate from this school." The counselor explained again clearly looking happy that he was actually depriving the young CEO of something that he actually needed to get on in life.

"Okay, you said that you had a list of things that I could participate in to get that area covered, so start talking." Kaiba said coldly. The way his voice sounded at the moment would have been a death threat for anyone, but Kaiba knew that the counselor knew he could possibly get kicked out of school if he retaliated against one of staff members.

"Well since then, many of the items have been crossed of the list. Filled you see. The only two left are the drama club or filling in the position of school mascot," replied the counselor, a look of pure pleasure upon his face. Watching the mighty Seto Kaiba struggle like this was gold for him. He had always wanted to see the all powerful CEO is a situation like this.

From the moment he had heard the two choices he immediately knew what he was going to choose only because he most definitely didn't want to have to make a fool of himself wearing the stupid Domino High Spirit Kimono. It was the ugliest thing anyone had ever laid eyes on and the person sorry enough to have to wear the dumb thing had to do the ridiculous school fan dance. No, Seto Kaiba knew exactly what he was going to do.

"Sign me up for the drama club," Kaiba answered through his teeth once again.

"Very well, Mr. Kaiba, the first meeting is tomorrow after school. Oh and you do know that once your name is written on this list you can't back out, no matter what," said the counselor as he reached for the roster to add "Seto Kaiba" to the ranks.

"Yes, no matter what," Kaiba replied as he left the office and headed towards his limo, which was waiting for him so he could finally go home.

Tea Gardener watched as Seto Kaiba left the school, clearly he was in a bad mood. She knew that the young CEO had been in a meeting with the school counselor, but no one knew why Kaiba had been called down there in the first place. During the last class of the day, a messenger had come into their class with a note saying that Seto Kaiba was to report to the counselor immediately and was excused from the class for the rest of the day. From what Tea had seen he had been in that office for about one and a half hours, and he looked as though he would have preferred to knock the living crap out of the next person that crossed him the wrong way. Though being a 'Gardner', Tea couldn't help but get nosey. Curiosity was a common trait in her family. So without thinking twice about it, Tea made her way down to the school office.

When she got to the office, the door was still slightly open and by the looks of it the counselor was about to call some one. He had the phone in his hand and he was looking through some of the student files on his desk. She pushed the door open the rest of the way and the counselor looked up surprised, clearly not expecting a student to still be at the school.

"Ah, Ms. Gardner, I was about to call you. You know Mr. Seto Kaiba don't you," he asked as he motioned for her to take a seat. He had an old look of glory on his face as he looked up at her.

"Yeah, we know each other." Tea answered uncertainly. Well, they did know of each other. She had met him during duel monster tournaments and from school, but other than that they were complete strangers.

"Well as you know students at Domino High must have at least one extra curricular activity to graduate and it turns out in the two and a half years that Mr. Kaiba has been here he has not participated in any at all," the counselor said calmly as he look at Tea again.

"Are you serious? Kaiba forget something as important as that. That's strange." Tea exclaimed as she nearly jumped out of her seat. TheSeto Kaiba, forget something as important as a credit for his diploma, Tea never knew it to be possible. Seto Kaiba never forgot anything important, and you would think that his diploma was important to him.

"Well as shocking as it may be, it's true. And the only things left where the position of mascot or…the drama club. Mr. Kaiba's better judgment took over and he chose drama club, of course he could be the drama club all by himself, but we can't deprive other students the joy of being in that club. So have you decided what play have the founders chosen this year," he asked a grin spreading across his face at his own pun.

"Well, the rest of the third year's and I decide that we wanted to Shakespeare for our last year at the school. And of course we chose the classic love story of Romeo and Juliet. So you mean to tell me that 'the' Seto Kaiba is going to take part in one of the most tragic love stories ever written." Tea told the counselor as the truth finally hit her.

"Yes, Ms. Gardner, that's exactly what I mean. And I think you know who I have in mind to play the role of our leading lady, don't you," he said mischievously.

"And let me guess who you want to play the part of the lead male member of the Montague family, who just happens to fall in love with the character you want me to play." Tea replied shock clear in her voice.

"Yes, Ms. Gardner, that's exactly what I mean," the counselor replied as he leaned back in his chair to watch the young teenage girl comprehend what she had just heard.

It was clear to Mokuba when his brother got home later than usual, that he was not in a good mood. He barely said anything when they ate dinner, spent fours hours in his study working on something or other, and then at 9:30 p.m. he headed up for bed without as much as a good night. Though Seto's dreams were haunted that night by laughing peer's and himself dressed as the Toon Blue Eye's White Dragon and he could strangely here a distant voice saying over and over again "Hey Kaiba, hey Kaiba, hey Kaiba!". With that Kaiba awoke with a yell.

He was covered in a cold sweat, Kaiba had been having dreams about Duelist Kingdom for the past week, and he had always awakened sweating. A patter of little footsteps came towards his door, and there standing in the doorway was Mokuba, holding a flashlight, a scared and worried look on his face as he looked towards his brother's bed.

"Big brother, are you all right. I heard you yell; was it as bad as last night's dream?" Mokuba asked quietly. He knew Seto had been having bad dreams for the last few nights. Mokuba had always been a light sleeper, so he almost always heard Seto when he woke up with a gasp or a small yelp. Though tonight when he had heard Seto shout, he knew he had to come and comfort his older brother.

"Yeah, Mokuba, I guess it was as bad as last nights dream. Hey! How did you know I was having bad dreams?" Seto asked as Mokuba walked over to his bed and got under the covers to join his brother.

"Big brother, I'm a light sleeper. I always can hear when you wake up from one of your bad dreams. It's not new for me." Mokuba replied sleepily as he hugged his big brother around the waist and allowed Seto to wrap his arms around his younger brother's shoulders in a close hug.

As the minutes went by, Seto heard Mokuba's breathing slow down and felt Mokuba's head drop down onto his chest. Though just knowing that his brother was right there in his arms and that he was safe slowly caused Seto to fall into a dreamless sleep. The two brothers lay that way for the rest of the night: Seto propped up against his pillows with Mokuba cradled in his arms, his head resting on Seto's chest, rising and falling in time with Seto's slow deep breathing.

When Kaiba woke up the next morning, he remembered that he had his first meeting with the drama club that afternoon and he wasn't looking forward t it. Mokuba was still curled up next to him, sleeping soundly. He really didn't want to wake Mokuba up, but he had to.

"Mokuba, come on it's time to wake up for school." Seto said softly into his brother's ear. This immediately wakened the younger Kaiba. He looked up groggily, glancing around with a confused look on his face.

"Wh…where am I?" he asked looking up into his brother's face. He then remembered why he had gone into his big brother's room and why he slept beside Seto. 'I was protecting him from his bad dreams.'

"You're with me silly head," Seto joked as he ripped the covers away from both of their bodies, and pulled Mokuba out of his bed. "Come on, go take a shower kid, you're starting to smell."

"Hey, big brother, I think that's you." Mokuba replied as he ran out of the room, pillows following in his wake. Seto had always had a deadly aim with projectiles.

With that Seto and Mokuba Kaiba got ready for school, one cheery that he got to spend time with his older brother, the other wishing that this day had never come. The day Seto Kaiba joined drama club. What was the world coming to?

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