Romeo, Romeo, wherefore out thou Romeo?

Chapter 5: This Feeling Inside

A Yu-Gi-Oh Fanfiction

By: Mazakai

Started: December 16, 2006

Completed: August 1, 2007

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Ladies and Gents This came to me when I was watching The Suite Life of Zack and Cody. I know its lame, but I got the idea of for a (I'm hoping) cool Seto/Tea paring. This is my first one ever. So please bear with me. Well it's not my first fan fiction but it is my first Seto/Tea paring. And I promise that this chapter we will be getting into the practices…hopefully.

Disclaimer: ME, own Yu-Gi-Oh!? I wish! Anyway, if I were Kazuki Takahashi or the people at Shounen Jump or Viz or 4Kids or wherever, I'd not only be rich, but I'd make a REAL life Seto Kaiba for me to hold prisoner or something... So yeah. This is for fun, not profit.

A slight recap: Tea and Seto have gotten the parts of the two leads of the schools play. Seto and Joey share a slight bonding moment. Mokuba's gone missing and everyone's put looking for him. Tea and Seto share and intimate kiss on the streets of Tokyo while looking for the youngest Kaiba brother. Tea searches everywhere and then tries the park and there she finds, curled up under the bridge and crying, Mokuba. What will happen next?

"Mokuba!!" Tea cried out in relief. The young boy looked up and Tea gasped in shock. It looked as if the young boy had been mugged.

"Tea," he croaked out. His voice was quiet and hoarse.

"Hold on Mokuba, I'm gonna get you out of there." Tea said, tears welling up in her own eyes. Quickly pocketing her phone, she made her way carefully to the young boy. She knelt by his side and scooped him into her arms. Mokuba wrapped his arms around her neck and cried softly into her soft brown hair. "It's okay, I'm right here." She crooned softly.

They made it up to the path and Tea found a bench and laid Mokuba down gently. Pulling her phone out of her pocket, she quickly dialed Seto's number and prayed that he would answer it. It rang three times and then someone answered the phone.


"Seto, it's Tea, I found Mokuba. We need to get him to a hospital!"

"What happened? Where are you?" Seto replied, worry and anger filtering over the phone.

"Tokyo Park, near the lake on the other side of the bridge." Tea answered, looking down at Mokuba, who had curled up again and was moaning slightly. "Seto, just get here quickly!"

"I'm on my way. We'll call the others once we get to the hospital." And then he hung up.

Tea put her phone away and sat on the ground beside the bench and stroked Mokuba's hair softly. He opened his eyes ever so slightly and stared at her. She smiled at him and wiped a tear from his cheek. "Your big brothers on his way. We're going to get you to a hospital soon. Just hold on for a few more minutes."

He nodded and closed his eyes. Tea watched him and prayed again. They sat there for about ten minutes. Tea watched every path silently and then saw a tall figure running towards them. He ran under a light and she saw Seto's brown hair and worried eyes scanning the area for them. His eyes landed on her and she stood and waved at him. His long legs carried him to the bench quickly and he dropped to his knees beside the bench and touched Mokuba's shoulder slightly.

"Mokuba, its Seto. I'm here now. You're going to be all right." Seto said, his voice wavering ever so slightly. He gently scooped Mokuba into his arms and they all made their way out of the park in a hurry. Seto turned to Tea and smiled faintly at her, "I called an ambulance after I hung up with you. They should be at the parks entrance when we get there. Could you ride with Mokuba for me? I'm going to follow behind you on my cycle."

"Sure, Seto. I'll do whatever you need me to do." Tea said, nodding her head in agreement. And sure enough at the front of the park was an ambulance with a team of paramedics waiting with a stretcher.

They allowed Seto to place his little brother on the stretcher and they strapped Mokuba down gently. Seto said something to Mokuba who made a moan of acknowledgement and Seto grasped his hand briefly before saying something to one of the medics. They bobbed their head in understanding and Seto made his way to his motorcycle.

"Ms. Gardener if you would come with us. We were told that you were to ride along with the boy." One of the men said, pointing to the ambulance that they were currently loading Mokuba into.

Tea nodded and followed the technician and sat beside Mokuba who was being hooked up to an IV and people were bustling around as best they could in the confined space. Mokuba looked over at Tea and held his hand out weakly to her. She grasped his small hand in hers and cooed softly to him while the doctors check out his injuries.

They arrived at the hospital in Tokyo five minutes later and Mokuba was raced into an exam room. Seto followed behind shortly afterwards and Tea met him in the lobby.

"They took him to the second room on the right. The said you could come in once you arrived. I planned to call the rest of the guys to tell them that we found Mokuba." Tea said quickly before Seto got anything out of his mouth. He nodded once and ran to the room Tea had indicated.

Tea sat down at one of the chairs in the waiting room and pulled out her cell phone and began dialing the numbers of her friends. She relayed the message to everyone and they all told her that they would be at the hospital as soon as possible despite Tea's protests.

She waited in her chair for a half hour and then Joey ran into the waiting room with Yugi, Mai, Duke, Tristan, and Ryou all at his heels. Mai spotted Tea first and she directed the rest of the party over to the corner Tea had pick as her own.

She was pelted with questions more quickly than she was prepared to answer. Finally everyone calmed down. "I don't know anything guys. Set…I mean Kaiba hasn't come out here with any information yet."

"The doctors won't tell me anything at the moment," Seto said from out of nowhere. He somehow had popped up behind the motley group of friends with out anyone seeing him.

Yugi and Ryou made a path for Seto trough the group to the seats that lined the walls. Seto plopped down into one of the seats with a sigh and buried his face in his hands. Tea rubbed his back gently and his shoulders slumped in exhaustion. It was clear that this whole mess had left the young man drained.

"The last I knew, they were going to do an x-ray to see if anything was broken and then check for internal damage." Seto said through his hands and Tea continued her one-handed massage of his shoulders.

"How about I run to Starbucks and get us all some coffee. What do you guys want?" Mai asked, trying to do something for the worried young man. Everyone placed their order and Joey and Mai went to the nearest Starbucks. Everyone relayed their preferred drinks and Seto handed Mai some money. She began to protest, but he shook his head against her protest.

Mai and Joey left and the rest of the group waited patiently for the doctors to come and give Seto an update. Tea sat next to Seto and watched him out of the corner of her eye. She said a quick prayer for Mokuba and Seto and leaned her head back against the wall behind her chair.

Seto had his elbows resting on his knees and he was slouched forward somewhat. He couldn't take too much more of this kind of stress. His breathe came out in a shudder, and knowing he was close to breaking down completely, Seto reached over to his right and grasped Tea's hand in his own tightly.

Tea gasped in surprise when Seto grabbed her hand but relaxed and tightened her grip when he looked pleadingly up at her from the corner of his eye. He needed her support right now, and she was glad to give it. Tea leaned forward and rested her head on his shoulder with a sigh of her own.

Forty minutes and a round of Starbucks coffee later, a man in a white coat came out from a door and made his way towards the motley crew of teenagers.

"Mr. Kaiba?" he asked, looking around at the group. Seto stood, still holding on to Tea's hand, pulling said girl up with him. The doctor walked towards the couple, and smiled gently. "Well, Mr. Kaiba, your brother is an extremely lucky young man. He only sustained minor injuries other than a broken leg. Nothing was wrong internally so there no need to operate. We've set his leg in a cast and you should be able to take him home tomorrow after a night of observation. We've cleaned and bandaged all the cuts, and stitched up the deeper ones. When you take him tomorrow, we'll give you a prescription for some pain killers. But other than that, Mokuba's good to go. You can see him if you like, he's in room 1208, though only two or three at a time."

"Thank you." Seto answered tiredly. Tea rubbed her thumb over his knuckles supportively and smiled up at his tired face. Seto turned to the others in the group and they all nodded consecutively as if to say he and Tea could go first. He turned around and followed the direction of the signs to Mokuba's room with Tea.

It was a sight that no one should have to see in their lives. To see the one that you love the most hooked up to machines that monitored their vital signs and a large orange cast on their broken leg. Luckily the youngest Kaiba was attentive when they walked into the room and Seto visibly relaxed his posture.

"Big brother!" Mokuba cried out and held his arms out to his older brother. Seto nearly ran forward and wrapped his brother in an almost bone crushing hug. Mokuba returned the hung in all its vigor even though Tea could see him visibly flinch at the pressure to his bruised sides.

Silently, she walked to the bed and sat down at the foot of the contraption, watching the two brothers warmly. Seto released his hold on Mokuba and stared at his brother. "What happened Mokuba? Who did this to you?"

"I was only way home from school and I wanted to go to my favorite arcade in Tokyo, so I had my driver drop me off there. I went in and played some games for about an hour before I got tired off it. I had called my driver and told him I was ready to leave and he told me he'd be there in ten; so I waited outside for him. I had noticed these seedy looking guys earlier and about five minutes later they came out of the arcade. I had beaten all of their high scores unintentionally and they got really mad back in the arcade having watched me play and all. So as I'm waiting they kept looking my way and suddenly they all start moving in on me and I started to get scared. Then they rushed me, wrapped a blindfold around me and I think one slung me over his shoulder and carried me off to somewhere." Mokuba said, pausing for a minute to remember the rest of his tale. "The next thing I know, they're forcing the blindfold off and I realized I was in one of the secluded parts of the Seikai Park. They had bound my hands and feet together so I couldn't fight back or escape. They all took turns hitting and kicking me and I think one slammed a big rock down on my leg and broke it. They carried on like that for about twenty minutes and took a break to drink and smoke some bad smelling cigarettes. Once they were all good and high and drunk, they repeated the beating process again. They took my money and smashed my cell phone up so I couldn't even call for help afterwards. I think it was then that I lost consciousness for awhile. After that I think I was out for about thirty minutes before I woke up. That's when Tea found me, under a bridge and crying in pain."

Tears traced down Tea's cheeks as she listened to Mokuba's tale. He was such a brave little boy it was enough to make anyone think about what they would have done in that sort of stressful situation. Seto took one of his brother's hands in his own and squeezed in reassuringly.

"Well, your safe now and I won't let anyone hurt you now." Seto said reassuringly for both Mokuba and his sakes. Tea reached out and placed a hand on Seto's shoulder and he turned and smiled at her in his own little way. The three sat that way for a while before Mokuba drifted of into a drug induced sleep.

Tea and Seto stood and placed a kiss on Mokuba's forehead before exiting the room and closing the door quietly behind them. Once outside the room, Seto leaned against the wall and let out a big shuddering breath. He was going to crack again if he didn't take a deep breath or a hundred.

Tea stood next to him and took a relaxing breath of her own. Mokuba was like a little brother to her and to see him in the state he was in at the moment was heartbreaking. She could see the turmoil and worry raging in Seto's navy eyes. A small tear escaped her eye and she felt the hot liquid run down the length of her cheek. At least Mokuba was going to get better and that his injuries weren't horrible and life threatening.

Much for her own comfort, Tea reached over and grabbed Seto's larger hand and held it firmly in her own. That was the last straw for Seto's resolve. He let out a strangled cry and his shoulders heaved at the strength of his sob. Tea was startled when he swung around and locked her in a fierce embrace, crying into the crook of her neck softly, yet strongly. She wrapped her arms around his shoulders and matched the strength of his hug. He needed this. Rocking back and forth and rubbing his back in soothing motions, she murmured soft words of encouragement into his ear.

After a while he finally calmed down enough to pull away from her embrace and wipe his eyes on the sleeve of his jacket. "I'm sorry, this is so out of character for me. But everything that happened tonight…it was just…"

"To much," Tea said, smiling gently up at him, wiping a lone tear from his cheek. "It's okay Seto. Everyone is pushed past a certain point once and awhile. It only shows that your human."

Seto managed a scoff like laugh and sniffed a few times. "That would make the press go crazy if they found out that I was actually human rather than one of my machines."

"Well, I've always thought that you were human on the inside. And I think that it's time for you to be heading home. Mokuba's fine and he's asleep, but if you don't get some rest, your going to make yourself sick." Tea said, touching the older Kaiba's arm gently. "If anything happens the hospital will call you, besides this is the best hospital in the whole of Japan and possible the western hemisphere."

Seto nodded and let her grab his hand and lead him back out of the lobby. Everyone jumped up from their seats and rushed up to Seto and Tea. Tea held her hand up and shook her head slightly. "Mokuba's doing fine, he's just tired and sore besides the broken leg. He fell asleep so I think it would be best if we wait until tomorrow for more visits." Tea explained. "I'm going to take Seto home."

The rest of the gang nodded in understanding. The guys patted Seto on the back and Mai gave him a quick hug, each saying how glad they were that Mokuba was alright and that they'd drop by to say hi tomorrow.

Tea led Seto outside to where his motorcycle was parked and handed him his helmet and then put her own on. "Do you think that you can drive?"

Seto nodded his head and mounted the motorcycle. Tea followed behind him and they rode out of the hospital back towards Domino. Tea rested her head on Seto's back as he drove and thought of a plan of attack to help him wind down after a day like today. They pulled into the mansion's wide circular drive and Seto parked right in front of the large double doors. Tea waited until he got off the bike before swinging her leg over the seat of the cycle.

The butler opened the doors for them and took both of the teen's helmets and walked out to the bike in the drive to have it taken to the garage. Seto lead them to the kitchen where he just sat down at the breakfast bar in the center of the large room with his elbows resting on the counter and his head in his hands.

Tea meanwhile rummaged around through different cabinets and found a tea kettle and two bags of green tea. She filled the pot with water and set it to boil on the stove while she looked for some cups. Seto looked up when a cup of hot tea was placed before him, eyes wide and bloodshot. Tea merely smiled at him and motioned at the cup as a sign the he could drink it. He sighed and picked the cup up and took a long drink from it.

"If you tell me where the vegetables and cutting boards are, I can make you a mean onion soup. And don't you even try to talk me out of it, because Seto, you need some help here." She added as he made a move to stop her. Seto relented and showed her around the kitchen. Then with a strict command from the young woman, Seto Kaiba was kicked out of his own kitchen and told to go lie down on the couch they had passed on their way through the living room.

With a smile on her face Tea began to chop up the different vegetables and boil some more water.

Seto lay in his private lounge, his feet propped up on the armrest opposite of his head. Tea had sent him out of his own kitchen fifteen minutes ago and he had started to doze off a few times already. Tantalizing smells wafted from the kitchen and he guessed it was those smells that had lured him to dream land in the first place.

Sighing and half asleep, Seto rolled over onto his side and let his eyes close and his breathing slow down. A minute later the young CEO fell into a light sleep. He didn't even wake ten minutes later when Tea pushed her way out of the kitchen door with a tray in her hands.

She, of course, saw that Seto had fallen asleep in the thirty minutes it had taken for her to make her soup and call her parents to tell them that she would probably be getting home late and not to wait up for her. She moved around the plush couch Seto was napping on and placed the tray on the coffee table in front of the couch. Gently she placed a hand on Seto's shoulder and shook him awake.

Clouded navy eyes opened and Seto glanced sleepily up into Tea's bright warm blue eyes. Yawning, he pushed himself up into a sitting position. "That's smells really good."

"It's should. This onion soup is one of my family's greatest secret recipes." Tea said with a smile. She removed the cover of the tray and ladled out a bowl for Seto and one for herself. "Go on and eat, it's not poisoned or anything."

Seto dipped his spoon into the broth and blew gently on it before bringing it up to his mouth. Warm soup slid down his throat and assailed his taste buds with a delicious flavor. Never before had he had an onion soup like this. Closing his eyes, he savored the warmth that now ran through his body.

"Not only did this smell good, but it taste good as well. Thank you for doing this for me, Tea." Seto said, taking another spoonful of soup from his bowl.

Tea smiled in response and ate her soup in silence. The two teens sat in the warmly lit lounge in a comfortable silence eating and drinking the fresh pot of tea that Tea had brought with her. Seto helped himself to a second bowl and made Tea smile when some of the soup dripped down his chin cutely. Finally they both placed their bowls on the table and watched each other quietly drink their tea.

"I doubled the recipe and put the other half in a container in your refrigerator so you have something for Mokuba when he gets home tomorrow." Tea said, refilling her cup slightly and holding the pot up in a silent question if Seto wanted more. He shook his head and Tea filled his cup up some.

"I'm sure he'll eat it all up once he hears that it's from you. After tonight he'll probably follow you around like a puppy dog. Heaven knows he can pull that look off in a heartbeat when he wants things to go his way." Seto said, weariness showing plainly in his voice; then he yawned.

"That's sweet. Though before you conk out right there on the couch, maybe you should go up to bed so you're more comfortable. I promised that I'd get you home so you could rest, and since I've fed you, now it's time for that rest that the doctor recommended." Tea said standing and taking her cup with her.

"What doctor," Seto commented dryly.

"Oh, shut up. I'll just say that comment was due to the fact that you're delirious and leave it at that." Tea said, shaking her head in fake annoyance. Seto smiled slightly and stood himself. "I'm going to follow you just to make sure that you actually go to sleep."

Seto sighed and began to walk out to the front hall with Tea hot at his heels. Maybe now was a good time to ask her what he had been meaning to ask her since school got out. Everything that had happened with Mokuba had pushed it out of his mind until about and hour ago. And she had just cooked and looked after him even without a second thought. Yes he would do it; or this feeling he had inside would make him go crazy.


"Yes, Seto."

"There's something that I want to ask you."

"Okay, I'm all yours."

"Will you stay with me tonight?" What!? Where had that come from?

"Excuse me?"

"Wait—that didn't come out right—I mean, I think you've noticed it as well, but when we read through the script at auditions yesterday, I felt some sort of spark or something. I've never felt that with anyone it that sort of way. And I saw it in your eyes after we stopped kissing on stage, and I know that you probably saw it in my own; there's something there and for once I'm going to be impulsive and act on what I feel rather than what I think about. I want you to be my girlfriend Tea, because I've never felt like this before and I want to grasp it with both hands and keep it with me. I haven't felt like this since before my parents were killed and…" he was stopped when Tea pressed a slim finger to his lips; which he unconsciously kissed lightly (A/N: Wow, now that was seriously out of character for our young Mr. Kaiba. Oh, but what the hey, I'm the writer and I can whatever I want to with my story. Bah!!!).

"I felt and feel it as well, and I know that I like you. I'm glad that I make you happy and that you feel different, but in a good way. Because, I want you to laugh and I want you to follow your heart. I want to go through that with you. Everyone will say that we're moving to quickly, but I don't care what they say. I'll be your girlfriend and you'll be my boyfriend and we'll get through this together and hope that this feeling grows into something beautiful. (A/N: I feel the need to do another note because, that was deep. Almost like an ultimatum of love. And for all of you who disagree with me and think I moved this along to fast well, deal with it! Everyone knows that this is going to be a Seto/Tea pairing, so why should I keep this quiet and not get it out in the open early. Besides, you can do so much more with characters if you get them together early! Bah!!!)" Tea said slipping her hand down to Seto's by the end of her little speech. Her cheeks had turned a nice pink color and she looked up at Seto through her eyelashes shyly. Seto bent downward and placed a quick, chaste kiss on her lips.

"Will you stay with me?" Seto asked for a second time, whispering it in to her ear. "We'll just sleep, I promise."

"Alright, I'll call my parents and tell them that I'm feeling to tired to drive and I don't want to risk getting in an accident." Tea whispered back and let Seto lead her up the marble stairs in the front hall. They got to the top of the second story landing and went down a hall to the left of the stairs. Seto opened the third door on his left and revealed his darkened room.

Rich mahogany furniture and bed, navy blue bed covers that looked to be silk, navy blue curtains and two doors that obviously led to the master bathroom and a closet. Seto walked up to the armoire near a desk and pulled out a blue and black t-shirt and two pairs of black basketball shorts. "You can change in there if you like." He said, holding out the clothes. He opened one of the two doors that led to the bathroom.

Tea took the blue shirt and a pair of short and walked into the bathroom, closing the door behind her. Quickly she took off her boots and shimmied out of her street clothes; thank the lord she had showered after getting home from school that day, silky smooth legs and hair smelling of French lavender and jade extract. Grabbing the shorts, Tea pulled them up her long legs and surprisingly she only had to turn the waistband down once. The shirt on the other hand was a few sizes to big, but in that cute 'this is my boyfriend's shirt' sort of way…well actually it was her boyfriend's shirt. Pulling her hair down from the high ponytail she had pulled it up in while cooking, Tea shook her hair out and smiled at her reflection. Opening the door, she found Seto seated in one of the plush chairs near a bookcase, already changed into the pair of shorts and black t-shirt.

"You know, I still have to call my parents." Tea said, sitting on the arm of Seto's chair. Silently, but with a grin he handed her his cell phone and dialed her home number. Her father picked up on the second ring, still sounding awake. Tea explained that she was feeling too tired to drive and she was going to stay at her friends house. Surprisingly her father didn't ask questions and said that it was fine as long as she got home to pick up her uniform before their half day of school the next day. Promptly she reminded her dad that it was casual day and she could wear her clothes from that night. Sighing, her father gave in and told her that she should at least call home in the morning. Promising that she would, Tea said goodnight to her father and hung up.

Seto pulled her into his lap and Tea giggled lightly as he nuzzled the side of her neck tiredly. "That was a good cover up." Seto said with, trying to stifle his yawn.

"Nice try to cover that up, but you need to get to bed." Tea said, pushing herself gently out of Seto's lap and holding her hand out to him. Standing himself, Seto let her lead him to his own bed. Quickly she pulled the comforter down slightly and brought the sheet with it. "Now lie down and get some sleep."

"Yes, ma'am." Seto said, trying to sound innocent. He willing followed her command, flopping onto the bed and shifting to the left side of the bed. Closing his eyes, Seto let out a sigh of relief and stretched his 6'2'' body out fully.

Tea walked over to the light switch and flipped it off and walked back to the bed in the moonlight that shown through the curtains. She nodded once to herself and crawled onto the bed after Seto. She scooted over to him and wrapped her arms around his waist, curling onto her side and laying her head on his shoulder. Seto lifted his head up slightly off the pillow and looked down at Tea with half open eyes. She was watching him through her lashes and smiled at him sleepily. She hadn't known how tired she was until her body had sunk into the soft mattress and was snuggled next to the warmth that was Seto. He kissed the crown of her head and lay back down on the pillows. Tea helped him pull the sheet and blanket over their bodies and then he wrapped an arm around Tea's body, bringing her closer to him.

"Thank you for helping out tonight. I really do appreciate what you did for me and for Mokuba." Seto said quietly into the darkness, feeling sleep start to grab at his consciousness.

"You're welcome. I wouldn't have done anything less for any of the guys." Tea replied, burying her head in his chest. Seto gave her one last squeeze and let sleep overcome him. Tea heard his gentle breathing slow down and knew that he had finally fallen asleep. She sighed happily and let herself fall privy to the same gentle cloud that had just taken Seto to the land of dreams.

The two teen slept peacefully in one another's embrace, dreaming happy dreams and undisturbed from the outside world.

(A/N: Okay, I think that this is the point where I do some explaining. Seto isn't awkward about this because a.) he's been thinking about asking Tea out since they practiced at his house and b.) because he's so tired and warn out from all the excitement and worry his day was filled with he simply has no energy left to fell uncomfortable about said situation. And since I'm the authoress, I can have him do whatever I darn well please; even have him dance around on a stage in tights and a tight sleeveless vest. Hey, that's a good idea! Mwahahahahaha. Life is so good.)

Tea awoke to find herself in a strange bed and in the warm arms of someone she couldn't think of. Blinking a few times she realized that she was still at the Kaiba mansion, that she was clad in her boyfriends clothes—wait, boyfriend? Oh right, Seto. She was Seto Kaiba's girlfriend and he was her boyfriend. She put it together that the person behind her was Seto and she snuggled against him. Closing her eyes, she almost drifted off to sleep again when something wet pressed against her hand.

Opening her eyes and looking down at her hand, she looked right into the eyes of a large tan and black German shepherd. The dog sat back on its haunches and let its tongue hang out lazily. Then all hell broke loose. Tea let out a startled scream and jerked back. Seto had jumped awake at her scream and had lifted his head right as Tea backed up and her head ran right into his nose painfully, causing him to yelp in pain and surprise. He sat up and found Tea grabbing onto his shirt, look afraid and panic stricken.

"What is it? What's the matter," Seto said in a slightly nasally voice, holding his nose tenderly. Tea merely pointed at the large dog that was looking at Seto and Tea with a shocked, puzzled look.

"Oh, it's only Samson." Seto said, shoulders dropping in relief. At the sound of his name, Samson jumped onto the bed and licked Seto's face. Seto petted the dog's head with one hand and rubbed Tea on the shoulder with the other hand. "Sorry about that. I forgot to tell you that Samson likes to visit me in the morning before I leave. He won't hurt you; he's as gentle as a puppy."

Seeming to understand what Seto was saying, Samson lay down on the bed, his tail wagging, with the cutest look on his face as he watched Tea happily. Timidly, Tea reached a hand out and let Samson sniff her hand and lick it happily. Once she got the official welcome, she scratched the fur behind his right ear. The large dog rolled over with a silly look on his face and let Tea scratch his belly, causing his leg to pump up and down with happiness.

"You've got yourself some alarm clock Seto. I think I've just been permanently scared out of my mind." Tea said in a breathy voice, still scratching Samson's fur covered belly.

"Glad my dog had such an impression on you. Usually he comes to my side of the bed first, but I guess he was more interested in you than me. Not that I blame him." Seto said, stretching now that Tea had dislodged herself from his shirt. His nose still smarted from the blow from the back of her head. "But next time I think the better thing to do would be wake me up first before screaming and backing up into my nose."

"Sorry." Tea said weakly, her cheeks turning pink. "Are you okay?"

Seto nodded and got off the bed. Tea followed, leaving a thoroughly happy Samson on the bed. Seto whistled and the German shepherd jumped to his feet and off the bed. The couple and the dog walked down to the first floor and to the kitchen. Seto poured some dog chow into a large silver bowl and Samson stuck his nose into the food and began to eat quickly. "We've got about an hour before we have to leave for school. Do you want to eat first or take a shower first?"

"What do I smell, or something?" Tea asked humorously. Seto began to stutter a response, but Tea's laughter stopped him short. "A shower sounds great; just tell me where to go."

Seto led her to the downstairs bathroom by his office that had a shower. Smiling she shut the door on him and a few seconds later, he heard the shower turn on and a soft humming. Seto walked back to the kitchen and turned on the coffee maker. Samson trotted over to Seto and nudged his hand with his nose. Seto looked down at his faithful friend and ran his fingers through his dense fur.

"She's pretty amazing isn't she boy. I really, really like her. And I guess you do as well since you gave her the initiation this morning. Didn't she look beautiful this morning?" Seto asked his dog. He wasn't crazy, but he had, had Samson since he was a puppy. He had been a present from the butler for Seto's sixteenth birthday two years ago. Samson whined softly in his throat and took a few steps towards the sliding glass door that led out onto one of the terraces out to the extensive grounds. "Oh, right boy. Hold on."

Seto walked with his dog to the door and slid the door open. Samson took off at a run and bounded across the lawns to take care of his business. Seto slid the door shut and watched Samson for a few more seconds before turning back into the interior of the kitchen.

He began to collect breakfast food from around the room. There already was a bowl of fruit out on the island, as Mokuba insisted that his brother eat fresh fruit to stay healthy with his ungodly work schedule. Maybe some toast, yeah toast sounded good. Seto fumbled with the toaster, pushing the lever down and having the bread go down and then pop right back up; that wasn't supposed to happen. Then he realized after a few minutes of futile fighting with the stupid machine that he had…forgotten to plug the dang thing in. and he was supposed to be this child genius or something. Bah!!!

Finally the toast came popping out of the toaster and with it Tea came into the room, clad still in the clothes he had let her borrow for the night and her hair glistening around her face, still wet. "Umm, something smells good."

"Toast?" Seto asked, holding the plate out to her like an offering. Tea took a piece with a smile and crunched down on the golden brown bread.

"The showers all yours, I'll finish up breakfast." Tea offered gesturing at the door she had just come through. Seto nodded and left the kitchen in her capable hand as he went to the bathroom that was hidden in his office. Quickly he stripped out of his shirt, shorts, and boxers, flicking the water on with a turn of his wrist. Warm water flooded over his body and he scrubbed the dirt and grim off and washed his hair with shampoo and conditioner. Just as quickly as he had entered the shower he was turning the water off. Ten minutes…not bad. Seto dried himself off with a plush white towel and rubbed it over his head a few times before wrapping it around his thin waist. He grabbed his dirty clothes and stepped out of the hidden bathroom and hid it once again.

The closet was across the room and he pulled the door open and grabbed a pair of clean boxers and pulled them on under the towel. Since it was casual dress day, he bypassed the rack of school uniforms. His logical side told him to grab a pair of dress slacks and a dress shirt, but something was pulling him to the less frequented side of his closet; the one with the few pairs of designer jeans and shirts. He grabbed a pair of dark blue jeans and pulled the tags off before pulling them on over his boxers. This was the second time in a week that he had worn jeans; that was a scary thought. Ignoring the logical side of his brain, Seto grabbed a white t-shirt, threw it on and then plucked a brown wool jacket off a hanger.

Tea was in the kitchen surrounded by fast breakfast food. The fruit and toast had been going by various cereals, bagels, and what looked like fruit smoothies. Seto's jaw nearly dropped as he eyed the feast. "Are we feeding all of the third year class at Domino High?" He asked, picking up a bagel and lathering it with cream cheese.

"No, but the guys and I bring breakfast for each other throughout the week, and today's my day to bring; thanks for providing the grocery store." Tea replied with a laugh, patting Seto's hand. She had changed back into her jeans from yesterday, but she was still wearing his t-shirt. "I'll have to borrow your shirt for today. Mine's all dirty and gross."

"That okay with me. Listen I wanted to see if you would come with me to pick up Mokuba after school. I'll probably need help and Mokuba would probably like to see you." Seto asked taking a bite of his bagel and watching Tea package the rest of the food.

"Sure! I'd love to help." Tea replied, pecking Seto unsuspectingly on the cheek. He reacted quickly and grabbed her wrist before she could pull away. Her eyes looked into his questioningly before he swooped down and kissed her fully on the lips. Tea sighed and let her body relax against Seto's and kissed him back. Once satisfied, Seto pulled away slowly and looked into Tea's slightly glazed blue eyes.


The day got seemingly more interesting to say the least after Seto and Tea arrived at school hand-n-hand. Some of their female classmates let out startled screams of terror and horror. Not only they going crazy about the fact that Seto and Tea obviously were together, but that Seto Kaiba was actually wearing jeans and a t-shirt like a normal teen; the female population was having a national holiday. People pointed and gasped, but Tea was oblivious to it all. And Seto…well Seto was just being Seto; except the fact that he had Tea's hand in his.

Joey came running towards Tea and then noticed the rather tall iceberg standing next to her. "WHAT THE HECK!!!!!!"

"Joey, what all the commotion…" Yugi said, running up beside his friend, dropping off as he saw Tea and Seto—together. "Oh…"

Tristan came up behind both of them and just stared at the two brunettes and stuttered indecipherable words and noises.

"Hey guys—I brought breakfast." Tea said somewhat timidly, holding out the sack she had packed everything in that she and Seto didn't eat.

Yugi was the first to regain his senses and he took the bag with a bow of thanks from Tea's outstretched hand. "So…are you two together now?"

Then instead of Tea answering, Seto pulled Tea closer gently and answered with a firm 'yes, we are'.

"Well…good for you. We're all really happy that this happened, right guys?" Yugi asked, looking back at Joey and Tristan who where going through the bag of breakfast.

"Yes," both boys grumbled in response.

"Thanks, Yugi. That means a lot to me." Tea said quietly. She looked up at Seto and the same warmth he had held in his eyes when he had kissed her this morning shone in his navy eyes. She smiled and gave his hand a small squeeze.

"By the way, did you happen to see the notice board this morning?" Yugi asked while grabbing a slice of cantaloupe before Joey and Tristan ate it all.

"No, why?"

"Shizuka moved all practices up a week. Our first read through is tonight at eight." Yugi explained. Tea shook her head and Seto groaned almost silently.

"We've got to pick up Mokuba at the hospital and then Seto and I can be there." Tea explained. She saw Yugi's face turn to a mask of concern and slight apprehension.

"How's he doing?"

Before Tea could answer, Seto touched her hand and she stopped and watched her boyfriend with silent attention. "He was doing fine when we left last night and the doctors didn't call last night so I'm guessing that everything went fine during the night and that he'll have some of his energy back. He might want some company so—if—if you want to stop by to see him—you're welcome to." Seto ground out that last part as much as it nearly killed him to.

"Sure, Kaiba, we'd love to come and say hi to Mokuba. Just call us once he's all settled in and we'll drop by." Yugi said, speaking before Joey could say something stupid or had a conniption. The bell rang and the guys ran off saying that they had to get to the other side of the school.

Tea looked up at her boyfriend and smiled at him. He had just made one step in the right direction of opening up around the guys. "Come on Seto, we've got to get to AP trig." And Seto let himself be dragged to their advance placement math class by the young woman who was slowly worming her way into his once frozen heart.

The rest of school went by in a blur. Tea and Seto had almost every class together and had partnered up for a project in their history class. People came and crowded around their desks during passing periods and Seto let Tea do all the talking and explaining which was minimal since Tea seemed to think that everyone did not need to know the details of their blossoming relationship.

Finally the bell rang and school was let out. Seto's limo was waiting at the front of the school and the driver was standing beside the back passenger door. Upon seeing Seto, he opened the door with a bow and a 'hello Master Kaiba' and a 'good afternoon Miss Gardner'. Seto let Tea slid in first and Seto told the driver to go to the hospital before sliding in as well.

A minute later they were speeding towards the hospital to pick up the littlest Kaiba.

Mokuba nearly bounced out of the bed at the sight of his older brother and Tea. He was almost too excited to see that Seto was holding Tea's hand in his own. When he realized what that meant he let out a yell of triumph and pumped his fist in the air.

"What are you so happy about?" Seto asked dryly. Mokuba pointed at Seto's hand which held Tea's and smiled from ear to ear.

"You finally got up the courage to ask someone out. You've finally decided that being a hermit isn't the best thing to do with your life." Mokuba exclaimed happily, nearly bouncing out of the hospital bed.

"Uh, Mokuba, maybe we could discuss this at another time—like say, oh, I don't know, maybe when said girlfriend isn't in the same room." Seto said, cupping a hand by his mouth secretly and leaning towards Mokuba. Mokuba in turn flushed slightly and smiled sweetly up at Tea, who was giggling at her boyfriend and his little brother's antics.

"Well, if you two are finished, I believe someone in here needs to be discharged." Tea said, placing her hands on her hips and faked a look of boredom. Seto straightened up and Mokuba looked sweetly up at Tea with an innocent look. "Seto, of you'll go take care of the paperwork; I'll get Mokuba ready to leave."

Seto merely nodded his head in agreement and left the room. Mokuba lifted his legs off the side of the bed and told Tea were his things had temporarily been put for his one night stay. Tea gathered his torn, but clean clothes and stashed them in her bag.

"So are you excited about going home?" Tea asked, trying to fill the silence that permeated the room.

"Yeah, Seto was put in the hospital once when he started high school and he nearly died. I mean he's skinny enough as it is, but they could hardly get any fluids or food into him and he lost even more weight. It was so scary. He was pale and so skinny; I think he got to weigh around one hundred and ten pounds before he woke from the coma he was put in." Mokuba said, looking out the window and shuddering at the memory. "I've never really like hospitals that much."

"That was right after he took Yugi's grandpa's Blue Eyes wasn't it. I was worried about Grandpa and I came to the hospital with him; and then about thirty minutes after we had gotten there I heard some doctors talking about how another patient from Kaiba Corp was on his way here. I stayed around and saw Seto being brought in from off the ambulance. I sent him some flowers from the gift shop, knowing he probably wouldn't like them, but it was all I could do." Tea explained, reliving her part of that memory.

"That was you!!!" Mokuba cried, looking into Tea's bright blue eyes. "Seto never got to see them, because of the coma, but I kept them and hung them up to dry in my room. I promised myself that if I ever found the person who sent them to him I'd buy them anything that they ever wanted. Just tell me what and it's yours Tea." Mokuba said, his tone turning from surprised to dead serious.

"Mokuba, that isn't necessary at all. I was just worried about Seto that's all. That was a real scary time for all of us and I just wanted to be nice." Tea hurriedly said, waving her arms in front of her for emphasis.

"I'm still going to get you something. When the time is right, I get you something that no one else has in the entire world. Not only just for the flowers, but for getting my big brother to open up and do something spontaneous for once. You've done more than you could ever dream of for my brother for accepting him for who he really is." Mokuba said, closing the matter, looking more serious than Tea had ever seen the thirteen year old boy be before.

"Alright…" Tea said, giving in at last. Mokuba was dead set on giving her something nice and she couldn't change his mind.

Tea mulled around the room looking for anything she might have left and tidied up the room. Seto came back a few minutes later with a wheelchair and the nurse.

"Alright, Mokuba, it looks like you're ready to go. You'll need to come back in about three weeks to have your leg examined and then another three weeks to get the cast taken off. But other than that, I think it's safe to say, I hope I don't have to see you back here for a bad reason." The nurse said happily, handing Seto a slip of paper. "If you have this taken to a local drug store, you can get Mokuba some extra strength pain killers."

"Of course."

Waving goodbye, the nurse walked out of the room leaving the Kaiba brother's and Tea. Seto walked over to Mokuba and lifted his brother off the bed and sat him carefully in the wheelchair. "Ready to go home Mokuba?"

"Of course."

Mokuba and Tea chatted happily all the way to the mansion. Seto merely watched the two, happy that his brother was enjoying Tea's company. The doctors had told him that once Mokuba got home, he would probably fall right asleep because of the drugs they had given him right before he had been discharged. Mokuba had also taken the pain killers Seto had the driver pick up right after leaving the hospital. Hopefully he would sleep through the practice.

Finally the limo rolled up in front of the mansion and Seto let Tea out first before exiting himself and turning back to scoop Mokuba out of the car. Michael, the driver, assembled the wheelchair from out of the back of the car and Seto gently placed him in the seat. Seto nodded to Michael and the older man got back into the car and drove it to the garage under a part of the mansion.

Seto had called during lunch and had the staff convert one of the many living rooms into a bedroom for Mokuba temporarily. Even the great CEO himself couldn't figure out how they had done it, but they had moved Mokuba's actual bed down from the second story to the room so he would be comfortable.

"Wow, Seto; you went all out this time." Tea said looking around the room is awe. She knew that Seto was a powerful man, but to get his little brothers entire room moved down a floor in a single afternoon was impressive.

"This is really cool big brother!" Mokuba cried from his wheelchair. Seto smiled slightly and lifted his little brother from the chair and placed him on the bed gently. Tea went into mother mode and grabbed a fluffy looking pillow from a couch near the door and gently lifter Mokuba's leg and placed the pillow under it so it would stay elevated.

"Are you hungry, Mokuba?" Seto asked, looking down at his little brother.

"What do you think, big brother. When am I not?" Mokuba replied, looking at his brother with an incredulous look. Seto smiled slightly and pressed a button near one of the doors; a small buzz sounded and man answered. Seto quickly asked for some of the soup in the refrigerator to be brought to Mokuba. Minutes later a maid came into the room with a tray with steaming soup and a drink. Tea busied herself with getting things Mokuba might need when they went to their practice that night.

With a bow, she placed the tray on the bed and Seto helped Mokuba bring the tray to him then watched to make sure that he ate the food. "Wow, big brother this is some kickin' soup! Who made it and whoever did should get a raise." Mokuba said in-between bites.


"Yes" "What about her" both Tea and Mokuba said at the same time. Seto shook his head and sighed through his nose.

"Tea made the soup last night and saved some for you. Take your meds and get some rest. We have an emergency practice tonight, and I expect you to be asleep when we get back. Understand Mokie?" Seto asked adding sternness to his voice to make sure Mokuba understood him. Mokuba's eyes showed his understanding and slight confusion to his older brother's stern voice. But he did the right thing and took the medicines and ate the whole bowl of soup and finished the drink for the fluids.

Satisfied that his brother was listening to him, Seto hugged his brother and told him to rest and ring for the maid if he needed anything. Mokuba nodded him head a few times before snuggling down into the pillows and letting the pain medicines kick in and knock him out. Placing a fatherly kiss on Mokuba's brow, Seto stood and let Tea give his brother her own kiss on his forehead before leading them to his private office.

Seto sunk into the cushions of the leather couch in the room and let out a long breath. He felt Tea sit down next to him and place a hand on his shoulder. "What's the matter, Seto?"

He shrugged his shoulders in response and shuddered. He really didn't know; he just felt drained. Tea moved a bit away from him and pulled on his arm. He looked up she motioned for him to lie down. Without thinking Seto turned his body and lowered himself horizontally, laying his head on Tea's lap. She ran her fingers through his thick silky hair and tried to figure out what was wrong. Things had gone well today at school, Mokuba was resting and healing, and their relationship was blossoming; what was bothering her boyfriend?

Seto sighed as he felt Tea's slender fingers thread into his hair. She had no idea how good that felt. Even with getting a full nights rest and eating a real breakfast, he still felt worn out and haggard. Maybe it was all catching up with him finally. It was times like these that he wished his parents were still around. He wouldn't have to balance school, single parenthood, a multi-billion dollar corporation, and all of life's other shit all by himself. He would be a regular teenager with his beautiful girlfriend, loving parents, and a little brother that adored him, and good grades. Unwanted a lone tear escaped his unsteady guard and slid down his cheek onto Tea's leg. Her fingers stopped suddenly and she looked down at Seto and saw his eyes clenched close and felt his shoulders heave with silent sobs.

Quickly she slid his head from her lap and slid off the couch to kneel before him on the floor. She pulled him closer, putting his head on her shoulder and wrapping her arms around him tightly. She stroked his head and murmured soothing words into his ear. Seto wrapped his arms around her like iron bars and held onto Tea for dear life as his body was wracked with sobs. She caught random chocked out words coming from the obviously distraught young man like 'Mom', 'Dad', 'Mokuba', 'I can't', 'Tea', and 'help'.

"Seto—Seto what's wrong. What's going on? Baby, you gotta tell me so I can help you with whatever it is." Tea cooed once Seto had quieted down slightly. His cries turned into hiccupping sobs, then to hiccups, and finally to sniffles when he could talk properly.

"I wishhiccupthat my parentssniffwere still alive to help mesniff-sniffwith all of this. Not that youhiccup-sniffhaven't been great helpingsniffme these last few dayssniffbecause you have beenhiccupgreat. It's just that, there are some things you don't think you'll ever do at eighteen and then they happen and all you can do is say a few choice words and keep it inside. I guess I just kept too much in at one time and it all overflowed and erupted." Seto said sniffing and hiccupping all the way. Thankfully the staff knew not to bother him in his private office unless he called, because he felt extremely vulnerable at the moment and it would take time to rebuild his internal walls.

Tea smoothed his bangs away from his blood shot eyes and saw every ounce of truth of his words. He was showing an ungainly amount of trust in her and she knew she had to choose her words carefully, but from her heart. He could have thrown her out before he broke down, but he let her stay and witness Seto Kaiba at probably his most exposed moment. "Your parents would be proud of how well you've handled this situation and how well you take care of Mokuba, Seto. They'd see past your flaws and see how much you love him. They'd see how hard you've worked to make sure that his future is stable and that he'll been provided for. They'd see how much you've sacrificed to keep your small family together since you've been orphaned. Any parent would be proud of a son like the man you've become. No one deserves the crap you've been through and the fact that you've managed on your own is remarkable. We'd all like to say that we could do the same, but not many people can do what you do Seto Kaiba and don't you forget it. How many other eighteen year olds do you see forced into parenthood at as an early age as you were, manage one of the world's largest technological and medical corporation, and be the top of their graduating class? I think I'm looking at the only one. So don't beat yourself down and know that you can talk to me anytime you want about anything that's bothering you, unless its guy stuff; then you can go talk to your butler, Yugi, or Joey, okay"

Seto looked into her smiling azure eyes and found a small smile forming with her 'condition'. Hearing her words and letting them fall on his fragile heart like a balm helped immensely and he was feeling better by the minute. Maybe girls had something going about having a good cry once and a while was good for the soul—nah, that was way pushing it for Seto Kaiba's standards.

Tea was a step ahead of him by this point and the next thing he knew, he was having the entire box of Kleenex shoved under his nose. "Now, blow your nose and we'll go face the world one step at a time and I'll be right by your side for as long as you'll have me to help you along the way."

Seto let out an almighty blow of congestion into the poor Kleenex and used about three more before standing up, throwing them away and wiping his hands before taking Tea's hand in his own. Maybe this girlfriend thing wasn't going to be as bad as that snooty little conscious in the back of his head told him when this all started.

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