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Abbey's Files

27 NOVEMBER 1999

Harry Accepted! Tomorrow we Strike! I was considering writing that as my entry, but then, I thought, who would inform my dear files (well, in this notebook, pages) of the happenings of the day. For obvious reasons, I will not be disclosing the plan to you. That and I don't really know how we are retrieving this. All I know comes from what Luna told me: Be outside the staff room tonight at 8:00 PM. Today after AN Charms, Harry asked Ginny to stay and talk about one of her assignments. She gave Luna and Me the symbol to come in after four minutes. Well, Luna went in, you know because I would probably die of pain, the class had been full of it. Luna went in, and for once my nervous system didn't spike when Harry was nearby, because let us say that he and Ginny were in a rather compromising position. Especially since Harry is a FACULTY MEMBER!

Luna and I talked about the Court of Seven prophecy and here is how we summed it up: The Joined Ones (Us) will defeat the HP (it will take too long to write Higher Power if I have to this much) (Whoever He, She, or It might be). This will happen on New Year's Eve of the millennium (So we either have a little over 1 year, 1,000 years, 2,000 years, 3,000 years etc.). We are extremely different. We will use our new found gift of the combined powers to head an army of the good (Who will listen to two Teenage girls anyway?). The court of Seven (Supposedly whom the HP rules over) is going to be rebuilt and good people will run it. Oh yeah, we will die.

That final tidbit is one that is just a minor drawback from destroying evil for a least a millennium. Harry told Luna to bring me with her when he reads the excerpt about the Poena Tutulae to Ron and Hermione. Obviously, he doesn't know that Hermione helped us with this whole research thing. The Curfew Bell just rang, which apparently they didn't have for Luna's first five years, so I must bid you Adieu my fair files.

28 NOVEMBER 1999 (About 1:00 AM)

Well, Harry got the computer back, but how, I don't know. The 3 of us (Ginny, Luna, and ME!) snuck into 'The Golden Trio's' common room after we followed Harry, this is where we are now. In the time that it took for us get the computer and get down to this room, my Pain-Reliving Potion was beginning to wear off, and the fiery ice in my veins grew little by little. Hermione was waiting outside with a cauldron full of my elixir to give me. Harry and I just discovered another way of talking to one another. If I said 'Luna, please tell Ron to tell Harry that the next code to go in is this' and Harry said 'Ginny ask Hermione to ask Abbey what the next code is' we could converse without much involvement of the Poena Tutulae. Harry said that he never got to play on his cousins new computers but his aunt and uncle gave him old ones, and read a lot of books on how to fix them. So that is why he is fixing it tonight. Or this morning? I read a lot of stuff from that diary of the four guys with weird names. Get this: McGonagall was around and taught them. The guy named 'Prongs' was dating Lily Evans and the guy named 'Padfoot' was dating that Amaryllis Thornapple. I read the entry from October 12th, 1976 again and noticed something odd, when I looked at a later one, from January 11th, 1977. Erin Murdagh (My adoptive mom) was Lily Evans best friend. Amaryllis Thornapple was also one of their friends and Michael (My Adoptive Father)'s sister Iris Mason was one of their friends also. So, this Thornapple woman needs to tell me something, and two of the adults in my life that I am closest to were friends with Harry's mum. Isn't that interesting? Poor Aunt Iris, never got married, the guy she loved was a werewolf or something… Oh, Hermione is calling me.

I can hardly write for excitement! Let me start at the beginning. Hermione had brewed up a Sibling Detector Solution (Which is actually just a slight variant on the Rinaldi Infusion), because she remembered that day that I knocked her over in Hogsmeade. When she told me that she wanted Harry and me to take it to see if we were anyway near related, the Poena Tutulae spiked up the farthest it has ever been. It was 30,000 times (okay that is just a guess) more excruciating than when Harry accidentally bumped into me that one charms class. Ron (ever the prat, as Ginny states constantly) woke up when he heard me scream. (All of this has been told to me because I was not in a state to remember it) Then he saw me rolling around on the floor, and he asked what the matter with me was. I think Harry answered. Luna for some reason cut my arm and Harry's arm. She collected some of Harry's blood and put it into the pain relieving potion and some directly into my arm. Then she poured blood into the Sibling Detector Solution. After that she forced both potions down my throat and told Harry to swallow the Sibling one. If people are siblings, the potion forces the younger ones to take on the exact physical appearance of the eldest for a minute. So, apparently I have a brother. That was written like I didn't care. Let me try again. Hem, Hem. I HAVE A BROTHER! I KNOW WHO MY REAL PARENTS ARE!!!! There. Oh, yes. Obviously this was the secret my parents- our parents- wanted to hide from me, because the Poena Tutulae has no effect whatsoever now. No more extensive use of Pain Relieving Potion anymore. I hope it will still work in the future, but at least now I know why I was fainting so much at the beginning of the year.

Luna and I told the other four people in the room about being the Aangesloten bij-Geest. And the prophecy. Then Harry asked if we had seen McGonagall about this whole deal, and I explained how I didn't want a lot of people to know, especially after what happened with my brother Anthony. First thing after breakfast today, Harry, Luna and I are going to see her. Oh what joy! And believe me when I say that I am scared of her, and I ain't afraid of much. My last thought this early morning before we go up to the Ravenclaw wing is this: Who Is Amaryllis Thornapple?

28 NOVEMBER 1999 (After the post-first meal meeting with the Head of Students, Faculty, and Staff and nearly time for the second meal)

Yeah, during my –our- meeting with McGonagall, it was decided that since my Poena Tutulae was undone, I had a newly found Brother (Or should I say Bother, not sure yet. Anthony and I got along real well.) And my very life was hanging in the balance (along with Luna's of course) I will be discontinuing my education. Luna and I are to take our NEWTS the week after the end of First Term. Apparently this will help us prepare to deal with the HP. As Luna is missing a good deal of information on the NEWTS and I am missing a tiny bit, we will be having tutors: Harry and Hermione. I learned most of the Material for NEWTS at Salem, so I should be okay. Luna of course, has her mental pleading capability to get the answers if she needs them, form her walking encyclopedia, ME! I might still need prep for the American FROGS. I can't ever remember what they stood for. For Recreation of Gnowing Stuff. Or something lioke that. I don't even want to take it, but I have those positions to apply for.

After we take these, we will begin the research for who the HP is, and what the Court of Seven was. That might take a while, or not at all. Most likely someone magical, and someone very old. That is funny! I wrote my l in the word 'old' like a d! So maybe we are looking for someone odd. During this, and after we discover who this person is, My Brother (isn't that weird to write?), Ron and Hermione will be teaching us better Dueling Skills, and how they managed to destroy all of Voldemort's horcruxes. And then, of course, is the physical battling skills that wee must acquire if we are to defeat this HP. I like doing research, but if we don't discover who the HP soon. I might lose my marbles.

I am so lucky for these NEWTS, that my education has covered so much. But I feel bad for Luna because she is just getting to the interesting part of Magical studies. Maybe she will go into a secondary school after this – well I guess we can't the prophecies said that we would die and all. I really don't want to think about this now, so I will try to think about something happy. At least for a little while.

I wonder How Kathleen and Megan are doing with school. I mean, this is the year that they have to take the Pre-FROGS and I remember fondly now, how much stress those involve. I miss them so much. That matching long, blonde hair, the rosy cheeks (Though by now, they are probably sick from stress and worry) and the impish smiles they have that say prominently 'We know Something You Don't Know'. Quite the pair of beaters for Junior Varsity, and difficult to tell apart. But isn't It odd that they never had nicknames? Always Kathleen and never Meg or Meggie.

As always, my thoughts are diverted back to the HP deal. We have no idea how to explain to classmates that we are leaving. Poor Luna, I mean she has been here for so long, and her friends are so close to her. This year has been tumultuous for everybody, not just us. Just ups and downs continuously. I get accepted in the exchange student program. Harry Kills Voldemort. We are evacuated. I have to kill the HP. I find out I have a brother. And I have to drop out of school to kill this HP. And I will die in the Task. This just sucks.

Oh, it is lunch time. I will have to find something to eat. Maybe I can sneak out to Honeydukes and get some chocolate. Perhaps not. I smell Macaroni and Cheese and Hamburgers! Oh Goooooody! I will actually be able to eat!


Is there such thing as a nasal mirage?



November 30th, 1999

Hermione wants me to start writing my memoirs. They might sell for a lot of money, she says. But I just want to be able to remember everything when I am an old man. This is weird. I have seen Ginny and Luna writing in theirs in class, so it gets distracting for when I teach. And my first lesson this girl, Abbey Mason-and as it turns out she is my sister, more on that later- is crawling underneath the desks! Who would have ever thought that the students that are just a year younger than me would actually listen to me, and take notes on what I say? It is amazing. Maybe the DA was a good Idea. Why does Hermione have to be right?

So yeah, I have a sister, and she is a year younger than I am. The spitting image of my mum. Or at least from what I have seen in the pensieve. But she has dad's eyes, isn't that weird? We are just the opposite. She grew up in the United States and got accepted in the International Student Exchange Program. Just what Dumbledore would have wanted to happen to Hogwarts. She is very good, almost as good as Hermione, but a little less involved in her books. But from what Ginny told me, she seems like this year's Hermione. We are actually very similar. Both of us had prophecies made about us defeating evil, and mine has been completed, so now I can help her. It seems as if she wasn't marked though, like I was, when Voldemort tried to kill my mum and dad. I wonder where Abbey was, if she wasn't killed by the killing curse. Minor detail. She showed me all this information she has collected since we returned from this cave that the entire school was hiding in from Death Eaters. About her being a Tutis Unus, and a spell called the Poena Tutulae and how she has to defeat this Higher Power person, who rules over the Court of Seven. I am just making a random guess, but think that the Court of Seven is something supremely evil. And from the language used in the prophecy about her and Luna Lovegood, I would bet my Firebolt that Voldemort was one of these Seven.

I told Luna that I would help them prepare the best way I could. First they have to find out who this Higher Power is, and where they can be found. They are going to annihilate it- those are the terms of the prophecy- on the eve of the millennium after the Seventh of the Court of Seven is vanquished. On New Years Eve, more specifically. What a thrilling way to begin the year. But according to this Prophecy, the two of them will die. By them I mean Luna and Abbey. I really don't want them to die. Maybe this is just the Big-Brother protectiveness though. All of this is so depressing. I thought that after we got the Death Eaters locked up, it would all be over. I guess not.

This wasn't nearly as awkward as I thought it was going to be, but I am definitely not publishing this. Oh, and I nearly forgot: Hermione and I are to be tutoring Luna and Abbey so they can take their NEWTS Early. We have just a month, and considering that we never took them, this is going to be tricky.

Abbey and Luna's Joint Files

December 9th, 1999

(A/N Key: Luna's Writing Abbey's Writing

We have decided to keep one log of our days, rather than waste paper on writing the exact same thing. Things have been a little hectic lately, with studying for NEWTS. Oh get to the point Luna, if you don't I will! We eventually told our classmates, and teachers that we had been accepted into this special program in Southern Egypt, but we had to start Mid-January, and we wanted to graduate first. Thank you! Everyday day now, after we finish with studies, Harry takes us to the Ministry and we look around in the Library. This of course has only been going on for a little while, so not much has been done. But we have one name of the Court of Seven, which is certain: Grindewald. He was defeated by Dumbledore in the 1940's. So that is one down.

Lessons with Harry and Hermione are harder than Regular Classes! To start off, Hermione gave us an old NEWT for every single subject we're taking, and I got an A on every one. Luna got all A's except for one P in Potions. We have been studying so hard, our brains hurt. And she can write that without repercussions because we can read each other's thoughts! Uhh, Luna, we didn't need to write that! With all of our old data on here, now we don't have to have that stuff written in for no reason! Oh, well! But our brains do hurt! I am really scared about this whole Higher Power thing. Aren't you? Of course I am. But let's not cross that bridge until we come to it. And speaking of bridges, I need to cross the one that leads to sleep. So do I.

End of Entry

December 20th, 1999

All the kids going home are gone. Just us older kids and the ones that have nowhere to go. Very peaceful. Sorry, our dear files that we haven't written. NEWT studies have been very difficult. But now whenever Hermione gives us the tests from the books we score all EE's! I just want to make sure that I pass all of them. I really don't care. I mean it isn't if we are actually going to Egypt, now is it? I just wish I could see my family before this terrible mess starts. Could things be any worse? Yes! We could have to be going to college! Imagine, the Pair of us at some university in Russia with our heavy Blibbering Humdinger coats against the wind with our big bags of books! Yeah, that is pretty bad. But at least we wouldn't be dead. No new Leads on the Court of Seven.

December 25th,1999

We have been given the day off today from Harry and Hermione. I got a lovely cloak from Dad, and a pretty Brooch from Abbey, and a box of candy from Ginny. I got a great book from Kathleen and Megan, and nothing from Erin and Michael. Anthony sent nice earrings and a necklace to match. I wish we knew where he was. Luna gave me a great hat and Harry gave me some books on dueling. I gave him a book the Potter Family. Come on Abbey, study time. No new leads on the Court of Seven.

January 7th,2000

First NEWT Day. First NEWT Day. One new Lead: Olivander, the wand maker as the Higher Power.

January 11th, 2000

OLIVANDER IS THE HIGHER POWER! But how do we get rid of him?

End of Part One

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