This is my new Rory/Logan story. It takes place in the fourth season when Rory goes on spring break (Girls in bikini's Guys doin' the Twist) only this has my own changes and what not, starting with Logan being the guy on the beach, not some random guy named Sean. A lot of the dialogue in this chapter was taken from that episode but it's mainly to help me set up the story.

Song title is based on the song 'Suddenly I see' by Kt Tunstall.

Thanks to my beta, Lourenda.

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Rory looked around the beach and hadn't the slightest clue how she had ended up there. She wasn't a 'spring break' type of girl. She didn't parade around in skimpy bikinis; she didn't stay up partying till eight the next morning and she certainly didn't hook up with random guys. But there she was standing on a sandy beach in Florida…with Paris.

Rory stood there as a well-built, tall blonde guy with warm brown eyes glanced at her and winked, "Hey."

"Hey." Rory smiled back shyly as the guy continued to walk down the beach.

"Hmm, that was subtle." Paris noted coming up from behind her.

Rory gave her a glance then looked back down the beach "What are you talking about?"

"The Joanie loves Chachi moment."

"He said 'Hey' and I said it back, I was being polite."

"In Burma you'd be married…or brutally killed."

"Forget it, Paris."

"You will not hook up with some random guy and leave me with Glenn and Athlete Barbie…I won't allow it."

"I'm not going to hook up with any random guy." Rory assured her.

"Hey, you've held on to your precious virtue this long and it's only a matter of time before you give it up."


"I'm only stating the obvious…things get lost all the time on spring break. Sunglasses, clothing, jewelry, virginity…it's all a possibility."

"I'm going to go make your bed." Rory threatened.

"Don't you dare!"

"Then stop going on about my virginity."

"Fine, but when you give it up to a guy called 'Big Tom Tom' in a club bathroom I don't want to hear you crying about it."

"I'll make a note of that." Rory deadpanned.


Logan Huntzberger walked towards his friends glancing back at the brunette he had just spotted.

"See something particularly interesting?" His friend Colin asked.

"You could say that."


"Actually it was a brunette."

"She hot?" Finn slurred as he opened another bottle of beer. It was only three thirty in the afternoon and he was already trashed.

"If she wasn't would I have looked?" Logan asked grabbing a beer for himself.

"Good point." Finn reasoned.

"This is going to be a good spring break, Gentleman. I can feel it." Logan said as he sat into a lounge chair on the white sand. He glanced back at the brunette who was now chatting animatedly with a blonde girl.

"To hot chicks, lots of booze and getting laid!" Finn toasted.

"Here, Here!" Colin and Logan said, clinking their bottles together.


"Let's go shopping." Janet proposed while they were sitting on the beach.

"For?" Paris asked.

"I need a second bathing suit; the one I bought Glenn has developed a strange liking to."

"Go yourself." Paris said waving her off.

"Rory!" Janet begged, "I really don't want to go alone, they say the buddy system should be used at all times!"

Rory shrugged it's not like she was doing anything better "Sure."

"Thank you! Oh, we can even get you a better bathing suit too."

"I don't think so; I'm pretty content with this one."

"You're kidding! It's a one piece how do you intend to snag any guys when they can't see your amazing body."


"Trust me…Guys using their imagination is way worse then them actually seeing it." Janet laughed and grabbed Rory's arm pulling her towards the shops.


"Come on!"

"Bye Paris!" Rory called.

"Bye!" Paris yelled back.

"So, you're all alone?" A deep voice from behind her said.

Looking back Paris saw some strange guy staring at her. "Do I know you?"


"Thank god."

"Names Wes and I'd love for you to get to know me." He said suggestively stepping closer to her.

"Get any closer and you won't have anything left for anyone else to know either."

"Feisty." he said still getting closer.

"One more step and I will castrate you."

Wes stepped an inch closer and Paris kneed him right in the groin, "I told you not to come closer and if you don't leave now I'm making good on a promise."

"I'm going!" Wes yelped running awkwardly in pain.

"Moron." Paris muttered watching him run away.

Finn and Logan were sitting on the sand when Wes ran by clutching himself "Bet you twenty bucks that some chick finally injured him."

"I think we should honor her with a medal," Finn laughed.

"I hate that guy, he thinks he's amazing and he's not." Colin said, sitting next to Logan.

"Eh, he tried to nail that Madeline chick but she shut him down."

"Good, he's creepy even to me." Finn told him, "Though, I would like to give that brunette chick whose been at every club we've been to since we got here a go…She's no redhead but my god she's hot."

"I like her friend blonde myself." Colin added.

"How is it we've been here a week and you two still have yet to snag them?" Logan observed.

"Time my friend, time." Finn laughed conspiratorially.

"He scares me when he does that."

"Me too, Colin. Me too."


A few hours later Rory arrived on the beach wearing a blue bikini that was forced upon her. Janet had told her just to try it on so while she did, Janet had stolen her old one and refused to give it back.

"I hate her." Rory ranted as she sat on the beach next to Paris.


"She stole my modest bathing suit and is making me wear something that Pamela Anderson would where."

"She's being dramatic!" Janet stated "It covers everything perfectly!"

Rory was about to retort when a volleyball came flying towards them and landed next to Paris.

"Hey! Throw it back!" a voice yelled.

Paris ignored the request and turned to Rory "Stop complaining…You've got an amazing body and you aren't taken…You should use it to your advantage."

"I need my ball." Logan said running up to the girls.

"You need a couple of 'em pal." Paris retorted.

Janet walked over to the ball and threw it back to him "Here. Ignore her, she likes it."

"Thanks." Logan smirked and glanced at Rory. "I like your wardrobe change."

Rory blushed and couldn't respond before the guy had run back to his friends.

"Disgusting. The cheesy pick up lines guys'll use these days." Paris grumbled.

"Just because you're immune to any flattery by the opposite sex doesn't mean everyone else is." Janet retorted. "I'm going to go do my laps in the ocean."

"You're going to work out on spring break?" Rory asked.

"Exercise is a high. You should try it."

"Sure. I'll meet you out there." Rory retorted sarcastically.

"Are you properly sun-screened? Ten minutes in the sun can cause irreparable skin damage." Paris asked Janet.

"And constant shoulder tension creates a hunchback." Janet called back as she ran towards the water.

"Bitch." Paris muttered.

"You two really should learn to get along."

"Not going to happen."

A lifeguard truck drove by with two girls on the back "Stop!" one of them yelled as they jumped off.

"Rory, Paris! Oh my god!" Madeline exclaimed.

"Hello Ladies!" Louise greeted.

"Unbelievable, what are you guys doing here?" Rory asked.

"Spring break!" Madeline said obviously.

"Actually we came for Tulane's spring break and just stayed." Louise added.

"We've been here a month."

Louise looked over her old friends "Rory, cute bathing suit and Paris, you missed a spot I can see some skin."

"Bite me."

"I think the last place on earth I expect to find Paris Geller is at spring break."

"Hey, I'm up for new things." Paris defended.

"Okay well we have to make sure you do this right." Madeline began

"There are rules." Louise continued. "First of all, it is very important to find the right hot club every night and it changes. What was hot last night is not tonight. Also, adjust your sleeping patterns for maximum partying. Mid-to-late-afternoon sleeping allows the best all-night stamina."

"Ok, you got that Paris?" Rory asked.

Paris looked at Madeline and Louise skeptically, "Were we really friends at one point?"

"They do card at the clubs, but there's a million ways around it. Major flirting…" Madeline explained.

"A sexy voice... "

"And, if all that fails, make out."

Rory looked perplexed, "With who?"

Louise laughed, "Each other."

"Excuse me?"

"We found that if we kiss each other, we can get anything we want from guys." Madeline told her.

"Free drinks, food…" Louise listed.

"T-shirts, boat rides, Frisbees…"

"Earrings, Seadoos…"

"Okay." Rory said uneasily, "Well, that is a good tip."

"Yeah, maybe later I'll pants you for an Altoid." Paris said dryly.

"Hey, where are you staying?"

"The Sea Sprite."

"We've made out there." Louise told them.

"Louise, its 1:00."

"We've got to go get to bed."

Rory and Paris watched the two girls walk back over to the lifeguard truck and convince them to give them a ride again.

Turning to Paris, Rory laughed, "I liked the pants-you-for-an-Altoid thing."

"I'm serious at one point was I really their friend?"

"They have always known how to have a good time." Rory pointed out.

"True." Paris conceded.


Logan and his friends watched from afar as the four girls talked.

"Those two are new." Finn said.

"Yeah, I noticed the brunette girl earlier."

"You're right, she's hot." Colin agreed.

"Yeah, the one girl is pretty intense though." Logan told them.

"I like intense." Finn smirked.

"No, Finn. This girl, I'm pretty sure, would make you cry."

"Would she take away my liquor?"

"She might try to take away your manhood."

"Keep her the hell away from me!" Finn exclaimed running in the other direction.

"It's funny how he scampers away at the mention of his manhood being taken away."

"I do not scamper." Finn said from behind Colin, making him jump.

"I thought you ran away." Colin said annoyed.

Finn shrugged, "Came back."

Logan watched as the brunette girl he'd been watching laughed, something about her intrigued him. He'd lure her the way he'd charmed every girl this spring break: with his name and money. He'd have his fun then move on. 'A good spring break indeed.' he thought to himself.

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