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"Where'd Rory and Logan go?" Madeline questioned as she glanced back at the dance floor.

"What do you mean? They're right…" Louise trailed off. "They were right there."

"That's not good." Finn mumbled.

"You don't think-?"

Finn nodded. "I think there's a pretty big chance."

"He wouldn't."

"He might."


"Heat of the moment?"

"If he so much as goes near a naked Rory Gilmore I will castrate him so he won't do it again!"

"Weren't you trying to get them together?" Madeline questioned, remembering the conversation Louise had with Rory earlier.

"Yes! But slowly! He shouldn't be jumping her bones the minute she's nice to him." Louise exclaimed grabbing Finn and Madeline's arm and pulling them to the door.


Logan and Rory busted into Logan's dorm room fused at the mouth and hands wandering. He led her backwards to the bed and shed her of her shirt, quickly followed by his own.

His mouth moved to her neck as they settled onto the bed. Rory arched her back and moaned as he hit a particularly sensitive spot. Feeling her chest pressed up against his only made him want more, need more.

Rory's hands were wandering his body, feeling his stomach muscles jump as her hand came in contact with them. Hesitantly, she undid his belt. Logan looked up at her and pushed some hair out of her face before helping her remove his pants.

She felt him gently push her up so he could reach around and unclasp her bra. In the back of her mind there was a voice saying they were going to fast, that she wasn't ready but that voice was silenced the minute Logan's mouth began to travel down her body.

Logan crawled back up her body once he had finally rid her of her skirt. "Gorgeous." He whispered in her ear before peppering her neck and chest with kisses, while his hands caressed her sides and back.

"Mmm." Rory moaned arching up to him in pleasure. "I want this…you so much."

"Feelings mutual." Logan said huskily as he nipped at her earlobe.

"Oh god…"

"You like that?"

"Logan…We can't."

"What?" Logan questioned shocked, propping himself up slightly on his elbow.

"Up until two hours and four drinks ago we couldn't sort out our feelings, or at least I couldn't and now we're suddenly about to jump each other?"

"I think that is a good conversation topic for later, after." He told her capturing her lips with his own again. Rory moaned into the kiss. She wanted him, she wanted to continue, but at the same time she knew they couldn't.

"Logan." She said breaking away from him. "Please."

"Ok, fine. Sorry. I won't force you to do anything, you know that, but I will point out you're a complete and utter tease."

"I'm sorry." Rory said blushing uncontrollably.

Leaning over he kissed her temple. "I'm kidding."

Rory was silent for a minute before blurting out. "I would have explained to you what Dean was doing at my house that night. I stopped whatever it was that might have happed with Dean because he didn't kiss like you, I missed you." She explained before she could stop herself. "I really liked…Like you."

Logan groaned. "You've obviously never been in bed with a man before."

"Am I that inexperienced?" She asked fidgeting self-consciously with the edge of the sheet. "I-I know you've been with you know, other girls who are more experienced and probably bette-"

"No…No, I just meant that you must not have shared a bed with a member of the opposite sex before because rule number two is never and I mean never mention another man's name in bed. It's quite the ego bruiser. Although, you did say I was better than him so I suppose I can let it slide."

"What's rule number one?"

"Never go to bed unprepared."

"What's that mean?"

"Exactly what it sounds like." He smirked, loving the blush that once again rose up on her cheeks. "How about we sleep?"

"Really?" Rory asked. She had half expected him to make up some lame excuse for her to have to leave.


"Can I get my clothes?"



Logan wrapped his arms around her bare body and pulled her against him. He reached down and grabbed a blanket pulling it over them. He kissed her hair and tightened his hold on her. "I'm comfortable."

"Me too." Rory reluctantly agreed.

"Besides the clothes you were wearing aren't exactly sleeping attire."

"I guess." She mumbled as sleep began to overtake her.

"Goodnight Ror." Logan heard her mumble some semblance of the word 'night' before he felt her breathing even out.

He looked down at her peacefully sleeping body cuddled into his own. He'd never really cuddled with a girl before; cuddling was something you did with girls you wanted to stick around. The last thought that he had in his head before drifting asleep was that he could definitely get used to falling asleep next to Rory Gilmore.


"This should have been the first place we looked not the last!" Louise said exasperated as they approached Logan's dorm room.

"Well, it just seemed too obvious to check his dorm first." Finn reasoned.

"Just open the door."

"Fine, fine. No need to be so testy." He told her as he pulled his keys out of his pocket and slowly opened the door to Logan's dorm room.

Walking in the three surveyed the common room. "I see a purse and keys thrown carelessly on the floor."

"There's no clothing though." Madeline pointed out.

"Or strange noises come from the bedroom." Finn added.

"In fact I hear nothing at all…"

"They could not even be here."

"There is a purse and keys, they're here." Louise said walking slowly towards the door she assumed to be Logan's bedroom.

"This it?" Finn nodded knowing that if he didn't tell her, she just may attempt to hurt him.

Madeline and Finn followed Louise into Logan's bedroom slowly, taking in the sight in front of them. The couple was snuggled in the middle of the bed that was surrounded by articles of clothing. Rory shifted slightly causing the blanket to slide down to reveal her bare back as she cuddled back into Logan's chest.

Louise's eyes widened and before she could say anything Madeline pulled her out of the bedroom. "He…Rory…They…Sex!"


"They had sex Finn! Logan devirginized Rory! The Mary…He slept with the Mary!" She whispered accusingly.

"She'll be thrilled to know her nickname still lives on." Madeline said dryly.

"Maybe it's not what you think?"

"They are naked in a bed, there are clothes thrown everywhere. They were last seen making out and grinding and they had almost two hours between last being seen and now. I think it's exactly what I think."

"They're both adults, Louise. You can't tell them what to and what not to do."

"He'll hurt her or she'll hurt him…"

"You can only get hurt if you put your heart on the line…which is something I think they both should do. They both need to."

"I don't like this."

"You don't have too."

"I'm going to go find Colin." Louise said suddenly disappearing out of the dorm room leaving Madeline and Finn alone.

"I think they make a cute couple." She shrugged.

"Me too. Let's go back to the party." He said offering his arm to her which she took as they quietly exited the dorm together.


Rory woke up the next morning when she felt her pillow shift. 'Pillows don't move.' she thought to herself but suddenly remembered where she was and what happened last night.

She felt a hand push her hair out of her face and press a kiss to her forehead before she was gently untangled from his body. Her heart instantly melted at his sweet actions when he thought she wasn't even awake. Maybe he did like her; maybe he was going to make her coffee. Snuggling into his pillow she let a light sleep wash over her again.

Logan walked into the common room to start making coffee. If there was one thing he remembered from spring break it was how much this girl loved her coffee. While he waited for it to finish he sat on the couch thinking about the night before. She was perfect, he felt himself falling for her even more. Something he was not used to but still he welcomed it.

The minute she stopped and said they shouldn't have sex and he looked into her eyes, he knew he was in deep. He was afraid she was going to leave, that she was going to freak out and leave but was pleasantly surprised when that didn't happen. Of course, it could still happen. She could wake up, panic and leave.

He heard the coffeemaker beep, signaling it was finished and got up to pour them both a cup.

Waking up from her light sleep Rory awoke the minute he walked back into the room.

"Coffee." she mumbled.

"What? No good morning?" He smirked handing her a mug.

She couldn't help but think how much more adorable he looked with bed head. "Not a good morning without coffee." She told him sitting up.

Glancing up from the nightstand where he had sat his cup, he did a double take. Obviously forgetting about her current state of dress, she had let the sheet covering her fall. She was one hundred times more beautiful in daylight.

"What's wrong?" She questioned once she noticed his staring.

"N-nothing, absolutely nothing is wrong."

Following his eyes she saw they were trained on her chest. "Oh my god." she exclaimed pulling the sheet up to cover her again. "Pig."

He laughed lightly then got back into bed next to her. "We should talk."

"I hate those three words."

"Ok…I think we should converse about our current situation."


"Last night you said you liked me. Still true?"

"Still true." She confirmed a blush appearing on her cheeks.

"Well, I like you too…A lot."


"Yeah, it's just I need to tell you some things." He explained. "Very important things that you need to remember."


"Um, well…I'm not sure exactly how to like someone. I know it sounds odd but I've never been in a relationship before. Slow, we should talk things slowly."

"Slows good."

"The next thing is that, in order to be my girlfriend you've got to stop being so self conscious. I need you to know that I think you are absolutely beautiful and I only have eyes for you. I will never compare you to the girls from my past. You are so much better than any of them."

Rory didn't register anything else he said after he said the word 'girlfriend'. He wanted her to be his girlfriend. Did she want that? Not more than two days ago she couldn't stand him, or at least that is what she was telling people. Now she was lying in his bed basically naked.

"Rory?" He asked. The look on his face was mildly horrified due to the fact that she hadn't said anything yet.

"You don't trust me." She told him. "Or maybe it's not a trust issue, maybe it's…I don't what it is. All I know is that when you walked away from me house without letting me explain it really hurt."

"I do trust you." He assured her. "It's just when I saw whatever his name is at your house, I freaked. I don't like girls. I like their legs or their boobs or their smile, never have I liked anything that implied a girl had substance. Then I go on spring break expecting it to be the usual string of one-night stands and imagine my surprise when you waltz into my life wearing a blue bikini and yelling at me in nightclubs. I found it attractive, unbelievably attractive. Because has anyone ever told you angry works for you?

"That's not the point, the point is when I came to your house and saw you with another guy it threw me. I was completely perplexed that some girl I had set my sights on did not have the same feelings for me. So I ran."

Rory let his words sink in; she certainly had done her fair share of running. "I know what it's like to run. You were the first guy I technically didn't run from."

"I think I feel special."

"You are."

"Where does that leave us?"

Louise's words were running through her head telling her to take a chance, put herself out there. "It leaves us as a couple who are taking it very slow. Like turtles walking through peanut butter slow."

"So you're my girlfriend."

"Can I know what the perks of it are before I agree to anything?" She smiled up at him.

Logan leaned over and captured her lips with his own; he shifted so that he was lying on top of her. "How are the perks so far?"

"Pretty good but I think a bit more persuasion."

"That I can do." Logan smirked bring his lips to hers once more.


Logan walked into the pub with a huge smile on his face. He had a girlfriend, a girlfriend that he truly liked and wasn't with just for appearances. "Hey." He greeted approaching the table where Finn, Colin, Louise and Madeline were all seated.

"Hi." They all said collectively eyeing him strangely.

"What's up?"

"Where's Rory?" Louise questioned.

"At her dorm?" Truth was, he knew she was out shopping for school supplies with Paris. Apparently she was lacking highlighters.

"When was the last time you talked to her?"

"Around one thirty this afternoon." Lie number two. He'd spoken to her less than an hour ago when she called to ask if he was in need of notebooks. He said no, she said she had picked him out a black, blue and dark green one.

"Did she seem ok?"

"What is this twenty questions?"

"The least you could do is make sure she's ok the day after losing it." Louise commented.

"Losing it? Losing what?"

"Seriously?" Madeline questioned. Even she didn't appreciate the stupid act.

"I honestly have no idea what you are talking about."

"You slept with Rory last night."


"So? That's a big moment in a girls life and you are just shrugging it off as if it is nothing!"

"Oh! You think I slept with her!"

"That's what they just said." Colin said looking at his friend curiously.

"I did sleep with her but I didn't sleep with her."

"You were both naked!" Louise practically yelled, gaining the attention of surrounding tables.

"No…we weren't."

"I was there, I saw you two. You were lying in bed, clothes surrounding it-"

"Wearing underwear but I am more curious on how you knew that. Why were you in my dorm room?"

"You expect me to believe that?"

"Look, I'm not the big bad wolf looking to defile little Red Riding Hood. Rory and I got back to my dorm, we messed around a little then we stopped and went to sleep. That's it. Not that it's any of your businesses."

"Still, why would you mess around with her? She's not some toy to mess around with."

"Excuse me! I think I'm allowed to mess around with my girlfriend." Logan snapped.

"Girlfriend?" Louise and Madeline said at the same time, shock marring their features.

"Yes, girlfriend."

"Like holding hands, cuddling, winning stuffed animals at the fair girlfriend?"

"For the last time yes."

Finn stared at Logan amazed; he'd never seen Logan so blissfully happy. No matter what the questions Louise and Madeline threw at him, the glint in his eye never left. There was something about Rory makes him happy, which was all Finn wanted for his best friend.

"Call her and tell her to get her ass over here." Louise demanded. "I want to see her before I leave."

"She's out shopping with Paris."

"I thought you said she was at her dorm."

"I lied?"

"You lied?" A voice said coming from behind him. He automatically knew whom it was the minute arms wrapped around his neck. "About what?"

"Where you were." He told her pulling her arm so that she came around his chair and sat on his lap.

"You're dating Huntzberger?" Paris asked as she walked up to the table following Rory.

"Where have you been the last three hours? I told you about it while we were shopping."

"I don't hear much of anything you say when I am shopping for school supplies."

"Yes, Paris, I am dating Logan."

"Hurt her and I'll kill you." Paris said looking at Logan then moved her gaze to everyone else. "It's been fun, but I'm leaving before the Australian can expose himself to me. Again."

"You know you liked it, Love."

"Liked what? I barely saw anything." Paris shot back causing everyone to snicker at the expression on Finn's face.

"You wound me." Finn said dramatically.

Paris glared at him before shaking her head and walking out of the pub.

"You two are so cute together." Madeline squealed as she looked at Rory who was sitting on Logan's lap playing with his hand.

"We're taking it slow." Rory told them.


"Yeah, we realized that we don't know much about each other."

"But you are exclusive, aren't you?" Rory looked up to Logan, truthfully that hadn't been discussed. She figured that when he said he wanted her to be his girlfriend he implied his only one, but with Logan's past she wasn't exactly sure. She didn't think she could handle Logan being with someone else, they hadn't known each other that long but last night had made want to get to know him, kiss him, and be with him.

Sensing her confusion and what he thought could possibly be fear; Logan gently squeezed her hand that was intertwined with his own. "Of course."