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Harry Potter-Dark Wraith

by Hate's Fury

Chapter One

Harry sat in his room at number four private drive staring blankly out the window. It was a cloudy day. One which caused a dreary mood to be cast upon the neatly kept streets and houses that made up the bulk of the snobby neighborhood. It wasn't fair! It wasn't fair what happened to Sirius. It wasn't fair that Dumbledor had told him the prophecy just a few hours after his godfather's death. Dumbledor! That bastard had forced him into this state of depression! How could he, an archmage, expect a teenager to carry such a burden as he had bestowed on him?

" That old coot can't even see what my relatives do to me." Harry muttered bitterly. He glanced down at his arm, which was bruised to the point that it was almost black. Vernon had done that to him minutes after they had gotten back from the train station. He had yelled about being threatened by Moody and told Harry, who was holding his injured arm at the time, that he was to stay in his room and not leave for the entire summer.

They hadn't fed him in days and he was now feeling the emptiness in his stomach beg for nourishment. "Sorry." Harry sighed exasperated. " I think it's going to be a very long time before we get food." His stomach moaned in reply. He stood up and walked over to his trunk. He pulled out an ancient looking text that he had swiped from the Black family library.

The dark arts and how they relate to immortality by Dominick Black, first grand elder of the Black family. He had found it after Sirius's death. He had been looking for some information that would allow him to find a weakness in Voldemort's power and stumbled upon the text after falling through a broken floorboard next to a painting of a man, who he later found out to be Dominick Black himself.

The portrait had told him that what he needed may be in there. He was unsure that there was since it had been hundreds of years ago when he wrote it. " Let's see." Harry said flopping down on his cold hard bed.

Chapter One: Forms of immortality

There are many forms of immortality, but few are directly related to the dark side of magic. The most well known forms of dark magic immortality are The Horcruxes, Soul absorption, and Wraith transformation.

The Horcruxes are items that an extremely powerful dark wizard or witch uses to contain pieces of his or her own soul. The advantages of this method are that the witch or wizard becomes very hard to destroy and their power increases by hundreds of times. However, the drawbacks to this method are that the witch or wizard go insane from the power flowing through them. This method is completely unreliable and I do not recommend it.

The method of Soul Absorption is slightly better than the method of using Horcruxes. The soul is not split apart, but is joined by however many souls a witch or wizard devour. It would not change a person's appearance, but would give their eyes a noticeable twinkle.

Harry finished reading the last sentence and thought back to Dumbledor's eyes. They twinkled every time he saw him. Could he possibly be eating souls? Like a dementor! That would explain why Dumbledor had stuck around after the battle at the department of mysteries. He had devoured the souls of the fallen death eaters. Dumbledor was the leader of the light side though. How could he lead light when he is consumed in darkness. Harry turned his attention back to the book.

This form is completely undetectable by dark detecting magic and is only seeable if the wielder wills it. This form is again unreliable, because a witch or wizard more powerful than the soul absorber could simply hold off until the Wielder becomes weak. Then they could easily destroy all the souls in the wielder's body.

The most misunderstood form of the whole bunch is the Wraith form. Most people believe wraiths to be dark spirits from the underworld. While this is in fact true, it is also a form of dark immortality. This form is not affiliated with either good or evil. It is a form commonly based on two things. Death and revenge. The death must be either violent or melancholy. It can not be natural or happy (pain potions, love potions, Imperious curse, etc.). There must be a sense of betrayal, from friends, family, lovers, mentors etc. A new wraith must establish contact with an important person in the human world or else it will return to the afterlife. This form is the most effective form of immortality, but the wraith can become human if its power is drained. The witch or wizard who becomes a wraith, must conserve its power and remember not to over use it.

The other forms of immortality are discussed in later chapters. As you read though this book, I hope you gather a true understanding of the dark arts, not as evil or malicious magic, but as a valuable and resourceful form of magic that can increase your power or give you immortality, should you be brave enough to try.

Harry closed the book and thought of the information he had just read. Should he investigate this further? Or leave it be and hope that Dumbledor was not what Harry now believed him to be? After much debate, he decided on contacting Hermione. She would know what to do. He quickly pulled out a quill and some parchment to write to Hermione. Wait. Would she believe him? Harry sat down and thought. If he told her where he got the information, then she would most likely accuse him of turning dark. He could not afford to have that happen.

" I need to gather evidence." Harry whispered. He decided that he would wait until he went to Hogwarts to begin investigating. He would then go to Hermione with what he found. If he found anything at all. "This should be an interesting year." He sighed.


Albus Dumbledore sat at his desk going over the files of all his students. He was trying to find their weaknesses and exploit them, like he had done with Harry. His relatives abused him. When he arrived at Hogwarts he was unloved, malnourished, and insecure. Easy prey for the ancient wizard. He loved seeing the boy suffer. It gave him a high he had never felt before. At the Ministry of Magic Dumbledore had a buffet of sadness and fear from little Harry.

" All too easy." Albus said aloud. He laughed and continued reading. The new students were promising. Especially since the war had flared up again. Voldemort had killed many of their family members, resulting in much despair and terror. "The fool does not even realize that he is helping me become stronger." Dumbledore chuckled. " Poor Tom, can't even see the truth."

"Sir." A cold voice said from the doorway.

"Ah Severus, my good man, come in." Albus said cheerfully.

" I have troubling news Sir." Severus Snape said as he entered.

" What would this be Severus?" Dumbledore asked. It was probably another death eater raid, but as helpful as that would be, Dumbledore still needed to keep up appearances with the Order of the Phoenix and that meant stopping the death eaters every now and then.

" Do you know of Dominick Black?"

" Why yes Severus, he was the first patriarch of the Black family why?"

" It seems that mister Potter got his hands on a book written by him." Snape answered. " I am fearful of that book sir. It may contain powerful dark magic."

" I see..." Albus stroked his beard as he thought about what that book could contain. " I will have a talk with Harry when I fetch him from his relatives in a few days."

"Very good Headmaster." Severus said turning to go back to his dungeons. Dumbledore thought longer on this new information. Dominick Black was an extremely powerful dark wizard. He knew much about the dark arts and how to use them for certain things. Things that Dumbledore himself was very interested in. Demon summoning, time distortion, dimensional gate opening, and of course the ability to bring the dead back to life, not like the inferi, but truly alive again. Living breathing servants. Neither Tom nor himself were ever able to find a way to do such magic.

"This may be just the chance I have been waiting for." Albus said an evil gleam in his icy blues.

The Burrow

Ron sat in his room watching Fred and George de-gnome the garden. His anger was at its peak. The young Weasely's face had turned as red as his hair and his eyes were filled with loathing. He had just come back from Hermione's house. He had asked her to be his girlfriend. He thought for sure that she would say yes, but she had told him that she loved him only as a brother not in the way he wanted.

It was Potter! It was his best friend! That's the thought that kept running through his head as he stared at the bushy haired girl. Perfect Potter. Saint Potter! He could do no wrong. No, it wasn't him that Hermione liked. It was Harry. Bloody Harry! He got all the attention. He got all the fame. He even had more money than his entire family combined! He had it too good. No one should have what Harry had!

" I HATE HIM!" Ron screamed banging his fist on the wooden desk he now sat at. The entire house shook on its very foundations. " HE DOESN'T DESERVE HER AFFECTION!" He yelled. The house shook again. " HE DOESN'T..." Ron was cut off as he heard sharp tapping at the door.

" Ronald Weasely open this door." His mother said.

" It's open mum." Ron stated through clinched teeth. Molly Weasely stepped in and glared at her son.

"Are you trying to bring the house down Ronald?" She asked.

" No mum." Ron sighed repressing his anger. He knew that if he lost his temper with his mother that there would be hell to pay.

" Well you need to quiet down." Molly said. " Dinner will be ready in a few minutes.

" Ok mum." He answered. She turned and walked back downstairs.

Even his own mother loved Harry more than she loved him. His entire family loved Harry more than him. His sister, Ginny, she was in love with the damned boy-who-lived. "He'll not live much longer." Ron promised. He was going to make Harry pay for taking everything from him.

The Granger Home

Hermione Granger sat in tears after Ron walked out. He had said so many mean things to her after she had told him that she didn't want to be his girlfriend. He had called her a traitor and a mudblood slut. Telling her that she was a filthy whore and that he didn't care about her or 'bloody Potter' anymore. He said they could have each other.

To think he actually thought she and Harry were together. Although, she thought, That is something I've wanted for years. Ever since the incident with Buckbeak in our third year. Ron had no right to say that to her. She was a good friend, even considered herself a sister to him, and that's how he treated her?

" Hermione what's wrong?" Her mother asked running into the room where her daughter sat crying on her bed.

"It was Ron. He flooed here earlier." Hermione said sobbing. Mrs. Granger pulled her into a warm embrace.

" What happened?" Hermione preceded to tell her everything Ron said. " That little monster!" Her mother screeched. " Don't worry baby." She rocked her daughter in her arms. " It will be ok."

Hermione fell asleep laying in her mother's arms, like she had so many years ago.

A week later

Harry had just finished cleaning the house for his relatives. He had worked so hard that his fingers had actually begun to bleed. He washed his hands and bandaged up his hurt digits. " BOY!" He heard his aunt call from the living room.

" What does she want now?" He asked leaving the kitchen. There in the living room stood his aunt and cousin. Dudley smiled as he pounded his meaty fists together.

" You've been doing that freak shit in this house." Petunia said.

" What do you mean?"

" This house is far to nice for you to have done it normally." She responded smiling.

" What?" Harry exclaimed. " I didn't use magic." He then sighed. " I'm not allowed remember?"

" Enough boy!" Petunia shouted. " Time for your punishment." She then turned to her son. " Dudders." The whale of a boy began making his way over to Harry with a triumphant look in his eyes. Harry closed his eyes preparing for the worst. When the punch never came Harry hesitantly opened his eyes. There was Dudley being lifted up in the air by none other than Albus Dumbledore. The man Harry now believed to be a soul eating fiend.

" How dare you!" Petunia growled before cowering away from the intimidating wizard. Albus threw Dudley onto the couch and motioned for Harry to get his things. When Harry was gone, Dumbledore turned to the Dursleys. Vernon popped in just as Dudley was sitting back up.

" What the hell is going here!" He shouted.

" Ah mister Dursley just in time please have a seat." Dumbledore said. He had said it in a nice way, but anyone could see that it was a command. Vernon didn't know what would happen to him if he declined, but decided it would be best not to anger the freak that had appeared in his home.

" Now then." Dumbledore said his eyes twinkling wildly. " I am afraid that your constant endangering of Harry's life has left me with no other choice but to take him from you." He didn't really care about Harry's welfare, it was just that the boy produced so much sadness that he could not let him slip through his fingers. Even when he told Harry the prophecy, it was only to cause the boy more pain. He never expected Harry to fight the dark lord and survive.

" Fine take the little freak with you and never come back." Vernon said. Dumbledore smiled.

" No certainly not." He said. " After all, how can he come back when his relatives are dead?"

" What in god's good name are you talking about?" Petunia asked. "We're not dead." At this Dumbledore's smile grew into an evil sneer.

" No, not yet at least."

" You couldn't possibly mean..." Vernon stated in horror.

" Oh but I do." Dumbledore answered. He pointed his wand at the three people in front of him. " Votre ame est la mienne!" He shouted. A lavender beam of magic shot out and split into three. They hit the Dursleys' chests and quickly retreated back to their caster. Dumbledore opened his mouth and three small white orbs shot down his throat.

The bodies of the Dursley's fell to the ground soundlessly. " Ich verschlinge Ihr fleisch." He muttered. The bodies dissolved away into thin air. Never to return to this world. " Harry!"

" Yes headmaster?" Harry called back.

" Hurry now, we have to be going."

" Be right down." A few minutes later Harry came down and look around. " Were are they?" He asked. Dumbledore smiled warmly at the boy. His fear and sadness feeding the old man.

" Have no fear Harry." Dumbledore answered. " I have simply sent them away. Now let us go." With that Harry grabbed on to Dumbledore's sleeve and they apparated away from Number four private drive. Unknown to Harry, this would be the last time he ever saw the house that had been his home for sixteen years.

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Votre ame est la mienne- your soul is mine.

Ich verschlinge Ihr fleisch- I devour your flesh.