I Got A Secret

Sammy: Hi, Peoplez! I always write in MiroSoft word, so I'm writing in wordpad. It's not bad, only I have to watch out for mistakes. Anyways, I have been writing, 'A Bachelor WHAT?' and 'Gloria Ghost'. I'm bored, so here's an original song in an one-shot! Me so bored. Okay, no one is singing it, it's just in there.

I got a secret,

I can not tell.

I got a secret,

I hide it well.

"Danny has been spacey lately." said Sam.

"Yeah, he told me he's thinking about something, or someone." Tucker said.

Sam scoffed, the looked sad. "Probably Valerie or Paullina." Sam walked over to Danny.

You always asked me,

It distracts me.

I got secret,

It's killing me,

Don't you see.

Don't you see.

"Danny, DANNY!" Sam waved a hand in front of his face.

"Huh? What?" Danny looked at Sam.

Sam looked worried. "Danny your too spacey!" Danny blushed. "Why are you spacey, anyways?"

"Oh, I been thinking about someone." Danny started to stare into space with a dreamy smile.

Sam's face fell. "I got to go, bye Tucker. Danny. DANNY!" Danny was spacey, again. Sam stomped off.

You always wanna know,

Wanna know.

But it's too big,

Whoa, Whoa.

I got a secret.

I got one...

"Dude, you know that Sam just left?" Danny came back from la-la Land. "What? Wait... SAM!" She was already gone.

"Why are you spacey, anyways?" Danny sighed. "I'm starting to think I love Sam." Tucker smirked.

"FINALLY!" "Huh?" Tucker looked at Danny. "Dude, she loves you, too." "What! Sorry gotta go."

Danny went home to think. "Doesn't anybody say 'good-bye' anymore?" Tucker left, too.

I got a secret

I can't tell

I got a secret

I got a secret

Can I tell...

(Later in the Park)

Sam was walking in the park. "Danny is such an moron." She sighed.

"Hi, Sam."

It's big...

It huge...

But can you,

Handle the true?

Sam tensed, then screamed. "DANNY! Don't scare me like that!" Danny chuckled. Sam blushed.


Come a little closer

Come a little closer

So you can hear

It's a secret

Just for you ears

"Come closer..." Sam raised an eyebrow. "What-" "Come closer! It's a secret." Sam came closer.

Just a little...

Just a little...

Danny smirked, and kissed Sam on the lips. "I love you."

I told you

I told you

That I love you

It was a secret

It was a secret

That I have to tell

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