Chapter 5

A/N: The beginning of the chapter starts from the season 3 /series finale…. MAJOR spoilers….. This chapter starts from right before Antonio gets in the truck and instead of Nicole and Antonio only being there, it is Nicole, Antonio and Jess.

"I love you Antonio." Nicole said as she walked back over to her car where Jess was waiting for her. Everyone else, including Jack had left. Jess had totally seen the whole hook up thing again.

"I love you too Nicole." Antonio said as he got in the truck.

"So are you glad to be back with Antonio?" Jess asked as they were getting ready to get in her car.

Suddenly they heard an extremely loud explosion. They turned around to see the truck that Antonio had been in, engulfed in flames. "Antonio! Antonio! Antonio!" Nicole screamed and cried out. Jess just stood there in disbelief. She couldn't even say or think anything at all.

Jess looked over at Nicole who could barely even stand up from the shock, horror and disbelief on what just happened. She ran over to where Nicole was before she collapsed to the ground. "Nicole." Jess said. Nicole never even took her eyes off of the truck.

Nicole finally lost control and fell to the ground in complete tears. The love of her life, the one person she loved forever, was now gone forever. The reality of Antonio being gone forever had just hit Jess. She too ended up collapsing to the ground tears running down her cheeks. This was too much for her to handle. Her and Nicole gave each other a hug and cried to each other about what they just saw.

They watched the truck burn the rest of the way before being able to get composed enough to call Pollock.

"I'll call him Nicole." Jess said since Nicole couldn't even talk right now because of the shock of what she had just witnessed.

Nicole just nodded in agreement, letting Jess take over. Nicole was sitting on the ground with her head leaned up against the side of her car. "Hi sir." Jess said.

"Mastriani, is everything alright?" Pollock asked off of Jess's choked up tone.

"No sir it's not. Right after you left sir, Antonio got in the truck and when he went to start it up-" Jess couldn't even finish the sentence. "The truck blew up sir. Antonio was inside."

"Cortez is dead?" Pollock asked in pure shock.

"Yes sir he is." Jess said as her voice clearly showed her pain of yearning for the ones she loved that were gone now.

"I'll be out there in 10 minutes." Pollock said not wanting to believe what he was hearing.

As soon as Pollock arrived on scene, the flame from the explosion had died way down to just a glowing light in the late night. He walked over to where Nicole and Jess were sitting. "It's true. I can't believe it." Pollock said.

"After all we did to protect him, to avoid letting that psycho getting to him, and we failed sir. We failed to protect him." Nicole said in tears.

"Oh Scott, I am so sorry. It's not our fault, we did all we could." Pollock told her.

"Come on Nic, we should leave and let forensics do their job. We should go to my apartment for the night and just talk so we can calm down." Jess suggested to Nicole.

"I can't leave him Jess." Nicole told her.

"You have to Nicole. It will be easier on us by not being here Nicole. You know I love him like a brother and I want to stay here just as much as you do." Jess reminded her.

"Fine." Nicole said reluctantly. "I love you Antonio, I always will." Nicole whispered to Antonio even though she knew he was gone.

Jess climbed into the driver's side of the car and Nicole got in the passenger's side. They drove over to Jess's apartment so that they could talk and try to regain their composure and start the long recovery process to everything that they had just lost.

They arrived at Jess's apartment and sat down on the couch to begin talking. "Jess, what just happened back there? Was it real?" Nicole asked wondering if everything was just a bad dream.

"Yes Nicole. It was all real. Antonio is gone." Jess said slowly trying to comprehend everything herself.

"Jess how could we, how did we let this happen?" Nicole asked, her fear of being alone and away from Antonio building.

"I really don't know but there was nothing we could've done." Jess said realizing her life was going downhill, and downhill fast.

"We could have saved him Jess; we could've prevented that bomb from going off!" Nicole said before breaking into tears once again. She was scared of being away from Antonio for a week and now she would have to live the rest of her life without him. She had no idea how she would be able to do it. Antonio was her life, her joy, the one person that she loved, and truly loved.

Nicole buried her face in her hands as she cried and cried and cried. Jess couldn't help but to cry also. Jess leaned over and hugged Nicole close as they continued to talk. "Look Nic, don't blame this on yourself. You are not the one that killed Antonio." Jess said.

"Then why do I feel like it's my fault. Why do I feel like all of this is my fault? Just when we gave our relationship the third and final chance, the one chance that it would probably work, he gets killed." Nicole said wondering why life could be so harsh sometimes.

"Look Nicole, I blamed myself for Colin breaking up with me. But I knew that it wasn't really my fault. No one but the psycho that we killed can be blamed for this." Jess said holding it together for Nicole.

"If only it was that easy to accept. I don't think that there is anything in this world that will get rid of the way I feel. I guess I should be grateful that I got to tell him I loved him one last time." Nicole said accepting the fact that all of this was a horrifying reality.

"Yeah, you should be. I know this is a hard blow to you but if I can make it through two blows, Collin and now Antonio, I know that you can make it through this." Jess said. "I have total faith in you." Nicole just looked up and smiled at how Jess believed in her. She knew deep down that if it wasn't for Jess, she would be so upset right now that she would probably die. "Let's go and see if we can get some sleep Jess, I need it." Nicole said.

"Alright, if that's what you want." Jess said. So the two stayed at Jess's apartment for comfort through this hard time. What they didn't know was how hard getting through this next week would be for everyone including Pollock and especially Jess.

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