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Author: El Queso de Melicioso

Series: Teen Titans(Animated Series)

Genres: Comedy/Romance

Rated: M – for nudity, sexual situations and enough innuendo to make you think it was palpable.

Disclaimer: Any relation to existing proper nouns, fictional or otherwise is completely coincidental… unless it isn't. In which case, I don't own it.

Titan's Info

Beast Boy – Age: 17 – Height: 5'9"

Other than a nice little growth spurt shooting him to the position of 3rd tallest team member, he looks mostly the same. He, however, has become a slight bit more mature… emphasis on the word "slight." Another difference is that he has learned how to make copies of himself and has gained a slight fetish from this new skill.

Raven – Age: 17 – Height: 5'4"

Now the shortest member of the team, Raven makes up for what she's lacking in height with other perky parts. She's learned how to show more emotion without causing harm to those around her but still hasn't fully embraced this new ability. She has also discovered a new power which enables her, not only to read other's emotions, but also to manipulate; or even negate them.

Robin – Age: 18 – Height: 5'7"

The only real difference to the ex-boy wonder is a small increase in height and an acceptance of the fact that he's not god. Plus, he's finally gone steady with Starfire.

Starfire – Age: 18 – Height: 5'10"

The Tamaranian princess has gone through a second chrysalis stage, leaving her as the 2nd tallest member of the team as well as enhancing the strength of her starbolts and eyebolts nearly ten-fold.

Cyborg – Age: 20 – Height: 6'4"

He's still basically the same ol' Cy. The only real differences come from a couple of upgrades here and there.

Jinx – Age: 16 – Height: 5'5"

After the defeat of the Brotherhood of Evil, Jinx, at the advice of Kid Flash, decided to join the Titans. She formed a quick friendship with Raven and has settled in quite nicely. Cyborg occasionally tries to get into her pants, but she's quite loyal to Kid Flash… whether he seems to be at times or not…

A/N: This fic shall be in third person POV, and against what the title states, shall focus more on Raven than Beast Boy.

Chapter 1: Good Morning Jump City!

Beast Boy shot out of bed with a start at the sound of his alarm. He looked around frantically, still half asleep until he realized what had interrupted his slumber.

"Stupid thing…" he muttered, picking the dastardly machine up to look at the time. "Who the hell sets their alarm for 7:23?" With a dismissive shake of his head and a flick of his wrist; sending the clock out the window and into the bay to spend the rest of its time with its despised brethren, Garfield Logan, aka. Beast Boy, was began to prepare for the day ahead.


Slowly dragging herself out of bed, Raven forced away her fatigue the best way she knew how.

She turned her alarm clock into a striking semblance of Bob Dole's 'pen hand'.

Holding the smoldering device before her with her powers, she muttered "And, people wonder why we never have any money to spare…"

Tossing the device into the trash, she grabbed a spare cloak and a towel and passed through her now open door.


Beast Boy just couldn't seem to focus on where he was going. He was simply too exhausted. He could only hope that a cold shower would snap him out of it. He did not want to spend this day of all days dragging himself around in a state of lethargy. 'I don't know how, but I'm going to find a way to turn morning into a living being and kill it… maybe Rae can help…'

His disgruntled thoughts were interrupted abruptly by a collision with something hard. He wondered if he'd walked into another wall, but scratched that idea when the obstruction gave way to him and he fell on top of it.

"Umph" Raven grunted, trying with all she had to right herself, but only succeeding in giving the hair of whoever she'd walked into a sharp tug.

Now on the floor, the two were able to recover their senses and see who'd been the cause of their misfortune.

"Beast Boy?" Raven asked with a raised eyebrow. 'Why is it always him?'

"Oh… sorry Rae…" Beast Boy muttered, pulling her back to her feet and smoothing out a wrinkle that had formed on one of her sleeves.

She was about to push his hand away when she finally got a look at his current attire… or lack thereof.

She actually went slack jawed. She could see that all he was in was a pair of green boxers which could only be identified as existing by the fact that they blocked what made him anatomically correct. She found herself staring at his chest. Although slim and almost feminine in his well known spandex, an obvious sixpack and small yet not too small pecs greeted her. She wondered arbitrarily where his nipples were but noticed that they were located under a soft layer of fur. That was another shocker. She never knew he was furry. It would explain why he's shaving his face all the time.

She continued to examine his body and noticed that he didn't even have his gloves on. 'Claws? That's kinky…' Raven found herself thinking at complete random. It was at about this time that she realized that she was staring, and felt her face heat up with a blush.

She looked nervously up at Beast Boy's face to see him covering his face with one eye peeking out from behind the raised arm. "Beast Boy? What's wrong?"

He just stood there, seeming to be tensed for some sort of attack. But finally, he lowered the arm. "Y-you're not gonna kill me?"

She just stared at him for a second before asking "Why would I kill you?"

He seemed to relax a bit more before responding. "Well… umm… I kinda knocked you down or something and when I apologized… you just kinda stared at me."

"Oh… umm… sorry…" Raven stuttered in response. 'Don't stutter! What's wrong with you! You don't stutter!' "I was just… tired…"

"Oh… well… umm… okay…"

It was at this point that they each noticed that the other was holding a towel. "Thinking what I'm thinking?" Beast Boy asked, reverting to his normal mischievous nature.

"Beast Boy" Raven began calmly but with a slight exhalation. "I'm not going to take a shower with you and you can stop asking any day now." Raven then smirked at him a little before continuing. "And anyways, can't you just get one of your little clone things to join you?

Beast Boy began to radiate an odd purplish brown color from his normally green cheeks and got an extremely uncomfortable look on his face. "C'mon Rae, can't you at least hold back on stuff like that on my birthday?"

"It's your birthday?" Raven asked, almost sounding interested. "So that's why I bought that… nevermind…"

"What was that?" Beast Boy asked, his embarrassment completely forgotten.

"I really need to stop thinking out loud" Raven replied calmly. "That's what that was." Her view finally returned to Beast Boy's towel and she spoke once more before turning to leave. "You can have the first shower."

"Don't tell me that's your present!" Beast Boy said loudly.

Raven stopped walking and said "Of course not, you just smell bad." She turned her head to eye Beast Boy one last time over her shoulder. "Anyways, my present's way better than that."

And with that, Beast Boy was alone at the bathroom door.


A short while later, Beast Boy found himself in the shower, just finishing rinsing his hair. With the important part done, and him smelling like freshly cut spring flowers spewn over a babbling brook in the middle of August with a hint of lemon, he decided to take Rae's earlier advice.

Closing his eyes, Beast Boy focused shortly on the image of his own form, much like he would when returning to human form from an animal transformation. He then opened his to find an exact copy of himself staring blankly back at him.

He smiled slightly to himself as he recalled how he'd discovered this power. It had caused its fair share of difficulties for the team and the city as a whole. He had quickly learned how to control the willfulness of his clones after the time when he'd made one that had tried to kill him and take his place.

And so, Beast Boy fulfilled his recently discovered fetish right there in the Titan's main bathroom.

A/N: Okay, I ended the chapter there for two reasons. Firstly, it simply seemed like a good place to do so. Secondly, I wanted to get the general response to it before I started getting really into it.

I know I didn't have anything about this in my profile, but it was just a burst of inspiration and teenage boy-ness. So, expect it to be as, if not more, kinky as "Why Superheroes Shouldn't Drink".


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