The History of Tomorrow


Authors Note: Dear readers, I don't really know about this one but I can tell you I have it working in my head. But I don't know if I should continue with it. I have 'The Ripple of a Stone' already going but this could be a side thing. Tell me what you think, and maybe I will continue with it. But just a clue for if and when I go on with it, it is a Yautja/Ooman love story, so…beware!


My name is of no importance. Your name is of no importance. You may think it is. And you may feel it is. But you should know, you mean dick all to the universe. There was a war, a war that we didn't know of and it had been raging on for millennia. Between two giants, two colossal species and yesterday was the day that the war ended, and today is the day that my world was being invaded. They had no names, these giants that have taken my world. Their words are unspoken by human lips, their faces unseen by human eyes. But they have seen ours.

Oh yes, they have seen ours.

We found out what they were doing to us, hunting us. Seems they would come here for sport, taking who ever they deemed worthy as trophies, their skulls as spoils from the game. But no sooner did we catch on, did they stop. We considered it was because they thought it was too much of hassle to hunt us any longer. But we were way off. Their war with another species, one that could rival them, one that had already taken our world before humans even evolved, had come to the brink of an end. The conclusion to the conflict was waged in the skies, in the black of space were we never saw it. Where we didn't even know it happened. But our hunters won, they obliterated their enemies, swiftly and mercilessly.

What we didn't know until later in the take over when it was all done and finished, was that the creator species that had taken our world countless years ago, was the reason the dinosaurs died. They were the reason for human beings being created. They saw our world as an experiment, as one giant fucking scientific breakthrough, but man…were they disappointed. They thought we would become like them, an extension of their species but we changed on our own. Adapting to this planet. Once they figured what had become of us, they left us to die as a man would do to a dying dog. Left us to our own pathetic ways, our speech, and our customs. Our hate.

That's what made them discard us like nothing. Our pure, unadulterated, hate. They watched us from the beginning, from homo-habilis to us now, homo-sapiens. About mid way through they gave up, unwilling to deal with us any longer. They had no idea that the animals that were already here would turn us into frightened killers. Ruthless and reckless with what was given to us. And so they left us. But the second they heard the giants were hunting us, which was to long ago to remember from what I was told, they started a war to keep their precious experiment untainted. That was their excuses at the time. To keep these hunters away from us. But the hunters didn't care of what they wanted and continued with their games. But they soon came to a stand still, until one day the hunters slaughtered the others.

And that was it.

Our world was in their territory now, everything that was once the creator species was now theirs. And they showed it. They came down to Earth in their giant vessels, completely encompassing the entire planet. They didn't make contact with the ruling governments, and so they fired on the ships. Resulting in, where ever the shots came from, to be bombarded with hunters, to subdue whom ever it was who was ordering the shooting. Within hours our world fell to them, the governments demolished, our way of life gone.

But it was actually for the better.

The creator species was right to leave us. We had become too hardened to our fellow man, so unfeeling. About ten years before the hunters took us, we had our last world war. There was an old saying, "I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones." And they were right. What the hunters took from the creators was nothing but a run down world, so many people abandoned the big cities for shelter from our own pitiful war, that all that was left were power hungry assholes with to much money and firepower. However, when the hunters came, they were the first to die. They did us a favor. At the time we didn't know of anything, not of who these giants were, not of what they had done or what they wished to do. But we soon found out.

They are known as the Yautja. The hunters of the universe and they rule their lands with an iron fist. They were never people to take kindly to insolence, or disrespecting Oomans, as they called us, so any who tried to go against them, died. Not to long after that, the world actually went into a peace. Towns and cities were rebuilt. Small governments were allowed to govern certain districts allotted by the Yautja. But never once did someone revolt. Actually that's not true. Someone did try once. His name was Bartin Matthews. And he was an idiot. He went up to the high Elder one day and spit in his face, saying they should have stayed away. And to the astonishment of all, Ooman and Yautja alike, the Elder did nothing but wipe the mucus away and said, "Such temper on a pray species is welcomed here. But your disrespect is not." Seconds later, Bartin Matthews head was in the Yautja Elders hand, while his body was being carted off to be buried.

Bartin Matthews, was my grand father. His wife, my grandmother, was pregnant with their second child, a son, when the world was taken, and in the struggle, she died. Not even the baby could have been saved, and so Bartin was left with his only surviving child. His daughter, my mother, Anya. When he died, my mother was seventeen and had to live with family to survive the take over. But somehow she did and when she was older, she married and had me. She didn't teach me what her father did. Which was to hate the Yautja. She taught me what was wrong with what they did. Not with what they are. She taught me that to live in this world you had to be strong, and she made me strong, no matter how I begged and pleaded not to do as she asked, I would always end up doing as she wised. During a raid of my families' store, my mother died. I was four at the time and my father had to raise me alone. It amazed me that with everything my mother did to me, to make me strong, was a vacation to what my father did. Everyday he would train me, to be invincible to others. To be untouchable by any hand then who I ask to be touched by.

When I turned twenty, my father died from old age. He had been past his sixties when he met my mother. He had already lost his family during the take over and thought that he could have another with Anya. And he did. Everyday he would tell me that I was worth everything that had happened. Everything he had gone through was nothing compared to having me. That no pain he ever felt, no sadness he ever held could over shadow the love he had for me. It was four years ago today that he died.

And it was four years ago today that I became what I am. Perhaps I should tell you my name now. My name is Kella Matthews. My name means warrior and that is what I am. In my city in which I live in, renamed Acropolis from what ever it was before, I am the caretaker of my district. Some tell me that it is the ruling bodies job to do so, but they don't do shit. The family's store is robbed almost everyday, and on those days, I track, hunt down and kill those who took our goods. The laws had changed from what it was before to Yautja law. And I liked them. I got to fulfill my insatiable desire to fight and getting to kill those who wronged my family, it was a plus. Everyday I would wake and ready myself to go out and talk to the families in my district. Every now and then I would have to slap around a kid to keep them inline to listen to their parents. This world today is not a world to fuck with your parents' word. One wrong step and you can cross paths with a Yautja and then, well…I'll say nice things at your funeral.

I remember the first day I saw a Yautja. That day was a day to remember and a day to forget.

I was nine I think. I had just come from the grocery store with two giant bags full of food and as I was walking home, I walked through the one street where no Ooman was meant to walk on. That street is befittingly called 'M-di H'chak', which in Yautja means 'no mercy'. Any Ooman caught there would be killed instantly if seen and that day I crossed the street, I was seen. I had accidentally taken a wrong corner to get home and just kept walking. The bags were tall, over my eyes and I had no idea were I was going until I hit something. I remember falling, all the food flopping to the ground. I can vividly remember curing because the eggs broke, they were the last carton in the store and father wished to make me a birthday cake. While that day was not my birthday, the next day was. However, when I looked up to apologize to whom ever I hit, I thought that I would never see my birthday.

It was the high Elder, the same one my grandfather spit on, and he was staring down at me with those all knowing eyes. Watching me gather my food before I realized who it was and where I was. But once I saw him, I looked around and in that second, I could almost hear my stomach doing back flips. I knew it was him because of his Awu'asa. It had a long black cape swimming behind him and the armor was the color of night. He however was the complete opposite to his Awu'asa. When I hit him, he actually chucked as he watched me fall. I didn't know it at the time but I didn't know what the sound meant until I was older. He had at least thirty others behind him, some wearing their masks, some not. The Elder didn't have his on and when my eyes first saw his face, I fell back down. My mouth was agape and my muscles couldn't move. Even as my mind kept yelling 'get up, get up and run!' I just sat there.

One of the Yautja standing beside him, who had a major temper problem, roared at me and I screamed in pure fear. But to my shock, the Elder held his hand up to silence him and of course he became quiet. I started to drift away form them but the Elder saw me and hissed at me, I stopped instantly and froze. The Elder started to make clicking and chirping sounds to some around him and they backed up a few steps as he slowly knelt down. He had to brush my favorite vegetable, cauliflower, away as he his knee we down. I inwardly cursed him for ruining it, but like hell was I going to say anything. The Elder had to lean ever lower to my view, and it was a view!

His molted black, brown and white skin was almost delicately painted on him. The ringed black dreadlocks that hung from the back of his head were turning a gray and his face was slowly showing his age. But he carried it with nobility I had never seen. Even as his honey colored eyes burrowed into my soul, I couldn't feel anything but instant respect for him as a being of power. I guess I had gasped or something because he laughed at me again, his mandibles clattered together and a soft clicking came from him. When he reached out to me, I did one of the stupidest things I had ever done, but again he laughed at me. The training my mother and father gave me showed through the moment his hand went for me and I kicked it out of the way and rolled away from him to stand on my feet. I went down into a fighting stance and readied myself to be killed, but if I was going to die, I was going to get him too, kind of. Well, as much as an Ooman can hurt a Yautja.

But the Elder simply stood and gazed at me. Those behind him hissed in both surprise and anger when I hit him. But he didn't care. He and I just kept our eyes on the other. I was waiting for him to charge, he was waiting for me to give up. But I wouldn't, I was trained to stay in one position for hours and I was ready to do so but after about ten minutes, the Elder was board. He sighed loudly and halfheartedly extended a combat staff, I actually flinched at the sudden sound.

"Do you intend on standing there all day?" The Elder said to me. I nearly fall over just then, I wavered a little from me stance and he used it. The Elder ran at me so fast that I didn't even know he moved until the staff hit may leg. I screeched and fell hard on the ground, but I knew not to stay still when attacked so I jumped, as best I could, away from him. I headed for one particular grocery bag because I had the honor of buying a new knife for when we skin our food, and today was the day that I bought it and I knew it would come into good use right then. I quickly emptied the bag of it contents and grasped the knife. It first I raised it up him but it still had the bloody plastic on it so I had to rip that off before I could use it. The Elder again laughed at me, thinking me holding a long knife like that was absolutely comical. But I didn't know what kind of sounds he was making so I brushed it off. "Such a little thing like you couldn't do anything to me with that." He said to me in a forced voice.

"Wanna bet?" I spat. The Elder was just a tad put off by my rudeness, he fell into a stance just as I did and growled at me. The sound penetrated my body like nothing I had ever felt, my lungs rattled and I could feel jolts of fear climb my spine. I had to take a few steps back when he finished, I was so scared at that moment I couldn't believe what I was doing. Here I was, fighting a Yautja with a skinning knife while he had staff. I think the odds were a little in his favor, but that wouldn't keep me from fighting for my life. "You should take my life quick, end my family line just as you started to!" I screamed.

"End your family line?" The Elder asked with confusion.

"Thirteen years ago, my grandfather spat in your face and told you that you should have never come here. And you killed him, I guess now you can kill the family line before I bare children."

"Why do you assume I am going to kill you?" The Elder asked, intrigued that he would meet the grandchild of the one Ooman to get the best of him.

"I am standing on the 'M-di H'chak' street. This is the road that if any Ooman steps on, they will die when seen. And you have seen me, haven't you?" I growled.

"You know Yautja?" He asks quickly.

"A few words. Like that means 'no mercy'. So get it over with or you will regret waiting." The Elder laughed at me again. I didn't know it at the time, but those Yautja watching were his family too. His mates and children. There were also some other Elders from his clan, but I didn't care then. Or now really. I was trying to live, that's all. And I truly thought that I was going to die on that street, I wouldn't have been so rude if I didn't know I was going to die.

"Get your death over with? I don't know about that…" At the moment, my gut hurt so badly, I thought he meant that my death would be slow, painful. I hesitated and again, the Elder noticed and used it. He charged me with his staff aimed at me. I didn't know that he wasn't aiming for anything vital, he just wished to play with me because he thought it was funny that my family had such strange members. But I jumped from the incoming sharp point and somersaulted towards the Elder. As I rolled out, I extended my knife and cut his leg, deep. He roared in both pain and surprise. I ran a few feet away from him and he turned around to me. His face was so scary to me then, his eyes were practically glowing and his mandibles were spread wide in anger. Before I could do a dam thing, he ran at me again and back handed me so hard that I instantly lost conscience.

It turned out that the Elder didn't kill me after all, I think you guessed that, but he had done something to me that I didn't think I would ever understand. He had marked my face with a strange symbol that, to me, looked like what painter would use to depict a seagull from far off. Just two bumps. Kind of like a squished and spread out 'm'. He put it right in between my two eye brows, it was no bigger then an inch long but it is clearly visible when you look at me. The Elder someone how got me to the district office and left me there for them to work out where I was supposed to go. They even added more points to my families' food card. Money had all but gone after they came, they think that money is a stupid way of trading but to make the transition easier, the district would give food cards and each month the same amount of points are added to each person and from that, we buy our food. That was a long time ago though. Today we work on a trade alone, it works fine. But every now and then someone would try and cheat my family with rancid meat in exchange for the metal crafts we make.

ANYWAYS! Back to what happened. I woke up in the local district office and my father was standing over me with horror on his face. He kept going on about how I didn't come home and then he got a call to come get me. Even the people at the office don't know how I got there, my guess was that the Elder felt some pity for me and sent me there. When I told my father about the Elder, he got so angry at me. For months after that, we trained three times a day and he didn't let me leave the house for about a year.

So everyday I wake to the Elders sign on my brow, and because of that the people in my district both fear and love me. I protect them but then again, I did something to merit a mark from the Yautja. They come down to Earth erratically. In one year we would see them a hundred times while in another we would see them twice. But each time they came, my father would force me to hide. The city people would pretend that I didn't exist and I would wait for the Yautja to leave. I felt pathetic waiting though. It felt wrong to just hide. But when my father died, no one could force me to do that anymore. And for the past four years, I had gone unseen by the Yautja.

That's is, until this year.


Bartin Bart in

Kella Key La