The History of Tomorrow

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly.

Part Three: The Good.

Authors note: I claim no ownership of the Predator franchise. Warning: Yautja/Ooman pairing, descriptions of sexual intercourse and murder/death, and bad language. I will be using some information previously stated in 'The Ripple of a Stone', if any questions, please email me. Pronunciations at bottom. Good reading!

I apologize for the lateness of this chapter. While I for one am someone who thinks a writer should never tell the reader to much of themselves and their life, I think you guys deserve an explanation. I got engaged! I'm getting married! The past months have been a whirl wind of things that would take a whole story on AFF to tell, so maybe one day I will write it. But for now, on with the last and final ending of 'The History of Tomorrow'.


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Aja has been pacing in his room ever since he refused his father to go down to the Ooman planet to watch his Kella die, his entire body cruelly shaking uncontrollably. For an unknown reason, every time he passes his Awu'asa he is drawn to it. His eyes focus in on the armor intently, his body turning towards it slightly as he walks by. By the hundredth time Aja does so, his mind roars for him to go to it, his heavy footsteps filling the silent air. Aja grabs his mask and stares at it harshly, the dark metal aged with scratches and dents that would take him years to tell the stories of. But it is not the mask that his mind is urging him to get. He places it back onto its hook before letting his hands trail down his Awu'asa, his callused fingers grazing over the cold metal all the way to his belt. His hand feels as if it is being pulled to his small pouch, his claws soon ripping it open. But when he brings it out, the most striking white stone hangs off a chain, Kellas necklace once again mesmerizing him.

'Go to her…' A strong voice in his head commands, Ajas body jolting in shock. 'Go to Kella!' The voice screams now. Far be it for him to not listen to himself.

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"Promise me." Kella smiles up to Elder Rhd, his height seemingly less every time she meets with him.

"I promise to check on your children, Caretaker." He smiles behind his mask at her dedication to the new Caretakers. "I know that they are going to many different cities, but what about this one, what will happen to Acropolis?" He asks.

"Aaron will take the Alpha District, another will take the Beta and another the Delta. This whole city has a Caretaker for every district. I cannot say the same for other cities, but we must start somewhere." Kella sighs, her heart scarily calm and rhythmic to the Elders ears.

"They will be as successful as you, I know." He says smugly.

"Do you know something I don't, Elder Rhd?" She laughs.

"Well, I am sure they will because you have trained them. If they had the best, they will be the best."

"I thank you for your kind words." Kella says and bows low to show respect. "It is time, Elder Rhd." She reminds him at the sun hits the horizon. Turning slowly, his mind wishing silently that the sun never set, the Elder simply nods and palms his knife.

"Caretaker Kella, honor and admiration precedes all you are and all you do. Let your name never be forgotten and your deeds to never wilt with their impact. I will ask of Paya to listen to your words of wisdom, to look into your past and see all you have done for your species and to find the many things I did that make you such an astonishing female. Caretaker Kella, are you ready to end our dealing?"

"I am." She says bluntly. With a small nod to each other, Elder Rhd reluctantly hands her the knife, Kella grasping it without blinking. As they wait for the right moment, a strange shock echoes in her stomach, the thought that her dread and sadness has finally found her entering her mind. When the sun at last hides itself, she begins to raise the sharp edge of the blade. But in midair the familiar noise of a shuriken flying sounds, the silence as breakable as glass. Before she can react, the round spinning weapon hits her hand, cutting her palm slightly but causing the knife to fall to the ground. Everyone watches the shuriken spin in the air until it turns around and flies back to who threw it, their heads slowly turning to look down the road. What Kella sees makes the strange jolt to her stomach understandable, Aja running towards them from a far distance. But as she begins to feel betrayed and hurt, anger once more brewing in her mind, Kella squints her eyes at him and the next thing she knows she is grabbing one of her own shurikens and it is soon on its way towards her Aja.

Elder Rhd stands motionless for a moment, not knowing what to think, everything slowing down to stop. At first his mind is telling him that his son would rather kill the Caretaker, but if Aja had wanted to, he would have had to wait for the sign to be cut from her skin. But he had purposely stopped Kella from doing that, so that must not be it. However, when Kella opened her own weapon and thrown it, he became even more confused. She must think that he is attacking her, so she must retaliate.

Aja on the other hand watches is pure shock as his Kellas' weapon whirls its ways towards him, the sharp sound barely hearable as he is not wearing his mask. Waiting until the last moment, he simply steps to the side and watches the shuriken fly by, his eyes now intent on his Kella. Moving his feet faster, Ajas mind does not know what to do next. He has stopped her from taking her sign of Protection off, securing her to be safe. But what now?

'Now you have to go to her…' His mind whispers. 'Hold her again, feel her again, have her again.'

Kellas body begins to run on its own accord, her mind momentarily absent from what she wants to do. On one side her mind wishes to run into his arms, on the other her anger wants to slice him in too many pieces to count. Her hand reaches down and grabs the staff once intended for when she and the Elder were to fight, Kella planned on fighting and giving him a challenge to take her as a trophy. But now, she wants nothing more than to get Aja, to thrust her staff into him, to rip him apart just he had ripped her apart when denying her a family with him. As they get closer, Aja pulls out his staff as well, his only means of defense as he has not worn his full Awu'asa, only very few weapons available to him. Lifting up her staff, she leans back to impale the sharp tip into his chest when he merely swings his own, hitting hers to the ground. Before she can react, Aja literally runs into her, lifting her in his arms as he throws his own staff away. Wrapping his arms tightly around her waist, Aja holds her against his chest, his heart pounding with happiness. But Kella, despite loving the feeling of him, despite the smell of him taking over, despite that she has wanted nothing more over the years then to have him like this again, starts fighting back. She plants her hands on his shoulders and tries to push away, but her strength immediately disappears when her Aja begins to purr, the deep resonating sound making her lungs quiver and mind calm. Slowly, she wraps her own arms around his neck and holds tight, her head placed back into the nook of his neck that is perfect just for her.

"AJA!" Elder Rhd yells, forcing Aja to look up. He had expected his father to want answers, but when he sees Elder Rhd simply pointing behind him, he turns his head to see Kellas shurikens quickly coming back towards them. Knowing he does not have time to catch it, Aja twists in the air so his back is towards the weapon and jumps towards the ground, the sharp blades barely missing his head. Careful not to put too much pressure on his Kella, Aja holds his body weight with one arm, his face just above hers. Slowly she opens her eyes, her grip becomes iron tight around his neck, but he wouldn't move for anything at this moment.

"My Kella." He purrs and drags those treacherous mandibles over her lips, her hot breath tickling the sensitive skin of his mouth.

"My Aja." She says back and smiles up to him. Sitting up suddenly, Aja brings her body with him until Kella is sitting on his lap, both of them unwilling to unclamp from each other. Both are feeling a strange sense of drowsiness in their heads, their eyes closing slightly as they stare at each other. At that moment, everything goes quiet, not the wind whistling is heard as only the sound of their breathing and hearts beating are important. Kella slides one of her hands up his neck slowly, only to let her fingers trace up the scars on his face, Aja purring instantly at the feeling. Where only a few years ago the thought of Aja would make her physically sick, now it makes the yearning and need for him stronger.

"While I know…" Elder Rhd begins, making them slowly turn their heads to him, Kellas once air born weapon in his hand. "Actually, I don't know. What is this?" He asks, both of them noticing that the Elder had walked closer towards them. But his words are barely registering, neither of them wanting to acknowledge him in case it may break their bond at that moment. So instead of speaking, Aja moves almost mystically and rips off his small metal chest plate, declaring his lifemate mark to the world. He knows instantly that behind his mask, his fathers' mouth is falling in complete shock. Slowly and almost being careful, Elder Rhd approaches and kneels down beside Kella, her only reaction being to hold onto Aja harder, not that he is complaining. With a suspicious hand, the Elder reaches for Kellas chest plate, it soon revealing both her scar where her lifemate mark was, and the bite mark his son had given her the first time they mated. Looking down, Elder Rhd wordlessly stands and swipes his hand at all the Yautja that came to watch, some of the Elders in attendance not wanting to leave, but at the word of Elder Rhd, they do. Even Kellas children are commended to leave as well, all of this happening with her and Aja not noticing.

"I'm sorry." Aja purrs into her ear, a mandible caressing her earlobe. The next thing he knows, his mind is further shot into the bliss of being with her as Kellas arousal hits his senses. Leaning his head back in ecstasy, he groans loudly and digs his claws into her back, her hissing in a wonderful mixture of pleasure and pain.

"No, I'm sorry." She says after pulling his head back so their eyes, while half lidded, look into each other. "I over reacted and did something very stupid."

"Yeah you did." Aja agrees, laughing a little when Kella slaps his shoulder gently.

"What are you two apologizing for, may I ask?" Elder Rhd cues in, finally gaining their full attention.

"We were…" Kella starts off, her words soon gone after she doesn't know what to say, but the Elders knows and asks for what happened.

"I denied her children, and so she denied me being her lifemate." Aja breathes out in a whisper, him not quite confident that if he says it out loud, it might happen again.

"My first child, my second in command and my most trusted friend, has a lifemate that I didn't know of." Elder Rhd says strangely. "The Ooman pup I helped, the young woman who found my trust, and the Caretaker that inspired so many, is that lifemate. Why would you hide this from me?" He asks accusingly. "Me of all Yautja would understand your connection, but did you two so greatly fear me that you would hide it?" They don't know what to say, both Aja and Kella speechless. But as their mouths move in an attempt to say anything, Elder Rhd simply walks up to her and grasps the side of her head gently in his hands. "Caretaker Kella, while hurt that you hide this, it is overshadowed by happiness." Kella places a shaking hand over his and smiles up at him.

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"Hello?" Aunt Ellen peeps when she hears a thud coming from upstairs, Kella asking her to be at her house as she goes to die. Her hands begin shake in fear as another loud noise jolts. She looks to Kellas dog Naxa, his giant self sleeping on his giant bed. "Great help you are, mutt." She hisses through her teeth, the dog snoozing away. Taking small, silent steps, Aunt Ellen makes her way into the kitchen, grabbing a very long knife from a drawer. Nearly dropping it at another dull sound, she forces herself to stop and breathe, her mind going over and over the fact that anyone who is stupid enough to break into Kellas house is deserving of pain. Her toes seem numb as she climbs the stairs, her ears straining to hear anything else other than her own heart beats and breaths. As she gets to the large door, she grasps the knob with her hand trembling. Just then she hears a small, but distinctly male laugh, her anger now over running her fear as she smashes through the door. But while Aunt Ellen expected robbers, Ooman robbers, she gets a large Yautja lying on Kellas white bed. Slowly, the marked face of the male turns to her, his large hands holding a little white bra. It takes a moment of silence, both her and the Yautja staring at each other, before she matches Kellas description of Aja to the male in front of her.

"YOU!" She hisses and rises up the knife.

"Kella!" He barks quickly and jumps off the bed, backing slowly towards the bathroom door.

"There is no more Kella!" Aunt Ellen cries out and starts for him. "You ruined her!" She screams.

"AUNT ELLEN!" A memorable voice yells out almost harshly, but at the same time funnily. Aunt Ellen stops in her tracts, knife high in the air, when the bathroom door opens and Kella walks out with cloths in her hands. With no words between them, she drops the bundle and runs hurriedly into her aunts' arms, the knife dropping to the ground.

"I thought you were dead…" The older woman mumbles, tears starting to fall.

"Almost." Kella giggles back. "But I am leaving."

"What?" Aunt Ellen leans back, staring in shock at her niece.

"I'm going with Aja and Elder Rhd. In order to gain back my right to wear our lifemark, I must go before a council of Elders." Kella begins, still holding on tight.

"She knows all the Elders anyways, so," Aja starts, but stops instantly when Aunt Ellen points at him accusingly and hisses and strong 'shhh'.

"Everything is already set up for me to go." Kella turns and grabs more clothing from her closet, throwing it on her bed. "I just…I just need to go!" She giggles funnily.

"Naxa.' Aja howls, the dog bounding up the stairs in a second.

"Now you move." Aunt Ellen scolds the hound, but he doesn't seem to notice as he and the Yautja begin to reacquaint themselves. Just then they hear a ruckus outside, all of them looking out her window to see Elder Rhd and a few others stepping out of a large Yautja vehicle. "So that's Elder Rhd, hm?" She asks loudly, causing all the Yautja below them to look up.

"We do not have a lot of time, Caretaker." An Elder yells up, the rest of them laughing slightly.

"I'll be right down." Kella says and grabs both Aja and Aunt Ellen by the arm so they can help her pack.

"" "" "" ""

The next weeks are a blur for both Kella and Aja. She had left her world quietly, only saying goodbye to very few people. Her family, all of her children and Mercedes were all there to say goodbye, and all of them emotional but Kella. She knows she will be back and they do too, but it still hurts none the less. The small ship on which she left on was filled with the few friends she gained among the Yautja, all more than a little shocked at the news of her Ajas' lifemate status. The Clanship ordeal is something Kella whishes to forget. The first thing that happened was an Elder challenging Ajas honor for taking an Ooman mate. But to her surprise, so many other Elders joined Ajas fight that not only did the challenging Elder back down, but he left his standing as Elder as well. Elder Rhd wouldn't tell her if it was of his own will to leave, or if there was an outside influence. The actual gathering of the council was more of a formality rather than a true judgment of anything. One thing that caused Kella great distress was getting her lifemate mark back on, because they had refused to let her get back the original. The mark she had replaced indicated that she was not only a part of their clan, but that she had removed her first one, a mark of slight dishonor on her part. In the end however, Kella and Aja went into his room and became as they once were, as it always should have been.

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The History of Tomorrow


Authors note: I claim no ownership of the Predator franchise. Warning: Yautja/Ooman pairing, descriptions of sexual intercourse and murder/death, and bad language. I will be using some information previously stated in 'The Ripple of a Stone', if any questions, please email me. Pronunciations at bottom. Good reading!


Authors Note: The curse of the last chapter got me and I am not happy with it, even after writing more than four different version of this last ending. I have decided to squish the last ending and epilogue together, though both are shorter, less evolved and (in my mind) of lesser grade then my other works. I don't know why, but as I sat day in and day out trying to write this, I didn't want to let it finish. But here is the last chapter. Thanks for reading, thanks for reviewing, and I may start something new with all the things I couldn't include in this story. Thanks.

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"How long will you spend in that bathroom?" Aja huffs as he waits, drumming his fingers on his muscled arm in the hallway. "She is here, and She wants to meet you, and you are going to be late!"

"I will bet you anything that She will know what it means to be fashionably late." Kella giggles. But with his last ounce of patience gone, he rushes into the large bathroom, the sun light beaming through the large windows making everything in the room glow, however Kella has a natural glow happing all on her own. At seeing her body dressed in traditional Yautja fabric, Aja has to admit that the time it takes for her to get ready is well used. Even the small stoned hair pieces are breathtaking on her beaming red hair. Slipping on the last earing, Kella turns towards her Aja with a smile. "How do I look?" She asks.

"Perfect." He purrs.

"You know, with all these pieces of fabric on me, I feel kind of like a Caesar in Rome. All I need is a crown of leaves and I am set." Kella sighs and straightens the pale blue dress.

"A Caesar? What is a Caesar?" He asks and walks behind his Kella to look at her in the mirror.

"A Caesar is a Roman emperor who was in control of the giant city." She tells softly, still fidgeting in her clothing. "He was envied as a God, worshiped as a God and, most of the time, acted like a God. A spoiled God. Some were great, they were worthy of being worshiped for their deeds."

"So what about Caesar?" Aja asks, his arms wrapping carefully around her waist, a hand resting on her swollen belly.

"For his name?" Kella asks, shocked that her Aja would want an Ooman word for the name of their child. "You father wanted so much for his grandsons name to be Rhd as well. He was the one after all that convinced the healers to help me get pregnant."

"He will get over it." Aja laughs. "Hurry, we are already late!" He grabs her and starts leading her out of their residence. The halls of the Clan ship are known to Kella now, but as they travel between their ship and the Common Ship, the largest of all ship where all the clans congregate, their halls are much more confusing. But traveling fast, she doesn't have the chance to look at all the wondrous things on the ship, there is so much history hanging on the walls, so much written in the books protected under glass, so much to know and understand, at a later time though. Taking a small break to breathe, Aja and Kella stand in silence as her swollen feet begin to pulse in pain. With more urging, he finally gets her to move by picking her up, the long distance they still needed to go seemingly short as his body moves so fast. When the crowds start though, he sets her down so she can enter the gathering hall on her own and together they walk side by side in.

"Caretaker Kella!" Elder Rhd beams at seeing her. "You are coming along perfectly." He says and places a giant hand on her growing belly. "You still have a long way to go, my grandson." He laughs.

"So, where is She?" Kella asks, nervous to be meeting the greatest female huntress of all the Yautja.

"She is exiting Her ship now." Elder Rhd tells. "But I do have one question, do we call him Rhd the Second or just Rhd?" He chuckles.

"Actually neither." Kella says gently. After this whole meeting, she knows that Elder Rhd will have more than a few words to say.

"" "" "" ""

As the years piled on and the long life given got shorter and shorter, Kella and Aja spent what they could together. After getting a blessing from the great huntress, they had their son, another son and two daughters. But as Kella grew older as well as her children, they grew at such a slower rate than normal that died of old age, they were still only in their teens. She had gone to her home world many times, the deaths of her uncle and aunt something she had to go back for. The last time she had talked to Mercedes before she was whisked away rich Ooman business man, was something about a bath and winning a bet, but Kella refused to pay up. Though it doesn't matter any longer. Most of her children flourished in their new roles, some had died in their struggle to bring up the lives of Oomans, but there was and is always more being trained to take over what must be. Her old friends died away without much to do, even Adam fell to times attack. The world of the Yautja was something Kella could never enter. She was refused her request to be allowed to hunt. She was refused everything but to be a good mother, which she was just fine with. When Kella died however, all her loved ones were by her side. Elder Rhd stood beside her and wished once more for their Goddess Paya to be fair with her. After her body was sent into the sun, Aja and his children worked for many, many years for Ooman rights to be recognized until one day it was law that Oomans and Yautja were equal, relatively. Her name as Caretaker was never forgotten and her deeds never became less important. Caretaker Kella and her life was remembered in stories, it was seen as something to envy, to achieve in one's own life. Her history became not a legend, not a myth, but truth of everything that can be.

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Authors Note: Well, there you go. Nice set up for a sequel, don't you think?

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