Hey, people! Another work created by my little sis, Nightcloud, and I! This one's about the characters in an AOL chatroom together! Hilarity ensues…

You wrote Catroom! Haha!

But I fixed it! XD

Note-I know they're in Japan, but we wrote it with AIM in mind, so… yeah.


Disclaimer- If we really owned DNAngel, it would end something like this. XD Or with me dating Satoshi. OR ME!

Rating-K+ (10+), and only 'cause it's a bit confundling.

Warnings- Shounan-ai and FUNNYNESS!

AOL Chatroom

By Deystar and Nightcloud Skyi

(Artist123321 has entered the chat)

Artist123321: Hey… anybody in here?


Hiwatari Sama: Yeah…

Artist123321: Oh! Hi!

Hiwatari Sama:

Artist123321: Oh look. The creepy kid.

Hiwatari Sama: Excuse me?

Artist123321: You heard me.

Hiwatari Sama: That was pathetic. I can't hear you, I see the type.

Artist123321: OMG! Sorry, Hiwatari-kun! Dark's being a jerk…

Hiwatari Sama: Oh, this is Niwa-kun…

Artist123321: You didn't know?

Hiwatari Sama: Should I have?

Artist123321: Well, you are obsessed with us.

Hiwatari Sama: What?

Artist123321: DARK!1

Artist123321: SORRY!1

Hiwatari Sama: There's no '1' in Dark!…

Artist123321: Oops… heh…

(VampireLestat148 has joined the chat)

VampireLestat148: Do I know anyone here?

Hiwatari Sama: That depends. Does anyone here know you?

VampireLestat148: Hiwatari-kun? Oh, hi! It's me—Harada-chan! Or… Harada Riku-chan…

Artist123321: Hi, Harada-chan!

VampireLestat148: Niwa-kun?

Artist123321: No, the queen of England.

Artist123321: SHUT UP DARK!


VampireLestat148: Dark?

Hiwatari Sama: -sigh-

Artist123321: …oops…

Hiwatari Sama: That was smart…

VampireLestat148: Niwa-kun? WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?

(Darkluver23 has joined the chat)

Darkluver23: Did someone say something about Dark!

VampireLestat148: Have you been reading over my shoulder?


VampireLestat148: ANYWAT, Niwa-kun…

VampireLestat148: ANYWAY

Artist123321: …um… meow?

Darkluver23: wtf?

Artist123321: Um... well, you see… Dark just happens to be at my house…

VampireLestat148: WHAT/

Darkluver23: DARK!1

Darkluver23: hugs dark

Hiwatari Sama: Somehow I doubt that…

Darkluver23: Hiwatari-kun's here, too?

VampireLestat148: No, Risa, that's the mayor.

Darkluver23: What?

VampireLestat148: nvm

Darkluver23: Wait… why is Dark at your house?

Artist123321: Ask him. –points at Dark-

Darkluver23: how do I know if I'm asking him?

Artist123321: I'll right in italics, all right, baby? (Dark, BTW)

Darkluver23: okay!

VampireLestat148: get to the point

Artist123321: -shrug- All right… well, his place has a balcony!

Darkluver23: So does ours!

Artist123321: His was closer, what more do you want from me?


Darkluver23: …a date?

Artist123321: Sure.

Artist123321: AHEM! I'M RIGHT HERE!

Artist123321: We know.

Hiwatari Sama: Niwa-kun's right—talk about that in a personal chat or something.

VampireLestat148: Yeah!

(XSatoshisxAngelX has entered the chat)

VampireLestat148: Who're you?

XSatoshisxAngelX: An angel.

Hiwatari Sama: Demon.

XSatoshisxAngelX: -glares-

(Artist123321 has left the chat)

(Hiwatari Sama has left the chat)


Artist123321: Hiwatari-kun? Is that…?

Hiwatari Sama: Yeah... He's too weak to do anything, so he's just trying to annoy me now.

Artist123321: Where'd he get his own sn?

Hiwatari Sama: …Internet? What do you expect me to say?

Artist123321: WHY? And how are you both on at once.

Hiwatari Sama: I dunno, don't ask me to explain for him. And I have two computers.

Artist123321: Oh.


VampireLestat148: So… who invited you?

Darkluver23: Don't be mean, Riku!

XSatoshisxAngelX: Satoshi-sama.

VampireLestat148: Satoshi-sama? Where'd the first-name formality come from? And why sama?

(Artist123321 has joined the chat)

Darkluver23: He's formal AND informal at the same time!

XSatoshisxAngelX: …

(Hiwatari Sama has joined the chat)

XSatoshisxAngelX: I'm his boyfriend.

Hiwatari Sama: WHAT?

VampireLestat148: O.O

Darkluver23: …um….really?

Hiwatari Sama: NO!

Artist123321: Um, I don't think Hiwatari-kun WANTS a boyfriend.

XSatoshisxAngelX: Yeah… 'cause he already has one.

Artist123321: not what I meant!

Artist123321: Haha! Krad's dating creepy boy…


XSatoshisxAngelX: Aw… don't deny it.

Hiwatari Sama: You're doing that JUST to annoy me.

Artist123321: Get a room, you two. :P

Hiwatari Sama: DARK!

VampireLestat148: Um… I'm a bit lost now.

Darkluver23: Don't worry, Hiwatari-kun—if he is, we won't say anything.

Hiwatari Sama: -glares at Harada-chan- HE'S NOT!

XSatoshisxAngelX: How can you say that?

XSatoshisxAngelX: After all we've been through….

VampireLestat148: If you're his bf, why haven't we heard of you?

XSatoshisxAngelX: Um… hello? BOYfriend?

Hiwatari Sama: SHUT UP! You're NOT my boyfriend, and you NEVER will be.

Darkluver23: Hiwatari-kun! That as harsh!

Darkluver23: was

Artist123321: Haha… what's wring, Hiwatari? Can't admit your feelings?

VampireLestat148: Wring?

Artist123321: wrong

Hiwatari Sama: Not ANOTHER word from you, Dark!

Darkluver23: You can't talk to Dark-san like that!

XSatoshisxAngelX: Well, YOU can't talk to my boyfriend like that!



Artist123321: Can we switch subjects?

Darkluver23: no

XSatoshisxAngelX: No!

Hiwatari Sama: YES!

VampireLestat148: Um… sure…

Artist123321: That's three yes's to two no's…

Artist123321: But I say no!

Artist123321: Okay, 3-3… we win.

VampireLestat148: Who's we?

Hiwatari Sama: The yes's.

Darkluver23: That's not fair!

Artist123321: Um… yes has more letters, so it counts for more.

Artist123321: Does not! Who died and made you king?

Hiwatari Sama: That would obviously be the king.

Artist123321: No one asked you!

XSatoshisxAngelX: Hey! That's my boyfriend!

Hiwatari Sama: No one forbid me to answer.

Hiwatari Sama: AND NO I'M NOT!

Tx Numbah1 xT: Wow, this is fun to watch…

Artist123321: WTF?

VampireLestat148: Where the heck did you come from?

Darkluver23: Hu?

Tx Numbah1 xT: I was the one who made the chat!

VampireLestat148: Oh.

Artist123321: Shouldn't Hiwatari-kun have known that?

Tx Numbah1 xT: Well, DUH! I was talking to him!

XSatoshisxAngelX: What? –turns to Satoshi-sama- You were cheating on me?


Darkluver23: Then… what were you guys talking about?

Hiwatari Sama:

Tx Numbah1 xT: Noooothing….

Artist123321: Huh?

Artist123321: What WERE you guys talking about? And why didn't you talk when I came in?

Tx Numbah1 xT: 'Cause I didn't feel like it.

Darkluver23: Wait… who ARE you? O.O

VampireLestat148: yeah…

Tx Numbah1 xT: Isn't it obvious? I'm Numbah 1!

Hiwatari Sama: Don't flip out, it's just Saehara-kun.

Tx Numbah1 xT: Aww! Way to spoil the fun! –pouts-

Artist123321: Um… we've already asked… but WHAT WERE YOU GUYS TALKING ABOUT?

Tx Numbah1 xT: You, Niwa.

Artist123321: wtf?

Hiwatari Sama: He's just messing with you.

Artist123321: -phew-

Hiwatari Sama: Actually, we were talking about Dark.

Artist123321: WHAT ABOUT ME?

VampireLestat148: -involuntary twitch-

Hiwatari Sama: NOT LIKE THAT!

XSatoshisxAngelX: Wow… SOMEONE has a wrong mind…

VampireLestat148: Hey!

Hiwatari Sama: You're one to talk.

XSatoshisxAngelX: yeah, but you love me for it

Hiwatari Sama: I DO NOT! For what could I possibly love you?


XSatoshisxAngelX: Um… for me?

Darkluver23: Aww… that's so sweet!

Hiwatari Sama: Not if I ruin the moment. I HATE him.

Tx Numbah1 xT: Oooo… this is getting good…

VampireLestat148: Hate's a pretty strong word, Hiwatari-kun.

XSatoshisxAngelX: Yeah… but there's a thin line between love and hate.

Hiwatari Sama: …and I'm nowhere near that line.

Artist123321: You two should go to couples' therapy. They could sort out even your problems.

Hiwatari Sama: I'm going to kill you one day, Dark.

Artist123321: Will not! And only I know why!

Hiwatari Sama:

Darkluver23: 'Cause you love him too?


XSatoshisxAngelX: 'Cause you ARE.

Hiwatari Sama: NOT!

Hiwatari Sama: What if I got a girlfriend?

Artist123321: You're so creepy, you'd scare her away.

Hiwatari Sama: -glares- Oh, and you'll manage not to cheat on your next one, won't you?

Artist123321: What can I say? I'm a ladies man.

Tx Numbah1 xT: Can you give me tips?

Darkluver23: But Dark-san!

Artist123321: Aw, you know I love ya, baby.

Darkluver23: yay!

VampireLestat148: -gags-

XSatoshisxAngelX: It's like a poorly-written soap opera… complete with jealous boyfriend in the closet!

Darkluver23: What? What closet?

Darkluver23: What BOYFRIEND?

XSatoshisxAngelX: We all know Satoshi-sama was hiding in the closet…

Hiwatari Sama: Why are you all picking on me?

Artist123321: It's fun.

Artist123321: Wait… who's boyfriend is he?

XSatoshisxAngelX: Mine… but he was yours at the time.

Artist123321: WHAT/

Hiwatari Sama: WHAT?

XSatoshisxAngelX: Just scroll up and you can read it again. P

Artist123321: I don't think that's what they meant…

VampireLestat148: Okay, this is getting weird…

Tx Numbah1 xT: You kidding? This is FUNNY!

Hiwatari Sama: Only to YOU.

Artist123321: Excuse me while I GAG at the idea of Hiwatari being anywhere near me. –long, drawn-out gag-

VampireLestat148: Was that Niwa-kun, or…?

Artist123321: Sorry, forgot to use italics.

Tx Numbah1 xT: Well… what DOES Niwa-kun think on the subject?

Artist123321: WHY ME?

Darkluver23: 'Cause you're always staring at Hiwatari-kun in class.

Artist123321: WHAT?

VampireLestat148: Risa!


VampireLestat148: O.O You're right…

Artist123321: What are you talking about?

Hiwatari Sama: Am I missing something?

Artist123321: You know they're right.

Artist123321: You're not in our class! REMEMBER?

VampireLestat148: -stares at Niwa-kun-

XSatoshisxAngelX: -stares as well (even if he isn't in the class either)-

Tx Numbah1 xT: -stares-

Darkluver23: -stares-

Hiwatari Sama: Since NO ONE ELSE will ask… what was that?


Artist123321: What? I'm not allowed to comment on something I haven't seen?

VampireLestat148: No.

Darkluver23: Why'd you say that, then?

Tx Numbah1 xT: Yeah?

Artist123321: Okay, okay! So I wasn't there! That doesn't mean I can't make fun of Niwa-kun, too!

VampireLestat148: We're NOT making fun of him! We're bringing up a point!

XSatoshisxAngelX: That just happens to be incriminating.


Darkluver23: So, Niwa, why DO you stare at him?

Hiwatari Sama: Should I leave for a bit?

Artist123321: Well, his desk just happens to be in my range of vision.

Darkluver23: … so you're trying to stare at the wall behind you? –is confused-


Artist123321: Yes?

VampireLestat148: That just made you sound worse, Niwa-kun.


Artist123321: Ewww… you've got your pick of boys, and you go for the creepy one?

Hiwatari Sama: Yeah, I should've left when I had the chance…

XSatoshisxAngelX: Don't even think about it, Niwa! He's MINE!

Hiwatari Sama: NO I'M NOT!

Artist123321: I'm not, I'm not!

VampireLestat148: Um… Hiwatari-kun…that made it sound like you'd prefer to be with Niwa-kun…

Hiwatari Sama:

Hiwatari Sama: I don't want to be with ANYONE.

Darkluver23: Aww… but that's so sad!

Artist123321: What's wrong with Niwa?

Hiwatari Sama: Well, if you're so smart, why don't YOU date him, Dark?

Artist123321: …I feel like gum, on the bottom of someone's shoe…

Darkluver23: Sticky and gross?

VampireLestat148: Did I say that was my sister? I meant she was… um… this girl we picked up off the street…

Artist123321: …no…

Darkluver23: -is confused-

VampireLestat148: …and she was living in this cardboard box—a rather nice one, actually, maybe even nicer than our house…

XSatoshisxAngelX: wtf?

VampireLestat148: Though I supposed the roof has less leaks than soggy cardboard…

Darkluver23: ghey!

Darkluver23: hey!

Artist123321: Haha… that looked like it'd be pronounced… nvm

XSatoshisxAngelX: Seems like a lot of people in this chat room are.

Hiwatari Sama: HEY!

VampireLestat148: HEY!

Tx Numbah1 xT: Don't include me, I'm just the observer!

Darkluver23: … -doesn't get it-

Tx Numbah1 xT: Hey, Hiwatari—do you even KNOW our first names? You called me Saehara!

Hiwatari Sama: …so?

Tx Numbah1 xT: NO ONE does that! Not even the teacher! I doubt many people KNOW my last name!

VampireLestat148: yeah! Even when you're talking to me and Risa, you just call us, "Harada-chan" and "Harada-san"… which is kinda cool that someone calls me san and Risa chan, but…

Hiwatari Sama: Isn't that how I'm SUPPOSED to address you?

Artist123321: If you wanna be formal, yeah…

XSatoshisxAngelX: I don't know everyone's names—introduce me!

Hiwatari Sama:

Hiwatari Sama: NOT for Krad, but to prove my point…

Hiwatari Sama: XSatoshisxAngelX, you're Krad… and you never told me your last name and I guess you never will.

Hiwatari Sama: VampireLestat148 is Harada Riku, the older twin.

Hiwatari Sama: Darkluver23 is Harada Risa, younger by a few minutes, I believe.

Hiwatari Sama: Tx Numbah1 xT is Saehara Takeshi.

Hiwatari Sama: Of course we know Mousy Dark.

Hiwatari Sama: And Artist123321 is Niwa Daisuki

Hiwatari Sama: TY PO TYPO TYPO!

Hiwatari Sama: I MEAN DAISUKE!

Darkluver23: -falls out of com chair-

VampireLestat148: WHAT?

Artist123321: LMAO!

XSatoshisxAngelX: O.O

Tx Numbah1 xT: I should print this out and put it in the school newspaper…

Hiwatari Sama: IT WAS A TYPO!

VampireLestat148: Um… if you say so…

Hiwatari Sama: HARADA-SAN!

Hiwatari Sama: There's something wrong with all you people!

XSatoshisxAngelX: Speaking of Niwa, where'd he go?

Artist123321: He's just staring at the screen.

Darkluver23: Wow… that was… O.O


Artist123321: Do realize how far apart the 'i' and 'e' keys ARE?

Hiwatari Sama: I wasn't paying attention!

Hiwatari Sama: Why would I put that on here even if I did feel that way?

Artist123321: So you admit it!


Tx Numbah1 xT: Yeah, 'cause it's already been said.

Hiwatari Sama: SAEHARA!

Darkluver23: Niwa-kun? –pokes-

Darkluver23: You alive?

Artist123321: …no…

Darkluver23: Way to go, Hiwatari, you killed Niwa!

Hiwatari Sama: Fine, why don't you blame the apocalypse on me next?

XSatoshisxAngelX: That's just silly, Satoshi-sama.


Artist123321: Yeah, he likes Niwa, not you!


VampireLestat148: Um… you don't sound very convincing, no offence.

Hiwatari Sama: -glares at Harada-san-

VampireLestat148: I'm just saying!

Hiwatari Sama: How do I sound convincing? I'm typing.

XSatoshisxAngelX: Good point.

VampireLestat148: Well, of course you're going to be on his side!

Darkluver23: Wait… we have sides now?

Tx Numbah1 xT: Niwa? Niwa? Show us a sign that you're among the living!

Artist123321: … can we change the subject NOW?

Darkluver23: Me confused. XD

VampireLestat148: What's new?

XSatoshisxAngelX: So confused that you disregard all rules of grammar and spelling?

XSatoshisxAngelX: Well, maybe not spelling…

Artist123321: Maybe not? Where did you learn to read?

XSatoshisxAngelX: You.

Artist123321: wtf?

VampireLestat148: Actually, that was a good one…

Artist123321: No, Harada! Don't fall for it!

VampireLestat148: Um… I'd rather NOT listen to the pervert, thanks.

Artist123321: I had to shut you up! You were gonna sick the police on me!

VampireLestat148: Would've served you right.

Tx Numbah1 xT: Hey, who killed Hiwatari-kun? Where'd he go?

XSatoshisxAngelX: A ditch.

Darkluver23: What?

XSatoshisxAngelX: If someone killed him, we'd probably find his body in a ditch. Don't worry, though—he's right here.

Tx Numbah1 xT: Wait… you're at his house?

XSatoshisxAngelX: Or he's at mine. Not telling.

Darkluver23: Wait, so did YOU kill him?

XSatoshisxAngelX: Dark always DID fall for the dumb ones.

Darkluver23: Hey!

Artist123321: Um… what are we talking about?

VampireLestat148: Hey! Niwa's alive!

Artist123321: Doom. Death. Destruction. All that jazz. P

Tx Numbah1 xT: I bet Niwa killed him.

VampireLestat148: I thought we established that Krad (that's your name, right?) did…

Tx Numbah1 xT: No, he's just trying to cover up for Niwa!

XSatoshisxAngelX: Of course.

Artist123321: Why am I back in this?

Tx Numbah1 xT: 'Cause you keelled him.

Artist123321: Yay! Creepy guy's dead!

XSatoshisxAngelX: Hey! Don't insult Satoshi-sama!

Artist123321: Or what, you'll beep at me?

(Hiwatari Sama is away)

Tx Numbah1 xT: Dude, where'd he go?

VampireLestat148: Away, isn't it obvious?

Darkluver23: I just tried to message him… his away message is, 'I'm going to go drown myself in the sink. Be back never.'

Tx Numbah1 xT: He's a drama king!

VampireLestat148: I doubt his sink is that big.

Artist123321: I dunno, that kid is STRANGE…

VampireLestat148: Where'd XSatoshisxAngelX go?

(XSatoshisxAngelX is away)

Tx Numbah1 xT: Ooo! Somebody read his away message!

Artist123321: It says, 'Going to stop said person from drowning self in sink. Kinda funny. Be back in a minute or seven.'

VampireLestat148: XD

Darkluver23: Um… was that a joke, or is he trying to drown himself?

Artist123321: Sometimes you have to wonder these things.

VampireLestat148: Well, we'll find out in a minute, won't we?

Tx Numbah1 xT: Or seven. XD

Darkluver23: um… what do we talk about while they're gone?

Tx Numbah1 xT: Wanna play truth or dare?

VampireLestat148: How do you dare each other over the Internet?

Artist123321: I've got a better one! You ask someone a question, and try to guess whether they're lying or not.

Darkluver23: how do you know if they're lying?

Artist123321: They tell you! … I guess you just gotta trust each other.

VampireLestat148: Well, there's nothing better to do, even if I don't trust you all.

Darkluver23: You trust me, right?

VampireLestat148: You HAVE no secrets, Risa!

Darkluver23: oh yeah…

Artist123321: Okay! I'll start! Hm… Risa! Or, can I call you Risa?

VampireLestat148: That's a lame question.

Artist123321: It's not a quesiton1 I'm asking permission. P

Artist123321: question!

Darkluver23: Okay! You can!

Artist123321: Okay, Risa… why did you try to message Hiwatari-kun before? When you told us his away mesaage?

Darkluver23: What?

Artist123321: message

(XSatoshisxAngelX has returned from away)

Darkluver23: Um… well…

Darkluver23: We're... well, together.

Darkluver23: Sorta… yeah…

XSatoshisxAngelX: THAT'S A LIE!

Artist123321: no reason to get worked up about it, Krad!

Artist123321: And how did you get here so quickly?

(XSatoshisxAngelX is away)

Artist123321: wtf?

Tx Numbah1 xT: Well, was it a lie?

Darkluver23: H yeah! The only man for me is DRAK!

Darkluver23: DARK

Artist123321: Who's Drak? Someone I should know about?

Artist123321: Oh… nvm

VampireLestat148: You child-block yourself, sis?

Darkluver23: /...yes…

Artist123321: Okay, Risa, you're turn!

Darkluver23: Okay… I pikc…I mean pick…

VampireLestat148: yes?

Darkluver23: NIWA-KUN!

Artist123321: Me?

Tx Numbah1 xT: No, you're brother.

Artist123321: Nani?

Darkluver23: No, I mean Niwa Daisuke.

Darkluver23: … Oh! I got one! What went through your mind when Hiwatari-kun misspelled your name?

Artist123321: What!

Artist123321: Just answer!

VampireLestat148: We're waiting, Niwa-kun!

Artist123321: um…

(XSatoshisxAngelX has returned from away)

(XSatoshisxAngelX has joined the chat)

(Hiwatari Sama has returned from away)

(Hiwatari Sama has joined the chat)

Artist123321: I was thinking about how I've had a crush on him for a few years.

Hiwatari Sama: … I REALLY missed something, didn't I?

Artist123321: HIWATARI-KUN?

Tx Numbah1 xT: That one was true! THAT ONE WAS TRUE!

VampireLestat148: O.O Um… maybe it was…?

XSatoshisxAngelX: WHAT?

Darkluver23: awww… that's so cute!

Hiwatari Sama: … yeah, I missed something…

Artist123321: NO, THAT WAS A LIE!

Artist123321: Was it really?

Artist123321: I only met him this year anyway!

Hiwatari Sama: Oh, you're playing that weird lying game.

VampireLestat148: Y'know, Niwa, you said that you were lying about the years, but you never said anything about… the other part…


Darkluver23: Sorry, Hiwatari-kun, it was a lie.

Hiwatari Sama: Why would that bother me?

Tx Numbah1 xT: XD Good one, Harada-chan!

Darkluver23: Hu?

Artist123321: ANYWAY, it's Niwa's turn.

Artist123321: Oh, yeah…

Artist123321: Hiwatari-kun? Did you really just try to drown yourself in a sink?

Hiwatari Sama: You people actually read away messages?

Darkluver23: Is that a bad thing?

VampireLestat148: Why write them if you don't expect them to be read?

Hiwatari Sama: … guess I can't fight that logic…

XSatoshisxAngelX: You're avoiding the question, dear Satoshi.

Hiwatari Sama: -ignoring Krad- Yes. Yes I was.

Darkluver23: Really!

Hiwatari Sama: Was I? Aren't you supposed to guess?

Darkluver23: Oh yeah… um… lie?

Darkluver23: Please?

VampireLestat148: Truth—I'd wanna get away from XSatoshisxAngelX, too—he's ANNOYING me!

XSatoshisxAngelX: Hey!

XSatoshisxAngelX: Am I allowed to vote? I was there…

Artist123321: No. Oh, and I think he did… just 'cause he's creepy like that.

Artist123321: Niwa?

Artist123321: I… don't know. –pause- Do I want to know?

VampireLestat148: That's a question of your judgment, Niwa.

Tx Numbah1 xT: If you did, can I report it to the school newspaper?

Hiwatari Sama: No you can't.

Artist123321: So… did you?

Hiwatari Sama: No. My sink's not THAT big.

VampireLestat148: I KNEW IT!

Hiwatari Sama: What?

Darkluver23: That's what she said when you left.

Hiwatari Sama: Oh. Um… Harada-san?

VampireLestat148:yeah? Oh, my turn, gotcha. What's the question?

Hiwatari Sama:

Hiwatari Sama: Do you like Niwa-kun?

VampireLestat148: What?

Hiwatari Sama: Hiwatari Sama: Do you like Niwa-kun?

Tx Numbah1 xT: Haha… good one, Hiwatari. O.O Wait… Hiwatari made a funny?

Artist123321: It's the end of the world as we know it.

XSatoshisxAngelX: It's the end of the world as we know it?

Artist123321: -nods- It's the end of the world as we know it.

VampireLestat148: And I feel fine!

XSatoshisxAngelX: wtf?

VampireLestat148: It's a song…y'know?

XSatoshisxAngelX: … no.

VampireLestat148: Oh, and the answer is yes.

Darkluver23: Ooo… hard one… is she lying or not? –goes into other room to look at her-

VampireLestat148: -locks room- STAY AWAY FROM MY ROOM, RISA!

Artist123321: I'm gonna say lie.

Artist123321: If it's about me, do I have to vote?

XSatoshisxAngelX: Yes. Oh, and I say truth.

Hiwatari Sama: Lying.

Tx Numbah1 xT: Um… both!

XSatoshisxAngelX: wtf? What do you mean, both?

Tx Numbah1 xT: She's in love, but not with Daisuke.

XSatoshisxAngelX: Dropping formalities, hu?

Tx Numbah1 xT: …yes…

Darkluver23: Well, sis? Lie or truth?

VampireLestat148: Not everyone voted!

Artist123321: Daisuke?

VampireLestat148: Since when are you two on a personal-name basis?

Artist123321: As of five minutes ago.

Artist123321: Um… uh… -doesn't want to guess wrong 'cause it would look bad on his part either way-

Artist123321: Um… both? I agree with Takeshi.

Hiwatari Sama: I don't think both is an answer.

Darkluver23: I say lie! Dunno why! 'Cause… um… yeah!

VampireLestat148: I was lying, actually.

Artist123321: I STILL feel like gum. You're all talking about how much you don't like me.

Hiwatari Sama: I should think you'd be glad I said I don't.

Artist123321: No, I'm glad! It's just… I feel kinda rejected.

Tx Numbah1 xT: Would you rather one of us be madly obsessed with you… like HIO?

Artist123321: O.O Creepy…

VampireLestat148: Hey! She's my gfriend!

VampireLestat148: friend

Artist123321: She IS?

Darkluver23: How come I didn't know this?

VampireLestat148: Um… uh…

VampireLestat148: -awkward silence-

VampireLestat148: My turn?

Darkluver23: Okay… I'll get the details from ya later. :P

VampireLestat148: Oh, thanks. Anyway… Krad!

XSatoshisxAngelX: I'm listening.

VampireLestat148: Do you hate Niwa-kun? I get the feeling you do…

Artist123321: THE GUM! IT HAUNTS ME!

XSatoshisxAngelX: Yes. Very much.

Hiwatari Sama: That's a definite truth.

Artist123321: Yeah.

Darkluver23: I got that feeling, too.

Tx Numbah1 xT: How can you hate Daisuke? He's FUNNY!

VampireLestat148: You say that 'cause you love him.

Tx Numbah1 xT: Hey, I thought Hiwatari-kun was the gay one!

Hiwatari Sama: WHY?

XSatoshisxAngelX: 'Cause you are.

Hiwatari Sama: No I'm not! I thought we already discussed this…

XSatoshisxAngelX: It's okay! You can admit it.

Hiwatari Sama: -glares-

XSatoshisxAngelX: Anyway, that was the truth.

Artist123321: THE GUM!

Darkluver23: Yuck…

Tx Numbah1 xT: That's starting to sound a LITTLE silly, Daisuke. You might not wanna say that at school…

VampireLestat148: Why not? It'll probably catch on, knowing the stupid trends…

Artist123321: O.O I wasn't planning to!

Artist123321: Right, little man…

XSatoshisxAngelX: You people bore me… I'm gonna go sleep. Wanna come, Satoshi-sama?

Hiwatari Sama: NO!

XSatoshisxAngelX: Geesh, didn't have to be THAT rude.

(XSatoshisxAngelX has left the chat)

VampireLestat148: THANK GOODNESS!

Tx Numbah1 xT: Now we can party!

Darkluver23: Eh?

Artist123321: I dunno, I thought it was fun to tease him.

Hiwatari Sama: You'd think that, wouldn't you?

Artist123321: Duh. I wouldn't have said it otherwise.

Hiwatari Sama:

Artist123321: So… what are we gonna talk about?

VampireLestat148: Risa, Mom says it's dinner time and to sign ooff.

VampireLestat148: off

Darkluver23: Awww….! But this is my one chance to talk to Dark over AIM!

Artist123321: I dunno… I kinda like it here. Maybe I'll hang around more often. Besides, his Mom's a fan.

Artist123321: What?

Artist123321: You heard me. Literally—I said it aloud, too.

VampireLestat148: If Mom yells, I'm not sticking up for you!

(VampireLestat148 has left the chat)

Darkluver23: Aww… Fine! Please be on later, Dark-san! I love you!

Artist123321: I might be. Just go eat. :)

Darkluver23: Okay!

(Darkluver23 has left the chat)

Tx Numbah1 xT: Aww… almost everyone left!

Hiwatari Sama: Fine with me.

Artist123321: Eh… either way, I'm gonna go, too. Getting tired, and need rest before the big night tonight. I'll leave it to Daisuke.

Tx Numbah1 xT: O.O OMG! I FORGOT! I GOTTA GO GET MY CAMERA READY! Sorry, Daisuke, Hiwatari! Gotta go!

(Tx Numbah1 xT has left the chat)

Hiwatari Sama: We'll have to go soon too, then.

Artist123321: Yeah…

Artist123321: Sorry about Dark… and everyone. That must've been embarrassing.

Hiwatari Sama: So long as Takeshi doesn't try to put anything in the school newspaper…

Artist123321: I'll make sure he won't.

Hiwatari Sama: Thanks.

Hiwatari Sama: We should probably get off soon.

Artist123321: You know, it wouldn't be that big a deal anyway, would it? If you were, I mean. It's not like we'd stop being friends or anything.

Hiwatari Sama: … yeah. You're right. Thanks.

Artist123321: No big deal. I'll see you at the museum, maybe?

Hiwatari Sama: Yeah…

Hiwatari Sama: Daisuke?

Artist123321: Yeah?

Hiwatari Sama: Daisuki.

(Hiwatari Sama has left the chat)


Artist123321: Daisuki…Satoshi.

(Artist123321 has left the chat)

and then Krad woke up with control of the body, and was like, wtf?

In any case, note here—all of these are ACTUAL AIM names we took. If you IM Artist123321 you will get Nightcloud, and so on. I happen to use Hiwatari Sama ALL the time as my main AIM now because of it. Anyway, these are the SNs and who manages them:

SN – Character – RL Person

Artist123321 – Daisuke/Dark – Nightcloud

Hiwatari Sama – Satoshi – Deystar

VampireLestat148 – Riku – Deystar

Darkluver23 – Risa – Nightcloud

XSatoshisxAngelX – Krad – Momo-kun (My best friend… and she IS a girl)

Tx Numbah1 xT -- Takeshi – Momo-kun / Deystar

Haha… she's Momo-kun

Yes. Yes she is.

Anywat, Nightcloud and I and possibly Momo-kun will be writing a series of these now, this one separate. It will be "Chatroom". XD Anyway… yeah…

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