Chapter 2

Sora walked over to where Sunao was. " Fuji ….mori…?" Sora said cautiously as to not get on the boy's nerves even more. "What is it, Hashiba?" Sunao snapped. "Um… come look at this…" The blue-haired boy said pointing to his laptop. "It's dealing with you." Sunao stared at the bluenette blankly. "Fine." He answered before getting up and going to where Sora was talking about. After about a few seconds, Sunao's eyes widened a little and said, "What is this place?" "I don't know. I found it while surfing the net!" Sora answered. "…" Sora sat down on his bed and several seconds later, Sunao did the same. Together, they started reading each and every one of the fanfictions.

Sora got up to use the bathroom while Sunao clicked another one. At the top of the page, it said "Warning: this is a lemon with SoraxSunao!" "Lemon? Why lemon? Why did they put the name of a fruit on here? People are so stupid sometimes." Sunao said to himself. At that moment, Sora came in. "Hey, Hashiba? Why do you think somebody put 'lemon' on this page?" Sora-who wasn't listening- said, "A lemon is a small fruit that is yellow. Geez, Sunao. I thought you were smart." Sora said with a playful grin on his face. "I KNOW WHAT A LEMON IS! I ASKED—oh, forget it." Sunao said, completely frustrated. The bluenette walked over, looked at the page and said, "Why did somebody put 'emon' on here?" use your imagination for the look on Sunao's face right now.

They began rading down until they got to the actual lemon part. The two boy's eyes widened in shock. "What-" Nao-kun started "The heck?" Sora finished.