Chapter 2-Time to return the favor

Yuki woke up the next morning with the smell of strawberries filling his nostrils and felt something- or someone- clinging to him. He looked down to see his one-and-only genki, pink-haired rock star. Surprisingly, Yuki felt much better. His fever had gone down greatly and his throat wasn't sore. He looked down at his younger lover and smiled a bit. He was in shock because he didn't think the boy could pull off taking care of the sick. "Nnm…Yuki…" Shuichi mumbled, sleep-talking. Yuki wanted to hear more, but he wanted Shuichi off of him. Shuichi's body was hot like a hot spring, and the room was hot, already. So after minutes of shaking, the younger boy awoke. "Hnn? Yuki? Why are there two of you?" Shuichi wondered drowsily. "You're seeing things, brat." I don't feel so good, Yuki." Shuichi said. "Shuichi! You have a fever! Go back to bed-now." Yuki said with a commanding voice. 'No wonder he was so hot this morning…' Yuki thought. After taking care of Shuichi, Yuki cooked him lunch. When he brought the lunch he said, "Hurry up and get better, brat." Shuichi was basking in the happiness of those words. He loved it when Yuki showed his nice side.

"I will!" Shuichi replied, beaming. Yuki then said, "Once you get better, I'll take you out on a date, OK? So get better soon." (a/n OOC, much?) Shuichi was basically bouncing up and down. "A DATE! I'll get better soon, Yuki! I promise!" 'If a date with Yuki is what I get out of being sick, I should get sick more often!' "Sit back down, brat!" Yuki said a little loudly, but not yelling. Then, he pushed him back onto the bed in a lying-down position. Yuki was returning the favor. Shuichi now had some incentive to get better-ASAP.


...or is it? O.O