"YUUUUKIIIII! YOU LIED TO ME! HOW COULD YOU!" Shuichi ran into Yuki's study, sobbing. "It's not my fault you're so gullible, brat." Yuki said. Those words pierced Shuichi's heart. "But…but… YUUUKIIII!" "Shut up! I've got a deadline tomorrow, so I need to finish this book. Now go away." Yuki said harshly. "HIDOI, YUKI!" Shuichi whined and ran off, on his way out slamming the door. "That lying…! He said I would get some strawberry pocky if I cleaned the house and was quiet! Strawberry pocky as a reward, yeah, right!" Shuichi mumbled angrily to himself. Shuichi was then standing in front of the couch. He plopped down angrily and burst into tears. He was sobbing about how much Yuki supposedly hates him, how cold Yuki was to him, and how he didn't get any strawberry pocky. "Yuki! YOU JERK! I HATE YOU! I WANT SOME STRAWBERRY POCKY!" Shuichi yelled towards Yuki's study. Shuichi-with his extremely good hearing- heard Yuki grunt in reply, even over the noise his sobs were making.

"FINE! BE THAT WAY! I'LL JUST--!" Shuichi was cut short by the other members of Bad Luck, Ryuichi, and Tatsuha barging in, breaking the door down. "SHUICHI!" Ryuichi screamed in joy and glomped Shuichi. Then, everybody noticed Shuichi crying. "GASP Shuichi! What's wrong? Kumagoro will make it ALL better!" Ryuichi said. Tatsuha was crying about how his "God" left him and was getting too close to Shuichi, instead of him. Suguru just sighed, mumbling something about being surrounded by idiots. Hiro smiled at Shuichi and said, "So, something happen with Yuki again?" "DON'T EVEN MENTION THAT NAME!" Shuichi cried (a/n in both ways XP)

The whole break-in happened so fast, by the time Yuki got up and walked out of his study, he heard Shuichi. "What? You don't like my name, Shuichi?" Yuki said in a low tone. "EEP!" Shuichi jumped from the couch, surprised. "Uh…uh… Yuki… ah hahahahhahahaha…" Shuichi laughed nervously. "Yuki! You're so mean making Shu-chan cry!" Ryuichi yelled in Shuichi's defense.

Yuki sighed. "I'll only say this once, so listen closely. GET. OUT. NOW!" Yuki shouted. "NO!" Ryuichi defied. Tatsuha could tell his brother was about to explode, so he literally dragged Ryuichi- who was seriously complaining- out, with Hiro and Suguru trailing behind. Shuichi was cowering in fear on the couch while Yuki lit a cigarette and sat on the couch. "Yuki! That's bad for your health! Oh, did you finish your book?" Shuichi asked, gaining more confidence. "Yes." Was Yuki's reply.

The next day

"YUUUKIII! I'm so glad you're not tired anymore! I LOVE YOU!" Shuichi screamed, glomping Yuki. "But, you know… I never got any pocky." Shuichi said absent-mindedly. Yuki suddenly got up and started walking toward the bedroom. "It's in the bedroom. Come on." Yuki said as he smirked. Shuichi finally caught on and a smile appeared on his face. "YUUUKIII! I LOVE YOU!" Shuichi yelled clinging onto Yuki while walking to the bedroom. Yuki was better than any pocky, Shuichi decided.

Yup. this is my lame (and first) attempt at making a one shot... so, yea...my friends wanted me to continue...tell me what you think, ok?