Chapter One (A)

Author Notes:

As most of you know The Girls Guide to Hunting and Fishing has been my baby, my favorite fanfic that I've written over the years. The Girls Guide started way back when and it evolved and changed into a trilogy and the reviews grew and were better than any other story I've written.

Unfortunately the story was written way back when and it had so many plot holes, ideas that weren't revisited and of course spelling and grammars errors that since completing high school and starting my third and final year of college I've learned how to fix.

So, In order to put my best foot forward and honor with my favorite piece of fan fiction, I'm going to fix all my errors and even change the plot lines in an effort to clean it up and improve it. The sequels have been deleted and I'm ready to start fresh!

I really hope you like it!

On a very important side note this story is dedicated to my always there reviewers, Lusam, The Angel That Never Felt, and Sarah the Mutant Farm Girl... Thanks so much for sticking with me over the years and for Sarah for helping me develop Girls Guide and lending me use of her character Autumn and talking with me late at night when I got stuck and couldn't dig myself out of my plot hole all by myself. I really appreciate it!