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Miley could only stare in horror.

'Rachel… xoxo'

Stricken with shock, the brunette excited the screen and ignored the 'blings' as both Oliver and Lilly messaged her. She wandered back over to her bed and fell on the fluffy comforter.

Several more 'blings' sounded, a door in her house slammed, and her father and brother's voices drifted up to her room. But Miley didn't react. Her mind was reeling with what she'd just seen. With a heavy heart, the girl grabbed the wrinkled note off the bed near her.

She read it, re read it, and read it again. Three times she read it, and it still didn't seem like an innocent 'friend' note. It wasn't like the ones Miley would give to Oliver, asking if he wanted to do something. Miley wasn't entirely sure why it didn't seem like that, but it just didn't.

"Okay, Miley. Think. You got the note… what, 2 days ago? That means…" Miley bit her lip as she spoke to her reflection in the mirror across the room. "That means that you may be too late, little missy." She adverted her eyes from the brown ones looking back at her. She stared at her hands crunching the note in her lap, blurred because of the tears filling her eyes.

But she swallowed hard as a door slammed again. She was stronger than this- much stronger. She'd just call up Lilly and Oliver-

Her reach for the phone was cut off by her own door opening and Lilly's blonde head peeking around the door. "Mi?" She called, before noticing her friend stretched out on the bed. "Miley!" She flung the door open the rest of the way and ran across the room.

Oliver followed Lilly in, having waited back in the hall a little bit in case Miley had been changing or something. "Hey Mi's." He closed the door behind him and perched on the edge of Miley's bed.

Lilly was laying next to Miley, looking at her with concern. "Miley, are you okay? We tried IM'ing you," She motioned to the computer. "which I know you got."

Oliver walked over to the computer and closed out of the windows that had popped up with his and Lilly's screen names on them. At that moment, an alert saying that 'JzombielsayerR' went away. "Who's Jzombi-."

"Jake." Lilly decoded instantly. She got up and crossed the room, peeking over Oliver's shoulder. "Lemme read it." She nudged the boy aside and brought Jake's profile up.


Miley couldn't help but roll her eyes at her friends. They'd known each other forever, and it was really showing.

Seconds later, the bed was moving as the two jumped back on it. "Did he say anything, Miley? I mean, he gave you that note two days ago-" Oliver asked, cocking his head.

"That you never let me read or told me what it said!" Lilly intervened.

"You wanna know what he said?" Miley snapped in frustration. "You're sitting on it."

Both Lilly and Oliver sprung away from the bed, not knowing who she was referring to. A crumpled piece of paper was sticking out from underneath a crease in the duvet, blending in rather well.

Tentatively, Oliver took the note, pulling it back so both of the friends could read it. Silence fell in the room for a few seconds before Lilly broke it. "Jerk."

Oliver bit his lip. "I don't know, this is what you guys write in notes to me."

Lilly's eyes widened and Miley turned her head towards him, eyes daggers. "Shut up, Oliver." Lilly hissed.

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