The Balinor Chronicles II: Souls of Fire
Chapter One: The Artist's Palette

For Amy Anglette, who, upon hearing my endless complaints of boredom, grew frustrated and declared that I should write a sequel. So I did.

Colors are a strange, yet fascinating, subject to study. Only in the world of colors can you get paradoxes such as the ones you find there. It is only when light is broken that color appears… And the world of colors is the only place in which you can get purity by mixing everything together…

White light is made up of every color known to man. When white light separates, it forms the colors red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and violet. So in a sense, you can say that the Celestial Herd is the definition of good. They are a Rainbow, thus white light. And has not white always been the definition of good?

And just as white is the combination of all colors, so is black the absence of all colors. Black is synonymous with evil, the opposite of good and white. It is always the fear of the dark that lurks in the hearts of mortals; and does not the Dark One himself revel in the shadows formed by fire? Yes, darkness and black are the sum of everything wrong with the worlds, in all worlds this is true, in all worlds an agreement is at last meet.

But what would light be without the contrasting dark?

What follows, as is with that which came before, is an account from the Balinor Chronicles. These stories are nothing more than fairy tales, designed to amuse the listener on the Night of the Shifter's Moon, when it seems no dawn will come. But as you listen, remember, you can only have darkness when there is light, and only white when there is black.

And remember, my friend, not all things are as they seem.