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Summary: What if the sealing had gone as planned? What if Uzumaki Naruto was the sole keeper of the dead king Biju's chakra and had the memories of a long dead Kyuubi. What if this said boy was still treated as if he were the dead Kyuubi reborn, would he still be Konoha's Angel?

Death of A Demon, Birth of A…

Chapter 1: Welcome to My World

If there ever was a clash of the titans, it was in Konoha. For seven days and seven nights a demon laid siege on the walls of the village hidden in the leaves. Kyuubi, the Terror King himself attacked Konoha after rising from the depths of Makai with his eight clansmen, who each went to attack a portion of the shinobi infested world.

Under his hellfire, the vast population of Konoha was slain and the dwindling shinobi that were left took up arms against the juggernaut of the demon and even with their combined forces nothing could stop his terrorizing raids.

However, that all stopped when the Yondaime, himself, rode in on his trusted summon Gamabunta, the King Toad. Even though he was the only man who had ever been considered an equal to the fabled Professor, Sandaime by his fellow shinobi, he could not defeat this demon.

Their battle shook the land and the vast forest surrounding the once lush land was now either in flames from Kyuubi's hell torrents or charred after fire was extinguished by Gamabunta.

Finally on the seventh day after much blood, sweat, and tears, the Yondaime caved into his darkest fear, attaching the very soul of the fox to the innocent soul of a child. Deep inside Yondaime knew that Konoha wouldn't respect his wishes, much like Orochimaru didn't honor Sarutobi's wish from him to Hokage rather than the former student, and blame the innocent child for the loss in this battle. Truly this child was being punished more than Kyuubi himself, so Yondaime altered the seal.

There was no true way to kill that is which is already dead, so Yondaime figured a way to send Kyuubi back from which it came, but not before leaving something precious to him. All the chakra of a village or even the world was going to be locked within this child, as some sort of divine intervention from karma.

Kyuubi was going to live an afterlife tortured by those he had tortured while in power and this child was going to live a tortured life for holding his demonic essence from the said demon lord. However, it was for a good cause because without his chakra the Kyuubi couldn't return to the human world, or at least not anytime soon. 'It was better than the alternative,' Yondaime concluded as he finished this new seal. At least the child would be able to protect himself if the villagers ever felt too out of line, and Kyuubi would get what he so rightfully deserved in the end, and with those thoughts Yondaime charged with child in hand and sealed the world's greatest menace into a child…

Seven Years Later…

He had that dream again. Just like before, Naruto relived the last thoughts of the man who had sealed him with his cursed blessing. Bittersweet really, because without the man's kindness he wouldn't be here right now after a villager lost himself to his hatred and attacked him disguised as the Old Man.

It had all started when he had come home after being attacked again and the grocery store, and after returning to his rundown apartment after paying double the price for spoiled goods Naruto noticed his door was unlocked. So hiding his food he waited for the man to jump out.

Thinking, 'It'll all be over soon, and if I don't move maybe he'll leave my food alone thinking I'm dead,' but when the door squeaked open Naruto saw only his most trusted person on this planet, Sandaime Sarutobi. After some small chit chat Naruto found something was off and that's when the imposter sprung his trap and in one quick motion, Naruto's neck was slit and all he heard was, "You deserve this," before he fell back…

However, death never came nor did the cold ground for as soon as Naruto started to topple backward something snapped inside of him. More precisely, the protectorate seal around Kyuubi's pent up chakra slipped to save his life and now before the world stood the sole proprietor of the Biju King Kyuubi chakra.

It wasn't long before Anbu showed up, albeit late as hell after discovering the location of the chakra spike, but they arrived at the scene of the attempted murder only to see Naruto standing over a sniveling man. Even with the mass killing intent radiating off his body, the child stood complete calm, and totally curious of what was happening.

Within the hour, the man was sent to the psychiatric ward to be analyzed for any mental affliction, before being prosecuted for attempted murder, even with most of Konoha going against his case stating something along the lines of, he was probably attacked, but with Sarutobi's urging er… threatening, he was prosecuted and founded guilty but was released under the claims of being mentally insane.

Kyuubi's or rather Naruto chakra broke the man's psyche and he was now spending the rest of his days in a padded white room, replaying the shock of having the equivalent of a holocaust victim's hatred for his torments going off in his mind after being multiplied one thousand times over. Well 'revenge is a dish best served cold' they always said, and this guy was going to spend his whole life over this cold heaping of hate in front of him.

But even with that problem solved, the aftermath from it sprouted more problems and more grievous than the last. What will Naruto do now that he had access to the greatest source of power on this planet and how would the villagers react now that he held the power of their most hated foe and the most disturbing of all was would he help the village that constantly held a knife to his throat and be their loyal protector or would he turn his back on the village that shunned him like Orochimaru did years before?

Sandaime found himself in the proverbial pickle and now had to make a choice, either let Naruto be and watch the boy struggle from afar before he either killed himself and the village from the immense backlash that Kyuubi's chakra would have sent out when released, or watch him turn his back on the village before swearing annihilation on all of its inhabitants. Therefore, Sandaime made a third choice and broke his own oath to never train another student. So Sandaime gathered his almost infinite resources and got the boy a well secure home and began teaching him basic chakra control.

It wasn't long after that did the, for lack of better term, dreams start. It was like watching a movie and remembering parts you have never seen. They looked so familiar and yet Naruto had no memory of ever being in the place he saw, which usually was centered on a land with red skies and large, old Japanese castles.

After telling the Sarutobi of his dreams, the man immediately told him to tell no one else thinking of the horrors that the villagers would do to the child if they found out he could remember what Kyuubi had done while still breathing. Standing by his oath, Naruto trained vigorously until his seventh birthday when he convinced the Hokage to let him become a shinobi.

It was both a joyous and painful thing for the elder man, because Naruto would be swearing his loyalty to this village, but then he was reminded of his other apprentice. Orochimaru was once loyal, but power soon corrupted him and he turned his back on the village so the question was, would Naruto do the same? Shaking his fears away, Sarutobi remembered it was Naruto's choice and holding him back would only hurt the boy's trust in him, so the Sandaime let Naruto join.

So this is where Naruto found himself after his little daydream on the past few years in a class room with people he had only met the day prior. His training with the Hokage forced the lonely boy to grow up fast, and behind his cheery attitude to throw the villagers off their tracks and show them that they could break him, was a boy who analyses every situation as if his life depended on it. So here he finds himself going over his mental notes he had taken on every one around him.

First was the pink haired girl who was in front of him. Haruno Sakura, preteen girl with preteen fantasies on the village heartthrob. After only one day Naruto made a conclusion about her, stay away. Not that the girl was ugly or anything, on the contrary she was quite cute and would be a beauty one day, but her helpless infatuation with a certain boy would only slow him down. Aside from her open love life, Sakura seemed like she would make an excellent kunoichi if she paid more attention to her training than boys, but then again she was only preteen girl like…

Yamanaka Ino, the second person who caught his eye in the class, blonde like him, the pretty girl would be simply stunning like Sakura, but she also fell under the category of DO NOT pursue, seeing as she too was smitten by a certain male. Unlike her friend, who had kind eyes, Ino had the calculating brain like all the seers in her family of psychic shinobi. From his intel from the Sandaime, Ino may very well be the strongest kunoichi of her generation at the time and the look in her eyes didn't dissuade that notion.

Moving on, Naruto's eyes fell on the last female of his class, Hyuuga Hinata. The cute girl was pitifully shy, but under her shaking voice and uncertain eyes was that of a true beauty like the other kunoichi noted before, and being the heir to the Hyuuga Household and fearsome Byakugan, it was ironic that she was shy and uncertain unlike her prideful clansmen. It was that trait that made her stand out and from what Naruto discovered from previous meeting with the Hyuuga Household that the smug clan was by far some of the most intolerable people he had ever met. Hinata was different though, she didn't have her all seeing eyes on preteen boys like the other girls, but instead they were on the ground. Given her heritage she could be the strongest academy student if she would come out of her shell a little and maybe even strongest genin given her parentage, but fate was cruel.

Moving his eyes from the girl beside him Naruto looked on to the male population of the class starting with the sleeping child beside him.

Nara Shikamaru, was a lazy bum at first glance but as Naruto observed him longer, he noticed that the true reason he came off like that was because he was just not motivated to pursue this career. The most ironic part about it was, that underneath the lazy cover was a true shinobi genius just waiting to come out, but too bad if he was too lazy to dig it out.

Moving on to the slightly larger child beside him Naruto rested his gaze on Akimichi Chouji. The class 'fatass' was far from the glutton he made himself out to be… sorta. He was an Akimichi and with that came the burden of being larger than everyone else, but with it came his true advantage… size. Within him came the potential to be the strongest genin (physically) in the whole class, and if he ever grew over his self-conscious problems he would truly be a deadly force.

Looking up Naruto's gaze landed on the class' animal lover, Inuzuka Kiba. The class clown and animal lover was a true beast on the inside and his taijutsu showed it. During the classroom spar, he crushed a no name kid within seconds using his clan's techniques and gloated about it afterward reducing the boy to tears. His pride would be his downfall, but if he survived that encounter Kiba would become a true shinobi down to the core and with his loss of pride, he would be a valuable asset to the village.

Next was Aburame Shino, quiet as a mouse, but had an aura of the strong silent type. He was quiet, conserved, and calculating like most trained shinobi and could be a bingo book candidate in time, but his only downfall was his isolation and other than that there was not much Naruto could say about him.

Moving his gaze to the last person on his list of stand out faces, was the village tragedy story and heartthrob Uchiha Sasuke. Not only was he the only heir to the Sharingan in the village, but he was also far more advanced than an academy student should be, example being able to use a Goukakyuu (Grand Fireball) during a ninjutsu exam scorching the target and most of the wood around it. He was cocky, but Naruto had to give it to him; he had been in the first place seat so long that he could be, but Naruto was here to change that. Uchiha Sasuke just made a rival and his name was…

"Uzumaki Naruto…," called Umino Iruka as he called rolled. The man's expression changed to one of hatred as he called the name, but Naruto wasn't affected, he had far better things to do than worry about those who had nothing but hate for him.

"Here," was the boy's nonchalant reply as class started.

Welcome to my life…

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Author's Note: Found some time and I wanted to start a new fic. Apparently that week of Biology was the hardest hill and I passed so it's smooth sailing from now on. This is Cado Unus redone in a new light, some of the small elements, if you noticed, and I'll have some new twists coming up. One hint I'd like to state now is Naruto's powers, the seal that is on him now still has elements of the original seal from the Manga/Anime. What I mean is that it holds more than just chakra, but has a tenant of some sorts. And no, it isn't Kyuubi, so I'll leave you with that.

Another Author's Note: This chapter has been read through and edited by Dragon and Sword Master so please if you could give him a big thanks because after seeing my errors I wanted to cringe. Really though his editing not only made my point clearer and easier to understand, but the whole chapter flowed so much better so man thanks again for making this chapter at least ten times better.

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