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Diplomacy was in her blood. Ever since she'd been little, she'd been forced to play 'diplomat' between her siblings. She hadn't enjoyed it then, but it had its uses, especially when she was told she was quite good at it. Hence, the job she'd landed with designing treaties and the like. The fact that this would end her in another galaxy was just a little oversight.

It was hard to remember a time when she had thought of Atlantis as nothing more than myth – a city sunk in the ocean's depth. It was hard to believe they'd survived their first day here – what with the threat of the shield collapsing. But they were here: alive and looking forward to exploring. That was why she'd been a diplomat; it was for the adventure of meeting new people, exploring new cultures, and learning new languages. The fact that she spoke five languages stood on its own. She wished to make it six, or more. Though she dared not say it, she would have said she admired Daniel Jackson – a man that knew more languages and cultures than she cared to ask about. And the most astonishing fact was that there were more languages out there, just waiting to be discovered.

That she'd been asked to come not only as a diplomat, but also as the leader of this outlandish expedition had completely nullified her response. It had left her unsettled and nervous – but she had nothing to fear. Those she worked with were responsible – mostly – and they were professional – mostly – and hard working. It was a fun ride filled with the ups and downs and corkscrews that plagued every coaster ride she'd ever been on – just not physically. Ups and downs were the moments when a team came back either in one piece and having made allies, or usually picking up after themselves with Carson lending a helping hand and angry natives chasing them. It all led to the corkscrew which involved some entangled mess of customs and misunderstanding. It usually left her breathless and not just a little dizzy with relief when such things were finally sorted out in the end; just like the coaster completing its final loop and finally slowing down to allow the riders to disembark.

Elizabeth Weir regarded the Stargate with a wry smile. Atlantis was the coaster ride – complete with ups and downs and corkscrews and its own mini-coaster: the Stargate. It was a ride to be enjoyed, but also to be taken seriously. It was most definitely, the ride of her life, and so thinking, she stepped through the event horizon.

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