The Perils of Sleepwalking Chapter 1

I got this idea because I sleep talk and sleepwalk. I found out I do what (Dean and Sam do in this story) at a sleepover. My friends recorded it!! I was so embarrassed because I said some really embarrassing things. I made up most of the other stuff, though. I don't know if it is really true and other people can do it. Try it on your friends and see if it works!

Edit: I revised the whole story. I apologize for all the mistakes.

Sam awoke suddenly barely biting back a scream. Jessica was burning on the ceiling and a voice was echoing in his head: "It's your fault, Sam." He looked over at Dean in the bed next to him. There was a smile on his brother's face and he was hugging his pillow, the covers half off him and lying haphazardly across the motel bed. Sam envied his brother for being able to sleep so peacefully at night considering the things that had happened in their past. Sam turned around and lay back down, not intending to go back to sleep after that nightmare. Dean mumbled in his sleep and turned over.

Suddenly, Sam had an idea. A long time ago, he'd gone to a party and had practiced hypnosis with a couple buddies. He'd also learned that some people can answer questions in their sleep. It was almost like a lie detector test because the sleeping person would answer completely truthfully. Somewhere in a sleeping person's subconscious mind, they are aware of what is going on and if they are relaxed enough, they will answer questions.

Sam grinned evilly. He wondered if his brother was one of those people and decided he would find out soon. He threw off his covers and stood over Dean's bed. His brother was still smiling and he looked really innocent and younger than his 26 years. Sam almost felt guilty for what he was about to do, then brushed the feeling away. Dean had done much worse things to him before. Sam sat down on Dean's bed as the springs creaked and the bed dipped.

"Dean, are you asleep?" Sam began in a low, hypnotic voice.

Dean shifted slowly, the smile sliding off his face. Sam grinned at this first sign that Dean was aware of what he was saying.

"What are you dreaming about, Dean?" Sam tried again.

"Mmmm. Ashley." Dean said clear but sleepily.

Sam's grin split his face, but then he quickly jumped up as he realized what Dean could be implying. He did not want to know what his brother was dreaming about! "Whoa, whoa, Dean! Stop dreaming!" Sam said a bit louder than he'd expected and was very surprised when his brother relaxed his hold on his pillow and shifted again. "What's your greatest fear other than flying?" Sam asked, trying a different question.

"Sammy and Dad leaving me," Dean answered honestly without reacting as he would have done if Sam had asked him that when he was awake. Shocked, Sam just stared at his brother. He had no idea. Sam decided he wouldn't ask any more serious questions because he knew how Dean would react if he knew what he had just told Sam.

"If you could only save Sam or Dad, who would you save?"

"Sammy. Dad can take care of himself."

Touched although he thought he could take care of himself just fine, Sam was getting annoyed with the 'Sammys.' "Why do you insist on calling me Sammy?"

"It bugs the hell out of Sam and it reminds me of when he was younger and shorter. Things were so simpler then," Dean continued wistfully.

Sam rolled his eyes at the first part of his brother's answer. Of course Dean was only trying to exasperate him. He usually succeeded too. But the second part of Dean's answer made his breath catch in his chest.

But then getting bored of this game, Sam wondered what else he could make his big brother do. Suddenly, Sam's eyes lit up as he had a light bulb moment. He looked up, half expecting to see a light bulb flashing over his head. "Dean, get up."

Dean rose out of his bed slowly and clumsily with his eyes still closed. "Walk out the door to your car." Dean's arms went up as he sleepwalked into the door, bumping into it hard and bruising his knuckles. "Open the door, stupid." When Dean's hands finally found the doorknob, he stepped out of the motel room into the parking lot, tripping over the cement step down to the parking lot. As Sam knelt down to help him up, he was awarded with a flying kick to his stomach. Sam leaned against the Impala's door as he caught his breath. "Dean, it's me, dammit. Get up." When Dean got to his feet again, Sam surveyed the cuts and bruises on his brother's knees and hands. "Umm, you might want to open your eyes so you don't bump into something." Sam watched his brother's moss green eyes open but not register anything. He felt stupid that he hadn't thought of it before and a little startled that it actually worked.

Suddenly realizing how cold it was outside and that his brother was only wearing a t-shirt and dark boxers, he instructed his brother to get in the car. Dean immediately ambled to the driver's side and got in. "Dude, how come you get to drive even in your sleep? Oh well. Drive around for a while and then return to the motel," Sam ordered. He relaxed in his seat hoping it was safe to let his brother drive in his seat. He decided it was okay because he would be right here anyway. Right as he thought this, he held back a yawn as got comfortable in his seat. It was really serene and peaceful without Dean's music and his incessant chatter. The town at night was tranquil and he hadn't slept in days…

Twenty minutes later, Sam Winchester could be seen slumped in his seat, fast asleep and his brother driving in the middle of some hick town with a glazed look to his eyes.