Return from Notre Dame

When Zach's time machine malfunctions, Booth and Brennan are stuck in the past for longer than anyone expected. While five days passes here, five years passed there. Now the Squints want the story. Not to mention the rest of the world. Written with permission of the author of the story (thenaughtydingo, in my favourites) that I'm basing this on, you can read that first, but most of it is pretty self explanitory. It's called Buried Secrets of Notre Dame, hence my title, and is very good. Oh, and I don't own Bones.

Booth tried to clear the screen, by pressing several buttons. Zach protested, but too late. Brennan and Booth had disappeared with a blinding flash and zipping noise. "Well," Angela quipped. "I guess it works."

Zach threw his head into his hands and shook it. "Great. Just great."

"Well we
can't stay here," Booth told Brennan fiercely. "What are we going to do? Wait here for another few months in the hopes that Zach might just pull us back, while in the meantime, we dodge the Gypsies everyday because, I don't know, they want to burn you at the stake? Or did you forget about that already?"

Brennan sighed. "Fine. We'll find our way to England." She told him what to ask, since obviously she couldn't, and he went off. He returned, having remembered what the villager he had interrogated had said. Brennan translated it mentally. "We have to follow this road, and take the right fork, not the left, at the forest, and that should take us north," she told him. At dusk, they mounted La Mort and headed toward England.

About two months later, they found themselves in Italy. "I think we took a wrong turn somewhere," Booth said.

Brennan thought back. She asked him if the villager had said to turn left, not right, or right, not left. He wasn't sure. "You gave me the wrong directions! Now we're in Italy!"

"Hey, relax. I can speak some Italian."

Brennan glared at him. "That's not the point. I can too, but we wanted to go to England, Booth, not friggin' Italy."

"So you have it working now? You can get them?" Angela pestered. Zach nodded. "Yeah. I should be able to, but anyone else who they're touching might come along with them."

"Touching? So some random off the street that they're brushing past might come too?" Angela asked, worried.

Zach shook his head. "No, that shouldn't happen. They'd have to be hugging, or holding hands." Angela sighed in relief.

"Can we just get on with this?" Hodgins asked impatiently. "People aren't going to believe that they just don't feel like coming to work for much longer, you know."

Angela simply gave him a look, and Zach fiddled with the machine. There was a flash of light, and viola, suddenly Brennan and Booth appeared.

They looked somehow older, more worn. And was that a new hairstyle? Angela thought, before noticing that the two were engaged in a rather heated argument. One that, unfortunately, Angela couldn't understand. It was in another language, a language that definitely wasn't French. Actually, it was Italian. The three spectators stood, mouths agape as Brennan fiercely poked Booth in the chest. He yelled something at her, and she yelled back. Angela caught a few words. "…mina… i bambini! Voglio! Sta zitto!"

They hadn't even noticed that they'd been transported through time again. Angela was just about to separate the two, when she was interrupted.

"Mamma? Papa?" A little girl that they hadn't noticed before, as they were too focused on the argument, spoke up. "Dove siamo?" Where are we? The little girl stood back, unwinding her arms from where they had previously been, that is, wrapped around Brannan's leg so tightly that it was surprising that there was still circulation.

It was only then that Booth and Brennan noticed that any change had occurred, and took a break from their argument. "Siamo tornado!" Booth exclaimed, pulling Bones into a hug.

"English, please?" Angela said. "And what the hell happened to you guys – is that a kid?"

Brennan nodded, and answered slowly, her mind clearly processing at an extremely high rate. "Well, after Zach sent us back in time, we made our way to Italy because someone can't remember simple directions. We were trying to get to England, ma Seeley parla l'italiano un piccolo. So we stayed in Italy."

"The kid, Bren."

Seeley took over. "This is our daughter, Carmina." Angela let out an ear splitting scream of excitement, causing everyone to wince and Carmina to clap her hands over her ears.

"Troppo forte, Papa," she wailed.

Booth nodded, "Si, lei è. Vuole qaulcosa da bere, da mangiare?" Yeah. Do you want something to eat, something to drink?

Carmina's hand's slowly trailed back down to her sides, and Bones heaved her into her arms. "No, Papa."


Bones turned to Zach. "Why did it take you five years to bring us back? Couldn't your machine just pick us up the exact time we left? How much time has passed here?"

"It was supposed to pick you up five days after you arrived, that's how long it's been here. I don't know why it took five years." He indicated Carmina. "Uh, does she speak English?"

"No," Seeley answered. "We preferred not to talk about our here lives while we were there – they might have thought we were witches and warlocks, considering when we were, right Bones?"

Bones rolled her eyes. "It was nothing. I almost go burned at the stake while we were still in Paris, that's all. The Gypsies saw me with some bones, and assumed the worse,"

Booth finished her sentence. "Which is why we tried to get to England. They were a bit too trigger happy in France," he winced, and Bones picked up the rest of his sentence.

"But because Booth got the directions wrong, we ended up in Italy," she gave him a small glare, but it was undermined by her wide smile. She was glad to be home.

"How did you end up in Italy if you started in Paris and you were looking for England? That almost in the exact other direction!"

Bones shook her head. "Don't ask. Seeley took a wrong turn." Booth looked affronted, but didn't say anything.

"Carmina," Bones began, putting her daughter down and about to send her to get some food, but whipped around suddenly to face Booth. "Orlando!"

Booth froze, and the colour drained from his face. He spoke in rapid Italian. "…Sono vado," he finished. I'm going.

Bones placed her hands on her hips. "Non sei, sono vado." No, I am.

"Sono. É mio figlio." Booth retorted, his face coming closer to hers. He's my son.

"Sono. È anche mio figlio." Their faces inched even closer.



Another voice pitched in, high and undeveloped. "Papa, Mamma! Voglio andare."

Their heads whirled to her simultaneously. "No! Absolutely not, Carmina. Troppo pericoloso." Carmina folded her arms petulantly. It was not too dangerous, she thought. But then again, she didn't know what they were talking about.

"Dov'è Orlando?"

"A casa," Bones answered distractedly, her face so close to Booth's that their foreheads were touching, as they continued to argue, seemingly oblivious of the spectators. Suddenly, Booth interrupted her by catching her lips in a kiss. A few seconds passed, in which Carmina said "Disgustoso!" repeatedly. Angela, Hodgins and Zach could figure that one out.

When the two opened their eyes, their foreheads were still pressed together. "Siamo andiamo," Bones smiled.

Booth kissed her again, causing Carmina to cover her eyes. "Si," he whispered.

They pulled apart. "Zach, we need you to send us back," Booth said, taking charge.

Zach blinked. "Why?"

"We need to collect Carmina's…" he waved his hand around for a while, searching for the expression while the others ogled him impatiently. Eventually, he gave up and spoke it in Italian. "…fratello gemello."

"Twin brother," Bones translated. Booth smiled at her. "That's the word. I haven't spoken English in such a long time, that's all."

"Twins?" Angela practically squeaked. "I am so happy for you guys!" she hugged them both tightly around the middle.

They both squirmed out of her grasp, and intertwined their hands. "Zach? Can you send us back?"

Zach nodded. "Here, you need to take these." He handed them both necklaces that seemed to be made out of wood and leather.

"Why?" Bones asked, examining hers, and pocketing a spare one for Orlando.

"It's got a chip in it that connects it to the time machine. It will make sure you get back from exactly when you want to. I disguised it, because I thought it would be less conspicuous than the original design."

He held up a thick futuristic bracelet of metal that flashed intermittently. "Actually, that's probably the reason that it took five years in your time and only five days in ours, because they weren't synchronised."

They nodded, and Booth fiddled nervously with his necklace. "Couldn't it be something less girly?" he asked, standing inside the time machine.

After a few moments, Zach pulled up the retrieval location and set the time coordinates. There was a brief flash, and Bones and Booth disappeared.

Carmina frowned, and turned to Angela, the only one who had actually even spoken to her, even if she was a bit hyperactive and she couldn't understand her. "Come ti chiami?"

Angela frowned, and guessed. "I'm Angela."

"Si, Angela." A look of recognition came across her face. "Sta Zia Angela?"

Angela nodded, guessing again.

"Dove sono Mamma e Papa?"

Angela didn't know how to give an answer to that question. She could guess what Carmina was asking, but the only answer she could give to that was, "They'll be back soon," and she was pretty sure Carmina had no idea what she meant.

But it didn't matter, nor did it stop Carmina. She shrugged mentally, then began to chat in rapid Italian. First to Angela, then Zach, then to Hodgins. An hour later, when Bones and Booth returned with her twin, they were all thoroughly worn out.

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