Return from Notre Dame

Time travel can have some interesting consequences… like crazy guys kidnapping people. BB

"Taylor, Grace, Daisy, I'm here," Graham allowed the wind to blow the door shut behind him.

A spindly teenager with straw blonde hair leapt up from the TV. "Uncle Graham!" she hit pause on the DVD. "Mom, Dad, Uncle Graham's here!"

Taylor and Grace grinned at each other. "We know, honey," Grace called.

Graham sat down on the couch next to his niece. "So what are you watching, Dais?"

She clicked play. "Charmed. Chris crossed. It's my favorite episode. It's all about Chris!" She shushed him as Chris entered the scene. As soon as he left, she let him speak again.

"Which one was Chris, again?" Graham asked, confused.

Daisy sighed heavily. "The really hot guy, Uncle Graham. He's a time traveler. Time Travel would be so cool! Chris is so cool! I am so going to marry Drew Fuller."

Graham gave an involuntary shudder at the mention of time travel. Daisy picked up on it, turning towards him and smiling widely. "What's up, Uncle Graham?"

Graham frowned – while Seeley and Tempe had asked that he didn't tell anyone, Daisy was just a teenager. It couldn't hurt. "Rebecca's ex – Parker's father –'s partner's assistant, Zach, made a time machine. Apparently Seeley and Tempe got stuck in the eighteenth century for five years. God help me if I ever understand it."

Daisy was just about bursting with excitement. "That is so majorly totally cool, Uncle Graham! Do you reckon that this Zach guy will let me use it? How much do you think it would cost to buy one off him? Why hasn't anyone been told about this, like, before now?"

"It's a secret, Dais. And besides, time travel is too confusing to let the general public use it." Graham told her seriously.

Daisy was bouncing on the couch, apparently not realizing that the DVD was still running. "I won't tell anyone, Uncle Graham. Promise. And time travel isn't confusing! It's just not linear – everyone knows that! You can leave on second, be gone for five years – or fifty or whatever – and come back the exact time you left. That's why it's time travel, dummy! Oh, this is so way cool!" she gasped, not stopping for a breath in between excited exclamations.

Graham couldn't help but smile at her enthusiasm. "Just remember, Daisy, it's a secret."

Daisy nodded furiously. "I can keep secrets! I still haven't told anyone that Mel likes Craig, and that was like, two weeks ago! But, like everyone knows anyway, because Mel told them herself. So Craig ignored her for a few days, until Tim talked to Craig and now they're dating. Not Tim and Craig, I mean Mel and Craig." Graham wrinkled his forehead, wondering if his niece ever stopped to take a breath.

English had to be the most boring class that Daisy took. She looked around, and noticed a few others drifting off, lulled to sleep by the monotonous tones of the teacher's voice. "Hey, Mel," she whispered to her best friend. "Uncle Graham told me like, the coolest thing yesterday, but you can't tell anyone. It's top secret, right?"

"I swear," Mel told her. "Come on, let's hear it. It had better be good 'cos I think I might just fall asleep if she goes on any longer."

Daisy gave an appreciative giggle, which earned them a glare from the teacher and curious glances from the rest of the students who had managed to stay awake. Unconcerned, Daisy continued with her tale once everyone had tuned back into their own lives. "This guy named Zach Addy invented a time machine, and he sent Temperance Brennan, the author, and Seeley Booth, her partner back in time for five years…" she spilled out the whole story, enjoying the enthralled look on Mel's face.

Mel wandered around with her smug 'I know a secret' look all day. Craig bugged her repeatedly, curious, and eventually Mel sighed and gave in. "But you can't tell, or else," she threatened.

Craig rolled his eyes. "You girls are such pussies about secrets. Trust me, you're secret's safe with me."

Mel whined. "But this is a really good secret, Craig. It's totally government classified or whatever – something you'd see on a TV show or something."

Craig grunted. "Just tell me what it is, Mellie."

"Shush! We're trying to watch the movie!" someone behind them screeched.

Mel slumped in her chair. Now she'd have to wait to tell her secret. Oh well. She grabbed a bit of popcorn, and began to munch.

"Tell me now," Craig demanded as they filed out of the cinema. Without any regard to who was listening in to their conversation, Mel launched into the explanation that Daisy had given her that morning, elaborating on the bits that Daisy had elaborated on, making the whole thing seem a lot more glamorous. "And poof!" she finished. "Dr Brennan and Agent Booth were back home. Easy as pie. Just think what we could do with a machine like that – we could like, stop someone from dying if we really wanted." Mel sighed wistfully.

"I want that machine."

It didn't take long for the word to spread around the school, even though it was 'top secret', it seemed that everyone knew.

"Hey Daisy!" Rachel caught up to her. "I just got the best goss! Helen got it from Henry who got it from Blake who heard it from Tina who heard it from Marie who found out from Janie that the other Rachel that Rebecca heard that Fiona was listing to George tell Yvonne who got it from Joe, who heard it from Fred that Tim heard it from Craig who heard it from Mel, who discovered that some guy invented a real live time machine!"

Daisy's sunny look darkened, and she went to search out Mel. "Mel, I told you not to tell anyone! And then you didn't even give me any credit."

Mel huffed. "I only told five people. And besides, if it was such a secret, you shouldn't have told me. Duh! Look, Dais, you're out of style. I was doing you a favor, telling everyone that I made it up. Trust me."

Daisy stared at her in disbelief, a sinking feeling in her stomach… and Uncle Graham was not going to be happy if he found out… she sure hoped he didn't.

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