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From Heiress to Pauper

Small winces and whimpers came from the squirming heiress as a long mother-of-pearl comb ran through her short choppy raven locks. Pale ivory eyes, tainted with the most subtle hint of violet, watched the almost frenzied process as the maid tried to make up for lost time.

A girl about the age and height of the heiress was busy fiddling with the elaborate orange obi tie to the young miss's kimono, the maid kept tripping over the girl and scolding her for being in the way only to scold yet again when the girl didn't properly tie Hinata-sama's obi.

So much activity just because her and Father were going to the summer festival. Hinata frowned a little staring at her own reflection. The maid had placed long dangling hair pens of tinkling silver chains steaming from tiny lotus flowers crafted out of pearl. The pins held back Hinata's bangs, attention drawn to her pale and barren forehead.

Usually Hinata didn't pay much attention to such details, most five year olds wouldn't, but she had noticed that last year…or perhaps the year before, her elder cousin had took to wearing long white bandages around his forehead. Last year he stopped talking to her…

"There. That's the best we can do," the maid began, one hand on her hip, the other cupping her long chin thoughtfully before sighing, "I do so wish that Hyuuga-sama would reconsider and allow Hinata-sama to grow her hair out. She would look so pretty with long hair."

Hinata frowned. The girl almost wished that she had long hair too, just like her Mother. But Father forbade anything to look like, or remind him, of Mother nowadays since she passed away when Hinata was three.

Still Hinata thought that she looked 'pretty' enough. The hairpins looked nice and this was her favorite yukata of violet with small white blossoms decorating in a pattern like fashion and a big bright orange bow in the back.

What Hinata didn't like was the long sleeves that had been sewn on the garment somewhere between now and the last time she wore this festive garment.

The maid was whispering and tsk tsk-ing to herself about how Hinata-sama was far too young.

Another frown marred the girl's china doll like face.

Too young?

Too young for what, she wondered.

There was no time to worry about such trivial things; instead the girl's mind was easily distracted by figuring out ways to get her father to catch goldfish for her. Hinata could vaguely recall that she liked festivals because of the goldfish, the bright colorful lanterns, and the fireworks.

It was a bit difficult for her to recall though since she had only been three the last time she attended a festival, both tiny hands clasped in her Father and Mother's.

Tonight though, tonight her father was taking her out to enjoy the festival.

So the young miss obediently slipped her feet into unfamiliar zori sandals, it was rather hard to walk though since these were a bit taller than what she had been used to, something like high-heels that she had seen older women wearing.

Why were her sandals so different? So…ladylike and taller? Hinata didn't have time to think further on that matter since she was being herded out of the door, down the hall and to the front step where her father stood.

Arms crossed over his chest, hands hidden in the sleeves of his dull grayish attire Hyuuga-sama critically eyed his daughter. She had the slightest hints of makeup, tall zori sandals, and a child-sized furisode kimono.

By most standards the girl was too young to wear something that signified 'coming-of-age' but tonight she wouldn't be a child or at least not his 'child anymore.

Hinata smiled shyly and bowed at her waist, "D-does Father approve?"

Have I made you proud?

That always seemed to be the question with her.

Hiashi nodded curtly, "Hai," he said before walking over the threshold of the house. Hinata wanted to reach out and grasp his hand, just like she use to as a little girl; but she had been scolded on 'proper behavior' one too many times to know better.

Instead she stood upright, shoulders relaxed but not slouched, head held high, hands hidden inside her long sleeves as she gracefully walked…well she did stumbled once, but other than a blushing face no one was the wiser of that fact.


He could hear other children laughing, screaming, and running up and down the narrow rows of booths at the festival. Moodily Sasuke had to sit inside the teahouse, watching small shadows of his cousins make tiny foot tracks as they raced excitedly to the next attraction, the newest shiny bobble, or gazing longingly at the tiny fishes swimming at the koi catching ponds.

And here he was…stuck inside while everyone was having fun outside.

"Elbows off the table," one his uncles scolded needlessly since Sasuke could have sworn that his elbows had been cleared of the table…okay so maybe they were teetering on the edge of the ebony-wood but that wasn't a crime.

Still one stern looked from his Father and the boy was sitting upright, hands and elbows off the table.

A small sly glance to his right and Sasuke could see his father sitting at the head of the table, mother to his left, and Itachi seated to his right with Sasuke sitting to the left of Itachi.

This…was so boring. And he didn't like this kimono the maid had wrapped him in. The black material was too thick and heavy for the summer weather, and the high collar was a bit itchy around his neck.

Said neck turned with the head as footsteps were heard. The soft melodious voice of the teahouse hostess spoke, her long graceful shadow cast over the rice paper of the shoji screen door.

"Right this way Hyuuga-sama," she said before a pale and well manicured hand slid open the door just as all onyx eyes 'casually' glanced in the direction of the door.

Once it opened fully there stood a tall stern looking man, thought wrinkles formed on his highbrow line dressed in a grayish-black yukata with the symbol of an orange-red flame embossed on the right sleeve.

More on Sasuke's eye level there was a small girl, who stared back at her audience of many with wide fearful eyes of pearl, just like the bejeweled flowers in her short dark hair. Curiously Sasuke tilted his head to one side as the Hyuuga father and daughter took their place at the opposite end of the table.

The girl had tried to sit in her father's lap, only to have the older man pick her up and place the girl down onto the floor pillow.

A look of hurt crossed openly over the girl's face, but then quickly schooled into one of understanding as she sat down properly, her gaze demurely lowered to the hands folded in her lap.

Sasuke was almost mad that no one had to remind 'her' of manners; but in the end he was too bored to care.


Glances were exchanged between the patriarchs of the two most powerful clans in Konoha. Already the written agreement had been penned and sealed within a scroll which Hiashi pulled out before passing it to the attendant for the Uchiha clan.

Once it arrived in the hands of the Uchiha clan leader it was understood.

So the seal was broken, unfurled, and after a few minutes of overlooking the details before pulling out his own pen, and neatly scrawling a signature before rolling it back up with a curt nod.

Hiashi wordlessly stood up heading to the door. Not wishing to be left behind with these strange people with coal for eyes Hinata scrambled from her seat to accompany him, the sandals that were 'too big' for her feet making a clip-clop sound as she raced to accompany her father.

"No," he said simply, hand on the door.

The girl stopped, blinking wide pale eyes, unable to understand what was going on.

Hiashi took in a steadying breath.

"You are not my daughter anymore Hinata. You belong to the Uchiha clan now."

Stunned Hinata could only stand, stare, and watch as her 'father' opened the door leading out of the room and closing it with a soft 'snap' that sounded so much louder when it was echoing off the cavernous corners of her mind.


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