TITLE: Taken

I got the new start I'd been hoping for. Sandy Cohen got me out of juvy, took me to his home... let me stay with his family, in Newport. And that's where it happened. I fell in love. I didn't mean to, and I certainly didn't plan on it. But then again, I didn't plan on meeting someone like her. She's beautiful, unlike anyone I had ever known.

The blue eyes were what got me first. And then her smile -- rows of white, perfectly aligned teeth between two full lips. She was tall... lithe... had long legs -- probably a former dancer. Long hair fell just past her collarbone perfectly styled... soft, I imagine. Her voice stuck in my head the first time I heard it.

But she was taken, and I had no right to be thinking of her constantly. But did that stop me? Not in the slightest. There was distance at first, but the electricity was palpable. Sparks flew any time we ever came remotely close to touching... bumping into each other. But she had to keep her distance, as did I, though I know we both felt something. We were from different worlds, and she was taken... but I was taken with her.

The first time I heard her laugh, I couldn't stop staring at her. She was so beautiful, those blue eyes twinkling under the night sky. When she turned that melodious laugh and traffic-stopping smile on me, I was a goner. That was it. I tripped and fell.

Yes, my first week in Newport I fell for an amazing woman. It's just too bad she's married to my attorney.


AUTHOR'S NOTES: I told you it was uncon ;)