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Part one: Infant

"Goodnight, Matthias. Go to sleep, you ruffian!" a kind looking mousewife scolded the young mouse, bouncing around his small, cramped room.

"Bud I don' wanna, mummum!" the mouse shouted at the top of his lungs. "I wanna bounceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!"

The mousewife sighed with resignation. "Kent! I need your help here!"

Footpaws slapped up the wooden stairs. "I'm coming, Bluebell!" called the voice.

Finnaly, a strong looking brown mouse came into the view of the room. He saw the excited Dibbun, and instantly realized what the problem.

"Matthias trouble again, dear?" He whispered to Bluebell. In answer, she nodded.

Kent suddenly made a face, sticking out his tongue at his son. "Naya, betcha you can't get me!"

"Dady, I c'n getcha ezee!" he giggled, and ran at his father. He then swerved at the last moment, seeing his father unmoving, and recognizing the trick.

"I'll get you!" Kent ran at his son, but was too late. Matthias was very tricky and clever, though through all of that, he was very-


There was a huge calmor in the kitchen, as a few pots and pans fell to the hard-packed dirt floor. A small voice wafted upstairs.


The mousewife went to the wood walls and banged her head against the huge, rectangular slap of wood. Her husband caught her.

"Now, Bluebell, you might wreck the house." He teased. Bluebell shook her head.

"Not before Matthias does! He is, as you know, a born klutz."

He chuckled. "True, but he's smart. He is very quick at recognizing tricks he has seen before. Oh, is he quick."

The mousewife sighed. "Yes, he is, but he's been staying up later and later. I can't have him do that-harvest time is soon, and we need to preserve, pick, so many chores!" She turned to walk down the stairs. "I suppose I'll have to make a deal with him."

After she had gone, Kent looked around his son's shabby room, and sighed. If only he had a better place for his family, instead of this small, cramped hut that had taken a whole season to build. If only, if only……..

Voices floated up the stairs. Kent pricked his ears.

"Come on, Matthias, it's way past your bedtime!"

"Bu' mummum, I's not sleeps at alla! I awakey!"

"I know, I know. How about if you go to bed I'll sing you a song?"

"No song."

"What, then?" The voices were louder, and footpaws, one light and bouncy, the other heavy and dragging.

"I wanna toy! I don' gonna toy! Peese?"

Bluebell gave a small, sad sigh. "I'm sorry, but we don't have the time."

Kent heard a sobbing voice. "Yousa nevah 'ave time!"

Matthias came into the room, tears running down his small face. Kent's heart softened even more than it already was, as he picked him up. As he looked into the face, he had an idea.

"Son," he started slowly. "Would you like a story if you go to sleep?"

Matthias's face brightened. "Ya, Dady, I lika stowy. Bu' ony iv," he grinned "You maka mesa toy. An' I get to tell 'oo wha' t'make!"

His father sighed. "Okay. Would you like to hear of that legendary mouse, Martin the Warrior?"

Matthias clapped his tiny paws excitedly. "Maten! Ya, Ya!"

"That settles it then. Okay, here we go.

"Nobeast knows where Martin came from, or what his past was. The most beasts know about him is that he defeated the evil Wildcat queen of this castle, Kotir.

"The queen was called Tsarmania, and she bullied all goodbeasts. Soon, they all left, and created a force called the Corim.

"Martin defeated Tsarmania with the help of many beasts including one called Gonff, prince of Mousethieves. Now, matey," Kent winked at his son. "I'm no story teller, but your mother can tell it to you at a different time."

Matthias scowled. "Dat 'as no guud."

Kent tickled his sons' chin, making him giggle. "Ah, but you didn't say it had to be good. You just wanted any old story. Right?"

Mattias was quiet for a while, clearly struggling to find a loophole in the question. Finnaly, he sighed in resignation.

"Fin, Dady. Bu' now I tells 'oo what t' make." The young mouse took a deep breath.

"I wanna thord, peese."

Kent was surprised, and in his surprisement, nodded. Bluebell protested in a word.


Matthias went on, oblivious to the conversation. "A weal thord. Made a' thteel an' all tha'."

The mouse father held up his paws. "Whoa, Mati. I can't make you a real sword, made of steel, though I can make you a stick-sword."


"That's the spirit. Now, sleep-time." Kent turned, and heard his wife ask Matthias something.

"Would you like a song?"

A mumbled reply came, and after that the start of a song. Kent recognized the words, and almost fell asleep that instant.

"Go to sleep, dream of sunrise,

Dawn's not far away,

Dream of rolling hills bathed in sun light,

Covered in poppy……" Kent fell asleep on the stairs. After a few minutes, Bluebell came down, and smiled at the sprawled figure.

"Dibbuns, the both of them." She dragged Kent up the stairs and to their twin beds, where they slept, peacefully.

All of this, though, was about to change.

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