I yawned as walked down the hallway in school that morning. I didn't get enough sleep last night. Also people were talking about some of the bizarre noises that were heard the previous night. Some of the things were pretty logical; others were very farfetched but not too far from the truth. Only I know what truly happened. It was like a bad dream and the more I thought about it, the more real it became. I couldn't wait to tell my friends, Jun and Rikku about it. I entered the classroom just as the class bell rang. None of my classmates seemed fazed by the bell and continued on with their discussions. I took my seat next to Jun and she looked at me and smirked.

"Rough morning?"

"Rough night," I replied.

"Alright settle down," our teacher, Mr. Taguya said as he entered the classroom. "Today we have a new student who'll be joining us for the year."

A new face huh? I mused.

Mr. Taguya turned towards the door and smiled.

"You can come in now,"

As told, a young girl walked into the classroom, stood next to the teacher, and turned to face the class. She had long light green hair, which in my opinion was an unusual color, but made her look gorgeous. I have ghastly white hair which made my classmate, Chad Kazuki call me a ghost when I accidentally spooked him.

"My name is Morrigan," she said. "Morrigan Aensland."

The sound of her voice sent chills down my spine. She wore a pretty friendly smile. I've seen that smile somewhere before. As I thought about it, an image flashed in my head and it dawned on me. That that was the girl from last night. My heart skipped a beat when her emerald colored eyes shifted onto me. Mr. Taguya said something else but I wasn't listening. Why was she staring at me? Could she smell my fear? Jun gently nudged me, shaking me from my stupor.

"Daisuke are you okay?" she asked. "You look like you've seen a ghost."

I give the new girl a final glance before turning to Jun.

"That's the girl from last night," I muttered.

Jun gave me a quizzical stare.


"I'll tell you and Rikku all about it at lunch," I whispered.

Jun gave me a worried glance before returning her attention towards the front of the room. I guess she noticed my hand trembling.

I bet you're wondering what exactly did happen last night that made me so apprehensive this morning.

It all started when Rikku had to stay late after practice. Since there was something he had to do in the main office he asked me to hang around and help him put the equipment away. Being the friendly person that I usually am, I didn't object. Explaining to my dad why I'm so late getting home wouldn't have been difficult. Rikku locked the closet door after we made sure that all of the equipment was stored inside and then started for the office. I told him I'd meet him there after I changed my clothes. I decided to change back into my black school uniform since I hadn't brought anything else and headed down to the office.

"I appreciate this," Rikku said to me as he stepped out.

"No problem," I said passively. "Well, since that's done and over with, I'll be headin' home now."

"That's a good idea since it'll be dark by the time you even make it halfway home," he said. "Try not to get bitten by any zombies or vampires on the way."

I chuckled at his joke as I started out the door.

Rikku was the big fan of horror. He had read every book and seen every movie that had come out for the genre. Jun had even read a few books and could relate to him from time to time. I myself was never into it and sometimes felt alienated whenever the topic came up. Even when the three of us went to see a horror movie, it never really caught my interest. That was true, until what happened later that night.

As I walked down the streets I looked up towards the sky. It turns out that Rikku was right about how long it would take for me to get home. Night blanketed the sky and the streetlights illuminated the street. The route I usually take home seemed a little creepier at night but it didn't bother me. Actually what was bothering me was the bizarre burning sensation I was feeling on the back of my head. I looked upward at the roof of a tall building nearby.

Was someone there... Watching me?

I stared for a moment wondering whether someone was really there or if I just imagined it. Either way, the thought creep me out to no end.

"Excuse me young man, perhaps you could assist me?" an old guy said from behind me.

The voice startled me, though I didn't show it visibly. I turned to him and watched as he approached from an alley. It seemed a little strange on how the man shambled towards me rather than actually walk.

Rikku may be right about the zombie thing I mentally joked.

The man stepped under streetlight, revealing his appearance. He was a bald, old, had no facial hair whatsoever, and It weirded me out to see that his eyes were completely white and lifeless. The rags that he wore appeared to be that of a tuxedo. I was about to assume that he was just a blind, old homeless guy trying to beg for change so that he can buy some liquor, but then I noticed the red stains on his face. It dawned on me that it was blood when I noticed the bizarre looking cut in his neck.

"I could assist you to the hospital," I said while staring at his wound.

"Oh, that's kind of you, but that isn't necessary," the man said. "I do however need something


He seemed pretty calm about having a weird looking gash in his neck. It was like it didn't bother him at all. Something didn't seem right and I grew suspicious.

"Like what?"

"Like you," he simply replied.

I began backing away as he hunched over. I stared appalled as green slime began oozing from his ears, eyes, nose, mouth, and wound. The slime molded together to form some kind of giant blob creature with tentacles. I didn't stick around to see what else it gained in its new form. As I dashed down the empty street, I looked back only to see the creature moving the only way that it could after me. I rounded the corner, down the street that went straight into the park and hoped that I would lose it in there. Once in the park, I hopped over the railing on the side of the road, slid down the grassy hill towards the river and looked back towards the road only to see that the monster had vanished.

Did I lose it?

I spun around to a bizarre roaring noise behind me and saw the blob-thing to my dismay. I turned to run, but something caught my leg, causing me to face plant onto the concrete riverbank. I began to lift myself from the ground but suddenly I was dragged across the ground. I look back to see that the creature had grabbed me with one of its tentacles and was now pulling me towards it. I tried kicking it off my leg but to no avail. My efforts to grasp the ground only resulted in me scraping my hands. Just when all seemed lost, a strange ball of light shot from the darkness and struck the monster causing a horrifying shrill. The blob loosened its grip on me and I crawled away without thinking twice about it. Crawling a few feet away, I sat up and faced it with no idea as to what just happened. I looked toward the road where the ball of light had come from and spotted what appeared to be a young girl sitting on the railing. I couldn't really tell though since only the moon lit the area.

"I've been waiting for something to happen for a while, and now I'm bored," the girl said. "Do you think you can amuse me?"

The blob answered by shooting green liquid at her. The girl vanished in a blink of an eye and the green substance landed on the railing. I watched as the fluid began eating away at the metal. The girl reappeared in front of the monster, separating me from it, causing the creature to move towards her. Calmly, she held out her fist and another ball of light, bigger than the first, launched towards the monster. When it connected, the monster exploded - splattering its green goop everywhere. Miraculously, none of it landed on either of us.

"I guess it couldn't amuse me after all," the girl said.

As I got back onto my feet, I eyed the girl suspiciously. At her waist hung a pair of bat like wings along with two smaller versions jutting from her head. If it weren't for pride and the fact that I was a little paranoid, I would've thanked her for saving me. However, something told me that she wasn't really concerned for my wellbeing. She then looked back at me with glowing violet eyes. Before I realized it, she was pressed closely behind me with her arms around my neck and her chin perched on my shoulder.

"Boo," she whispered into my ear.

I froze, not knowing what to expect next. I was surprise to hear her giggle.

"Did I really frighten you?" she asked. "You're trembling."

I didn't answer. To be honest, I didn't know whether or not I was afraid. Who was this girl? What did she want from me?

"What's the matter? Nothing to say?"

The tone in her voice told me that she was getting irritated. I watched in terror as a large blade rose to my face.

"Perhaps this will get a noise from you,"

Suddenly the green goop began to move in front of us reforming the monster that was thought to be dead.

"Oh? You're still alive?" the girl said, releasing me. She sounded much happier when she said that. She stepped in front of the blob monster. "Alright I'll give you one more chance."

This time, I decided not to stick around. I ran away from them both without even daring to look back.

I didn't know what became of the girl who I now know as Morrigan Aensland until she showed up to my class. I was practically horrified at what Mr. Taguya did next.

"Inoa, please raise your hand,"

Without really thinking about it, I did so with no questions asked. I watched as a grin stretched across Mr. Taguya's face and he looked at Morrigan.

"That's him over there," Taguya said, pointing at me. "You'll be sitting next to him."


"Oh, okay," Morrigan said innocently.

Seconds later, Morrigan occupied the empty desk to my left. She sent a friendly smile my direction and then looked down into her open notebook. I look towards Jun as she sends me another one of her smirks. That's when I noticed some of the glares from the male population of my class and sighed.

This is going to be a long day.