In The Dark


Pairing(s): Reeve x Cloud

Summary: CHALLENGE FIC. Keyword: Dark.

Author Note: Okay, I did skip over Challenge #4. But that's because its rated NC-17, and I don't want to get kicked off this site again. XP So, if you wish to read the missing piece, go to my livejournal, where I go under the nickname cloudkitsune.


In the shadows of the night, he found himself watching the other sleep. It had been another long and tiresome day, monster after monster springing up to get a piece of the group of travelers. It was no wonder the other slept so heavily, head resting peacefully on an over used pillow of the inn they were staying at for the night. Even the other members of the misfit group were out like a light, completely dead to the world.

He, on the other hand, could not sympathize with those people. Not while he was so safely hidden away in the looming tower of ShinRa Corp., seeing everything his little moogle-cat toy could but not actually being there. And now that all was calm, he was finally able to just watch the sleeping form of the one being he wished to have by his side. To have by his side, not his fake toy's. To have that slender body sleeping so soundly on his bed, not a random inn's. To be able to actually feel the different textures, from skin to hair, instead of seeing that comical white paw of the moogle toy groping the other's hand. To have the other here, with him, not there with them.

But it would have to wait. He shouldn't be thinking such things about ShinRa's own enemies. Not when the Planet's existence was depending on their actions. He would wait, silently watching the sleeping blonde in the shadows of the night. Quietly admire those shocking blue eyes as they locked onto his toy's own, coming in clearly on his mini TV screen as the other addressed him in what needs to be done.

Yes, he would wait... until the time came when he could finally steal the other away. Until then... he'll remain in the dark.