A/N: Draco's Secret Lover requested a ReidTyler fic and I thought I'd get this Idea out of my head. I hope you like. I got the title from a Panic! At the Disco song.


Reid's POV

Tyler and I ended up having to babysit Caleb's girlfriend as he went to fight Chase. I was really wanting to be alone with Tyler tonight. Caleb called to make sure Sarah was alright and when we turnned to see how she was doing, she was gone. Because of that we spenta nice portion of our night looking for her. After we searched everywhere, we called Caleb back up and told him that we couldn't find her. There was a loud noise on the other line, and we figured that ment that Caleb had just ran into Chase. We took that as meaning taht Chase had Sarah too. Oh well, at least she's not in our way any more.

"What do we do now?" I asked.

"I think I saw Aaron spike the punch earlier." Tyler said.

"Sounds good to me. Shall we?" I asked extending my arm.

Tyler laughed softly and took my arm. "Just try not to get waisted. I don't want to have to deal withanother one of your hangovers."

"Yes Ty." I said giving him puppy-dog eyes. I pored two glasses, one for me and the other for Tyler. I took a drink. "Damn, just how much vodka did he put in this? I swear if a teacher finds out Aaron is as good as expelled."

"Oh my god Reid, are you actually worried about what happens to Aaron?" Tyler asked.

"Nope, I'm worried about what'll happen to this punch." I replied.

Tyler rolled his eyes as he finished off his cup. I wish I could hold my alchohol like him. He lead me away to an empty side of the room, punch still in hand. I downed the rest of the fiery liquid and tossed the cup into a trash can as we passed it.

A slow song began to play and Tyler gave me a kiss. "Dance with me." I stared at him with an expression that asked 'what'. I had never danced before, at least not slow danced. He laughed softly and pulled me close. "Just follow my lead."

Afther stepping on Tyler's feet several times, I finally got the hang of it. He rested his head on my shoulders as we swayed to the music. I scanned the room and saw couples dancing, talking, and making out. Aaron had aparently just spotted me and Tyler and did a spit take. My eyes went black, causing someone to bump against Aaron. Aaron fell against the refreshment table and was drenched in punch. Nothing, not even Chase could ruin this moment.

After the song ended Tyler and I wnet outside to a spot that wasn't already occupied. I brought my hands up to Tyler's head and my lips connected with his. His arms wrapped around my backside and he deepened the kiss. I tried to loosen his tie, but he stopped me. "We should go somewhere else if we continue."

"Will your jeep do?" I asked.

"Um... can't you wait untill we get to the dorm? Pogue and Caleb sit in the back, remember?"

"Only when we go to parties."

"What if someone catches us, like a teacher. Besides, we're not too far from the dorms."

"You just don't want to make a mess in the car."

"That too. So are we going?"

"Hell yeah." I replied and we left the dance for our dorm. We were upo all night and when we finally fell asleep, we were snuggled closely together.

In the morning I woke up with the phone ringing, and a hangover from hell. Tyler was the one who answered the phone. He told me that it was Caleb calling to say that he was alright, Pogue was doing better, and Chase was missing. For the rest of the day Tyler stayed with me and nursed my hangover. All I could remember was the slow dance I had with Tyler. Which made me seriously wish I could hold my alchohol better.


Was I the only one that noticed the Reid and Tyler didn't have dates to the dance? Sorry if you thought it wasn't detailed enough in the last part.

BTW... dose Tyler drive a Jeep or a Hummer, cause i read another fic that said it was a hummer, but im not sure.