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Sa-ku-ra-oh! Queen of Cards

Chapter 1: Sakura and the Mysterious Puzzle

This dream…

Sakura saw herself in a pink cape and hat standing beside Kero before Tokyo Tower. Behind the tower was a huge full moon. Clow Cards rained down before Sakura. She saw herself holding her Clow wand.

She looked to her right and spotted a girl wearing almost the same outfit as hers. She looked like her but more mature. Her auburn hair was short and a bit messy and had one black streak on each side on her hair. Her eyes were covered with black shadow. The girl stared out into the open. Sakura's glance slowly averted down noticing a brown rope and something golden.

"Kinomoto….Kinomoto, wake up!"

Sakura slowly opened her eyes. Her eyes bugged to see Terada sensei giving her an upset look. She sweat dropped.

"I hope you have a nice sleep tonight. Class just ended," He informed her as students walked out of the classroom. He then walked to the front of the classroom.

Sakura sighed.

"Sakura-chan, did you sleep well last night?" Tomoyo asked worriedly.

Sakura nodded no. "I was working on this puzzle all night and couldn't sleep." She took out a golden box with hieroglyphics on them and the Eye of Horus in the middle. She placed it in front of her on her desk.

"Ah it's a pretty box," Tomoyo commented.

"O-tousan gave it to me long time ago when he came back from a trip from Egypt," Sakura said. "He thought I would like something nice as this."

"Ah, that was nice of your father Sakura-chan. He really is a nice person," Tomoyo acknowledged.

Sakura opened the lid and took out some odd puzzle pieces. The pieces were laid out in front of her. "I've been solving this puzzle for years since O-tousan gave me this box."

Tomoyo picked up one of the pieces. "They're so pretty and they are real gold."

She pointed at the hieroglyphics. "O-tousan told me what these hieroglyphics meant. It says "Something you can see, but can't see." Sakura thought for a moment. "I wondered what that riddle meant."

"I thought the most important thing to you is capturing the Clow Cards?"


Syaoran glared down at Sakura and crossed his arms. "And here you are wasting some of your time with a puzzle, while you should be out there capturing Clow Cards. Pathetic!"

Sakura lowered her head feeling sorrowful. "I know. But…"

Syaoran looked down at the puzzle pieces. He picked up a piece with an eye on it. "I'll hold on to this." He threw the piece in the air and caught in his hand.

Sakura and Tomoyo gasped. "Li-kun!"

Syaoran walked out towards the door. Sakura darted after him leaving Tomoyo behind. Tomoyo put away the pieces in the box.

"Li-kun! Give that back!!"

Few moments later, Sakura chased Syaoran down the hallway, down the corridors. She finally caught up with him as she grabbed his wrist.

"Let go of me!!" Syaoran demanded coldly.

"Not until you give that back!" Sakura retorted. She reached for the piece as Syaoran held the piece high over their heads.


As Sakura got his hand, she knocked the puzzle piece out of his hand causing the piece to fall out the window. Sakura gasped as the piece fell into the school's swimming pool.

"Well, if you wanted that piece so badly go and swim for it." Syaoran walked away feeling victorious.

Sakura sank as she held onto the windowsill. Tomoyo clasped her hands to her mouth as she saw Sakura feeling upset. She walked up to her holding Sakura's bag to her.


"T-Tomoyo-chan," Sakura looked at her with teary eyes. She stood up and fumed. "Grrrr that Li-kun is so mean! Mean! Mean! MEAN!!"

"Sakura-chan, I'm sure somehow you'll get your piece back," Tomoyo assured.

"Yeah," Sakura nodded, feeling a bit cheered up.

"Shall we go to recess?"

Sakura nodded.

Ding-dong ding-dong

"Ja ne!!"


Sakura sighed as she and Tomoyo were walking home. Sakura was still a bit upset of losing her puzzle piece.

"What's wrong?"

Sakura snapped out of it and turned to the voice. "Yu-Yukito-san. Ano…" She lowered her head as she stopped. "I lost my puzzle piece. O-tousan gave me this box filled with golden puzzle pieces. He got it from Egypt."

Touya searched in his pocket. "This?"

Sakura became startled as her big brother showed her the piece. "But…how?"

Yukito smiled. "Touya spotted your puzzle piece fall into your pool. He was nice enough to dive in and get it for you."

Sakura saw that Touya was a bit drenched in water. "Arigatou, Nii-chan."

"Finish that puzzle, all right." Touya and Yukito rode off on their bikes. Yukito waved back at Sakura and she waved back. She blushed a little bit holding her piece close to her. She sighed dreamily.


Tomoyo nodded. "Ganbatte ne on finishing that puzzle. Ja ne!"

"Arigatou Tomoyo-chan."

Tomoyo went on her way home.

Sakura's room

"Take this and this and that!! HIYA!!" Kero was playing video games on Sakura's TV, while Sakura sat at her desk working on her puzzle.

Sakura picked up two pieces and observed them. "Hmm…" She had gotten a bit far to completing the puzzle.

click click click "This goes here and this one…" click click "Yes! One more piece to go." She reached into her pocket and took out the piece with an eye. She placed the last piece in.

"Yatta!!! I did it!! I finished the puzzle!!" Sakura calmed her joy as she felt something wrong.


The eye illuminated a glow of light and a golden eye appeared on her forehead. "HOE!!"

"WHOOOHOOO!! I WON!" Kero turned to Sakura. "Sakura?"

Sakura felt something as one soul; one mind was fusing with hers. She felt that presence enter inside her. Then everything in her sight became dark.

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