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Chapter 12: Foursome Troublesome

Tomoeda Elementary School: After School….


"Ja ne!"

Students said goodbye to each other as they left the school and the classroom. Sakura and her gang were the last ones out of their classroom. As Sakura was packing her books into her bag, Rika and Naoko rushed into the classroom.


"What is it Naoko-chan?" Sakura asked.

"It's trouble! Chiharu-chan can't open her locker!" Rika replied frantically. "Yamazaki-kun is down there with her."

"When she tried to unlock her padlock, it didn't work," Naoko added. "Also, her new padlock didn't come with a key. She tried to open it with anything but it didn't work."

Sakura switched glances with Tomoyo, Syaoran, and Mei-ling. Eriol left the school earlier. They didn't hesitate to follow Rika and Naoko to the locker room.

Locker Room

"Mou…." Chiharu bit at her fingertips nervously as Yamazaki was whacking at the padlock to get it open. Yamazaki was whacking the padlock with a metal pole and he has been going at for a few minutes. Warm sweat trickled down his face as he continued to get the padlock to open.

"Yamazaki-kun…" Chiharu said with a bit of concern. She could see that Yamazaki was breathing heavily; his hands were getting blisters and almost about to bleed. "It's…okay…and.."

"No Chiharu-chan," Yamazaki returned with a stern tone. "I won't give up and will get this lock to open for you." He continued to hit the padlock with determination, ignoring the pain and numbness in his arms and hands.

"Yamazaki-kun…" Chiharu became speechless. She was astonished, but happy in the inside. She slightly smiled. Arigatou…Yamazaki-kun.

"Chiharu-chan!" "Yamazaki-kun!"


Syaoran cursed as he watched Yamazaki continue to whack at the padlock. Dammit Yamazaki, you don't know you're dealing with a Clow Card.

As Yamazaki whacked a final blow at the lock, the metal pole suddenly met with a green force field around the lock. "Huh?" The force field then deflected the pole back and sent a mass amount of force sending both Yamazaki and Chiharu against the opposite lockers. The force also sent Sakura and the gang backwards.

"Is everyone okay?" Tomoyo asked.

"I think so.." Mei-ling rubbed her head.

"Chiharu-chan! Yamazaki-kun!" Rika and Naoko rushed over to their sides with the rest following them.

Yamazaki flinched a little, while Chiharu gritted her teeth as they were enduring the pain from a strong force.

Sakura stared, stunned to see her friends hurt. "Minna…san…" Tears were almost swelled in her eyes. Her alto ego appeared beside her.

"There is nothing we can change this but to capture the Clow Card Aibou," Yami Sakura remarked sternly.

Sakura clenched her hands into fists as her bangs overshadowed her eyes for a moment. She shot her glance at her yami. "Demo…." Sakura bit her lip. "Because of a Clow card, my friends are getting hurt…even though I didn't want them to be a part in this….." Sakura felt scared…

Yami Sakura averted her glance from her light. "It can't be help but to get them to a safe place as soon as possible," she said calmly, but nonchalantly.

Sakura closed her eyes and lighten her grip for a moment as Yami Sakura's words absorbed into her mind. Then…

"Rika, Naoko take Chiharu and Yamazaki to the infirmary," Yami Sakura ordered sternly.

Rika and Naoko nodded. "Right" They helped Chiharu and Yamazaki to their feet respectfully and walked them to their infirmary.

"Now what?" Mei-ling said after their friends left the locker room. Mei-ling, Yami Sakura, Syaoran, and Tomoyo turned to face the padlock, which still had the force field around it.

"It's obviously the Lock card," Syaoran said. He then released his sword. "Stand back!"

"Lightning! Come…" Syaoran fell forward when Yami Sakura interrupted.

"No, I'll handle it!" Yami Sakura said sternly as she walked up to the locker. Syaoran shot back up and exclaimed angrily at her.

"Gah! Dammit woman!! I was trying to weaken it!" He then crossed his arms and put on a serious face. "The first thing before capturing a Clow Card is weakening it and…" He was interrupted again…

"You talk too much," Yami Sakura spoke calmly. It seemed like she ignored what Syaoran said. Syaoran stared at her in response.

Just as Yami Sakura approached any closer, the padlock sent strong winds whirled in the room causing some locker doors to shake, benches flying everywhere around the room.

"Keep your ground!" Yami Sakura advised.

The four of them tried, but they were staggered back from the force. As they were being pushed back, they quickly held on to the locker. Tomoyo and Mei-ling were on one side, while Yami Sakura and Syaoran were on the other.

Yami Sakura gritted her teeth. This needs to stop right now… She placed one foot forward and another one.

"Sakura-chan!" Tomoyo cried.

"Oi!" Syaoran called.

Yami Sakura staggered forward as she pushed herself against the strong wind. Almost there… she mused as she was a few distance away from the padlock.

The padlock sensed Yami Sakura's presence getting closer so it sent a much stronger wind to push her away…. it hit directly sending Yami Sakura stagger back a little. She tried with all her strength to keep going even under so much pressure from the padlock. Feeling angered, the eye on the puzzle glowed and the eye of Horus appeared on her forehead and the strong winds that were released broke apart. The pathway to the padlock was cleared.

Just before the Lock sent another wind, Yami Sakura rushed forward as she took out her key. "Now!" She forcefully protruded the force field around Lock and put the key into the lock. Green-wind like strings hovered over the lock above them showing the Lock's true form.

"Seal it now!" Syaoran exclaimed.

Yami Sakura released her Clow wand. "Release! Return to the guise you are meant to be in, Clow Card!"

The Lock was sucked in and was turned to its original card form. The card landed in Yami Sakura's hands.

"Sakura-chan!" Tomoyo called as she, Mei-ling, and Syaoran rushed to her side.

"Mou! That would have been Syaoran's if you hadn't butted in!" Mei-ling pointed rudely at Yami Sakura.

"Are you okay? You're not hurt are you?" Tomoyo asked worriedly.

"I'm fine, don't worry about it," Yami Sakura assured.

"Am I right Syaoran?! Syaoran?"

Syaoran studied Yami Sakura suspiciously. Did she just use the power of her Sennen item to break the winds? He mused.

"Syaoran!!" Mei-ling exclaimed irritably.

Syaoran snapped out of his thoughts. "Huh?"


"We should check up on Chiharu-chan and Yamazaki-kun," Tomoyo suggested. The rest of them agreed and headed towards the infirmary.

Along the way to the infirmary in the hallway….

"Mou hitori no watashi…" Sakura appeared beside Yami Sakura in transparent form. She was holding her head down. "Gomenasai, it was my fault that you almost got hurt."

"I didn't get hurt," Yami Sakura retorted bluntly. "It's no one's fault Aibou. Don't blame yourself for what happened, it's all in the past."

Sakura held her head lower.

"Aibou, look at me."

Sakura lifted her head up a little as she heard a commanding, soft voice from her dark half.

"I'm sure you're friends are all right; everything will be all right," Yami Sakura assured, kindness and trust shimmered in her crimson-emerald eyes.

Sakura's frown turned into a smile. "Hai!" Arigatou… mou hitori no watashi She remembered Tomoyo telling her that her dark half must be lucky to have her. I'm happy I have you too, other me.


Later that night….

"Sakura-chan, you look so cute in the ninja costume," Tomoyo acknowledged while videotaping her. Sakura, Tomoyo, and Kero were on their way to Rika's house. "I imagined a ninja silently hasten in the night." Her eyes sparkled.

Sakura told Kero about the incident at school and he got a bit upset that other people got involved. Sometime he thought that it couldn't be helped; also hopefully Sakura's friends would go on with their lives like nothing happened out of the ordinary after capturing the cards. They planned on "breaking in" Rika's house to get the card she "bought".

Anyway…. about Sakura's ninja costume…. Her ninja costume was like Misao's from Rurouni Kenshin except Sakura's was red with a pink sash. She wore a red sash like a headband on her head and it was tied in a knot in the back. Of course, Sakura was wearing her puzzle.

Sakura smiled sheepishly. "Tomoyo-chan, what are you suppose to be?"

"I'm Yue Ayase in her pactio card outfit," Tomoyo replied. "desu… from Negima. I even brought some juice packages." She patted her pink handbag that hung from her shoulder.

Few moments later, Sakura, Tomoyo, and Kero arrived at Rika's house. They noticed the lights were on. They sneaked into Rika's backyard.

"Are we sure about breaking in?" Sakura asked nervously. "I feel kind of bad…."

"We're on the lawn, aren't we?" Kero remarked as he looked around. "We should…" He was then grabbed and hid when they heard…

"Sakura-chan? Tomoyo-chan? Why are you in my backyard?" Rika asked.

"Uh…." Sakura and Tomoyo stood dumbfounded.

"I noticed you guys coming from the window," Rika said with a grin. "Come on in and make yourselves comfortable instead of hiding in the bush," she gestured.

"Okay…thank you…" Sakura and Tomoyo followed Rika into the house.

"Oh, just curious, why are you guys dressed up like that?" Rika asked politely and curiously.

Sakura and Tomoyo switched glances. Tomoyo spoke. "Why not have a costume tea party at your house Rika-chan?" she replied.

"Eh? Its not Halloween yet…should we invite the others? Also, that's weird I never heard of having a costume tea party at my house…" Rika thought for a moment.

Sakura stood rooted sweating bullets. "Ah…ah!"

"Sounds like fun!" Rika chirped. Sakura and Tomoyo sighed with relief. "what are you guys suppose to be? You know…just in case my guess is wrong.."

"I'm a ninja"

"I'm Yue Ayase in her pactio card outfit….desu…" Tomoyo took out a juice package and started drinking.


"Ninja!!" A little boy with dirty blonde spiky hair shouted as he approached the girls. He had the same color eyes as Rika.

"This is Shinta, my 6 year old cousin," Rika introduced. "I'm babysitting him for the night."

Shinta examined Sakura for a moment in awe, walking around her like a Vulture. "Ne, Ne, Ne! what village did you come from? What kind of jutsu to do you use? I wanna know! I wanna know! I wanna know!" he said hyperactively, eyes sparkling.

"Ho…Hoe…." Sakura stood there nervously…

"He likes Naruto," Rika said simply.

Tomoyo chuckled. She started to imitate Yue. "I see desu.. She's a spy from the Village of Fire, who joined forces with Orochimaru. She was sent to gather information in order to invade Konoha desu."

"To-Yue-chan!" Sakura exclaimed startled.

"Orochimaru!!" Shinta exclaimed angrily. "Grr… I would not let you invade our village!" He pointed rudely at Sakura. He then darted out of the room and came back wearing a Naruto cosplay costume. "For I am Naruto Uzumaki who will become Hokage one day! Believe it!"

Sakura chuckled nervously. "Hoe…..Yue Tomoyo-chan…."

Rika and Tomoyo giggled.


Moments later….


"Hya!! Take this bad guy from Village of Fire!!" Shinta yelled as he chased Sakura around the house and attacked her with fake kunai.

Rika thought Sakura had enough so… "Shinta….I mean Naruto, do I sense the Sound Ninja coming this way?" she called.

"Sound Ninja! Where?"

"I believe….. You could meet them in the living room."

"Here I come!" Shinta rushed towards the living room.

Sakura sighed with relief. "Arigatou… Rika-chan.."

Rika smiled. "No problem; about that costume party….." that was kinna fun

"Oh, let's go to my room before Shinta comes," Rika added. With that, Tomoyo and Sakura followed Rika upstairs to her room.

"My parents are out for the night on their anniversary," Rika said as the girls walked up the stairs. "So, I'm watching over the house and Shinta."

Few minutes later, Rika opened her bedroom door. Tomoyo and Sakura became a bit astonished. Rika's bedroom was filled with Sanrio products: from Hello Kitty, Chococat, Keroppi, Pochacco, Cinnamoroll, Pekkle, etc; but mostly Hello Kitty. She had a Hello Kitty bed on the right side of the room against the wall with different Sanrio character pillows. The only things that were "normal" were her disk, school bag, and rolling chair.

"Wow Rika-chan! You have a full collection!" Sakura remarked in awe.

"Hai, I love Sanrio especially Hello Kitty my favorite," Rika replied.

"Sakura," Kero whispered over her shoulder. He gazed at a card on Rika's desk.

Sakura nodded. Clow Card

Seeing Sakura and Kero, Tomoyo suggested to Rika, "We can't have a tea party without tea and sweets, ne?"

"Oh, I'll be right back with those," Rika said as she left the room. She rushed back into her room to grab her costume, then rushed back out. Tomoyo closed the door behind Rika.

"I believe close is clear," she said.

Sakura walked towards the desk and picked up the card.

"Shot is a very dangerous card and only attacks the person to whom it's aimed at," Kero said.

"The person who is aimed at…" Sakura repeated. Rika's voice was heard behind the door.

"Sakura-chan! I brought some cookies and tea"

Sakura, Kero, and Tomoyo became astonished as the Shot card started to glow.

"Shimatta!" Kero exclaimed.

The card turned into a beam of light and shot towards the ceiling; then hovered in the air for a few moments. Sakura jumped out of the way as Shot darted towards her. She dodged Shot's attack best as she can; breaking and tearing Rika's room in the process.


"Is everything all right in there?"

Tomoyo gasped a little. She quickly opened the door and closed it behind her, only to meet a confused and concern Rika. The two girls heard the sound of a mirror broken into pieces.

"Tomoyo-chan, do I hear something in my room?" Rika wore an Angel Hello Kitty costume. She held a tray with chocolate chip cookies and three cups of tea.

"Uh…." Tomoyo grinned sheepishly. She eyed a unique vase at the corner of her eye. She knocked the vase off the wooden post. "Ah! I'm so sorry Rika-chan!"

Rika grinned. "That's okay. It was an old, but fake antique anyway. My mom wanted to get rid of it."

"Oh….I…..see….." Tomoyo said dumbfounded.

Rika chuckled. "You're acting strange Tomoyo-chan. Have you been hanging around Sakura-chan a lot…I mean A Lot lately?"


"Release!!" Sakura jumped out of the way as Shot darted towards her; causing Shot to crash into Rika's desk. Gomenasai, Rika-chan

Yami Sakura appeared in transparent form beside her light. "Aibou, do you want me to take over or do you have a plan?"

"Sakura! We need to capture Shot now!" Kero exclaimed.

Sakura thought for a moment as she dodged Shot's attack…but in a blink second, Shot had left a scar on Sakura's right shoulder. She cringed in pain as she gripped her shoulder.

"Aibou! Daijoubu?"


"I'm….all right…." Sakura replied breathlessly. Blood dripped on her fingers.

"Aibou, let me handle it…..Aibou? Aibou!"

Sakura was ignoring her dark half as she stared straight in the eye at Shot. Shot darted at the speed of light towards Sakura.



Sakura gripped tightly onto her wand. Suddenly….

To be continued….


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