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COMPLETELY AU! The movie never happened. Ed never went across the Gate (he won't be appearing, I dun think), Roy wasn't demoted. Thanks. I think that is all the warnings I have.

Pairings: Royai (main), HyuRoi (slight)

"Roy, here." Amber eyes peered up at the man beside her, taking in his genuine smile, the handsome features upon his face. She returned the smile turning to the booth before her, dressed in a rather uncharacteristic, at least for her, kimono for that night's festival. They had some time off, two weeks, so why not use it to full effect?

Her eyes looked over the food presented to them, the man behind her not deciding either way what he wanted. Instead, she just moved on, reaching into the package she had grabbed for some things she had packed for their night out, handing him an egg roll. "The Japanese culture is simply splendid." She commented, running her hand down the flowery, autumn colored kimono that accented her hair and eyes. Her lips were painted, a faint pink, a fitting color.

His grin remained, nodding slowly. "Yes. It is a wonderful culture." He, however, hadn't shown much interest in dressing up with her. He remained in his civilian clothing, his white button up shirt, dark blue jacket and black slacks. Roy wasn't as…into it as she was. That didn't mean he didn't enjoy the time he spent with her. "Riza, what else did you want to do?"

The blonde's eyes moved to the midnight blue sky above, the stars twinkling and shining brightly against it, the moon's light absent, due to the new moon phase. It was a splendid night to be out, cool, calm, no wind at all, and with the very man she cared about. What more did she want to do? "Are you getting tired?" She asked gently, but making sure to keep firm on her decision to go home should he begin to feel fatigued.

It had been three years ago since he fought his worst enemy, the Fuhrer, coming out with barely his life. His left eye was lost, and his body still suffered from a fatigue that could not be explained. The only thing that could be said was that his heart had sustained damage that could not be repaired so easily. Unfortunately, Roy was unable to work again, sitting more at his desk as General Mustang, rather than being forced onto active duty. He wouldn't have been able to handle it. "I'm fine, Riza. Let's enjoy this, all right? I haven't been able to do something like this in quite some time."

Riza remained faithful to him, clinging to his every word that he would do what he could to make things right again. He would finish what he aimed to do, a weakened man or not. Her hand found his left one, his fingers curled around the handle of the cane he used for long walks. Her gaze met his, a sigh leaving her. "You push yourself too hard."

"You're being awfully cheerful tonight." His smile turned into a smirk, that mischievous look in his eye that she hated to love. That was the way she knew he was all right. He wasn't being depressed, or focused on his disabilities. He was smirking, flirting, being the Mustang she knew. That was always something that told her that she didn't have to worry.

"Of course I am. Who wouldn't be? It's a beautiful night, I'm at a great festival, I'm here with you…what more could I ask for?" Riza had to admit, she wasn't feeling like…Hawkeye. She had managed to break free from her, allowed herself to become Riza outside of work, and was quickly able to access the trigger happy, serious woman when she needed her. For now, it was Riza that the situation called for, Hawkeye lingering in the back of her mind, awaiting for the moment when she would be set free.

"I'm glad you're enjoying yourself." He answered, turning his attention to the sky briefly. "It's a nice night."

She nodded, her grip tightening on his hand. "It is."

They had somehow lapsed into silence, her eyes on him, and his on the sky, ignoring the buzzing of the people around them, the excited squeals of a child as their father just won them a gold fish, a disappointed groan as one of the young men failed to impress their girlfriend, the chattering about what booths had excellent food, and the talks about the rather famous people in their midst. "What do you want out of life, Riza Hawkeye?"

"Hm?" She questioned. That was a little out of the blue. Certainly he could have proposed that in a better manner. Then again, this was Roy Mustang. It shouldn't have surprised her. Even if he didn't say something as romantic as one would have liked, it always seemed to be like the most romantic way it could have been presented. It was just one of his many talents, another one that she greatly appreciated. "I don't understand."

He chuckled, eyes closing for a moment. "Do you want a family? Do you want a higher rank? Do you want a different job? You never answered them the first time I asked…" Finally they returned to her, searching her for the answers that she would not so willingly give before.

Riza blinked, allowing her gaze to fall from his face, to their hands. The heat rose in her cheeks, but it was the Hawk that refused to allow him to see. Her pride was slowly slipping through. "I suppose I want a family. Someone must carry on my bloodline, right? My rank and job are fine. I chose those on my own and I refuse to lose them. I worked hard to keep them; I won't let you persuade me to give them up. What is this about? I thought – "

Roy raised his free hand, that cocky smirk in place and placed his fingers over her lips, forgetting about the paint on them for now. "This is a night out, a night for us to relax, yes. But how can we make decisions if we don't talk about them, and what better time than a date, hmn?"

Riza stepped away from his hand, frowning. "No one said that this was a date."

"You never said that it wasn't."

A snort. He was not going to change this around. "I never said it was, Mustang. Can we move on?"

Roy nodded, his smirk fading into his small smile. "Yes, let's move on. I was interested in that strange fluffy stuff further up. Should we try it?"

Riza's grin returned, shoving Hawkeye down, and nodding, allowing herself to take lead once more. "I wonder what that is as well. It'll be nice to try, at any rate."

Roy nodded, smile faltering. His right hand reached over to his left shoulder, eye narrowing. This wasn't right. He didn't feel right. This had to be done; he couldn't simply leave it like this. That pain…a pain he had felt before, when Pride had dug his blade into his chest, aiming for his heart, trying to tear down his life, as he had with his spirit, and his mind through the Ishballan War and the years that had followed, so much so that he had the courage and stupidity to challenge a homunculus and remove him from his throne. Riza…Riza had to know, he wouldn't let her go on like this. Neither one of them could. He couldn't be happy knowing he never said anything.

A strangling feeling. The pain shooting down his arm. The feeling that someone had grasped his heart and was squeezing it within his chest. The inability to breathe. He couldn't explain it; there was too much running through his head. The Flame…in such a pitiful position. Gasping for air, trying to make his body work. Trying to tell himself that it was nothing but a panic attack, something he had grown accustomed to since Bradley's fall, whenever he thought back to that day. Fear overcame, reflecting on his face, he knew that. He could feel it in the air, much more than he ever would have thought. It was a natural response, when one did not understand what was happening. This just turned out to be much more than he had ever thought possible. His heart was racing. The heat seemed to increase in his body. He couldn't handle it…

Riza stopped, turning to look at Roy, noticing he hadn't been with her. However, the sight that caught her frightened and surprised her, and Hawkeye hated to feel afraid. She brought a delicate hand to her mouth, dashing forward, ignoring the people around. They were none of her concern right now. The man cringing, falling to his knees, weakened, was the one she had to worry about. "Roy? What's wrong?" She asked, dropping in front of him and pulling his head to her shoulder.

"A nice…nice way to spend tonight, isn't it?"

Her grip tightened at the strain in his voice, almost as if she could steal his pain, or whatever was wrong with him away. No one could take him if she clung tight enough. "Shh…I knew you were tired. Too damn stubborn…"

Her thoughts didn't register anymore. The noises around them didn't make sense. Yelling, sirens, hands…none of it amounted to anything but confusion, and it didn't improve when the hands and their prying seemed to become more intense, more forceful. How long had she been sitting there, holding onto him? Neither had said a word, his labored breathing, his increased heartbeat…were non-existent. How could she not notice! "Taisa! Taisa, don't – come on dammit!" Slipping back into calling him 'Colonel' was something she was much too used to. It was accidental, really, since he wasn't a Colonel anymore, but that wasn't what was important anymore. Why wasn't he giving a response?

"Ma'am, we're going to ask you to come with us." The firm hands on her finally managed to pull her away, a strong man restraining her while the others did the job asked of them.

Riza watched, hiding the tears in her eyes, knowing that Roy would not want them at all. They would simply take him in, and he would recover in a few days. The words that they uttered amongst themselves floated in the air, the spectators watching in curiosity. None of them held any interest in the severity of what was going on except it was a tragic change to the festival. "Don't take that off!" She ordered, reaching for the man's hand as he went to remove the eye patch. To him it was probably curiosity as well, but to him and to her, it was a sign of what happened, and a way of hiding the hideous scar beneath it.

He paused, looking over at her. Nodding slowly, he pulled his hand back, turning back to his work. "Let's move him."

Riza had to follow them. Apparently she was too 'hysterical' to go with them, but that was hardly the case. It was probably because of the death glare she had given to half of those idiots. They didn't know what they hell they were doing. He'd be fine. Roy Mustang was not going to die so easily. But that was there deep feeling in her gut that she couldn't deny…


That was the only word that she could feel. Ever since she had heard those dreadful words that turned her entire world upside down. She couldn't take it. There was no way that this was real.

Perhaps she seemed cold, standing there without a tear in her eye, watching them bring it in with their strength. Six of his closest men…Havoc, Fuery, Falman, Breda…and two other men she could not recall the names. She was surprised she knew her own name or those of her co-workers at the moment. Her mind would not process what was going on in front of her.


It was all too unreal. She remembered the doctor coming out to her, telling her that there was nothing he could do, that Mustang had been gone when the ambulance arrived on the scene. She had seen his unmoving form. She felt his pale, cooling skin. Smelt the scent of death, something she knew by heart after all the hell that she had seen in her life. …Tasted the vomit in her mouth at the mere thought.


He was gone. There was no doubt about it. There was the casket. The hole. The tombstone. The tears. It all signified that he was no longer there. No longer there to hold her hand, to smirk, to give her some reassurance that the world was out there and that he could and would always protect her, as she had him.


He had survived hell to get to this point! The trouble he and Hughes had been in. The academy, with more Hughes. The State Alchemy Exam. The Ishballan Massacre. His rise through the ranks. The fight with the Fuhrer! All of it! Why did this happen now? Why this way? The doctor had said that it appeared to be of a heart attack. Of all the ways to leave this world, why that way? Roy wanted to leave this world in a spectacular way, a way that showed he cared about the people, that gave his life some meaning. Not in such a manner that was ridiculous.


"Momma?" Just like last time…

"What is it, Elysia, darling?" Glacier…

"What's wrong with everyone? Uncle Roy's just tired, right?"

Hawkeye's gaze flickered behind her, listening to the little girl. She sounded a little upset. She must have known this, really. She had to have begun to understand death, especially after her father. She was what? Seven? Eight now? Maes died when she was four, she was lost and confused. Maybe…she was doing as Riza was, masking it by pretending that it wasn't happening.

Roy still hadn't been able to face the Hughes'. He struggled to see his friend's grave, but they never did hold it against him. They seemed to enjoy his visits, when he made them.

Her eyes narrowed, focusing on the bits of dirt that fell on the flag with the military's symbol on it. It covered him. The casket was merely an extension of him. She could see it all, wanted to stop it, cry out like Elysia had when she was telling her mother to stop them from burying her father. But it was unbecoming. Her throat had clogged with a lump, restricting her breathing. However, if she managed to swallow it, or try and speak, Hawkeye would fall apart. She knew she would lose it.

Afterwards, Glacier told her to meet her at her home. Riza would have to turn down that offer. Her mind was focused on one thing, the grave before her; the man she cared so deeply for, the one who had no visible weakness…God had found the chink in his armor and used it, struck him down.

She kneeled down in front of it, the sun setting on the horizon. She was quite sure everyone had gone by now, how long had she been standing there? It felt like forever, but it had really been only a few hours, tops. Fingers trailed over the lettering of his name. A familiar name that she loved to utter. Her respect kept her from calling him Roy a lot, only in the last three years had it really come out.

"Bastard…" She muttered, fingers curling into fists. "You son of a bitch!" How could he leave her like that? Just…go and die? After the trouble they went through to get through the fights…she had no idea what he did before they spent a good deal of time together, though she had been suspicious, considering that human transmutation theory he had thought of during Hughes' funeral.


Her father had something against it. He refused to allow her to use alchemy, though he had taught her all of his secrets on Flame Alchemy, which, she, in turn, had taught to Roy upon her father's death and request, the salamander circle etched into the flesh on her back, the scarring from Roy's hand as he burned it upon her appeal. She wanted no more to use such a technique for war. There was enough trouble on her mind. There would be no more blood staining her family's name.

Ignoring the warm trails running down her cheeks, glaring at the man's name. "You bastard…I won't let you just die on me. If anyone gets to kill you, it won't be some heart issue, it'll be my hands!"

The thought of human transmutation never left her mind. Why would it? If she could have him back, no matter the risks…wouldn't it be worth it? However, with nothing to help her with that, and requiring years of study to do, she had banished the thought. She wouldn't do this alone. There had to be /some/ way to bring him back…some way for him to return. Well…Glacier was waiting.

"I'm glad you all could bring yourselves here in such troubled times. I'm sorry that we must meet like this, but, I am here to distribute General Roy Mustang's estate." The lawyer sat behind a desk, one in a similar tidiness as Roy's, bringing back the horrible reminder that once they managed to clean it off, it never would be the same. He would never come again to ruin Riza's hard work.

"To Cain Fuery. I leave my radio equipment. To a great subordinate with the top skills in the field of radio communications. One of the youngest of my men with one of the most valuable assets to my team." Fuery shuddered, looking down, having discarded his glasses already. Only Mustang would show off in something like his will…

"To Heymans Breda. I leave you my supply of rummies that Riza hadn't gotten in her attempts to purge them all. The key to the safe they are in is hidden in my desk. I owe you for bringing them in while taking the heat from Hawkeye." Those in the room couldn't help but grin at it. Roy had loved those damn things, chocolates with rum inside. Ah, they remembered the good times with those, no matter how angry she may have gotten with them about it.

"To Vato Falman. You were always interested in knowledge. So, I decided to leave you my library. All but one section on Alchemy. I do believe that you'll find it quite extensive and to your liking." Falman had to suffer through two bosses being lost. It was already hard, but hearing the man's cracks, even after he was dead…

"To you, Jean Havoc. There was always one I wanted. Only one. After I lost that one, I had to look to another. The women I dated, the ones that had left you, they never did mean anything to me. Perhaps I did it because it was expected of me, or maybe it was to make that one jealous. I don't know, and, if you're reading this, I probably still haven't discovered the reason by the time I have died. To you, old friend, I leave my black book. Maybe you'll find a nice girl that I /haven't/ stolen yet, ne?" Havoc was caught between glaring and repressing his emotions. They could all picture the smug look on Roy's face, hearing him say it, as if he was there himself, mocking Havoc. Breda grinned, nudging his co-worker, giving Havoc the relief he needed, turning his glare on Breda.

"Glacier and Elysia Hughes. I know this may not be much consolation; I wish I knew how I could fix things. I was responsible for the loss of Hughes. There was much that you may not have understood, our relationship, why I did not visit…why I tried to distance myself after his death. To you I leave a set of photographs that I have from Hughes, and a letter, explaining in detail what I was too cowardly to tell you in person. I'm sorry that it had to come to this for you to understand it, but I suppose it cannot be helped." Elysia pet her mother's arm, silently wondering what the shocked expression was for, but decided it was best not to ask right then.

"As I have no longer have any living family, my house, my notes, everything inside of it, unless I have designated it to someone else, will therefore go to Riza Hawkeye, to do with as she may see fit. All of my notes on Flame Alchemy are hers and must not be touched by anyone else, never to be seen by another human's eyes. I also leave her a letter and the key to my place, which is enclosed in said letter." Riza remained still, though, on the inside, she was yelling at him again, for ever thinking she would want his place to live in. That bastard…so inconsiderate.

"Finally…it's come down to the last thing that I can think of. As a State Alchemist, I was paid well. With no one to spend it on, really, and the payment that the military did for almost anything that required currency, I managed to save up quite the sum. Whatever is left in the account is hereby divided among the six parties available today in an even amount."

The man behind the desk sighed and stood, looking over the gathered parties. Once he was paid, he didn't much care what happened, but until everything was settled, he wasn't paid, meaning he couldn't shove them on their way. "On Friday, at noon, we will all meet at General Mustang's home, and divvy up his belongings. That's all."

Riza didn't want for anyone to come talk to her, taking the letter extended to her and leaving. They would surely want to pester her on how she was, and the foolish sentiments behind why he left her everything…This was her time to move on, and be the strong woman that she had been forced to be early on. Riza Hawkeye didn't /need/ Roy Mustang to survive. She would prove that.

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