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Havoc glanced in the rear-view mirror grumpily, chewing on the end of his cigarette and watching the man who sat in the back with Hawkeye and Fuery all crammed together. To him, this new guy was a horrible boss, nothing to compare to their old one and this was not something that was going to last. He was going to make certain of it, even if he had to outwardly protest this new guy. Riza seemed to buddy up so fast... had she already forgotten about Roy? She seemed so cheerful this morning. Well, it was hard for Hawkeye to be cheerful, but he thought she would have been a bit more broken up from the events of the weekend and now this new guy coming in and taking over Mustang's things. Their General was dead, was he the only one who remembered that kind of thing?

"Damn, Havoc! Keep your eyes on the road!" Breda snapped beside him, gripping the handle of the door tightly and glaring out at the swerving lane in front of them. "What are you doin'?!"

"Shut up and let me worry about it, got it?" He muttered, straightening out the car and focused more fully on the road ahead. He would have never spaced out like that when it was Roy sitting back there, talking about the dates he had, or the women who called that night, or even a date he stole from him on 'complete accident'. It didn't matter how bad Roy seemed to be, there was just no replacing him. He wanted a transfer and would have applied for one too, if it hadn't be for the friends that remained.

Fuery, unlike Havoc, and even Breda to a lesser extent, enjoyed talking with the man. He wasn't dimwitted, or as slow and clumsy (at least in talk) as it seemed. He was a nice man, just newly appointed to his Colonel rank, and was trying to figure out how everything worked in his position. They just weren't cutting the poor guy slack. He missed their superior as much as they did, but to be so cold to the new guy wasn't fair. He didn't ask to be put into the position, they assigned it to him. Like all soldiers, he had to do was he was told to do, even if it wasn't fair, right, or a nice thing to do. Besides, if they had gotten to know Rubens, they'd know the guy was even more intimidated by them than they should have been of him. He didn't know anything...

Of course, Hawkeye was still in her dream-like state. She had everything sorted out in her head. No one need have fear. An epiphany, many could say, hit her in her dreams that night. She had many things to review, lots of work to do, and then it would all be ready. She could honestly say she was quite happy with her decision, her heart strong, her resolve unwavering. Now, if she could just go through with it. It was all well and good at the moment, but in the end, it'd take amazing strength to complete the task at hand.

"Here it is..." The Colonel with the odd-colored hair stated, waiting for Havoc to pull to a stop where a few of the investigative team had already gathered. He frowned when he heard Havoc mutter something about 'thanks for stating the obvious', or something like that, but didn't comment, instead, merely opening the door and approaching the crime scene with a soft sigh. "What do we have here?"

"Behave. He's not here to replace anyone, I should expect that you'll be on your best behavior. This isn't the playground, let's not behave like children and scare the only decent boss after the General that we'll have away. Understood?" Hawkeye reprimanded, climbing out of the car as well, an eager Fuery behind her.

Havoc eyed Breda for a moment, turning the car off and resting his arms on the steering wheel. "I don't like it. Why should we be buddy-buddy with the new guy. I mean, I know the chief isn't coming back, but... I think this whole thing is stupid." He was just ranting to himself, he didn't think Breda would truly listen, but he couldn't see himself obeying a man who was obviously wet behind the ears. They worked hard to make it this far, their General was supposed to make it to the top, fix everything, even if he did say his dream of that was short-lived and no longer the focus of his life. It just seemed, and felt, like the world was tumbling down, and he couldn't manage to hold it up for himself, let alone the team they'd been together on for so long. It was theirs. Something they built with the cocky bastard with that smug smirk and those kick ass gloves that were good for lighting cigarettes. It just felt so empty and alone now.

"We're not supposed to like it." Breda shook his head, half in and half out of the car. "We just have to do it. The General would have wanted us to, right? I mean he helped us so much. He was just tired. I don't think it'd be fair to his memory if we just sat here and wallowed. He'd want us to continue, make things better like he aimed to do. So instead of sitting there complaining about the new guy, lets get to work on this new case and then plan a time to meet at the bar tonight."

The smoker sat back, opening the door once a transport vehicle bringing more soldiers in passed by. "Yeah, yeah, I get it. No more lazying around, huh? Guess we better get to work. Dammit, we hadn't had anything big after the Fuhrer. I was kinda getting into the desk work routine." He grinned his lazy grin. "Let's go, before the new guy rips us new holes." With a a mock heavy sigh, he climbed out, looking towards where the scene had gathered the attention.

"You think the guys could have gotten their own donuts..." He muttered to himself, shifting the bag within his grasp, a holder of six cups (he heard they were getting their new boss today, and what better way to welcome him than to bring him some breakfast), and two dozen donuts. These bastards had better pay him back. They hadn't had a bet in a long while, not one that he won anyway, and he was scrapping his pockets as it were. Some friends, right? Of course, it was his turn, he shouldn't have been complaining. It was actually once a week thing, and the General, if they worked, paid for the weekends. But that was getting off track.

No he had to walk back to the office just to serve them. Geez. Havoc could have at least given him the keys to the car. Why did he have to walk all that way? And, he was sure he heard lots of cars gathering somewhere nearby, which meant something was happening and he had no gun on him even to defend himself. What a terrible start to a terrible day.


Vato Falman froze in his steps, turning to look in the direction of the voice, only coming to face a dark alley and a set of wide eyes, pupils far from a normal hue. It was certainly not something he wanted to be stuck staring at. "Uh... hello?"

"Are you my brother?"

"Brother?" He wasn't sure he wanted to know, or to even stand there at that point in time. No, he was sure he didn't, deciding then and there to step away, that was, until there was a small shriek, a gush of blood, and right above Falman's left eye was a shallow cut, but certainly a bleeder.

"Don't go away!"

He didn't want to stay, but if that was what he got for trying to leave, he was probably best of standing there like a moron with the cooling coffee and the staling donuts. Whatever kept him alive... but he couldn't warn the others this way, standing here to entertain this girl, and whatever that was, how would he know he wasn't going to die? What had... hit him? "I have to be... getting to work now..."

"Come play with me!" Something... a hand, almost, reached out and took hold of his leg, dragging him down to the ground and towards the shadows. Cooled coffee spilled over decorated donuts, the gray-haired, squinty-eyed man struggling, grabbing at the concrete, trying to find some crack he could fit even his fingers around and hold on. He wasn't... he wasn't going to just let it happen. Dammit, Roy would never let him rest in peace! "Are you my brother? Have you seen them? My brothers and sisters... it's so lonely..." That was all he could hear from the disembodied voice.

Rubens maintained a certain composure in front of his men, but he'd never had so real a case before. He wasn't a fighter, he wasn't the 'best man to live up to Roy Mustang's reputation', he wasn't anything that they expected of him, placing him on this case or in his office. He supposed that he would face the bloodied remains of some soldier sometime, but he never thought he'd have to be tossed right into it, something so grotesque as this. The body looked like it was just ripped, limb from limb. It would take tools and time to do that, someone would have surely noticed a scream before the soldier could be dismantled so much...

He turned away, allowing the team to 'bag' up the body for transport and release it to the family for a proper burial. His stomach twirled, as if he was in the car, going as fast as it could, swerving around cars, dodging pedestrians and just being all over the road. He wasn't sure why he reacted so badly, but he resolved not to get sick, at least not in front of his new men.

"What could'a done something like that?" Breda muttered, hands in his pockets, turning away from the crime scene, gaze on the violet-haired Colonel. "There's no way no one could'a saw who did it."

"You're forgetting the 'Barry the Chopper' case. That guy managed to get past without notice till Ed caught him." Havoc pointed out.

"Maybe we should recruit Ed?"

"Nah, we don't know where the kid is. Besides, he'll be pissed we didn't tell him about Mustang. Even though they were constantly at each other's throats, they had a relationship none of us would understand, and he'd have wanted to be there when he died. Want to explain why we didn't tell him? We're better off finding out on our own."

Breda silently agreed, nodding his head and glancing back to their pale commanding officer. "Never been so close to the real thing, huh? Get used to it, our division gets a lot of this stuff."

Havoc snorted. "Yeah, it's just your bad luck that you got placed with us on a busy day. You gunna be all right there, rookie?"

He didn't see how he was the rookie, considering he was a higher level than they were, but, persisting after an explanation wouldn't be the most intelligent of the paths to take, so he remained silent. Of course this scene bothered him. He was investigations. Seeing photos and seeing the real thing were two different things. He let enthusiastic people like Maes Hughes go out and do the field work while he sat back filling out the paperd and connecting the dots in the office. He rather much liked that. He could fire a gun to protect himself, he could use a knife if needed, but he could not stand there and watch them bleed or die. Watching the remains of a dismantled corpse was not on his to do list on his first day with a new unit and as a Colonel. "There's nothing left to do. We've come and saw. Breda and Havoc, you should canvas the area. Fuery, you're good in communications, right? See what you can get over line taps. Hawkeye, you and I will go back to the office. There's another, isn't there?"

Havoc snorted. "Yeah, whatever happened to Falman?"

"Donuts, remember?" Breda grinned, trying his best to look innocent. "He should'a been back by now. Wonder what could have happened..."

"You guys didn't make him walk all alone, did you? That was a lot to carry!" Fuery interjected.

"Relax, he's a soldier."

Rubens sighed. He didn't want to yell at them, he felt bad for even feeling annoyed but how... "There's a killer out there. Someone who could massacre a body within seconds. We have to find him, soldiers might be the prime targets. You sent him, find the route that he would probably take." He ordered. He was not losing one of his men on his first day...

"Ohhh! It really would have been nice if they told me where they were!" The mousy young woman clung to her books, sniffling to herself. She'd fallen in three puddles, and she was not sure she wanted to know what was in that last one. She had twisted her ankle in these odd shoes they had recently ordered the office secretaries to wear, not exactly the most comfortable things. Oh, not to mention the files she was supposed to deliver to the one replacing Mustang were a bit wet. She sighed, dropping to her knees. "Why can't this be easy!"


Green eyes blinked, wincing as she poked herself in the eye with her lashes, groaning softly and cupping a hand over the poor little eye. It never failed, what did they want now? "What? I didn't mean to -- " Just as quickly as she recovered, there was that familiar head of gray and a hand, clearly human next to the strange black thing that was sliding up to peel those fingers away from their hold. She gave a blood curdling scream, trying to shake the hand that had taken hold of her off to no avail. "Let go! I swear I didn't see anything! Don't hurt meee!"

"Schiezka -- ! Ugh, stop screaming!"

The tears stopped flowing, taking a moment to look down into the face staring desperately up at her. "Falman...?"

"Don't just sit there!"

"Oh! Right!"

She grabbed hold of his hand, not daring to look up at the eyes that seemed to be increasing in number and the little black... things reaching out for the latest victim, before a swift whistle assaulted her ears, the shadows swarming and retreating, leaving nothing in it's wake but that dark alley and a severely marred Vato Falman still clawing his way from them, dragging small trails of blood behind him.

The woman sighed in relief, sitting bag onto a bag that exploded beneath her, her skirt now covered in the fillings of the donuts that were inside, along with cooled coffee. "Ohhhhhh! Why today?!"

Falman glanced up, pushing to his hands and knees to assess the damage with a faint grin. "Thanks. Today seems to be a bad day for everyone huh?"

Schiezka gave a forced grin, nodding slowly. She didn't personally care about what happened in the alley, aliens were attacking and her day was only getting worse. God! Why did she have to be the one there? They were going to hunt her down and probe her brain for vital information and if they learned what she could do... they could take over the military! They'd seen her... what could she do?! Why couldn't someone else get caught by the aliens? Why didn't these other people help? The streets were awfully busy...

Vato grinned sheepishly at the look on her face, knowing yet another insane theory had made its way into her head. He supposed that was what made her special though. "Schiezka... would you mind... getting my commander for me?"

"Huh?! Oh! Yeah!" She jumped back to her feet taking off her jacket and tying it around her waist, taking off down the street.

The military officer sighed, pulling himself further from the shadows, thoroughly shaken by the outcome. Who was that girl? It sounded almost childlike, really. He thought the days of homunculi and fighting against supernatural beings had been over when the Colonel and Ed fought off the last. He'd never faced the homunculi, and quite frankly he never wanted to. It was just all to real for him. He couldn't find a date, let alone fight something with unknown powers and practically immortal, from the accounts Roy gave during recovery. If they could batter the Flame up so terribly... what could a lowly soldier do?

However, there was one thing on his mind, even as much as his worry for his safety and the scary shadows that seemed to move, even now...

... Vato was going to get Breda and Havoc for this.