Harry trudged along the candlelit corridor casting dark shadows behind him that reflected his mood perfectly. With one strap of his bag slung over his shoulder he was on his way to another ego-diminishing lesson with one of his more unwelcoming professors.

Harry stopped outside a door in the dungeons and knocked. A voice came from within 'Enter'. The door opened and Harry stepped inside quickly unless someone should see him going for remedial potions.

Snape was sat at his desk, elbows gently leaning on the arms of the chair, hands gently clasped.

'Mr Potter' Only one word, well two words but said with such loathing that had been festering for five years was clear to hear. And then Harry knew he was in trouble. Not for something he had done, not at all, but for what Snape was going to do with him.

Snape stood up and walked around the desk. Anger and loathing clear in his eyes but what scared Harry the most was the hint of fear around the edges; and then it was gone. Harry then noticed for the first time since he had been taking lessons with Snape, there was no Pensieve.

'Potter…' Harry turned towards Snape '…legilimens'

All at once memories came flooding through his mind, he hated this, he really did but as long as Snape attacked him without telling how to guard his mind then he would be helpless to stop it. Memories flashed past; Dudley shoving him up against a wall bearing down upon him making him shrink down onto the floor – Snape sweeping into the Potions classroom instantly bearing down on him firing off questions that only Hermione knew the answer to – Uncle Vernon grasping his collar and throwing him into the cupboard –

The searching for memories slowed as Harry felt Snape searching for more memories about the cupboard but Harry had had enough. He concentrated with all his might on forcing the foreign presence from his mind. Nobody was going to know about the cupboard especially his slimy, disgusting son of a …. And as soon as it had come the legilimency stopped.

He opened his eyes...