As Snape walked back to his rooms that night he found himself dwelling on past mistakes, some infantile some not so but this wasn't any old mistake. He had wilfully ignored what he had seen of Harry's home life and stuck with his preferred version of pampering relations. This could not continue. Snape had been brought up short by Harry's outburst and he hadn't even taken any points away, even if what had been said was the absolute truth.

Oh yes, Severus Snape was not so much of a coward that he couldn't accept the truth when he saw it but the question now was what was he supposed to do? The act that Harry had been right and had seen right through him was a blow to his self-esteem he had not expected.

But all these questions could be dealt with in the morning; right now his brain could hardly function. As he made his way into his bedroom he pulled out a dose of Dreamless Sleep potion and fell onto his bed deep asleep.

Harry ran as fast as he could through the dungeons to escape Snape's fury. He wondered where he had gotten the nerve to speak to Snape like that. He skidded to a fast walk as he came up into the Entrance Hall so he wouldn't get told off for running in the corridors while he thought of what he was going to do. He didn't think for a moment that Snape was going to let him off that easily and he wondered what he would have to do. He didn't think that he would get expelled, although knowing Snape anything was possible but he did have a defence; Snape had tormented him in the occlumency lessons and he had a right, Harry thought, to shout at his Professor.

Harry made his way to the common room and Hermione and Ron bombarded him with questions as soon as he got in. He must have looked worse than he thought. He fielded their questions as best he could and escaped to the dormitory where he found a vial of Dreamless Sleep potion that he had got off of Madam Pomfrey earlier on in the week after he had had a worse dream than usual. He downed the potion and fell onto the bed asleep.

The next day, being a Saturday, started out as usual for Hogwarts except for to people. Snape and Harry were steadfastly ignoring what had happened the previous evening and were preparing to act like nothing had happened.

This worked fine until Albus Dumbledore summoned Snape for a mid-morning snack and chat.

Snape wearily made his way slowly up to the headmasters' office giving the password to the gargoyle before stepping onto the stairs. As soon as he got outside the door it swung open to reveal Albus Dumbledore sitting at his desk perusing some letters. As soon as he saw Severus his eyes lit up and he got up and ushered Snape into one of the chairs facing his desk

'Sherbet Lemon, Severus?' he offered him a bowl of the infamous sweets, 'or some of these?' he then offered Snape some liquorice knowing Snape's penchant for them. Snape scowled but took one anyway and pocketed it.

'You know why I've brought you here, Severus?' he looked knowingly at Snape, 'Yes Sir'

'This cannot go on Severus. This infamous rivalry with James Potter and yourself has got to stop. He's dead for heavens sake and Harry Potter is alive and your making life very difficult for him, he is not his father' Snape sighed and looked at his hands.

'I know Albus, I know now!'

Albus coughed and Snape brought his gaze up too the headmaster's. He saw surprise, amazement and a hint of pride. 'How did you find out?'

'I was shocked into it, I guess, by Harry himself.' He shook his head disgusted at himself, 'I who prided myself on seeing through Potter for what I thought he was' The admission cost more than he expected but he carried on determined too get this out of the way and hopefully everything would return to the way it had been. But he knew it could never go back to the way it was, 'I was wrong Albus' he sighed dramatically,

'Harry Potter is just a boy.'