Chapter Two : Tomoyo Daidouji

A melodic, soft laugh rang though the spacious mansion, as the owner of the melodious voice cast her mysteriously innocent amethyst eyes to observe the stern looking maid in front of her.

She lifted one of her slender hands and brushed her ebony-purplish locks away from her amazingly beautiful face. Pale, fair white skin of hers shone in a healthy glow. The sickened mortal-goddess was recovering from her sickness, when she heard the news that brought back from the maid.

"Harriet-san, please accept my thanks for you." The politeness of the amethyst eyes goddess didn't shock the maid. After all, the owner of the pair of stunning, gentle yet mysterious amethyst eyes was well known of her politeness.

Sternly, Harriet, the maid replied back in a steely tone "Today is not thanksgiving day, Daidouji-sama." The young mistress let out a melodic chuckle, which was rarely heard. The sickness of her made her rarely had spoken up, even smile or chuckle. She just refused politely when she was asked to smile.

"Yes, my mistake." Soothingly, the beautiful young woman insisted with an alluring smile. The maid let out a surprised choke of words, which made the mortal-goddess giggled lightly.

"I am going to Li Kingdom." She finally announced to herself happily, a smile lit her beautiful face up. "I am going to leave this place. Finally… Finally…"

The maid just stood up still, emotionless as she watched the scene unfolded. The beautiful mortal-goddess's amethyst eyes cast upon her, as she brightly spoke up "I wonder what will I see there, ne?" she twirled her long locks around her long, slender fingers and sighed excitedly.

"Tomoyo-chan…!" Her amazingly beautiful face suddenly turned pale as her facial expression twisted in pain. Trying to calm down her wildly beating heart, she gazed at the caller in a warmly yet painful way.

"Okaa-san." She said quietly, not moving as she continued to sit at her queen size bed. The beautiful maiden with maroon coloured hair gently pulled open the thin sheets that covered the bed in an elegant way, and sat down with a beautiful smile beside her. Tomoyo quivered, amethyst crystals holding back the verge of tears.

"Go out." Rudely, the elegant woman turned to the maid who stood there since she brought back Tomoyo's good news and asked her to leave with a bark. The maid bowed and exited the Princess's room.

"Tomoyo-chan, understand me. I just do it for your own good." The woman spoke up warmly, yet her amethyst orbs leave no concern for her daughter. Fiercely, Tomoyo jerked her head up and stared into her mother's cold amethyst orbs with hers. The woman had to bit back a shiver when she saw pain in her daughter's stunning amethyst eyes. She suddenly felt sorry… The pain… Is mainly cause by her?

"Okaa-san." Unleashed tears ran down her smooth cheeks, as she felt the water drops with her fingers and gasped. She forgotten what was sadness, what was happiness when she was with her mother. Tears of joy? Or tears of sadness?

A finger brushed her tears away tenderly, as she gazed up in surprise. There sat her mother, brushing her tears away with a warm smile. More tears ran down as she leaned on her mother, crying.

"I am sorry, Tomoyo-chan." She croaked when she felt her eyes water up. She haven't cry since her best friend who was her cousin, Nadeshiko Amamiya died peacefully in her slumber. Now, her daughter was getting the same sickness, but she just plainly ignored her beautiful daughter who was a sick, polite princess.

She tried her might to forget she had a daughter, who was had the same sickness. She tried as hard as she could to forget her cousin death, but it didn't succeed. She was her mother, and she will cure it for her.

She caused her the pain of loneliness, helpless and sickness. Sonomi Daidouji, Tomoyo's mother knew this sickness had no cure for it. She just had to enjoy her life and ended it happily. But she failed to, and it was no cure for this.

"We will immediately go to Li Kingdom." She said firmly, holding her daughter. She finally understood why Nadeshiko always looked so happy and peaceful. Her dead tie in her heart was opened, by her daughter's outburst.

Tomoyo was polite and mature, didn't love to cry. Sonomi always didn't care for her because she didn't show that she was lonely or sad. Her sickness trained her to. No mother or father's love and care, she rarely show her emotion. Now, Tomoyo was happy and her emotion started to show. This was the time Sonomi understood her daughter and paid for the damage she had done to her daughter.

"Okaa-san?" Quietly, she gazed at her loving mother. With a warm smile, she answered "Yes?"

"I love you."

Sonomi felt tears falling as she hugged her daughter, sobbing in front of her matured daughter.

"I love you too, Tomoyo-chan. I love you. Please forgive me…"

Inside a castle of a wealthy kingdom named Daidouji, a understanding daughter and a mother were hugging, tears falling from each other amethyst eyes.

"I love you, Tomoyo-chan. I love you…"

"I love you too, okaa-san. I love you… I really love you…"

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