Faces of Dean

By: BambiScott (LeaCharmedOne)

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Dean Winchester has 5 faces to him. Some others know and some don't.


Dean was the little kid that made his mother let him watch The Wizard of Oz daily.

"But Dean wouldn't you want to watch something else?" Three year old Dean gave his look of his eyes. "No I love this movie." Mary smiled and kissed Dean's cheek. "Okay sweetie Oz it is."

Dean smiled remembering his mom as he sat up at 3 o'clock in the morning watching The Wizard of Oz on the hotel's tv as Sam slept in the hotel bed.


Dean Winchester is the son and an older brother. He was the son who followed what his father said with no question. He helped this dad anyway he could. Dean was also an older brother. He was the protector of Sam. He carried his baby brother out of their burning house. He did the same when Sam's girlfriend was pinned to the ceiling.

Dean knew he had to protect Sam from everything or anyone. He is always their for his family but are they there for him?


Dean is also the great hunter of all things supernatural. He knows almost everything about every evil thing out there. He has hunted a lot of things and has never been hunted himself.


Dean was alone. His dad had gone and so had Sam. He sat at the bar drinking his loneliness away waiting for a woman he could hit on. He felt like everyone had left him. His mom, his dad and Sammy.

That all changed when a blonde hair women sat next to him. She smiled at him as he gave her a smirk.


Dean was now a husband and a father. Sure he was still the same Dean Winchester who didn't know any kids though he does now. He wasn't the come home from work dad he was the fun dad.

Dean smiled as he watched his wife with their 3 kids set up the movie. "Dad." The little curly blonde hair girl stated. "Yes Paigey." Dean smirked. "Are you gonna watch The Wizard of Oz with us?" Dean smiled and picked up the 3 year old. "Of course it's my favorite."

Dean Winchester is many things a little kid, a son, an older brother, a hunter, alone, a husband, and father. All these things made up Dean Winchester but he didn't think that way. He knows he is the great son that helped his father, the older brother whose little brother looked up to him. He is the hunter that could handle anything, the husband who fell in love with his wife when he first met her. He is the father that knew how to treat his kids; the one thing Dean now knew was he was not alone anymore.

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