"Jack's like a brother to me," Racetrack stated.

"Mmhmm," Spot said.

"So explain to me why, instead of being at his and David's wedding, I'm in a ratty old car with you, speeding down the highway in exactly the opposite direction."

Spot shot Race a quick smirk before returning his attention to the road. "Because I'm just that good."

Race snorted sarcastically.

"It's funny 'cause it's true," Spot retorted.

Race looked out the dirty window and nodded slowly, "Yeah. Yeah it is." Earlier that morning, Race had been trying to figure out his tie when Spot came into the room.

The blond boy had just stood there, looking over his lover in a tuxedo and whispered, "God, you're fucking gorgeous. Get in the car…now."

The brunette was confused, but obeyed, still fiddling with the accursed tie. By the time he'd gotten the damn thing tied properly and looked up, Spot was already off the island and speeding up.

"Jack and David's place is the other way," Race had said.

Spot just smiled behind the wheel, "I know."

The cell phone in Race's pocket sprung to life, breaking his reverie with the tinny tune of "Seasons of Love" "Remind me to throttle Mush for messing with my phone," Race said as he fished the phone out. "Hello."


Spot coughed to mask his laughter as Jack's yell leapt from the phone.

"Um, well it's like this-" Racetrack began.

"Seriously, you had better be bleeding or Spot had better be dead-"

"Hey!" Spot protested.

"Well, Spot's alive apparently." Jack sighed, "Where are you two?"

"Um," Race checked the map he had in his lap, "about 2 hours out of the city, judging by when we left." Race yanked the phone away from his ear before Jack could-


-do that.


Race waited a moment, then brought the phone back to his ear. "The rings are on my dresser, Mush can be your Best Man. Jack, you're my best friend and I love ya, but-" Race turned to look at Spot, "-I'm going on a quickie vacation with my boyfriend. Congrats to you and David. Bye." He ended the call, then turned off the phone. "You do know, when we get home, he's going to kill you."

Spot smiled, "As long as I get this weekend with you, I'll die a happy man."