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So when Fiyero and I left off I was discovered and Boq (still touchy about the whole tin man thing) screamed, "Kill the Witch!" I am going to change to dialogue because I barely have time to think.

I glared at Fiyero, "You idiot."

Fiyero gave me an apologetic smile, "Well, we'd better run."

Just as we began running away from Boq, something blocked our path forward.

"Sweet Oz! What now?!?!" I yelled.

The thing that was blocking our way was a bubble. Correction, the only bubble that I knew, and standing in the centre of it, holding her wand and the Grimmerie, was none other than Glinda. She descended from her bubble and did not seem to notice Fiyero and I right away. She addressed the Witch Hunters gathering with buckets of water.

"Fellow Ozians…….what the heck are you screaming 'witch' about? She's dead. I told you this myself. It's true, Munchkins really are small-minded."

The Munchkins glared at her, but soon forgot why, all except Boq.

"She's right there!" Boq pointed a shiny finger at me.

Glinda turned around and finally looked at Fiyero and I. Her eyes bugged and her jaw dropped. Her eyes filled with tears but she brushed them away. She came forward and took each of us by the arm. Glinda turned and addressed the Munchkins.

"Thank you for all your help in uncovering this deceitfulness of these two supposed-dead fugitives. I will deal with them accordingly."

Fiyero and I tried to talk to Glinda while she walked us down the Yellow Brick Road. She just shushed us. When we were far enough away Glinda produced a broom from behind her back and handed me the Grimmerie.

"Make it fly, Elphie." Glinda smiled as she handed me the broom.

I spoke the ancient words and the broom flew. I smiled at Fiyero and then looked at Glinda,

"Why are you helping us?" I asked the blonde.

She shrugged, "Well, we all can't come and go by bubble."

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