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Summary – Kagome has always been the shy quiet one, a simple innocent wallflower. Inuyasha was the heartbreaker, fooling around with love and lust. When they have to spend their summer together, Kagome may just learn a thing or two about feeling sexy.

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I'm excited to write this Inuyasha fanfic on my re-newed account! This may be rare for me, but I think this might be the one story that I'm actually going to stick by and finish till the end. This is the one story plot that I'm enjoying writing. Most of the time, though, it's probably the reviews that decided the way the story's going to go. So be sure to keep the reviews coming! Hope you guys enjoy my renowned 'masterpiece'! lol.

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The Heartbreaker's Innocence

Chapter 1

She loaded up her tray with today's special: mystery meat, and silently made her way

around the food line. The lunch lady grunted at her as she paid for her lunch, and made a windy exit. It was as if she was a ghost, nobody turned to look at her, and no one bothered to even make eye contact.

Standing at the back of the cafeteria, she bit her lips hard, and drew back a breath that got caught in her sore throat. This was the part of the day she hated the most, for right now, she could not fade in with the surrounding. She couldn't just be another reluctant whisper of the winds.

Out of the corner of her eyes, she caught the left side of the cafeteria. Wannabes dotted the whole side and took up barely half the left side. Too risky. They each looked alike, and it hardly made a difference if one spoke or all of them. They chatted about designer brands, each bobbing their sleek hair up and down.

Scanning the left side, Kagome flinched as someone made a motion for her to sit with them. The butterflies were building up in her stomach, but she knew better then to try eating lunch with them. Last time she sat with them, those guys had all tried to involve her in one of their conversations. Unfortunately for her, she couldn't follow up on half of their discussion about algebraic equations. It was so horrible feeling terribly stupid and not being able to answer any of their questions, even though she was a straight-A student.

She must've stood there for at least five minutes, looking around the cafeteria. It was almost like as if she was a stone caught in the waterfall, as the lunchroom rush sped by ahead of her. Her food had already cooled, but that didn't matter for she'd already lost her appetite anyway.

Finally, seizing the opportunity of sighting an empty seat, she broke her way ahead into the second row. In the lunchroom, it was always about defense and then offense and fend your way in and out.

Kagome pushed her dark hair back, pulling on a weak grin that didn't seem to fit her face. She stood there for a full minute, before catching one of the girls' eyes. The girl glanced at her and Kagome felt out of place, a pariah.

"Hi, I'm Kagome," she introduced as if it was still the first day of high school, even though it was already the final week of being seniors. "Is this seat taken?"

Glances were passed around the tables, each waiting for the other to take initiative to be nasty and say no. Refusals were already posted on their faces, but none were rude enough to say so. The girl shrugged, not making any eye contact.

That meant yes, Kagome convinced herself, feeling hot tears stringing her eyes. Why couldn't she just be accepted without the cruelty of being put on hold? She felt her stomach tighten in knots.

It had been so easy for Kagome to fade back into a wallflower, and she was good at it too. It started in the middle of her freshman year, and lasted on to her senior year.

She didn't particularly catch much attention, for she wasn't very beautiful. Her mother always told her to pull her frizzing hair back and show off her complimentary face. When she was young, people always commented her graceful features, until up in high school when she decided to just stop trying.

Most of her clean featured face were hidden behind her frizzy ink black hair. She held innocent eyes in a gleaming caramel color, and her full lips always fell into a constant pout. Of course, no one could have noticed that but Kagome, because no one bothered to go past the exterior. It was a shame for beauty to go to waste.

The mystery meat seemed especially hideous today, Kagome mused to herself. She scooped up a forkful, and let the mush drop back on the platter. Her delicate hands seemed hardly capable of holding the sturdy fork, but she was the only one who knew the miracles and lives her hands have saved. Too bad no one else in the world would've known.

"Wow, hey. Kasome, right?" the redheaded girl interrupted Kagome's train of thoughts.

Kagome glanced up and came to admiration at the redheaded girl. It wasn't until after a few minutes that under all that lush red hair hid a pair folded of demon ears. This school certainly does have its fair share of demons, along with humans.

"It's Kagome," she muttered quietly, pretty sure that the girl hadn't heard her anyway. Conversations weren't Kagome's strong point, and she hadn't planned and making a living off of it anyway.

"Yah yeah, anyway. Where did you get that T-shirt? You know that it's practically legendary, right?" She fingered the fabric of Kagome's never worn concert T-shirt in wonder.

Not feeling like giving a direct answer, she shrugged her shoulders weakly, and let her gaze drop back to her lunch. Why couldn't she just be like the rest of them? a voice nagged at her in the back of her mind.

Mrs. Higurashi worked as a PA, or Personal Assistant. She has worked with a lot of well-known names before, including some bands. After every tour, Kagome would find a newly folded, never worn T-shirt on her drawer. The T-shirts dated back to before Kagome was born, therefore, making some of them collector's item. For her, they weren't items that she'd just willingly sell on ebay, but for everyone else, it seemed a better idea to follow up and do so.

Dressing up wasn't Kagome's specialty, so her daily wardrobe only consisted of concert T-shirts her mother brought back and twenty pairs of different shades of jeans. Of course, she hasn't found a problem with that, since a bright smile would be plastered on her mother's face when she sees Kagome wearing them.

It was pretty hard with her family consisting of only Mrs. Higurashi and Kagome. Her grandfather died fours years ago, effecting Kagome drastically. Life was cruel of her, but she was taught to play with the hand of cards she was dealt with, although the cards did not always tell a pretty story.

Chewing her food mournfully, Kagome felt a gust of regret wash over her, but she decided to push it all the way in the back of her mind. Perhaps morals weren't the things that she dealt with best.

Something suddenly caught her attention, so she pushed her head up and looked forward past the girl sitting across from her, and her eyes zoomed in on the scene in front of her eyes.

In the front of the cafeteria, there he was, sitting on the lunch table, joking and laughing around with his friends. One arm was wrapped around a petit brunette, and other gesturing around in animated motion. His golden amber eyes shone brightly and wittily. While his silky while hair caught every reflection of the light and glistened charmingly. The perfect exterior . . . too bad no one could see the rotten center.

At the sight of him, Kagome's eyes started flaming and blood of hatred pumped harshly in her veins. Balling her fists up, and clenching her teeth, she allowed herself to be swallowed up with empty hurt. It's been three years, but time seems like it had hardly passed by, and she was not ready to forgive. She was never going to be ready to forget either.

With a sudden motion, a young junior pushed through the cafeteria doors, and strode in wide steps towards the front of the lunchroom. His eyes were pure definitions of fury, and his whole stern body language told so too.

Spooning a forkful of fresh fruit into her mouth, Kagome examined with curiosity, not daring to blink in fear that maybe she'd miss a piece of the action. Something was going to go down in this room soon, and Kagome did not like the looks of it at all.

If this were still freshman year, Kagome would have taken matters into her own hands and broke up the matter before it even started. She was the perfect ruling queen, and Inuyasha's harsh tempers wouldn't have aroused the situation under her control. (A/N: Hint hint, part 1. of plot!) Jerking her attention back to the present, she weakened in realization that this was her senior year, and there was nothing to she could have done.

The best thing for her to do in this situation of was sink back into the background, and let the fight take its course. After all, she wasn't going to let Inuyasha once again ruin the status that she had worked so hard on building. Not for another one of his routinely petty fight.

Kagome watched in fascination as the boy whispered into the brunette's hair, the girl's expression falling from cheery, to grim, and then held at shock. She pulled herself away from Inuyasha's grip, her eyes full of illegible emotions.

The boy was hardly even taller than the girl herself, but his actions made him superior and tall. Studying him, Kagome wondered what he was possibly thinking, trying to get into a fight with the mighty Inuyasha. Then again, she perceived that he was hardly less of a slime than Inuyasha was.

Smiling at the reaction Inuyasha gave, Kagome wouldn't have loved so seen anything more than Inuyasha hurt. Once again, she had fooled herself into thinking that hanyou could actually feel hurt. Or, for that matter, any emotion at all. She should've know better.

"HOW COULD YOU!!" The girl shrieked in a shrilly voice, drawing attention from every single person in the room. Even the lunch ladies stopped, put their gloves down, and watched. There was nothing better in this school than drama, especially if it surrounded Inuyasha, which was way too often.

He stood up defensively from his seat, and reached out a hand across the table in confusion.

Obviously he could comprehend that someone was looking for trouble the minute the young boy strode into this cafeteria. The stench on that idiot was unmistakable, yet Inuyasha let him slip under the radar and into his war zone. Surely, the boy must've known what he was getting himself into, for this was Inuyasha's territory. Even if Inuyasha doesn't take him out himself, his people would tear him apart alive.

The gig was up, but Inuyasha toyed with the idea of giving the audience a proper act, and not just some 3-star movie at a 5 dollar theatre.

"Look, baby," he reached for her hand, stroking it softly with his thumb. "Don't you believe a word he says."

"That deceiving jerk," Kagome hissed under her breath.

Tears sprang from the girl's eyes as she hooked up her arm with the messenger's. "You promised," giving it a slight pause, she emphasized. "Promised, Inuyasha."

Whoa, Kagome really had to give it up for this girl, She really knew how dramatize the whole thing. There wasn't a doubt in her mind that Inuyasha was already in on the act and playing along with it too.

"Baby, baby," he cooed under his breath, lifting a hand to thumb the yearning tears routing down her cheeks away.

Their gaze held for a second or two, before every audience was caught up on the act and 'awwwwww'ed admiringly, as if Inuyasha was the sweetest guy on the entire planet.

"Isn't he so sweet," the girl next to Kagome sighed with wonder lacing her eyes. "I wish he was mine."

Hah, they wished! Inuyasha didn't know the difference between love and lust, making him was the biggest heartbreaker in the entire school. While he deceived everybody else on Earth, Kagome saw through that brick wall and into his true motive. He'd trick the girl into loving him back, and dump her before she could even process the thought over.

Glaring, Kagome's train of thoughts was interrupted by quick rapping on her shoulder. She licked her dry lips involuntarily, and pushed her hair back. She'd pay anything to not watch another one of Inuyasha's lies, but a part of her couldn't jerk herself away. That, she hated herself for.

"Ms. Higurashi," a cool voice pried its way into her ears. "Principle Itachi wants to see you in his office."

Sighing for the umpteenth time that day, Kagome stood up carefully as to not draw any attention to herself, and blinked in confusion. Only a few times have she been in the principle's office all her life, and most of the times, there was some serious situation going on.

Her foot glided gently on the floor, just barely sweeping the floor. Walking with easy but considerate grace, she sauntered out of the cafeteria and past the scene of the crime. Her brain was working in full motion as she crept down the vacant hallway.

Principle Itachi's office was only a few steps away from down the hall. Despite Kagome's curiosity of the actual reason she was being called down here, she took her time, and paced on. Learning very well that curiosity killed the cat—which she has learnt very well of from experience—Kagome didn't take any chances.

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Head dropped, Kagome's head was spinning from the information she had just received. Body drooping and wilted, she didn't feel very well. She felt her stomach throttle while she could imagine herself vanishing and parting in with the concrete itself.

Lunchtime was already over, and seniors were preceding on to their next class. The halls were aroused with easy chatting and conscious murmurs.

As Kagome preceded on, trading paths with a pair of golden haired demons, she couldn't help but overhear their clamorous exchange of words.

"Ugh, Inuyasha is just so handsome."

"Yeah, it's the ears that get to me every time."

Kagome thought otherwise, but didn't dare to bring up her opinion. Those ears are disgusting, just pure hideous! (A/N: Ah! Don't peg me with stones please. I can't afford the medical bills! Plus, those are not my words.)

"I can't believe they broke up, I mean, did you see how cute they were?"

"But then again, that means he's an available bachelor now."

"Yeah, I'm gonna dye my hair dark. I heard he's only interested in dark haired girls."

"The Heartbreaker strikes again."

And so he does, Kagome made the notion unconsciously.

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"They said I'm suffering from over-exhaustion," Mrs. Higurashi mouthed dryly, bringing up a not-so-eager smile. "Though I'd like to argue otherwise, I'm afraid they're right. But don't be so flustered over it, Kagome."

Numb from the news, Kagome drew back a breath, not able to let it out. "But that can't be the only reason you're in the hospital, Mom."

"Seems like, ever since your grandfather died, I haven't been taking care of myself very well," she rolled her eyes as if it was all lies. "The doctors say that I have a few medical problems that I should probably take of care now, before it's too late."

"Like what?"

"I have a weak heart, Kagome."

Silence fell into the space, covering their conversation like a windy snowstorm. Both seemed to have a heavy burden suddenly buried on their shoulders. Kagome's heart sank, and her stomach lurched. Her non-existent lunch seemed to be making its way up again, and she suddenly felt sick.

"It is bad?" Kagome said, shuttering subconsciously. She felt sweat breaking out from her hairline. Goosebumps crept silently up her skin.

Mrs. Higurashi waved it off like it was nothing. "It's not major. It's just the stress, and that's what got to me."

Kagome stopped and stared at her mother's kind face, searching for that kindred spirit. She looked weak and exhausted, though Kagome never realized how many nights she pulled off trying to finish her job. Her face was simple and elegant, molded by her dark stylish bob.

"I hope you understand that I'll have to stay in the hospital for a while," Kagome nodded anxiously at her mother's words, willing her to go on. "And that period is going to drag into your summer vacation."

She drew invisible circles twisting in the bedspread, her fingers motivating itself without realization. She mumbled, "It's no problem."

"The doctors also said that I should take some time off for myself as to take away the stress. So, I've decided to take a summer trip for myself and get myself pampered and ready to work once summer's over. Hopefully by then, I'll be rejuvenated."

A grin lifted at Kagome's lips. "That's great, Mom!"

Her mother pulled her gentle hands within hers, the warmth was vibrant and the hands seemed to have molded into one another. "I don't want you to have to spend the summer alone at the house, so I made some arrangements before you got here."

She waited for Kagome to say something or other, but she uttered nothing.

"Mr. Taisho, my boss, was kind enough to let you stay with him and his family for the summer. We're very well acquainted, Kagome, and I can promise you that he is a very kind man from prestigious backgrounds. I'm sure you'll be very happy if you spend your summer there."

Kagome blinked in confusion, not able to process the words correctly. She cocked her head and knitted her brows together, the thin smile from her face abruptly vanished. "Taisho? You mean, as in Inuyasha Taisho? His father wants me to stay with them?"

Her mother eyed her cautiously, knowing fully well how they felt about each other, and she knew better than to step over the boundaries. "Yes . . . ?"

Kagome's eyes widened in both shock and fear. Spending the summer with Inuyasha and his family?! She wasn't sure how well she was going to be able to handle it, and she certainly wasn't taking the news very well. Why would her mother do this to her, knowing exactly what she was getting herself into?

She felt numb, broken, liked a dropped porcelain doll. Her mouth couldn't open, and her throat dried in the matter of seconds. Vindicated, Kagome thought, she was in the right, but with no one else to prove her right.

"After all," her mother added, trying to convince Kagome that this was a brilliant idea. "They have a daughter, Sora Taisho, you know the famous model/singer, and she's about your age. I'm sure you guys'll get along so great."

"I . . . I don't see why not," that was definitely not her talking. Those were not her words.

Way to make her go guilt tripping. There her mother was, weak and in need of a vacation, and Kagome was being selfish about herself. The notion of her acting like that instantly upset her another notch.

"S-sure," she was internally upset and argued herself to wit's end. "I mean, chances are . . . I'll probably never even have to lay eyes on him."


Mrs. Higurashi's eyebrows hiked way up. She had prepared herself to reason with Kagome, and to be ready for some useless shouting, or maybe even take Kagome's silent treatment with that broken smile, but never for her daughter to agree so easily. She also knew better than to argue or ask question on that subject for she was already thankful her daughter agreed to it.

"Mmm," her mother could hardly contain the smile lifting on the corners of her mouth. "Then I'll call Mr. Taisho with the response!"

Upon seeing the grin on her mother's pink lips, Kagome had nothing else to say.

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Kagome parked her bike out on the gravel road, and locked it to make sure that it wasn't to be stolen. Cars were way too dangerous in this part of town, for everyone seems to be speeding in their limited edition vehicles.

She still didn't even get a chance to drop off her backpack on her way home, when she realized that she had to go meet the Taishos. She's been dreading this day for a long time, but didn't have the heart to go about complaining to her dear mother.

Looking up, she let out a gasp of breath. Never in her life has she seen such a gorgeously dramatic building. The outside seemed to be decorated with stones, with huge eleven feet glass windows apart every few feet. The lawn was mowed at the perfect height, fresh with a garden spring spritz dotting the air. Lush flamboyant flowers of contrasting colors line the stone walkway. Her eyes widened at the site, never in a million years would she ever be able to afford something like this. It seemed as if it had jumped right out a painting, and stood alive in front of her. The house itself seemed to have extended to the end of earth.

It was a breathtaking sight. In fact, it was one of the few things that actually made Kagome stop and do double takes at.

So this is where Inuyasha lives now, she admired the ravishing mansion. This is where I'm going to live for the summer.

Still, that feeling deep in her guts told her that she shouldn't judge her happiness by the look of this mansion. Maybe she was just trying to be optimistic about something, but the thought of Inuyasha always seemed to drag her down.

Kagome let her flowing skirt sweep a patch of bright pansies as she hitch herself up the stairs towards the colossal door.

Taking a deep breath, she reached up to click on the doorbell. Diiiiing Dooooong! The rings seemed to stretch across the world and time along with it. Her lids shut, she silently counted to ten.

"COMING!!" A sweet voice chirped like lullaby to Kagome's ears.

Perhaps she could just give this a chance. Maybe not. RUN!! Her instincts screamed out at her, and she felt queasy and dizzy. This might not have been such a great idea after all. It still wasn't too late to back out now—

"Hey! You must be Kagome, right?" The attractive girl grinned ear to ear. "I'm Sora Taisho! I've heard so much about you."

Kagome couldn't bring herself to speak. The girl, along with the mansion, was as beautiful as an angel was. She had luscious blushing cheeks, sleek silver hair laced with golden textures, and curves in all the right places. She wore a simple white trimmed silk sundress that complimented her hourglass shape, and under that were just miles of legs.

Compared to the famous Sora Taisho, Kagome felt short—though Kagome was about an inch or two taller than Sora—and stubby. It was unbelievable that they could possibly be the same age. She looked up into Sora's flaming amber eyes, and they held friendship and promises. A wispy smile was plastered on to Kagome's lips without her realization.

"Why don't you c'mon in," her smooth voice put Kagome at ease. "The whole family's here, and we're all waiting for you!"

Shivers crept up Kagome's spine as she stepped into the mansion. There, she caught the strangest sight, and it took all the respect she had not to burst out laughing.

There were three silver hair men sitting miles apart from each other on the sofa. They all had the same posture of crossed arms, and glared.

"Now don't you mind their glaring," Sora commented, placing a hand on Kagome's shoulder. "They had quite a fight before you arrived."

Aha, she placed them immediate. Mr. Taisho, Sesshoumaru . . .

Kagome stopped, and her blood ran cold.

. . . and the infamous Inuyasha.

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