A/N: I wrote this before I watched Leroy and Stitch and didn't know that Gantu was going to turn good. I would've changed this, but I don't know what I can do. So instead, we're going to pretend we never even heard of Leroy and Stitch alright? Also, I'm not very fond of the title, but if I put the previous one, then it would give the story away. If you have any suggestions as to title this story, please let me know in your reviews! Thanks.


I found myself in some strange place. I found myself walking on soft gray sand and gazing up at a white sky above me. I do not remember how I ended up in this place, but I knew one thing. I had to see Lilo. It feels like it was a hundred years ago since I last saw her face, but really, I don't recall how many years I had gone on without her. I find myself curiously trailing along the sandy path, wondering if it would lead me to Lilo and if I would ever see her or my family for that matter ever again.

I keep walking, the breeze whipping at my face, as if it was demanding me to go back. However, I trudged on, curious at what was at the end of this path. I looked back, but it seemed as if the path behind me that I traveled through, disappeared. It wasn't there anymore and was instead completely white. I raised an eyebrow and, with my eyes still on the mysteriously invisible path, took another step forward and where my feet weren't planted slowly decapitated. Now this place was foreign.

Slightly scared now, I ran off, not caring where the path would take me. I presumed in my running, earning a hard whack from the wind. I ran at a speed I never knew my legs could carry. I felt as if I was a cheetah chasing my prey or a deer sprinting away from a hunter. My legs then felt weary and my tongue lolled out of my mouth, but I kept running. I turned my head around again to see the path decapitating again. I kept running until a portal blocked my way. It seemed to be a large ring hovering barely centimeters from the ground. Inside was a sky blue and had a ripple forming in the middle that went from small to big then back down to small.

Timidly, I put one of my claws inside the portal and instantly pulled it back, as if it stung me. The inside was freezing and as soon as I touched it, it started changing colors. It went from sky blue, to a lime green, to a pink, and darkened into black. I was now very curious and wondered where it would lead me too. I turned around, but the path wasn't visible anymore. I turned to gaze back at the portal, knowing it was my only way out. With a sharp intake of breath, I prepared myself and jumped through the ripple. The white was soon replaced by blackness and I was spiraling down.

As I fell, my mind whirled with a memory I couldn't remember...

Stitch and Lilo were lying on their bed, watching TV. They laughed at the show until they heard something loud. Stitch perked his ears, let go of Lilo, slid off the bed and walked over to the window while Lilo rode the platform to reach the lower level of the house. Nani, Jumba, and Pleakley must've also heard the loud noise and were already bolting to the door, Stitch following after them.

Much to everyone's dismay, Gantu was there, aiming his gun at the family. Stitch was about to attack until Gantu shot at Nani's feet, a sticky green gelatin kept her stuck to the ground. He then shot at Jumba and Pleakley's feet, keeping them pinned. Stitch leapt and landed on his face, scratching him with his sharp claws. Gantu, not seeing to be bothered by Stitch's claws, reached behind and took a capsule. Stitch spotted it and tried to leap off, but Gantu had already scooped him in the capsule.

"Let Stitch go you Big Dummy!" Lilo shouted childishly.

"I've told you many times not to call me that Earth Girl! Also, I'm not letting this trog out of my sight again. Now, if you don't want to lose him, then I'll take you along with me." Gantu threatened, reaching back to pull out another capsule.

It seemed as if Gantu had also pinned Lilo's feet to the sandy ground because she couldn't move. Everyone watched in horror as Gantu scooped her like a massive ball of ice cream into the empty capsule. He thrusted her to his face, his robin blue eyes narrowed, attempting to scare Lilo. He then put her in his belt, right next to Stitch, turned and ran off into the foliage.

"Lilo!" Nani's scream seemed to echo around the whole forest as her little sister was carried far away from her. "LILO!"

The memory faded and I find myself crashing to the grasslands below me. I looked up with blurred vision, the fall was pretty hard even for me and I had to wait for the tingling of pain to stop rippling through my body. When the tingling pain was gone and my vision became clear, I stood and looked around. I noticed the huge trees looming above me and the tall grass where almost everything was green and I recognized this place.

It was the forest!


She was the only thing on my mind now. I knew I was getting close to her and I instantly leapt out of this spot and bolted in the direction of my house. I halted my pace and took in the sight of my house. Oh it's been too long since I last saw that dome where Lilo and I slept or the front yard where we would play zombies together. With a huge grin, I ran up the stairs, and leapt through the doggie door.

No one was there to greet me, but I guess they haven't seen me yet. I looked outside the window and I noticed, for the first time, that Nani's jeep was absent meaning she was at work and Jumba and Pleakley were milling in the ship. I didn't go after them though, I wanted to see Lilo and only her. I turned back around, promising to myself that I would say hello to them after I see Lilo, and ran to the elevator.

The platform didn't even move. It refused to take me up. Was this thing broken? It might be, considering it being old and all. I shrugged it off and instead climbed up the elevator. I reached my claws up to push the folds of the entrance open, but my claws slipped through. I furrowed my brows and pushed myself up only to magically go right through it. Did I acquire a new power while I was gone?

My pondering was broken by sobbing. I turned to the bed and noticed Lilo sitting there, leaning against the wall. My heart ached, I didn't like seeing her cry. "Lilo! Meega home now! Stop crying and greet Stitch!" However, she never turned her head nor did she even acknowledge my presence. I felt slightly offended and tried again. "Lilo! Stitch miss you!" I cried out to her, but again she never turned her head and still continue to sob. Then she turned her back and must've picked something up because she started weeping even louder.

This made me curious. Why was Lilo ignoring me? Did I do something wrong? Was she mad at me for leaving her? And what is she sobbing over? My feet took control of my body and dragged me over to where she sat. I pounced on the bed and wrapped my arms around her waist, burying my face in her hair. "Lilo, meega home at last. Stitch miss you so very much."

She still remained rooted to her spot, as if I wasn't touching her. I now felt worried. What had I done to make her this mad at me? "Lilo, what meega do wrong? Did Stitch hurt Lilo? Stitch do something bad? Tell meega!" She screamed and her weeping slowly turned into wails.

I took my arms off of her and I looked over her shoulder. She was looking at a picture, a picture of someone I couldn't make out. I blinked my eyes and... was that me?

It was. The picture she's looking at, weeping over, was me. Now I was confused. Why is she sobbing over a picture of me? I'm right here! "Lilo, meega here!"

As soon as I said that, she threw the picture on the floor, stood from the bed, and jumped to the platform. I followed after her, riding it down with her. That's what confused me. It worked for her, but why didn't it work for me? I decided to think about it some other time and resumed in following Lilo. Though she was running real fast, I could still keep up with her. My mind blanked again as I ran and the sequel to the memory before lurked into my mind...

Gantu stomped through the two double doors with Lilo and Stitch in his hands. Carelessly, he threw them inside one of the cells and locked them in tight. He gave them an evil snare then hurried off to do other business.

"Stitch, I'm scared. What's Gantu going to do to us?" Lilo asked, worry in her eyes.

"Naga worry Lilo." Stitch soothingly replied as he walked up to her and enveloped her in his arms. "We get out of here."

They remained in there for almost hours until the double doors opened again. Lilo and Stitch turned their heads to see Dr. Hamsterviel and Gantu trailing behind him with a stack of phone books. The tall alien bent and placed the large books in front of the cell and Hamsterviel leapt on them. He glared evilly at Lilo and Stitch who were nastily glaring back at him.

Dr. Hamsterviel smiled wickedly. "Earth Girl, 626, do you know why you are here?"

"Because you've come up with another stupid plan to take over the universe and you have to kill us to make sure we don't get involved in it." Lilo said haughtily, crossing her arms and shooting Hamsterviel daggers from her eyes.

"Close Earth Girl, there is one little word you had to change. This plan is not stupid! It's ingenious as a matter of fact, something that loser ex-partner of mine Jumba's brains could never match." He then threw his head back in evil laughter. After a few minutes, he recovered and glared angrily at Stitch and Lilo with his bloody red eyes. "You two have been intervening in my plans for too long. You 'rescued' the 625 experiments, you've foiled with my plans, and you've kicked me into jail at least twice already. It is time I punish you, by death."

Lilo gasped, she had never been threatened like that before. However, she was able to contain her fright, for she knew that would delight their captors. With a haughty grin, Dr. Hamsterviel leapt off of the phone books while Gantu walked over, unlocked the cell, and roughly grasped Lilo and Stitch in his massive hands. He shackled both of them and stuck them in the floating hovers and walked out, Hamsterviel following after with Lilo and Stitch trailing behind them.

They entered a bloody red room which almost resembled in a death room. Gantu and Hamsteriviel led their captives over to the beds that were just waiting to be laid on. Gantu lifted Stitch first, his blaster pointed at Lilo to let Stitch know he will kill Lilo if he squirms. He strapped Stitch's wrists and ankles to the bed. He then lifted Lilo and strapped her securely to the bed. Lilo and Stitch looked at each other while Hamsterviel played with buttons on his machine. Suddenly, Lilo and Stitch heard an obnoxious whirring noise coming from above. They looked up to see the folds of the ceiling open and sharp blades spun around as it lowered.

Lilo and Stitch knew their fate and exchanged glances at each other. Stitch started struggling wildly, he wasn't so sure if blades could cut through his fur, but he knew it would sink through Lilo's and that's what got him frantic. Hamsterviel and Gantu laughed at Stitch's obsolete efforts to get out of the straps that bound him

"The suspense is killing me!" Hamsterivel cried out, wiping tears of laughter from his eyes.

"I've always wanted to witness this moment." Gantu murmured. "Finally, that little blue trog and his Earth pet will be destroyed!"

The blades reached lower to Lilo and the frantic fidgeting Stitch. When all hope seemed to be lost, the blades stopped spinning and the whirring noise shut down. Hamsterviel and Gantu seemed to be puzzled by this and whipped their heads all around then they saw it was Pleakley, Sparky, Kixx, and Jumba.

The memory blinked out of my mind again and I found out I wasn't running anymore. Instead, I was walking through... a cemetery? All around were gravestones and flowers of all various colors and kinds. I whipped my head around, where did Lilo go? I must've lost her while I was absorbing in the memory. I whipped my head around, trying to find Lilo, but again, my feet carried me and I let them.

I kept running through the grassy place where dead people were buried. I raced through the whole area, crossing the street and found Lilo at the far end of the cemetery. I ran up to her, still wondering why she was ignoring me. "Lilo? What did Stitch do wrong? Meega soka!"

Still, she didn't acknowledge me. Was she visiting her parent's grave? This thought jumped into my mind because there was a tombstone staring back at her and she was weeping all over again crying out, "Why did you leave me! You promised if I'm sad, that you would always be there to cheer me up. Now you're not here when I need you the most."

What is she talking about? I ventured towards her until I was right at her side. I wrapped an arm around her shoulder, but she still didn't respond to me. Instead she kept on weeping, causing my heart to ache. Here she was crying and I couldn't do anything to comfort her. "Lilo, please naga cry. Stitch no like Lilo crying. Stitch like Lilo happy."

"WHY!" She screamed to the sky and hastily got out of my embrace and ran away.

I was about to follow her but decided to see what had made her so depressed and angry. That's when I noticed it was a large tombstone and instead of having Lilo's parents names on it, it had my name. That's when my memory once more blanked out again and continued a little ways from where it left off.

Jumba, Sparky, and Kixx finally saved Lilo and Stitch, but now the hardest part, escaping alive. It would be very arduous because the self destruct button had been pushed and would annihilate in five minutes. Everyone was extra careful in not getting smashed by the falling boulders except for Stitch. Who tripped and fell flat on the floor. He looked up to see the ceiling collapsing and a boulder planted itself hard on his legs, inflicting pain from his torso down to his legs.

"Stitch!" Lilo cried out in panic as she ran back to her fallen friend.

"Naga Lilo." Stitch protested. "Run, leave Stitch here."

"No!" Lilo cried in denial. "I'm not leaving you here to die!"

"Stitch naga want Lilo hurt. Please Lilo, go with family." Stitch pleaded.

"I don't want you hurt Stitch!" Lilo shouted and used her little strength to try and push the boulder off of her best friend.

"Lilo, please run. Stitch naga want you hurt. Please go!"

"I refuse to leave you Stitch. I love you."



"Lilo please... RUN!"

"Not until you are by my side."

Stitch smiled when Jumba came up to see what was taking them so long. Stitch motioned to Jumba to get Lilo out of here and he obeyed. Jumba picked up the struggling Lilo and ran off with her as the detonation count down began at 10 seconds. His only hope was that Jumba got Lilo out in time.

He heard the count down stop at 0 and everything collided. Stitch, being the strongest of the experiments, probably could've made it, but he didn't. The heavy weight pressed deep into his back and crushed his chest to the floor causing breathing issues. He weakly tried to push the heavy weight off him, but it was no use. His vision was starting to get blurry and he was getting dizzy. He laid his head and closed his eyes.

His mind then flashed. Memories of Lilo engulfed his brain. Memories of her laughter when he did something funny, of her smile when he did something to make her proud, of everything. He remembered holding her as she wepy into his arms and remember how she would kiss him when he did something that was beyond valuable to her. He remembered every little thing he spent with her and smiled.

"I love you Lilo." He whispered in perfect English. "You have made my life complete."

That's where Stitch's vision turned completely black and he saw nothing more...

That's when realization hit me. That's when I realized why the platform wouldn't carry me up to my room, why Lilo consistently kept ignoring me, why she was crying over my picture.

I didn't survive in the collision.