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It's been four months since that fateful day death took away Stitch's life. Nothing's the same anymore. It's not the same waking up in the morning and facing an empty cot on the other side of the room. It's not the same going off to hula class without a certain blue furred alien at my side. I've gotten used to being with Stitch, he was a huge part of my life and now, this happened. I don't know if I should cry at the fact I'll never see him again or if I should smile that he's in a better place and that my parents will take care of him for me. What I do know however, is that I want to be with him. I wish it so much.

However, as much as I want to go through with it, I can't. I still have the experiments that need me to look after him or her and make sure no alien criminal comes to Earth to take him or her away. I still have Victoria to be at her side and be her only friend besides Snooty. I still have Nani, Jumba, and Pleakley and they're helping me getting by. Still, I wish to be with my best friend even in death. There are times when I've thought about drowning myself or throw myself out the dome's window, but I never got the courage to do it. Besides, Stitch wouldn't want me to hurt myself. He would want me to live life as if nothing is out of place. That's what I planned to do after finding his body under all that rubble, but it was easier said than done.

I sit on my bed, staring out the window. I gazed at the sky, wondering which star tonight would be his. I reminisced all the times we had together. I remembered the time we first met, when we became the council's experiment hunters, the celebration we had when we caught the last experiment. If I could relieve all those adventures again, even knowing how it ended, I would. I would do anything to see him again.

My eyes stung and the tears showed. I didn't hold them back as I've been doing to keep strong for my family. Instead, I let them cascade down my cheeks. I could feel the burn as it rolled down my face, landing in a small puddle on the back of my hand. Finally, I reached up and wiped them away. However, more came and I couldn't help it. I buried my face in my hands and sobbed. I didn't care if I was exposing pitiful weakness, I was hurt, I was broken, and I don't think anybody can help pick up the pieces again.

Lilo! Meega home now! Stop crying and greet Stitch!

My body stiffened shortly. That voice sounded so much like Stitch, but it was so distant. It couldn't be him. There was just no way. He's dead. Gone forever. I have to stop believing he's still alive or I will go insane. I didn't even turn my head, but instead continued to sob.

Lilo! Stitch miss you!

'If you missed me, why did you leave me?' I bitterly asked in my thoughts. I don't know why I keep hearing his voice, but I know it isn't him. It couldn't be. He died four months ago and I have to accept that. I turned to my desk, adjacent to the bed. I turned my back from the lift to grab at a picture. It was of him, my best friend, the one who left me, who said he would always be with me. I felt a twinge of anger at him for leaving me and causing me so much misery. Angrily, I threw the picture down and rode the lift downstairs.

I hastily tore my way to the front door and began to run. I allowed my legs to move faster, which brought a pain to my side. However, that pain could never match to the one I will forever hold in my heart. I kept running, unheeding the pain in my hip as it slowly increased. Perspiration drenched my face, the sun's rays poured on me, the wind nipped harshly at my skin, blowing my hair behind me. I didn't stop though, I couldn't stop. I had to visit him again.

Finally, I made it to the cemetery. Here, I just walked, which subsided the ache in my hip slightly. I was breathing heavily now with some of my black strands of hair sticking to my forehead. I raised a hand to swipe away the sweat on my forehead while crossing the street. The sun's beams showered down on me. I proceeded until I finally found Stitch's gravestone. I know what you're thinking, why would Stitch, an alien, have a grave in the cemetery? My family and I persuaded the man that Stitch was like family to us and that we would like him be buried here. He said only we could provide the service, which we did. We had him buried underneath the whomping willow, next to my parents graves.

I stared at the writing, wanting to scream in anger and cry in sadness. I did. "Why did you leave me! You promised if I'm sad, that you would always be there to cheer me up. Now you're not here when I need you the most!"

I wept for the second time that day. I continued to cry, spilling out my heart in those tears. What was I going to do now? How can I live without my best friend at my side? I trembled, but not because of the tears, but because the wind circled around my waist. I wanted to believe it was Stitch's arms, holding me to him. Assuring me, he is right here and that he'll never leave me. That he still loves me and wishes just as much as I do that he was here with me again.

Lilo, please naga cry. Stitch no like Lilo crying. Stitch like Lilo happy.

'If you wanted me to be happy, then give me those four years back.' I thought to myself then allowed the tears to overcome me again. 'Why didn't you let me save you? Why did you give up? Why don't you just come back to me? Why do you not love me anymore?'

I wanted to cry all this out, but only one word came out my lips. "WHY!"

I ran. I didn't care where I was running, I just had to leave. I made it back to my house in a matter of minutes and busted through the front door. I couldn't make it back up to my dome, so instead I just collapsed on the floor and continued to sob. My kneeling position went into a lying down position. My legs up close to my chest and my head buried in my knees, soaking them with my constant wave of tears.


I didn't look up, nor did I even acknowledge the voice. I just continued with my actions in showing my sorrow. I felt someone lift me by the arm and gently pull me into their embrace. I opened my eyes to see it was Pleakley. He was cradling me. I sobbed some more in his chest, wrapping my arms around his skinny little body as well.

I felt him pick me up and carry me somewhere. I didn't know where he was taking me until I was passed off in someone else's arms. Someone who had massive arms and a huge stomach. I realized this person to be Jumba who laid me down on the soft cool sheets of what I guessed was a bed. I closed my eyes, feeling his massive hand run through my raven hair. I felt Pleakley sit on the other side of me, caressing my face sweetly. During all this comfort, I fell asleep. The last thing I felt was Pleakley and Jumba moving away from me to let me sleep in peace.

"What do you mean you have to take her away!"

"Little Girl is being our Little Girl! You can not be taking her!"

I awoke to screams coming from downstairs. Groggily, I hopped off the comfort of Pleakley's bottom bunk bed. After stretching and yawning, I trudged downstairs. Down there, I could see Jumba and Pleakley yelling at the man I called Cobra Bubbles. I felt fear weigh down my chest like a boulder. What could he be here for?

I ventured forth, waiting for them to take notice of me. Cobra did after he raised his eyes to look up. I gazed at his sunglasses, wondering why he was here. I take a step forward and this time, both Jumba and Pleakley turned to face me. I gasped softly at the tears in their eyes. Why are they crying?

"Lilo, you know we love you right?" Pleakley stuttered, stepping closer to me. I looked at him in wonder. "You do know Nani loves you right? She'll always love you. No matter what."

"What are you talking about?" I asked in a soft voice.

"Lilo, there's something I have to tell you." Pleakley responded then bit his lip. I looked at him intently, wondering what he was going to say. Finally, he said the words that felt as if a knife had plunged into my heart and kept stabbing me repeatedly. "Nani died in a car crash. A drunk driver rammed into her and they both crashed into a tree. The driver is now at the hospital with severe conditions, but Nani died instantly."

Tears pricked at the back of my eyes. I felt as if my whole world was crumbling down to pieces. So now, I've lost Stitch and Nani. At least I still had Jumba, Pleakley, and my experiments, but how can I go on without my sister? I couldn't help it. I fell into Pleakley's embrace and sobbed with him, allowing my anger and sorrow pour into those tears. Pleakley held me tightly; I could feel his tears in my hair.

"At least you still have us." Pleakley whispered and I nodded.

"I'm afraid that's not going to happen." Replied a deep voice. Cobra's voice. Fearfully, I broke away from Pleakley to look at Cobra. "Nani was Lilo's only family member left. Now that she's no longer the care taker of Lilo, I'm afraid the government has the right to take her to another foster parent home."

"You can not be doing that!" Jumba barked at the man. "Little Girl is ours! Nobody is to take her away!"

"Mr. Jookiba, I know you and Mr. Pleakley here has developed a soft spot for the girl, but we have to take her. You two can't provide for her. You're both aliens disguised as humans. You don't own this house, you don't have any money, and you don't have any jobs. Even if you do try to occupy a job, it'll be too late. The Homeowners Association can put the house up for sell and you two will have to go back into space." Cobra explained.

"You Earthlings have such ludicrous laws! We are only ones Little Girl has left. Can't we just take her with us?" Jumba pleaded.

Cobra sighed. "I'm sorry Mr. Jookiba, but Lilo has to go. Besides, she can't get any survival in space. She's been there many times yes, but she can't live there. Humans need food and water to live. The food you aliens have will make her sick and you don't have water on your planet. I'm sorry."

"Cobra!" I spoke. He turned from Jumba to look at me. "Can I visit them?"

He sighed once more. "I'm afraid not Lilo. Your new foster parents won't know about aliens and I suggest it best not to tell them. It'd be too risky."

"What about the experiments!" I cried again. "Will I see them again?"

"Highly doubtful Lilo. As I said, it'd be best if your new foster parents don't know of the alien species." Cobra replied.

Pleakley wept as Jumba hung his head in defeat. Solemnly, he nodded in agreement. Cobra gave me one last pitying look and left, but not before saying, we have two days left with each other. I sobbed in Pleakley's chest, wishing I didn't have to go away. I wanted nothing more than to just stay with my family.

Jumba told me I should get some rest, which Pleakley agreed to and turned me loose. I moped up the elevator, feeling as if I could just die. I have nothing left. I have no love, I have no anger, and I don't have any sadness. This year has taken all that away from me. I don't have any tears, any laughter, anything. I'm not sure if I even have a heart now. I've been deprived of feeling and emotions. I can't receive any and I can't give any in return. I fell on my bed, falling asleep in a matter of minutes with a frown on my face.

The next morning, I couldn't even get out of bed. I felt like I was just a walking piece of flesh that's just not alive anymore. I certainly don't feel alive. I can't believe what is happening to me. First, I lose Stitch, then I couldn't even say goodbye to my sister, then I found out the government is going to take me away in less than a week. I won't ever see Jumba, Pleakley, or any of my experiments. I wanted to cry, but the tears just wouldn't come. I turned to see a picture of the whole family. I had taken that shot when Stitch and I captured all the experiments. It was taken in the front yard and it had Nani, David, Jumba, Pleakley, Stitch, all the 625 experiments and me. We were all saying 'Aloha!' when the tripod (Is that what it's called?) took the picture.

I gazed at that picture for who knows how many minutes. Finally, I made up my mind. I took the lift downstairs and went inside the kitchen. I pulled out a shiny knife. It looked so beautiful to me. Beautiful and deadly, but that's what I wanted. I carried it upstairs to where Jumba and Pleakley were sleeping. I bent to kiss Pleakley's cheek then climbed up the steps to kiss Jumba's cheek. I descended from the top bunk, went over to the notepad waiting invitingly on Jumba's desk, put the knife down and reached for a pen.

Jumba and Pleakley,

Once you find this note, I will be gone. I'm sorry, but I just don't think I could continue to live like this. Please do not bang yourself for not being able to stop me from what I'm going to do. Understand that this is probably what I need. I've lost Stitch, Nani, and soon I'll be losing you and the experiments. I want to thank you for helping me as much as you could, but I'm afraid it ends here. I love you both and I wish you the greatest luck once you go back home.



P.S. My body will be found at Stitch's gravesite. Goodbye.

With that, I left. Before I reached the door, I turned back to the still snoozing Jumba and Pleakley. "I love you." I murmured quietly. "Goodbye."

Here I am. I'm standing in front of Stitch's grave with the knife in my hand. I don't know what to do, but I do know I can't go back. I already made the note, I said my goodbyes, and I'm standing in front of Stitch's grave with the knife, so there's no turning back. I contemplate what to do with the knife. I've seen many people from the movies Stitch and I used to watch together that they drag the knife across their wrist.

I did just that. With the knife, I slashed it across my arm. I bit my lip and fell to the ground, clutching my wrist as the blood drained from my arm. Now that I've cut the skin open, what do I do now? I looked up at the sky, knowing that's where I'll be in a little while. I took the knife again, and slashed it across my other wrist. The blade pressed deeper into my wrist, cutting my veins. Now, I'm getting dizzy. Darkness is coming on. I can't see any light; even Stitch's name is fading from my view. Is the ground getting closer? It is. I'm falling onto it. I'm laying on top of Stitch's body now. I'm closing my eyes and my heart has stopped beating.

Where am I? Everything is white. Am I dead? Is this heaven? Am I going to see my parents, Nani, and Stitch again?


I turned. There he is. His blue fur a beautiful oceanic color. His dark black eyes still held that loving look. He's here. My angel has come back. "Stitch!" I cried in tears as I raced towards him. He holds out his arms and I crash into his arms, giving him a huge bear hug and receiving one of his own in return. He holds me close to him. "Stitch, I've missed you so much." I wept on his shoulder.

"Stitch missed Lilo too." He cried in return then released me. He took hold of my hand and smiled at me with that sweet smile of his. "Come on. Lilo and Stitch go home now."

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