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The title "3000 Year Wait" will be explained in this chapter.

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Dream sequence

3000 Year Wait

Chapter One: New Body, Same Body

Atemu lay in the bed next to his tall brunet lover. Seth was rubbing his cheek with his slender thumb. "I love you Atemu." He said with a smile. The red-eyed Pharaoh giggled a little and kissed Seth on the nose. "I love you too Seth. Thank you for this lovely night."

Yes, it was a lovely night. The moon was full and the stars were out. The Pharaoh and High Priest had just had sex in Atemu's large bed. Now they lay together, naked and satisfied with what they had done. Atemu laid his head on the exposed chest of his koi. His eyes became droopy and then, he fell asleep listening to Seth's heart beat.

The next night

The young Pharaoh was lying under the covers. He was being to descended into sleep, but he heard a noise come from out his window. He sat up and got out of bed. He walked over to the balcony. Big mistake. The monarch hunched over before blacking out. Something had struck him hard on the head. The last thing he saw and heard a figure blacked out, for the moon was behind him. He did see an evil grin and heard a horrible laugh that filled him with fear.

When Atemu came to, he found that he was on his bed, covered in blood and semen. His hand and feet where bond in rope that was originally tied to the post of the bed. It had been cut. Tears filled his beautiful ruby-red eyes. He had been rapped by someone. He curled up into a ball and wept.

Seth shot up in his bed. He could feel that his small koi was in pain, for he and Atemu shared a special bond that they formed when the feel in love with each other.

Seth ran out of his room and kicked opened Atemu's bedroom door. He looked around the bed. It was dark in the large room, but he heard sobbing coming from the bed. He ran over, only to find a small, tan, bloody and sticky young man in fetal position.

"Atemu, love, what has happened here?" Seth asked as he lifted Atemu's tear-socked face with his index finger.

Atemu latched on to Seth and sobbed into his chest. "Oh Seth! Someone has rapped me! I don't know what to do! I'm scared!" Atemu said between sobs. Seth's eyes widen then turned into a cold-glare as he heard what is lover had said.

Someone has violated hi Atemu, and he will not allow that person to live in this life time anymore. He hugged the crying one and told him over and over that he would be there for him more often from now on.

A few weeks later

Things had gotten back to normal… well… not exactly normal. Atemu had felt weird for the past few weeks, actually, he had been for a month now. He had been throwing up what he ate in the morning, had been tired more that usual, a need to use the bathroom a lot, and had been acting a little moody lately. He had to ask Priestess Isis about this.

"Good afternoon my Pharaoh, is something wrong?" Isis asked as she saw Atemu walk into the Medicine Room.

"Isis, I have been feeling strange for the past few weeks."

"Please lay on the table." Isis moved her hand toward a stone table. The Yu-Gi-Oh did as he was told. He got on the cold table and lay down upon it.

"What seems to be wrong Atemu?" she asked.

"Well, I have been sick in the morning and I can not hold down my first meal of the day. Plus, I have been tired a lot, even though I sleep fine at night; also, I have been having an attitude toward people at small moments and a need to use the rest room more than usual."

Isis thought hard for a few moments. Finally, she spoke. "Please remove the top part of your outfit Pharaoh. I need to see something."

Atemu pulled his shirt over his head and saw the Isis moved her slender hands around his abdomen. When she got to around his belly button, she stopped. A smile played at her lips.

"Please feel this spot Atemu." She said. Atemu put two fingers to where she had her hands. He felt a small spot on his stomach that was a little hard, not soft like the rest of his stomach. His widen. "What is…?"

"You are pregnant my Pharaoh." Isis said as she smiled.

"But how can I be? I am a male." Atemu pleaded. Isis giggled.

"You were born wit ha birth defect, which might have caused you to have the parts of a woman that allows her to become pregnant. You are still a man though." Atemu felt better that he was still a man, but he was still confused.

"Seth will be surprised with this won't he Isis? I don't think he will be happy with me." Atemu said sadly. The Priestess and the rest of the priest know of the relationship between him and Seth.

"I have a feeling he will be happy for you Pharaoh. He loves you deeply, and he will be there for you the whole time." The Sennen Tank holder said as she helped the small monarch of the table.

"Thank you Isis." Atemu said as he walked out the door. He went to Seth's room and found him sitting on his bed. "What did Isis tell you about your condition?" Seth asked as he looked up at the one who entered his room.

Atemu sighed as he walked over and sat on the bed. "Seth. You most promise me that you will not get scared when I tell you." Said person nodded his head.

"Seth…I'm… I'm… pregnant." Atemu said as he turned his head away from the blue-eyes master. A set of arms hugged him around the waist, and he turned his head to see Seth smiling at him with bright eyes. "So I'm going to be the father of a child." Seth said with the smile still on his lips. Tears came to the red-eyed one as he too smiled. "Yes. Yes you do Seth."

Yami woke up from the dream that he had just had. He looked around the room to find that he was still in the hotel room in Egypt that everyone was staying in. He and Yugi were sharing a room.

He noticed that the digital clock in the room said 3:47 A.M. on it. He turned his head as he heard a voice. "Is something wrong Mou hitori no boku?" Yugi said has he rubbed his eyes.

"I just had a strange dream about my past."

"Tell me about it. Grandpa told me that it helps to tell about strange or bad dreams."

"Alright, I'll tell you Aibou. It starts like this…" Yami told Yugi about his dream. After he finished, the young boy had wide eyes.

"You're pregnant Yami?" Yugi asked.

"I don't know if I still am. That was over 3000 years ago. We'll talk more about it in the morning. We need sleep, because the Final Duel is today, and I want use both ready." Atemu said as he lay back down. Yugi did the same thing.

Yami's Life Points went down to zero and Yugi fell to his knees. Tears ran down his face. Yami walked over to his aibou. "You freed me Yugi. Thank you."

"But now you're going to leave." Yugi said as he sobbed. Yami's expression was sad as he looked around the room at the others in the room but his red-eyes stopped on a certain person.

Seto Kaiba, the future version of his lovely High Priest. He saw that Kaiba's eyes held sadness in his beautiful sapphire-blue eyes. Yami let out a sigh, but aloud rumble was heard behind me.

He turned to see what was causing it. Everyone else looked to see the large door to the after life open up. A bright light filled the room and a tall figure walked out. Yami gasped as he saw it was the ghostly form of his Seth. Kaiba looked at his look-alike with disbelief.

"Holy crap! There's TWO Kaibas?" Jou yelled as he saw who came through the large doors. Both Seth and Seto looked at him with a your-a-moron look.

Yami walked up to his past love. "Seth, what are you doing here?" The blue-eyes master gave him a soft smile and hugged the petite king. Anzu looked as if she wanted to scream. She did NOT like anyone near Yami, because she wanted him.

"I have come to tell you that you can stay in this realm." Seth said as he pulled away from Yami.

"But… if I stay here, then I won't see you again for a long time."

"Atemu, I want you to be happy. You and the child will do better here in this life than in the after life. Besides, the child will never be born in that realm."

Yami looked up at Seth with surprise written on his face. 'So it wasn't a dream after all. I was pregnant.' "But how can I still have it if I am in this life time?" Atemu asked.

"I will allow you to have a new body, which will be like your old one, but more fit for here." Seth said as a blue aura appeared around him. He pulled his small koi into a hug and planted one final kiss on his lips.

Yami's body became covered in a blue light. His skin turned tan and his hair was a little spikier than Yugi's. The other's watched as this happened, but Seto just stared at his counter part. He knew that he had feelings for Yami, but right now they had become stronger. He wanted to be the one to kiss the Yu-Gi-Oh.

The light faded and Seth pulled away again. He smiled one more time and began to walk back to the open doors. "Good bye my beautiful Pharaoh. You two stay safe, and I hope he takes good care of you." Seth said with one last wave as the doors closed. Yami was on the verge of tears. He wondered what Seth meant by "he." Yami immediately remembered that Isis told him that Seth would be there for him and the child through the whole pregnancy. Seto was the future version of Seth, so that meant Seto would also be there for him.

Yami had loved Seto for the longest time, yet he could never tell him. Suddenly Yami's eyes enlarged. He smacked his hands over his mouth and started to run. "Yami!" Both Yugi and Kaiba said at the same time as Yami ran up the stairs. He was fast for a short person. When the group reached the top of the stairs, they found Yami on his hands and knees, vomiting. He sat back and gasped. "Oh Ra! Help me!" He yelled at the heavens then fell backwards. Seto ran over to him "He fainted!" He yelled at the people the sleeping one called "friends."

Deep in the tomb, a familiar figure grinned as he walked into the shadows.


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