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3000 Year Wait

Chapter Twenty: Aftermath

Hemo sat on the swing in the backyard's cherry blossom tree, the same one that Kaiba had put up for Hemo and Aaron when they were kids so he could play with them. It has been a week since Bakura tried to kill the Kaiba family and it's been a week since Hemo had spoken to anyone.

Yami looked out at the yard and sighed as he saw how lost his son looked. Yami had been so worried about Hemo since they had left the hospital after getting treatment for their wounds. Yami frowned as he looked down at his arm that was being held in a sling until his shoulder worked properly again.

Kaiba ended up okay after his head injury, but he did have to be checked for a rust infection due to that being the cause of the gash, but he was fine. Aaron had a broken arm and a sprained wrist but he was okay.

Hemo however, was not fine. He was completely guilt filled because he thought this whole thing was his fault. He left with small injuries that would heal, but the guilt wouldn't. He was scared that his parents and brother hated him for what he did.

Yami frowned and walked over to the swing. "Hey kiddo. How are you?" Hemo looked up at him and turned away, making Yami frown more.

"Hemotep Kaiba, you look at me right now."

Hemo turned and looked at the former Pharaoh. "Tell me what's wrong."

With a sigh, the white haired boy spoke. "I'm… sorry… for causing you so much trouble for the past eleven years…"

Yami's red eyes softened as he took a seat on the ground. "Hemo…"

"It's my fault! I brought so much trouble on you guys! Hemo broke his arm because of me! I broke it! You can't move your arm because that jerk hurt you, and I… I killed someone!" The boy finally broke down and got off the swing, hugging Yami.

The former Pharaoh frowned deeply as he heard the sobs of his son. "Hemo… listen baby, it's not your fault…"

"Yes it is!"

Yami pushed Hemo back a bit so identical colored red-eyes looked at one another. "Sweetie, you didn't mean to. Your father and I should have told you guys about Egypt sooner. And you father and I as well as Aaron forgive you, we know you didn't mean what you said and did back there."

Hemo still had tears coming down his face. "But… is Dad really not my father…?"

Yami blinked but sighed. "Hemo, it is true, Seto is not your father but he also is because Seto is the reincarnation of your father Seth. They are pretty much the same guy is you think about it."

"But what about Bakura…?"

Yami's eyes turned hard. "Hemotep, that man is in no ways your father. He was a horrible person who deserved the death he got. He is not your father because a father would never use his own child as a weapon."

The boy looked at his mother and blinked, taking in what Yami had said. "So he isn't my father and Aaron really is my brother?" Yami nodded. "Yep, now why don't you go play with Aaron, he wants you too again." Yami smiled as he watched Hemo run back into the house.

Kaiba stepped out after seeing Hemo run by and he walked over to Yami who was still sitting on the ground. "What's gotten into him?" The taller of the two asked, only causing Yami to smile.

"We talked about what was bothering him and we fixed it. Say love, could you do me a favor?"

"Sure, what is it?"

"Could you help me up, my back is stiff from sitting on the hard ground." Yami spoke with a sheepish grin on his face, only making Kaiba roll his eyes as he helped the boy up.

"Yami, you can be so weird. So, what was it that was bothering Hemo?" Kaiba asked.

"He felt guilty for what he did and it was eating at him. We talked about it and now he feels better." Yami replied, looking up at Kaiba before leaning against him. "Seto, am I good parent?"

Kaiba blinked and looked at him. "Of course you are Yami! You are a magnificent parent to the kids, you taught them so much and you have always been there for them." Kaiba spoke as he held Yami close to him.

Yami nuzzled his head before looking back up at him. "Thanks Seto, I needed that. I guess I had some guilt built up too." He sighed and wrapped his good arm around Kaiba. "I was scared that Hemo wouldn't trust us anymore, but he does, because he was scared that we didn't trust him."

"He trusts us, just like we do for him." Kaiba spoke softly as he kissed his head. "Now come on love, let's go back inside."

Yami smiled and followed him back into their home.


What ever happened to the Kaiba family and the Jounouchi family after the Bakura incident?

Kaiba kept Kaiba Corp. growing strong with top of the line game systems and computers, he opened up Duelist Academy which was an actual school and a dueling school all in one, and he also patented a new system of duel disk that could be connected to motorbikes, which was a huge hit for extreme sports fans.

Yami worked as a professor of ancient history at the Domino University in which he taught about ancient world customs and histories, mostly on Egyptian history. Yami also worked as a game tester for Kaiba Corp. He still kept the title of King in the gaming world and no one has yet to beat him.

Aaron became a sensation in the inventors' world when he made the first D-Rider, which his father sold from his company and he also created more solid holograms. He worked as an inventor as well as the CEO of Kaiba Corp. America which was the second biggest in the world outside of Kaiba Corp. Japan. Aaron got married and ended up giving birth like Yami could.

Hemo became Kaiba Corp.'s top game tester and reviewer. He made new game systems and worked part-time at Domino University with his mother since he was the part-time teacher for entrepreneurship. Hemo married and adopted a child when he was in his twenties; he is currently the heir to the Kaiba Corp. fortune.

Yugi became a doctor after spending a few years at medical school. He works in the pediatrics ward, working with small children and teens that are terminally ill. He even helped discover a new virus. On his days off, he works at the Game Shop that he now owns after his grandfather passed away.

Jounouchi became famous in the world of cooking. He is an expert chef and owns his own restaurant chain. He still duels on the side but he real love is his family and cooking. His restaurant chain is actually sponsored by Kaiba Corp. believe it or not.

Errol is actually one of the worlds top duelist along side his little brother, Theo. They are top in the world but actually work as a manga team, creating a story where based on their uncles' and parents' stories.

Everyone else from the Yugi-tachi went their separate ways, still keeping in contact with one another and still being friends.

Years after that horrible chapter in his life, Hemo still felt unsure of himself being the child of Yami and Kaiba, but he didn't care. He loved his parents and his brother very much. He didn't care if he didn't look like both his parents, he was just happy to have them. Yami was very happy with the life he now had, he had the love of his life, a good home, great friends, and two wonderful sons.

Even if he had to wait three thousand years for them, he was still happy.

The End.

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