Mezzo: Danger Service Agency

Dating and other Dangerous Sports: Four

The apartment wasn't what Mikura was expecting, though the pink haired girl wasn't entirely sure what she was thinking it'd be like. Instead of some bordello, it was nearly sedate, with a simple black couch, lamps and a comfy looking love seat. Off to one side was a kitchen, and down the hall it would be presumed there was a bedroom and bathroom.

From the kitchen Mitsuki called, "I hope you don't mind some fast burgers, Mikura. I figured you'd want something quick and easy."

"That's great," Mikura answered, tentatively sitting on the couch while warily looking around for hidden ropes and such. She didn't know what a porn star did in her home, but she wasn't taking chances.

"I have some salad in the fridge too," Mitsuki added as the redhead carried a bowl of salad over to the table nearby, as well as various dressings. "Do you want anything special to drink?" she asked.

"Water's fine," Mikura said, deciding that would decrease the odds of the woman dosing her with something.

Mitsuki gave her a amused look that said she knew exactly what was going through the other woman's mind. "If you want I can go out and get a sealed bottle...?" she offered.

Mikura felt herself smiling, "Could always inject something into it with a needle."

"How about I take you to the bottling plant?" Mitsuki suggested whimsically.

"Do you take all the girls out on dates like that?" Mikura teased.

"Only the really paranoid ones." Mitsuki shot back with a smile.

Mikura smiled slightly, "Gee, thanks."

"Is there anything I can do to relieve your paranoia?" Mitsuki called as she returned to the kitchen to flip the burgers.

"Not really," Mikura reluctantly confessed, "my paranoia has kept me alive too long to give it up now."

"Good point," Mitsuki conceded as she carried in a plate with several burgers. She set it on the table with buns, thin sliced tomato and onions and various condiments and smiled as she called, "Come and get it."

"Thanks," Mikura got back up, glad to be back in just her regular body suit. Almost as soon as they arrived Mitsuki had offered her the living room to change in while she had stalked off to the bedroom. While Mikura had been worried she'd emerge in something scandelous she was almost disappointed to see Mitsuki come out in a simple sweat pants and t-shirt.

"Hmm," Mitsuki bit into her burger with a crunch, sighing happily as a bit of juice dribbled cutely down her chin.

Making up her own burger Mikura munched happily, deciding she didn't care if it was poisoned. 'Besides,' she thought as she ate, 'I wouldn't even be that worried if she hadn't said she was connected to that psycho Momomi Momoi,'

"Ahh, that's good," Mitsuki sighed a few minutes later, having polished off two burgers and a small salad.

"So," Mikura said as she finished her last burger, "you promised a explaination after you fed me." A smile, "I'm fed, so talk."

"Clear the table first?" Mitsuki asked as she grabbed the dirty plates.

"Yeah, yeah," Mikura grumbled as she helped collect plates and bottles from the table. A few moments later and they were sitting in the living room, glasses sitting beside them as Mikura took the couch and Mitsuki the sofa.

"I met Momomi Momoi when I was hired as a gag gift for her birthday party," Mitsuki revealed, "I did a striptease for her and her friends."

"And you two...?" Mikura trailed off.

"We saw each other off and on for a year, until I broke it off," Mitsuki admitted. She looked regretful, "She was incredibly fun on her good days, but she'd also have these frightening episodes of violence."

"I'm not too surprised by the violence," Mikura mused, having seen Momomi in action before. Not to mention the rumors about her, which had become more well known after her death and people were less afraid of her killing them for talking.

"During the time I was with her she talked about her father's affairs, and the possibility there was a half-sister around," Mitsuki revealed.

"Wish my mother had told me," Mikura mused, leaning back as she put her arms behind her head, "it'd have explained a lot."

Mitsuki looked up to meet Mikura's eyes, "When I heard about you through a contact with Chiyoki, I was curious to see if you two were anything alike."

"And are we?" Mikura looked at her coldly.

Mitsuki smiled, "You're as attractive as she was, and you both have a similar edge." She sipped her drink, "Thankfully, you're not insane like she was."

Mikura looked amused, "That's a relief."

Mitsuki met her eyes, "I'm sorry I didn't try to talk to you earlier. I think hiring you with a hidden motive may have spoiled any chance I might have to get to know you."

"Why would you want to get to know me?" Mikura asked, looking honestly surprised, "I'm just a tough girl from the streets."

"You have hidden depths," Mitsuki calmly pointed out, "even after just a day with you, I can see that." A slow smile, "Besides, you're cute."

Mikura blushed, looking away. "I'm not..." she started, "well, I've thought about it, especially after Sakura told me about herself."

"You're friend who you had to kill," Mitsuki guessed.

"Yeah," Mikura picked up her glass to give her hands something to do, "she told me she was involved with Momomi too."

Mitsuki nearly dropped her own drink, she was so surprised. "That's pretty eerie," she conceded after a moment's thought. She gave Mikura a compassionate look and asked, "Are you okay about it?"

Mikura was oddly surprised how easy it was to talk to Mitsuki, considering she had started the night not trusting her, swung right over to paranoia and was now in her usually cautious mode. "It's a bit odd, considering she admitted she loved me before falling in with Momomi," she conceded. "I find myself with a lot of what ifs."

"Me too," Mitsuki conceded, "I've wondered if I should have stayed with Momomi, maybe I would have helped her..."

"Or gotten shot," Mikura noted, "she was psycho."

"Maybe, but she was hot," Mitsuki sighed.

Mikura shook her head. "Way to think with your ovaries," she noted, smirking.

"What was that?" Mitsuki blinked.

"I'd say think with your dick," Mikura said apologetically, "but I don't think that fits."

Mitsuki looked at her and shook her head, "I'd threaten to spank you, but I'd be worried about getting my arm broken."

Mikura found herself answering teasingly, "Depends on how nicely you ask first."

"I can be very nice," Mitsuki fluttered her eyelashes cutely.

"I'm sure you can be," Mikura laughed.

There was a moment of silence as they looked at each other, an odd sense of companionship forming between them. Mitsuki looked at Mikura for a few seconds, her expression thoughtful, "Mikura, I think I'd like to get to know you better."

"Oh?" Mikura sounded a bit wary all of a sudden.

"Not that way," Mitsuki got up, stretching then walking over to offer Mikura her hand, "in fact I'd better take you home before your boys organize a rescue party."

"Thanks," Mikura let herself be pulled to her feet. "So, in what way?" she asked as they headed out to the car.

Mitsuki popped open the doors of the car by remote, "Friends, I think I'd like us to be friends." She smiled, "Not that I'd object to our becoming more than that, but from what I've seen of you it'd take a while."

"Friends, then," Mikura agreed, deciding to ignore the last part.

Mitsuki winked impishly, "Besides, just imagine your friends reactions to learning that we're going out."

As Mikura began to chuckle, they raced off into the night.

End... for now.

Notes: Despite various comments and requests, I never intended this to be a lemon. Still, I am now debating a final "lemon" chapter featuring these two, if I get sufficiently inspired. Sorry for the long wait, I kinda got 'blocked' on how to end this, and to be honest I'm not entirely happy with the ending I have.