Title: Hunters: Dare To Dream

Author: BlazeorFade

Rating: T

Summary: The Hunters try to go on vacation but fall prey to a spell.

Disclaimer: They own me not the other way around.

AN: John is in this one! And I'm going to try and give my boys and girl some laughs before things get blown o bits. I've been too hard on them lately.


"Dad. Dad will you let me talk?" Dean asked in frustration, trying to get John's attention over the yelling on the other end of the line.

"What Dean? You want to tell me why you stopped hunting? Go right ahead." John said sarcastically. Dean took a deep breath. He knew his dad wouldn't take the idea of a vacation well.

"We need a break. Jack can barely walk, Sam is in bad shape and I'm not doing to great either." Dean said.

"Evil doesn't take a break Dean. Do you think its going to wait for you guys to feel like going back to work. Its not." John said.

"I know that dad!" Dean hissed into the phone. Sam and Jack were asleep in the motel room and he was right outside the door. He didn't to wake them by getting into a shouting match with his father. Unfortunately the door opened behind him, letting him know he'd failed. Sam stood in the doorway with an eyebrow raised in question.

'Who's on the phone?' He mouthed. Dean mouthed back 'Dad' and Sam cringed. This was a conversation they'd all dreaded in the hours since Dean had come up with the vacation idea. Jack sat up in the bed and rubbed the sleep out of her eyes.

"Dad, I called to tell you we were taking a break. Not to ask your permission." Dean said. He held his breath expecting an angry tirade from his father.

"Dean stop this, I have a job for you." John said completely dismissing what Dean said.

"No." Dean said simply. He walked into the room so that Sam would close the door. He didn't need anyone catching cold on top of everything else.

"What did you say?" John asked in a tight voice that meant he was monumentally pissed.

"I said no dad. No jobs till we're all back 100 percent." Dean said. "You told me to take care of them and I am. We need a break we've been going for months straight one job after another."

"And doesn't that tell you something. Damnit Dean. More things are happening every day, this is not the time to slack off." John said. "Now I have a job for you to do. This is an order Dean."

"Give it to someone else dad." Dean said and hung up the phone. Even he looked bewildered at his behavior.

"You hung up on dad." Sam said sharing a wide eyed look with Dean.

"I know." Dean said in shock.

"Am I awake?" Jack asked. She put her feet on the ground and tried to stand and abruptly fell back into bed with a wince. She squeaked out. "I'm awake."

"What are the odds of him shooting me with rock salt next time he sees me?" Dean asked looking at his phone.

"High. He'll probably splash holy water on you first just in case." Sam said musingly.

"So we head out tomorrow." Dean said shaking his head. "Find a place to do this." Sam started laughing.

"What?" Dean asked.

"You're talking like this is a mission or something. Its a vacation Dean." Sam said grinning.

"Yeah, well its gonna take the same kinda research so it might as well be a mission." Dean said defensively.

Sam shrugged and nodded. That was true. They didn't know what to do with real time off. Usually they vegged out for a couple days in a motel room. Dean said this was supposed to be a real vacation though. A totally foreign concept.

"So we're boldly going where no Winchester had gone before?" Jack asked laughing. She was feeling a little loopy from her pain meds and the image of Dean leveling his shotgun at the whole concept of vacation while Sam typed away on the laptop doing his research thing, was making her laugh hysterically.

"Okay no more Seconal for you." Dean said pointing at her. This just made her laughing harder. Sam started giggling. Fucking Giggling! Dean stared at them both and went to look at their prescription bottles to make sure neither had doubled their own dose while he wasn't looking. He wouldn't suspect Sam of doing that but Jack was a bad influence on his little brother. Everything looked alright.

"Vicodin rules." Jack said laying back against the pillows. Dean looked between them and dug for the stolen Vicodin from the hospital awhile back. Sure enough it was short a few.

"You did mix meds!" Dean exclaimed.

"Just needed an extra kick." Jack said. Her stomach hurt from laughing but it was so worth it.

"Oh you'll get an extra kick alright." He growled.

"Sammy! Protect me!" Jack laughed. Sam fell back on his bed biting his lip to keep quiet. It wasn't working.

"We're a bad influence on you Sam." Dean said reprimanding his little brother for something he would do in a heartbeat.

"Poor thing," Jack said grinning at Sam, "You've fallen in with a bad crowd."

"Nu-uh. This is a one time thing." Sam said.

"Come to the dark side Sam." Dean said giving up the pretext of scolding t hem and popping a pill into his mouth. Those cuts hurt like a bitch.

"We have cookies." Jack added, starting another round of giggles.

Dean was starting to think this vacation deal had been his best idea yet.


AN: Muhahahaha! New story peoples. I just couldn't resist having Jack-Jack corrupt innocent(not) Sammy. Humour, Angst, Magic, John cameos and Cookies to come. Stay tuned.