The Poet

by Psychotic

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The rain pounded against her window, which was opened just a crack, allowing the icy liquid to drip through, dampening the carpet below. She enjoyed the sound of the storm. Thunder crashed and lightning cut through the dark sky, lighting it up. The power in her home had gone out, causing candles to become a necessity. Her living room was lit with many of differing colors, shapes, and sizes. The flames grew and shrunk, making the light in the room flicker.

She sat on the floor against her couch, a candle beside her, with a notebook in her lap and a pencil in her right hand. She wore a pair of red, square, reading glasses. Underneath these spectacles, her bright green eyes were visible. An intense look filled them. Her hair was a beautiful pastel pink with tips just touching her shoulders, and she had long bangs, which framed her face. A red ribbon was tied as a headband, separating her bangs from the rest of her pink locks.

Her skin was pale and flawless, with an unusually large forehead. She had a slight rose tinge on her cheeks, being that the house was a little cold. Her fingers were long and slender and they flew across her paper. She wore a pair of red plaid fleece pajama pants that were slightly baggy and a white, skin tight tank top that showed some of the pale skin of her stomach. She also had on a pair of white fuzzy bunny slippers, which she was certain could become a catalyst for teasing – not that she didn't already get enough of that. No one ever visited her home, though, so it was certain to never become an issue.

She stopped writing and read over what she had just put down. She frowned, erased something, and rewrote it. Then she read it again. Satisfied, she set the notebook down on the table and the candle beside it. She stood up and yawned. Be it storming or not, she had to get some sleep for tomorrow's school day.

She blew out all the candles. Once she did so, she took a deep breath, and smiled. She loved the scent of candle smoke. Then she walked up the oak staircase and disappeared.

She had left her notebook on the table, as well as her pencil. It was still open to the page that she was just writing on. When the lightning split the sky in half, a poem was visible:

"Bring Sleep to Me

Oh cool, black breeze,

Let my head rest

On soft clouds.

Oh gleam in moon,

Smiling in the night,

Bring total silence

To my ears.

Oh North Star,

Glit'ring solid in sky.

Let blindness

Cloak my eyes.

Oh starry night,

Bring sleep to me.

-Haruno Sakura, 16, Thursday, October 12th."

Across the deserted streets his limo flew, splashing water onto the already-soaked curbs. Lightning cut through the sky, leaving a shadow of its presence. Thunder rumbled, seeming to shake the entire world. And yet, the car sped on, trying to get to its destination before the weather got worse.

It finally slowed to a stop in front of an expensive townhouse. The door flew open and a teen boy stepped out. His hair was midnight black, even darker than the sky was presently. His onyx eyes immediately rested on the front door. Despite the downpour, he casually strode over, unlocking it and stepping inside.

He stopped in the front entryway, briefly shaking himself off. His hair was spiked slightly in the back and it glistened in the flickering light of the lightning. He had smooth, pale skin and his face was expressionless. His eyes, if you had the courage to look into them, seemed just as dull. He wore a pair of khakis, black Vans, and a black jacket.

His driver came in, carrying many suitcases. He set them down on the carpet with care, saying his goodbye, and departed. The boy walked up the staircase and into his living area. It was already furnished; he had moved all the furniture earlier in the week. Now, all he had were his clothes and personal belongings. He tried the light switch, but it failed. Obviously, the power was out. Shrugging, he picked up his suitcases with ease and went up the second stairs and into his room.

He hadn't noticed that on his coffee table sat a small note, addressed to "Uchiha Sasuke." Oh, well. It surely wasn't of any importance anyway.

A/N: I've decided to rewrite this! The end result might not be any better than the first, but the plot and characters will change a bit. I've learned more about development and such in the last few years. (; This opening didn't change too much, and as I said before, the poem included was not written by me. I'm not certain where I found it, though.

The plot for this story was rather basic, though… and it didn't seem to have any guide to it whatsoever. I was just writing to write, I guess… Not that that's a bad thing. But I want this to have an actual plot with direction. So expect major changes to that. And some things probably won't be included, and new things will be.

Anyway, I hope the new version pleases everyone! Review and be happy!

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