Wishing You Well

by hotsodagirl

Summary: If you make a wish before throwing a coin in a wishing well, that wish will come true as long as you're patient. But sometimes it takes a while before fate intervenes, and you have to wait for just the right moment...

Rating: K+

Genre: Romance

Sodagirl Says: You know, this is probably the story that is taking me the longest to finish. It's a good thing that I don't take as long to put up a new chapter of my other stories as I do to put up a new chapter of this. What is it, only the third chapter now? ;P I'm going to try and hurry to get the last chapter finished after this, but we'll just see how quickly that's gonna work out :P

Aside from my slowness in updating, you all seem to be enjoying this Ryella story! In this chapter we're about to go about five years into the future and see what has happened in the time that has passed. And I don't really have anything else to say so you can go ahead and read this next part now. :)

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Still Gabriella's POV

462 WAYS THAT YOU CAN FEEL LIKE A CELEBRITY! I roll my eyes at the cover of yet another one of Shayla's teen magazines that she has once again left behind the cash register, even though I've told her a thousand times not to. Shayla is one of my coworkers at the lovely retail store that is known as Payless. Note the sarcasm. Don't get me wrong; it's pretty cool getting shoes at an employee discount anytime I want, which is one of the few incentives that keeps me from going completely insane at where I am in life. 'How could I let things turn out this way?' I think as I kneel down and pick up the periodical, flipping it open to a random page and sighing. Staring blankly at the pages, somehow I let my mind drift off back to when I was in high school. Gosh, those were the days. I almost have to chuckle sadly as I recall my plans to graduate from an Ivy League college and become a medical scientist to find treatments to previously incurable diseases.

I had meant to follow through with those plans - that is, until I met Denver. Denver was a wannabe cowboy from Texas, and I thought I loved him. I had let him completely take over my life and flip it around for three whole years. Without my realizing it, he had swindled most of my money. One day I came back to our apartment from the grocery store and he was gone. All that was left was a note on the counter and a measly $200 that I was supposed to live off of. I later found out he was gay. It figures. A week later I was evicted from my apartment. Luckily, Chad and Taylor, who had been recently married, let me stay with them. In fact, they insisted I stay with them. I got a job at Payless right after I moved in with them, and in a few weeks I was making enough to where I could live on my own. But they still insisted that I stay, "just a few more days," as Taylor always said. I still live there, and I'm still working here at Payless.

Today is a slow work day. All the teenagers that usually occupy the mall are in school, and so the store is almost empty. The only people that I can see in here are a tired mom with her two-year-old son, a woman in her late 50's who is looking at youthful heels, a gorgeous blonde man that is just coming into the door, and an overweight man in the athletic shoes area.

My mind does a double take and my attention snaps back to the gorgeous blonde man. I can't help but stare for a moment. This guy is unbelievably good looking. He's got to be at least a good four or five inches taller than me, with the most beautiful golden blonde hair that I have ever seen. He's dressed sharply in the most expensive, designer clothes that money could possibly buy, with similar designer sunglasses covering his eyes, and... 'Ohmigosh, he's coming this way.' Yes, the guy is making his way over to the cash register and, for some reason, I'm panicking. I don't want it to seem like I'm staring at him, so I look down to the magazine page. What I see on the page takes my breath away and almost makes me forget about the cute blonde guy coming my way. Almost.

The headline at the top of the page says, RYAN EVANS, BROADWAY STAR TO MOVIE STAR. Below that is one of the hottest pictures I have ever seen of the guy who used to be my best friend, and then an article about the new movie deal he just landed. I don't bother to read the article, because I've already read all about Ryan's movie deal online. I guess you could say I have a "celebrity crush." About a year after we all graduated high school, Ryan became famous on Broadway. He probably never thinks about me anymore, but I check his fansites every day. I've actually gone to see him in a few musicals, but I never try to see him after the show or anything. I'm sure his life has been a dream come true for him, and I doubt he would want to be anywhere near a person who's life has turned out as pathetic as mine. Still, I follow everything he does online, and I'm the number one poster on his official fansite's forums. I know I sound a little stalker-ish, but can you blame me? Ryan Evans is the most beautiful person I have ever laid eyes on! And besides, I like to think that I had a little something to do with his success...

"Excuse me, Miss?" I look up to see myself in the reflection of the gorgeous blonde customer's sunglasses, and I pull myself from my Ryan-obsessed thoughts back to reality. I blink a few times, trying to remember where I am and what's going on. 'Don't think about Ryan. You're working at Payless. You have a customer. Give him whatever he wants, he'll leave, and then you can go back to staring at the picture of Ryan.'

"Yes, Sir, can I help you?" I ask in my bored, customer service voice. The man laughs.

"Um, yeah. You see, my sister's birthday was two weeks ago, and our mother gave her these shoes that she bought for her from Payless. My sister is a - how do I say this nicely? - spoiled, high-maintenance, fashion-obsessed diva/drama queen. She blew up at my mom when she found out that the shoes were from Payless. To my sister, wearing shoes from Payless is like wearing shoes that you found in the dumpster. So my mom asked me to take the shoes back and get her a refund."

I join the man in laughter in response to his story. The man's sister's behavior reminds me a lot of Sharpay back when we were in high school. 'Wouldn't that be crazy if... No, Gabriella, no! Don't start thinking about Ryan again! Wait until the customer leaves.'

"Do you have a receipt?" I ask the man in a more cheerful voice than before. He nods and hands me both the receipt and the box of shoes. With a few beeps from the scanner, I have confirmation from the computer for the sale return. I grab a gift card from behind the counter and scan it, handing it to the man with his receipt after I hear the satisfactory beep. "I have to give you the refund on a gift card," I tell the man. "I don't really know why they make us do that. I guess they want you to come back and spend more money or something."

"Yeah, everything's always about the money," the man chuckles. I giggle and nod my head in agreement.

"That's true. Well, thank you for coming, Sir," I say with a smile. I look down to my magazine almost immediately and stare into Ryan's picture's eyes for a few moments until I realize something odd. The blonde customer is still standing on the other side of the counter. I look back up into his sunglasses and force a smile. "Do you need something else, Sir?" I ask, annoyed that this man would dare to interfere with my staring-at-Ryan time.

The man cocks his head and leans closer to me. Instinctively, I back farther away as he comes closer. I have personal space issues, but the man doesn't seem to care.

"Sir?" I ask. He shakes his head quickly, as if pulling himself out of deep thoughts.

"I'm sorry, Miss, it's just that... Never mind." He turns to go, but I've found myself intrigued by his strange behavior. I walk around the counter and take a step towards him.

"Wait!" I call out, and he turns around. My face flushes as I begin to feel like I'm probably embarrassing myself. "Um... that is... what was it? That you were going to say, I mean?" The man smiled a half smile and took a step closer to me.

"Nothing, it's stupid really but... You look a lot like this girl I used to know. Back in high school." My heart beats faster when he says this, and my earlier thoughts come back to me. Wouldn't that be crazy if... the cute blonde customer was Ryan? The man continues on. "But you couldn't be her. She'd be doing better than working at Payless." The man cringed and shook his head. "I mean, not that working at Payless is necessarily a bad thing. It's just that it would have been a bad thing for her. She was so smart... Not that you're not smart. Well, I don't know if you're smart or not, but either way I'm sure it doesn't really matter..." The man's face has begun to turn red, and normally I would have laughed. But I can't help thinking that I know this man. I have to find out.

"What... was the girl's name? You know, the girl that you knew back in high school?" I ask in a serious voice. The man looks at me dead on before answering.

"Her name was Gabriella Montez."

I don't show that I am surprised or shocked in any way. Instead, I reach out and take the receipt that he is still holding in his hand. I turn around, grab a highlighter, and mark a line at the top of the paper. Still showing no emotion, I turn around and hand it back to him. He takes it from me and looks to see what I have highlighted. His mouth falls open when he reads the line.

Thank you for shopping at Payless. Your cashier's name is: GABRIELLA MONTEZ.

The man looks up from his receipt and pulls off his sunglasses. He reveals the most dazzling blue eyes that I have ever seen. But I've seen those eyes before. I've stared into them online for the past four years, and I saw them myself every day almost five years ago. Now I know why the gorgeous blonde man caught my attention. It was because I used to know him. He used to be my best friend.

"Gabi?" Ryan says softly, almost in disbelief. My entire face lights up, and I smile a true, genuine smile.

"Ryan!" I stumble towards him and he gives me the biggest hug I've ever gotten. I throw my arms around him and laugh incredulously. I pull slightly away from him, just far enough so that I can look into his eyes without being thisclose to his face.

"Oh, my gosh, Ryan! What are you doing here?" I ask in amazement.

"Weren't you listening to my story about Sharpay and her hatred of Payless shoes when I told it a minute ago?" he laughs. I giggle and hug him tightly again.

"I seriously can't believe you're here, Ry. I mean, I-"

"Excuse me!" I turn my head around to see the overweight man standing impatiently at the counter with a shoe box in his hand. I reluctantly step away from Ryan and return to my position behind the counter. Thankfully, Ryan stays exactly where he is as I ring up the overweight man's purchases, take his money, give him his change, and send him off with a hurried, "Have a nice day!" I look back to Ryan and he flashes that perfect smile at me that still makes me melt, even after all of these years. He comes up to the counter and leans against it. He glances down at the magazine page with his picture plastered on it and raises his eyebrows at me.

"I take it you're a fan?" he asks. I laugh uneasily as I slide the magazine off the counter and toss it onto the floor behind me.

"Now what makes you think that?" I ask playfully. He shrugs.

"Oh, I don't know. Maybe the fact that every girl in America has a huge crush on me." He grins at me to let me know he's teasing. I cross my arms but grin back to let him know I'm teasing too.

"It looks to me like someone's turned into Ego Boy. I must be so lucky that you would take the time to talk to a pathetic loser like me." Ryan's smile falters slightly, and he puts his hand on my shoulder.

"No, you're not a loser," he says. I roll my eyes good-naturedly.

"How would you know? We haven't talked in five years. I'm sure you have no idea how I came to be working at Payless for a living." Ryan shakes his head.

"You're right, Gabs. I have absolutely no idea how a total brainiac like you came to be working at Payless for a living. So what do you say to going out to coffee and telling me all about it once your shift is over?" he asks. My heart races. 'Did Ryan Evans just ask me out on a date?!'

"I'd love that," I say in an incredibly calm voice. "I get out of here at four." Ryan nods.

"I'll be back at 3:45," he says. He then pulls a pen from the pocket of his designer jacket and scribbles something on the back of his receipt. He hands it to me, and when I look down at it I see that he has signed his name in large handwriting. I look up at him questionably.

"An authentic Ryan Evans autograph can sell for a minimum of 300 bucks on eBay. In case you need the extra cash." He winks at me before he slides his sunglasses back on and walks towards the exit. "3:45!" he calls over he shoulder. I smile and wave chipperly at him. Once I'm sure he's out of earshot, I scream and begin to jump up and down excitedly. The remaining customers in the store are staring at me like I should be in a mental institute, but I don't care. Nothing could ruin my joy in knowing that in less than two hours, I will be on a date with Ryan Evans!


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