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Gaara was not handsome. No. Not at all. With his pale, pale skin, eyes a teal so light that some could not see his irises until up close, and dark sable shadows around his eyes, he was not what most considered the epitome of handsome. Gaara knew his skin was pale because of his sand was forever protecting him in an impenetrable shell; he knew his eyes were light because those were the eyes of the demon living inside of him; he knew he had shadows around his eyes because of the sleep he could never get. He knew he wasn't handsome. And he accepted that—accepted that fact, as well as many others, and remembered each and every fact for eternity, as part of the reason he had to kill to exist.

No. Gaara was not handsome.

Handsome was Uchiha Sasuke, with dark, windswept hair and dark, mysterious eyes. Gaara knew Sasuke was popular among the girls, and well admired. Handsome was Naruto Uzumaki, with his flaxen straw colored hair and bright, twinkling blue eyes. Handsome was not him. And he hated them for that. Even though he knew, deep in his heart, that even if he looked like Sasuke or Naruto, the villagers would still hate and fear him, he couldn't help but resent the fact that he was not handsome. Just like he couldn't help but harbor a deep jealousy that Naruto was so like him, yet so different, with so many people to love him, and a cheery disposition.

Jealousy. Something Gaara had experienced all his lifetime. How come he had never been loved?

How come he had never been swooned over, blushed at, or thrown secret messages tied to kunai on Valentine 's Day? How come he had never had his hand held, been hugged, or been kissed? How come he could count the number of times he had even been even touched--on just one hand?

Gaara was not handsome, at least not to himself, but a secret part of him wished to be.

And that was why, as Naruto proudly declared that he (Naruto) and Gaara were the best looking of the lot, he was so surprised.


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