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Merry was the circus that stopped at my door.

The clowns and magicians and animals all o'er.

Chapter 1

It couldn't have been a gloomier day; the sun was out, the air was clean, and the skies were clear. The gorgeous scene out the window tantalized all those who looked out the large window on the right wall of the classroom, teasing them with what they couldn't have for another hour. Twilight Town Inner High, T.H.I.S. as it was also known as, was a large campus private high school. For almost a century now it had been known for its outstanding academics and development of top notch alumni who found prestigious places in society. But now it was finally the last week of school, only 4 more days until all ties to books, teachers, grades, and exams were severed and they were given 90 days of freedom.

'Freedom,' the word repeated itself in the head of one student seated by the window. The blue eyed blond let his eyes trail over to the window, looking outside past the black gates surrounding the school's campus and staring at the train passing by on its way to the station across town.

'Freedom to express,

Freedom to yell and relieve our stress,

Some more, others less.'

The blond repeated his thoughts before jotting out the words on the side of his anatomy notes. His mind reeled with thoughts, tying words together creatively and covering more of his page with the lyrics.


The call of his name fell upon deaf ears and the blond did not look up from his work. He jumped though when a heavy book was dropped upon his desk, and he quickly looked up. His eyes were met by the sharp gold eyes of his Anatomy professor, Luxord J. Menzel, "Oh, so you are still alive," he said in a very unamused manner. Professor Menzel was a tall and narrow man in his mid 30's with very short blond hair with a matching bit of facial hair around his mouth. He was one of the more unique teachers here at T.H.I.S., with numerous ear piercing, a sharp tongue, and an obsession with dice and card games.

Roxas then looked around and realized somewhere during his thoughts the entire class had left the room, "Where'd everyone go?" he asked, shutting his notebook before Luxord could see what he'd been writing.

Luxord looked at him for a moment before shaking his head with a smirk, "Roxas, Roxas, Roxas. The only student in this entire school who is deaf to the dismissal bell," he said while picking up the book he'd dropped on his desk and heading back for his own desk at the front of the classroom.

Roxas didn't believe him until he pushed up his sleeve and saw the time, and when he did he quickly gathered up his papers and book and began packing them into his bag. "Would it be pointless to ask if you copied the notes I've been writing for the past 30 minutes?" Luxord questioned. Again Roxas looked up, sighing in despair when he saw the three blackboards on the front wall filled with notes and charts. Luxord laughed in his throat and shook his head, "I don't get it. You're my best student despite the walking mess you are."

"Sorry professor, I just got distracted today, that's all," Roxas tried to explain.

"Today? Roxas everyday this year you've stared out that window for the entire hour and somehow you still find a way to make 103 in my class. It was the same last year in Physics too and I'm beginning to think that not learning is the only way you learn," Luxord stated as he turned his back to him and began to erase the wall of chalk.

Roxas thought about that for a moment before shouldering his backpack and heading for the door, "See you tomorrow professor."

"Oh Roxas," Luxord called after him, and when the boy turned and looked back he said, "Say hello to your father for me."

Roxas nodded before opening the door and leaving the classroom. As he made his way towards the stairs he hummed a tune to himself, voicing the lyrics he'd made in his head to see if they fit but his professor's words bothered him. 'Not learning is the only way I learn…' he thought slowly. It was true and he knew it. He didn't have to learn because things just came so naturally to him. He knew that but it seemed that his professor was the only other one who knew. His family certainly never noticed.

His family was one very difficult to describe. We'll start with his brother, Sora. Sora was two years older than Roxas and loved by everyone whom met him. Sora was an excellent athlete, valedictorian of his graduating class, funny, sweet, and well on his way to becoming ambassador of this world. That leads to their father, Dimity Eliot, the current ambassador of this world. He was the kind of person who always did what he thought would be for the best, whether or not others agreed. Like Sora he was adored, by everyone of this world though. He was a true symbol of Twilight Town. Roxas' and Sora's mother died from a heart attack barely 2 years ago and her death only left noticeable change of Roxas. It was obvious Sora and his father mourned her death but they had been able to pick up and move on, while Roxas never really got over it. It was after that that he began to just space out and find things coming naturally to him. It wasn't only his mentality that was affected though. After her death Roxas withdrew himself from society, slowly drifting away from his friends and family.

It didn't matter to him though, he only had he only had one more year of school then he was going to leave this world and get as far away as possible. What he was going to do after he got away though, he wasn't sure, but he'd find a way to get by on his own.

"Hey Roxas!" When he heard the voice he sighed and turned around, seeing his older brother Sora coming down the stairs after him, "There you are!"

"Here I am," Roxas replied, watching him sit on the railing and slide down to the landing, 'Show off…' Roxas thought though not in the least bit envious of his brother.

"Where've you been? I've been waiting in the parking lot for like 20 minutes already," Sora said as he reached over and straightened his brother's tie. Sora was a Senior and would be graduating in 4 days, but after a threat from one of his teachers about a violation of the uniform policy in the last week of school would get anyone suspended, he was very careful to make sure both he and his brother were up to par.

Roxas pulled his tie away and straightened it himself. He hated the uniforms. The guys had to wear white button up shirts with the school crest embroiled on the left chest, khaki pants with a black tie and black shoes. It was far too formal for his liking but he wasn't about to get suspended for bending the policy, "I had to help professor Menzel after class," he lied before continuing down the stairs.

Sora followed beside him with a bit of a smirk, "I just came from his room Roxas, he said you left after daydreaming for nearly 10 minutes after the bell rang." Roxas didn't answer and Sora sighed and shook his head, "Whatever, just don't get in trouble okay?... oh wait that's right, Roxas never gets in trouble," he said with a bit of a laugh.

It was true. Roxas was the kind of person who always followed the rules and did as he was told, despite what he thought about it. "I'm just teasing you, don't look all sad," Sora told him, reaching over and messing up his hair a little.

Roxas quickly fixed it, "I'm not sad, just ready for this year to be over," he explained.

"Then you should be excited!" Sora exclaimed, hurrying ahead down the rest of the stairs while Roxas walked at his own pace, "Only 4 more days!"

"Yeah, for you Seniors, the rest of us have to come back to this hell in three months," Roxas complained, following after him.

"True, true. Hey listen Roxas I've been thinking and-" but Sora stopped when he heard his name called from further down the hall, spotting a group of his friends who were staying after school to strike the set of their last play, "Hold that thought, I'll see you later at home alright? Tell dad I'll be late," Sora said before hurrying ahead to meet his friends.

Roxas watched him go and disappear around a corner before heading in another direction for the main entrance. With school almost over there were a few people cleaning out their lockers last minute in the halls, but they were too preoccupied with their conversations to take notice of the blond humming out a new tune to his lyrics. There was a train stop right outside the school campus and Roxas made it on just as the train was about to leave. His home was clear on the other side of town and he'd be screwed if he missed the train, as it was a hell of a walk and he wouldn't get home likely until well after dark. The seats were packed so held onto one of the bars from the ceiling and leaned against the side of the train. In three or four stops the majority of the people would be gone and he'd sit but for now this would have to do. Staring absent mindedly out the window for a few minutes he grew quite bored and, unintentionally, found himself listening to the conversations going on around him.

"And so she turned to him and…"

"I can't believe Jessica failed that test! She…"

"He so blew his diet at that…"

"Did you hear how she…"

"What did you…"

Roxas sighed to himself. This was one of the reasons he didn't like this world, the people spoke of meaningless things that held no real value in life. He wanted excitement, life, something he could get into and get lost in. Something this world could never offer.

Bored with his own thoughts on life Roxas faded back into the conversations, of others, "Hey you'll never guess who called me yesterday! Kairi! She says she's coming back!"

"Kairi? No way! Did she run away with that circus that came here?"

Roxas paid a little more attention then, he remembered Kairi. She was a very attractive girl, the daughter of the world's holy man, and she and Sora had been dating for quite some time…at least until she ran away with the circus that came to their town 3 years ago. Sora was the only one she told she was leaving, and he let her go because she said that was the life she wanted. Ofcourse Kairi's parents were outraged and demanded the circus return her to them but apparently the circus had immediately become a far tighter family than her own because they protected her quite well and in jumping worlds Kairi's parents lost track of her.

"Yeah but they're coming here!"

"No way! You think they'd have learned since last time."

That was another good point Roxas remembered. Apparently the church of Twilight Town saw the circus folk as sinners and advised people to stay away. Over the entire month the circus sat out in the countryside only a dozen people visited it, so said Kairi whom had been there everyday unknown to her family, which humorously enough was the head of the Church.

"Well I don't know about you but I'm going! After what Kairi told me about it I'm dying to see! Apparently they're like the biggest thing since God in other worlds."

"Think we'll be able to go though? I mean once Kairi's parents find out they're coming to town they're gonna put out that huge warning about them and nobody will go."

"Apparently some of them were in town today to put up the flyers and Kairi warned me they might try to stir up some attention."

Roxas didn't see the circus the last time it was here, remembering what he'd been told about what kind of people they were. Circus folk were evil, good for nothings who spent their entire lives drinking and making scenes. He dared to fantasize though about the excitement they lived, even if he knew it would never hold a place for him. The way the circus was described was a hell filled with whorish demons who flaunted themselves around carelessly with not the faintest worry. That, he thought, would be a truly exciting life. One he knew would never be his.

The two gossiping girls stood up and got off the train and Roxas sat down in their place, sighing a little to himself and leaning his head against the window. He considered briefly what would happen if he were to meet the circus folk the two had mentioned, but laughed and shook his head, 'They're probably nothing like people say,' he thought. A quick glance to his watch assured him there was another 15 or so minutes until his stop and he shut his eyes to rest for a while.

Only four stops later he heard a ruckus and quickly sat up, looking over his shoulder at the door way behind him and watching the passengers boarding, two standing out like a sore thumb though.

The first was a man around 6ft in height with silvery hair that reached his shoulders, and though his body was trim his muscle structure was very well defined. He was wearing a blue and black pair of checkered pants which were bigger than him and had been rolled up to mid-calf, and a tight white t-shirt with a jester's sort of mask painted on in black over the left chest. He had a few bands of blue and white fabric around his wrists, and a tattoo of black thorns that wrapped around his hand and thumb before winding their way around his wrist.

The man with him was a few inches taller with fiery red hair that came out from his head in all directions. He was wearing a gray undershirt with a white bit of a design on the right shoulder, and dark blue jeans which had been cut in and the holes patched over with various bits of fabric. There were two little black triangles under his eyes and a band of leather loosely tied around his neck and two more on his right wrist.

Apparently Roxas wasn't the only one staring at them because the two stopped at the head of the isle and looked over the train then at each other, apparently completely unaware of the problem. The problem was that nobody in this world was as flamboyant, and it was obvious they weren't from here. 'Are these the people Kairi was talking about?' Roxas asked himself, unable to stop staring even after everyone else returned to their own conversations, trying to ignore them.

As the train moved forward the two in question made their way down the isle towards the two empty seats at the end. "What's eating them?" the red head asked, scoffing a little and flopping back in the corner.

The other boy remained standing and leaned against the railing, "You remember the last time we were here. Guess things haven't changed."

The redhead looked up at him and Roxas noticed the smirk spreading across his lips as he said, "Yeah maybe, but if we got the attention let's have fun."

The other boy shared the look and then glanced down the isle at the passengers that were still eying them warily, "But ofcourse." Delighted with the agreeance the redhead stood up as the other made his way down the isle. With no regards whatsoever for personal bubbles he approached the people on the train, "We know what you're thinking," he said, leaning in towards an older woman with her daughter in her lap.

"Circus demons! AH!" cried the red head over dramatically as he threw his hand to his head in a mock damsel in distress.

"We're not demons though, we're entertainers," continued the silver haired man and he patted the little girl on the head before standing back up and turning to a group of girls Roxas recognized as three sophomores from his school, whom had been staring dreamily at him, "That's why we exist, to entertain and amaze all audiences. The young and old, the dumb the smart, the ugly the beautiful," he flirted, seating himself between the girls whom giggled at his implication, blushing and listening on despite their unusual appearances.

"Magicians, acrobats, singers, dancers!" exclaimed the red head, enticing in the crowd on the opposite side of the train, "How does that make us demons?"

"I'll tell you how," chimed in the other male, standing back up and turning to pull one of the girls to their feet, "We live the lives others aren't daring enough to live," he said while spinning the girl on one hand before dipping her low but swiftly, "Live to dazzle, express, and create fantasies for any audience," he furthered before pulling the girl back up and letting go of her.

"So we got some bad press last time we were here, we're forgiving though, so we'll give you guys another shot," taunted the redhead, running down the isle and leaping onto a pole before spinning down it and standing back up, "Spread the word! We're here to give you lot a show you'll never forget, not steel your souls and puppies!"

"What say? Have any takers?" asked the silver haired male, looking around for another target. Apparently they'd fascinated the passengers because there was a murmur among them and a few nods and replies. Roxas, whom had been staring at them since they'd boarded the train, quickly cut his eyes to the window when the red head looked down at him, "What say kid?" he asked, ruffling his blond hair up a bit with his hand.

Roxas said nothing at first, unsure of what to make of them. Finally he shrugged his shoulders, not sure how they'd react to a 'yes' or a 'no.' However when he did that the redhead grinned a little, "Uh oh. Hey Riku, we've got a dud."

The silver haired male looked over to him from the girls he'd been enticing again and had the same grin, "Really. Well what should we do about that?"

"Why wont you come?" asked the redhead, getting down and sitting on his heels so he was about eye level with him. Roxas didn't answer and the redhead flicked him on the nose, "Pay attention," when he had Roxas' focus he grinned and snapped his fingers only an inch from his nose, a small flame appearing above his fingertip. Roxas wasn't the only one who had seen it but his eyes grew the widest, completely entranced by the flame. Magic was completely unheard of in this world, and his father had told him it wasn't used the other worlds either except by a handful of people whom could manipulate an element.

"See that kid? You come to the show this Friday at 8 o'clock and there'll be a lot more," he said before the flame vanished in a puff of smoke. Roxas stared at where it had been then to the redhead, not sure what he was supposed to say.

"Don't hog the spotlight Axel," Riku said as he made his way over to him, "The rest of us are just as captivating."

"He's right yah know. It'll be a night you won't forget," Axel informed just as the train slowed to a stop.

"Thank you everyone, you've been a great audience, but this is our stop. Many more people to enchant this evening," Riku said as he back out the door in a bow. Axel stood up and followed suit, "Friday at 8! Just out in the countryside," he said bowing as well just before the door closed.

Once they were gone and the train was leaving everyone turned to their company and gossiped franticly about what just happened. Nobody could believe what had come to their world and most of them were delighted to go to the show at the end of the week. Roxas watched them waving after the train until it was gone from sight and he looked ahead of the other window, 'Those people…imagine a whole circus of them…' Roxas had decided. This was something he had to see.

Come nightfall everyone in Twilight Town had learned of the circus, either by reading the harlequin-like posters, hearing the gossip, or being ambushed by the two that had been in town. Oh how they had made a name for themselves that night.

"Did you see the look on that minister's face?" snorted Axel as they headed back out of town. They'd caught a crowd of people leaving church only moments ago and worked a few tricks into a street show. Much to their delight nobody seemed too heavily bothered by their act until the minister came out.

"I honestly can't see how he's related to Kairi," Riku said, though he had enjoyed watching everyone's mood go from delighted to solemn in a total of 2.3 seconds.

"Yah, but you think they'll come? The pompous prick is bound to make a big insulting speech about us tomorrow," Axel pointed out.

Riku shrugged, "I don't know. Everyone listened to him last time we were here and we just sat out on that hill for a month. Maybe since we came into town this time and showed off our colors they'll consider it."

Axel grumbled a little and crossed his arms, "What's with these morons, nobody in any of the other worlds ever have a problem with us."

Riku shook his head and reached into his pocket, pulling out a packet of cigarettes and drawing one out, "Just think of this as a vacation then. If nobody comes we don't have to do anything," his reasoning seemed good enough for him and he held his cigarette over to Axel.

Axel tapped the end of the cigarette and it lit, then he took another for himself and lit it before incinerating the empty package. He took a drag of the light and exhaled slowly, not at all content with Riku's reasoning, "It just makes me sick."

"Incredible. You can drink 3 gallons of beer a night and be just fine, but one measly little world doesn't like you and you get sick," Riku laughed and shook his head in disbelief. At the age of 13 when most boys dreamed about running away with the circus, Riku skipped the dreaming and ran away with them. He was only 19 years old and had been a high skilled acrobat and escape artist up until two years ago when the original ringmaster passed away and by a unanimous vote he was put in charge.

Axel was 22 and had been with the circus for nearly 7 years now. He'd been a troublesome misfit and when he saw the circus he dropped out of high school before the end of his Sophomore year and joined up with them, always glad to show off his pyrotechnics. The two had grown up together and were practically inseparable, "Yah, but beer is good," Axel responded with a grin.

After a few more minutes of walking Riku turned down a side street, but Axel didn't follow, "Yo, home is that way," he said, pointing down the street they'd been on.

"You go ahead, I have a stop to make first," Riku told him, finishing his cigarette before flicking it into the gutter. Axel watched him go and for a moment considered following him then he remembered something, this was Riku. He was probably just going off to find someone to entertain or a girl. That was his life: entertaining, women, and daydreaming.

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